Why is SSL Important? Benefits of Using an SSL Certificate

ssl certificates

The sensitive data which is available on the website can be transferred by the visitors to a secured network by using the SSL. Many of the users have accessed the SSL certificate from the past twenty years. The primary benefits of using the SSL certificate is you can protect your data as well as the user’s data. The customer payments can be secured so that you can show your trust towards them with the SSL certificate. The secure data transfers can be done with the SSL certificate when you use the different types of payment methods. The visitors on your website will stay for a longer period if you can provide the required security. The web server will include a bit of code called the SSL certificate to ensure security for online communications. There will be many advantages for your website if you use the SSL certificate. 

SSL encrypted internet communication:

The encrypted connection can be enabled with the SSL certificate if your web browser gets in contact with your secured website. The connection between the client and server can be established with the SSL encrypted internet communication. If you are planning to keep your data safe then the SSL encryption is considered as the best choice. You can ensure to protect the sensitive information which is available on our website with the help of the SSL servers. The personal information of the users can be protected effectively by taking data integrity and critical security into consideration. The intended recipient can only access the information which is encrypted across the internet by using the SSL certificate. 

Encryption with proper SSL certificate:

The information will reach the destination server by reaching from one computer to another computer over the internet. The credit card numbers are visible on the computer when the transactions are performed between the user and the server. You can protect your information from the hackers and identity thieves if you are sending the information through the server with an SSL certificate. The authentication will be provided to the users if they can add the encryption to the proper SSL certificate. The information will be sent by customers from different computers based on the nature of the internet. The SSL providers are considered to be very important to issue the SSL certificate to the verified company. 

Prefer to use your domain name:

Several identity checks are performed to provide certain types of SSL certificates. If an SSL provider is trusted then you can ensure to get the proper valuation for your certificate. The audits are conducted by the third-parties who know about the standards of the SSL certificates. The visitors can ensure that their connection is secured with the visual cues offered in the web browsers. You can ensure to protect your information against the phishing attacks if someone tries to impersonate your website. The middle attacks can be avoided by the users if they prefer to use their domain name. If you want to imperfectly personate your website then you should receive a proper SSL certificate. 

Requirements of the SSL CERTIFICATE:

You can look for the trust indicators in your browser to know about the different phishing attacks. It is important to pass the certain audit you want to accept the credit card information on your website. The users must ensure to understand the requirements properly to use the SSL certificate. The cost of SSL certificate is considered an obvious disadvantage if you want to equally know about the disadvantages of using the SSL certificate. The competition has been increased in the industry to validate your identity in the trusted infrastructure. The encrypted information will be sent to the server so that the server will be able to take more resources. The specialized hardware is minimized in some cases due to a large number of visitors. If you want to properly use the SSL on the different websites then you should try to understand the advantages and disadvantages. You can try to improve your business and earn profits if you can gain the customer’s trust.

Follow the SSL installation questions:

The users should have the right knowledge and tools to perform the SSL certificate installation successfully. If you want to understand the installation process successfully then you can follow the SSL installation questions. If you want to install and use the certificate then you should try to know about the several problems which will occur when you place the order. The SSL certificate is signed by the major certificate authority to establish a chain between the server and the user. The users can view the certification path to get the details of the SSL certificate. If you experience any issues to install the SSL certificate then you can contact the certificate authority to get the special instructions. 

The primary task of using the SSL:

The core function of the SSL certificate is to protect the communication of the client and server. Every bit of information is encrypted on your website if you install the SSL certificate. You can ensure to stay protected from the army of the hackers and skimmers when you deal with the sensitive information on your website. The best encryption technology is offered with the SSL certificate to offer comfort and convenience to the users. The authentication will be provided to your website which is considered as the primary task of using the SSL. If you are very much concerned about the most important aspects of web security then identity verification is always required. The validation process will be set up by the independent third-party if you want to install the SSL certificate. 

Get access to encrypted content:

If you want to protect the identity of your organization then you should be very cautious when you install the SSL certificate. The reputation of your website can be increased if the visitors will get access to the encrypted content. The HTTPS-enabled websites will have the upper hand with the changes made by Google in the algorithm. The SEO experts will conduct various studies to show a strong correlation with the higher search engine rankings. You should try to know about the requirements of SSL when you accept the online payments on your website. The primary requirements of the payment card industry should be understood by the users if they want to install the SSL certificate. 

