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Which Social Media Platform to Opt for Your Business

In the growing age of digital transformation, every individual is in one of the other forms of social media. Now the question arises for all entrepreneurs all over the globe, which social media network to use to get maximum return for  business in 2022. The first reaction to this would be why not to use them all, but we will discuss insights of this very question which is very much relevant at this point of time in this article. In this age wise social media has such influential power it is important not only to know how to use social media for our personal contents but also to learn how to use this exposure to the outer world in helping your brand reach newer heights. Also the fact that it puts more emphasis on the importance of social media to promote your business is that all those users on social media are not just casually strolling their feet and giving impressions on their friend’s pictures, but also looking forward to discovering a new world which possibly can be an outlet to reach your target audience thereby promoting your business.

Social media marketing at this age is a remarkably profitable way to boost your business by investing very little. With the world having more than 60 social media platforms it is very important to know where to invest how much time and how much money. But before we put much emphasis on distinguishing several social media outlets there are few basic principles to be known before opting for social media marketing. Just as we all know social media marketing helps us to connect more with our target audience or our potential customers and opens the opportunity to communicate more with your customer base reducing the churn rate. Promoting your business on social media accounts not only gets traffic and adds likes, views and shares on your business profile but also increases your chance to rank up words in search engine indexes, like Google Yahoo and this in turn helps you improve your search engine optimization.

Here are a few social media platforms that are indeed very beneficial to boost up one’s social media marketing thereby promoting their businesses in this digital age of 2022:


With over 2.7 billion monthly active users this platform is possibly the biggest outlet to reach your possible and potential customer base online. Facebook is possibly the first social media platform name that comes to an individual’s mind. This particular social media platform is not just the biggest but also is one of the finest methods to provide advertising options to promote businesses. Facebook marketing not only helps in engaging your audience but also serves as a source of collecting reviews, feedbacks and customer services.

It is a common trend to have a Facebook business page for any company or brand coming up and maintaining it and keeping it cutting-edge is a must in this modern day new normal for every company and brand. If the resources are limited and you can only choose one social media network to promote your business, then without a shadow of doubt let it be Facebook.

It is possible to find men and women, children and grandparents, every target customer base on Facebook and this is what digital marketers target the most. It is very well possible for Digital marketers to turn the customer base into a Facebook community and it just takes a few minutes to do so. The enormously broad reach in Facebook can very well be made into an interactive one with pole questions and other exceptional short posts which keep people updated as well as engaged about your growing business.

Also there have been latest changes in Facebook since 2020, with Facebook bringing in features like Facebook shops and Whatsapp pay services. Facebook has therefore developed itself into becoming both professional and social thereby helping budding digital marketers and entrepreneurs alike. Facebook has also come up with new marketing tools which helps you find your target audience and is a great place to catch their attention. Many brands and forms also choose to build their separate private groups on Facebook. Ok well they can have a personalized interaction and promote their business in the day-to-day activities of their customer base.

Facebook thus can be concluded as having a massive mass reach and the great tool to analyze and interact with your potential customer base. Paid ads in Facebook have become relatively popular since the pandemic hit the world and has also become expensive to some extent. But the best part about having an active account in Facebook ok is that the paid advertisements are all optional.


With over 1 billion monthly active users Instagram provides a massive outlet to all budding businessmen and entrepreneurs to target and capture the notice of youth. A recent study has shown that the average age of an Instagram user in this current time is relatively younger than its alternative social media outlets with the majority of the users being under the age of 25 years. It is perhaps the best platform to promote photos and videos of a particular business and increase the reach of the post by using means of promotion like hashtags. Hashtags are a really important part of social media marketing in Instagram as they give an advantage to the promoters to popularize their content to the outer world and become famous in absolutely no time. Moreover Instagram is easy to use and if someone is aware of the Facebook business policies it is very easy to handle the Instagram ad management system because both of these are kind of similar. The best part about Instagram if it’s highly appealing aspect of photos and videos and is much more popular in the Teenage society than its alternative social media outlets. Also there has been a hike in the number of Instagram users since the pandemic which makes it more advantageous for social media marketers to target. Instagram is basically created for mobile platforms which can be an added advantage to shopping and other youth center apps and brands. But the only thing that needs to be maintained on a daily basis in Instagram to succeed is to keep posting everyday for multiple times. The more aggressive your posting schedule is, the higher your brand will grow its reach.

Another valuable addition to Instagram’s business policies is the introduction of Instagram reels, which has very well taken the place of banned Chinese apps in India like tiktok and others. Also having an authenticated or verified blue tick in your business profile adds in gaining more followers and trust to your customer base thereby making them interested and engaged in your profile.


Twitter is often termed as one of the biggest social media platforms with approximately 145 million daily active users tweeting continuously at an approximate rate of 500 million on their twitter account every day. Certainly these big numeric figures draw the attention of digital marketers and social media marketers and hence it is natural that Twitter will help a budding entrepreneur promote their business to a global customer base. Moreover Twitter can be termed as the most cost effective way of promoting a business, as the cost of promotion there is the least in comparison to its alternatives. Twitter is also the ideal place for enriching the engagement and growth of a business page. As in the eyes of several experts Twitter is possibly the third best option to promote business on social media. Twitter provides great analytics and in detail information about the engagement in a particular post and also on the profile as a whole. This is a very significant figure and certainly helps someone analyze which tweet is making more engagement and what more needs to be done to excel.

A very interesting thing about Twitter is its trending page where several topics are displayed which are trending at this moment in the entire world. It also gives an account of how many tweets are being done on a certain topic which is trending and is in the list of the trending topics of that day. It is easier for social media marketers to target those trending topics and use their hash tags to enable the rich for their post thereby reaching potential customers online.

Twitter is also the best medium for authenticity as it is the first social media that comes to people’s mind when verified and authentic sources of information from social media is concerned. Although there are a few posting limits on Twitter like the character limit on a tweet, Twitter is certainly asking for all budding entrepreneurs to promote their business on social media as it is easier to reach a global community without anyone’s help or paid advertisement boost.


With over 400 million monthly active users Pinterest is a unique and advantageous social media to promote E-Commerce business for budding entrepreneurs. Pinterest is a very easy to use platform and allows you to share photos and brief descriptions regarding your business and also provides you with a built-in feature for shopping which makes it even more beneficial for Digital marketers to promote their products and business. It is a place where a large target audience can be achieved and maintaining a good profile on Pinterest is certainly a new visual aspect to the content created by your business. In short for visual appeal, Pinterest is an absolute go to platform.

 Another aspect behind targeting Pinterest by social media marketers to promote their product in a platform where majority of the users are women, hence products are forms which are based on female customer base find it easy and effective to promote their business on Pinterest.


YouTube is perhaps another very big and very advantageous platform to promote small and local businesses to reach a global customer base. With over 2 to 3 billion registered users and daily active channels YouTube is certainly one of the most visited platforms in the world at this moment. It is the largest user-provided content source at the moment via the internet and it can connect basically anyone and everyone all over the globe with an enormously large participant community. It is also very easy to earn money on YouTube as YouTube shares their revenue with the content creators and the recent addition of YouTube shorts is also another valuable addition from which social media marketers will benefit. To make the visual appeal for the mode engaging a company or a brand at this digitalized age of 2022 must have a well updated and well maintained YouTube channel which will help them reach new heights and have an increasingly large number of potential customers.

Majority of the people around the world are internet users, be it from school days to those leading a retired life, the internet has found its way to every household. With the rapid digitalization after the coronavirus pandemic hitting everyone hard and forcing them to go online by several means like work from home and online schooling, social media has become such an important way to boost small businesses and big brands alike.

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