Instagram Ads Issues

5 Signs of Instagram Ads Issues And How To Fix Them?

Many people are fully aware of the working of Instagram and how the ads have been beneficial to the business. You can promote your leads, events, and even build brand awareness with Instagram ads. It’s a series of paid campaigns on the platform for the purpose of advertising and also helping people in making their business known. However, many of the users face Instagram ads issues while running a campaign. Sometimes the clicks fail to generate the intention behind the ads. This doesn’t simply end in giving fruitful results just the way you would have wanted it. If you are worried about the underperforming part, then there are solutions for fixing this. 

With Instagram growing in its use, many users are working to create their presence on the platform. This has been lately difficult to expand the social media following just with the tapping of Facebook and Instagram ads issues. 

Did you Know “Advertisements on Instagram have the ability to reach 849.3 million users.”

Common Instagram mistake that businesses often do

Instagram is the best means of engaging the audience to the content that you are trying to show to your audience. But sometimes the connection becomes weak and so, no one really gets the actual issue.

1. Not engaging with the audience

If you don’t respond to the DMs or even to the messages, then your followers will stop following you after some time. They will find it very boring and unattractive and that is why it is called Social media! You have to be social with the people so that they can reach you anytime. Instagram focuses mainly on showing off your visual story and if you are giving time and efforts to making the videos, then you have to talk to your audience also. 

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2. Not using Stories and other Instagram features

Sharing of photos is awesome but if you are not using the Instagram Live feature or even the Stories features, then the audience is not getting to you in general. You will be missing out on so many opportunities. Expanding your content to the other elements will help in making your profile so much compelling, making your brand get the exposure that you want. Try posting stories with the Hashtag feature and also share the Live feature for showing all the live events happening. 

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If any content looks good only with a short video, you should give it a try. You can try giving GIFs, Boomerangs, etc. There are so many other formats that will simply make you fall in love with Instagram. 

3. Doing boring content

Boring content is something that no one likes in general because there is no such way of giving you information. The main reason is that you tend to keep the thing so simple without giving much effort to it. Show your personality by doing some risky content also. You can always tell your story with a twist. Use quality for making all the posts and then see the audience you get! Just ask yourself if you will be compelled by the story that you are making!

boring content

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Instagram Ads issues that users face

People make  mistakes while using Instagram for their business purposes but these instagram ads problem can be avoided only if you are following certain ways of doing business. Doing anything wrong will not just harm your brand’s image but also the money involved in it. 

1. No goal-focused strategy

Instagram is a way of telling your story to the world by showing all the products and services that you are using. But creating meaningless and bad Instagram  ads is no good where it doesn’t align with the objectives of the company. For some, the ads are a way of increasing awareness or increasing the following while for some, it is driving traffic to the landing page or to the website. 

Define the Instagram ads goals clearly and create a cohesive strategy for reaching the goals. Think of the content and context you will be using in the goals. 

2. Missing mark with the ad content

Sometimes the ads can misfire a lot, not giving you the right reasons for making them. But this also happens due to unplanned strategies so, first, it’s very essential to know the audience to whom you are going to show these ads. To create instagram ads that are potential and greatly connect to the audience, you can reflect on the brand positioning of the products and services, and also, it should not be too self-promotional providing inspiration and value. 

While you are working on the subject of the ad content, make sure that you are not overlooking the captions for helping the messages hit home. 

3. Thinking only about short-term results

When you are new to the business, you mostly think of the short-term results without going for the long-term gains. The brands having only short-term thoughts don’t see the growth and this affects them so much because they don’t have much idea about the expenses that it’s going to cost them. Instagram requires a fast and forward-thinking mindset who plans ahead of everything. 

Focus on the ads that start with conversations for the building of relationships and increasing sales, and acquiring new customers. This will lead to long term brand opportunities and also create lasting success. Viewing the ads is in itself an on-going process so you have to think according to that. 

4. Getting wrong in targeting the audience

Instagram makes sure that the brands always reach out to the right audience but first for doing it, you have to understand the business well. The audience has to be motivated and inspired for purchasing the products. One of the biggest instagram ad problem is not understanding the ideal customers. This way, the products, and the content will also not go well with the audience decreasing your sales. 

Before making content, be sure of who is in need of the content and is it solving your problems. Research your competitors well to know what they are presenting to the market. See the customer base to find an area of the market that you might be missing out on. With the target markets being divided into so many segments, you have to read all of them. Some of the common factors targeting the markets are income, lifestyle, location, gender, interests, etc. And with a social buzz, you will come to know of your competitor’s products well. Try learning everything happening in real-time so that you can keep it up to date. 

5. Not paying attention to video and image

Like long term strategy is important, in the same way, video quality in the content is also equally essential. You can create a totally unforgettable experience if you have good quality content and images. Many think that the content should only be eye-catching but this is not the thing. Sometimes the low-quality images also distract people’s minds. It might also have a negative impact. 

Instagram also has the importance of visuals so concentrate on giving high-quality videos and images for engaging the Instagram audience with more users likely liking all your ads. See the examples of quality ads VS low quality ads below.

ad content

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You can follow these for good quality photos:

  • Make sure that the background is not out of proportion and the subjects don’t act as a distraction. 
  • Using the best camera will give you high definition photos and videos and when you are getting good light, then there is no stopping you. Natural light during photography is the best. You can also use the Adobe Lightroom app for the brightening of the pictures. 
  • Not just keep up to the single perspective when straight or short lay photos. Just think of what you want to accomplish and give close-ups and shot angles for bettering it. Also, you can try out various filters for engaging the target audience.  

Why do you need Instagram ads?

With over 1 million users, Instagram is rapidly growing in business and many people are using it fully. Since it is a rapid platform, businesses are reacting to it more, and over the top 100 brands have Instagram accounts for their business. 

Do You Know  “Every day, more than 200 million Instagram users view at least one Business Profile.”

1. Better targeting options

The Instagram platform offers the best targeting options to all its users. Facebook was considered to be one of the best social media advertising platforms but now Instagram has taken the field. You can advertise according to the age group and location of the users as well. Cold targeting means advertising about brands that people have never heard of before. They are cold and they need to be warmed up. 

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2. Tracking

All the leads and sales are easily trackable through Instagram Ads where you can clearly see the ROI. Instagram has the same facilities of tracking as Facebook and it is so beneficial. You will be able to see everything from the click links to the conversions and you can also see the per cost result of the campaigns that you are doing. You can break down all the results to know who came. This leads to easy tracking which becomes helpful to the business. 

3. Providing visual appeal

Instagram is photo-centric because of which so many users are attracted to the platform. As per the research by Social Media Examiner “Instagram’s ad platform is used by 38% of marketers.” It is only about the photos and videos with interesting captions. People never forget what they see and even in your business, people will never forget if they get good quality images of all your products. People can also remember all the brands better at creating engaging and interesting content.

4. Coordination made easy with marketing

You can take all information that you are getting from the platform and distribute it to many different platforms. The website traffic you will be sent through Instagram can be re-channeled into different websites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can use Instagram posts for promoting the marketing efforts and this goes vice versa. With the cross-promotion of channels, it allows extending the reach of the channels and encouraging the existing customers to keep in touch with the brand.


Creating Instagram ads can be complicated but you can use many social media management tools to know when your ads are performing poorly and how to solve Instagram ads problem. Loss of potential means a huge loss in sales. You have to optimize the campaigns now for every ad that you are launching. If sometimes you have to re-submit your campaigns, do it for the sake of your business. Using social media is so important in the present world. Use it diligently or take help of social media marketing agency and only then you will know the actual power of it! 

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