Provide a safer web browsing experience:

The SSL certificates are considered to be very important if you take the trust point of view of the customers into consideration. The data which is ascertained by the users will be secured so you can easily identify the significance of the SSL certificates. If you are a legitimate entity then the visitors will visit your website again and again. The SSL certificate is mandatory as per the instructions of Google to provide a safer web browsing experience to the users. The popular web browsers are used around the globe to provide a warning message on the URL about the SSL certificate. If you are interested to boost up your level of encryption then you can renew your SSL certificate. 

Perform the SSL renewals effectively:

You can try to know about the security purposes available for your website when they prefer to use the SSL certificate. It is possible to improve the SEO of your website by considering the requirements of optimization. You can decide to purchase an SSL certificate if you are planning to configure your entire website. The SSL renewals can be done by the users effectively to enhance the security features and improve the search engine ranking. The SSL certificate should be installed properly to boost the ranking of your website. The search ranking potential can be optimised in different ways by using the SSL certificate. The competitive disadvantages should be identified by the users when they install the SSL certificate. The security aspects should be identified effectively if you want to know about the reliable features of the SSL certificates. 

Get assistance about SSL certificates:

The browser compliance and security aspects should be taken into consideration if you want to use an SSL certificate. The refund policy of the SSL certificate should be verified by the users carefully if they are interested to place the order. The best guidance is offered by the experts if you require any assistance about the SSL certificates. If you want to protect your valuable data then the SSL certificate is considered to be very important. Client interactions can be protected effectively by encryption every bit of information. The SSL certificate acts as a backbone for your secure internet by protecting the sensitive information. If you want to follow a specific method for the encryption then the SSL certificates are considered as the best option. 

Secure the credit card transactions:

You can ensure that your data is completely safe from the theft by using the SSL certificates. The foundation for strong internet security can be obtained with digital certificates. Credit card transactions can be secured effectively during the time of data transfers. It is important to increase site security to avoid the transmission of the opted data. The new standards of the website should be understood by the users when they install the SSL certificates. You can ensure that the encrypted data is completely safe from the hackers with the help of the SSL certificates. The SSL certificates are prioritised by Google to have better search engine rankings. The secure connection can be established between the web server and web browser by using encryption technology. 

Personal information of the users:

The SSL certificate should be installed properly on the server to get the better search engine rankings. The data transfers can be secured effectively by installing the SSL servers on your device. The personal information of the users is always protected when they make transactions on our website. You can ensure that the visitors will stay on your website for a longer period by providing security. The SSL certificate is considered to be very useful to transmit the information between the web browser and web server. The encrypted data is considered to be very useful if you want to deal with sensitive information on our website. The transactions which are done by the customers will be maintained securely and will not be shared with the third-parties. 

Overcome the biggest challenges:

The trusted sources are available for individuals to store the SSL certificates. The online world is considered as a safer place to explore the different sources so you can prefer to use the SSL certificate. The users can get access to HTTPS protection with the resources provided through Google. The new initiatives are made in order to overcome the biggest challenges. The online tools can be used for the checks if you want to secure your website. The hosting plans can be used by the individuals effectively as they will support the different kinds of SSL certificates. The virtual private servers are available in the shared hosting accounts to use the best hosting plans. If you want to secure your website by using the domains and subdomains then you can use the wildcard SSL certificate. 

The best security for your website:

You can set up your SSL certificate without any hassles by using some tips and tricks. It is better to use the SSL certificates which are offered from the trusted sources so you can choose the certificate which is suitable for your business. The search engines can be indexed in the best possible way to provide access to the web pages. The best security will be available for your website if you prefer to use the SSL certificate. The reputation of your website can be increased if the visitors stay on your website for a longer period. The shared hosting accounts should be taken into consideration to meet the needs of your website. If you want to get more information about the SSL certificates then you can refer to the guides which are available online. 

Mobile App Onboarding: Best Practices and Examples

Mobile App Onboarding

You can do many things which will help your mobile app onboarding by following some best practices and examples which you see in this article. So let us understand first what does mobile app onboarding means?

Mobile app onboarding 

This is the process of getting a new audience to understand and then engage with your application enough to keep using it. After abandoning it after the first use of it. And it is really important as it is essentially a series of screens which guides the audience through the application’s interface and its functions. This allows businesses to strategically communicate with their audience. And with this, you will be getting a positive user experience. 

The first time using a new application is very important and you should look at some best examples and best practices. All the users are fast in this world now to download apps and delete them once their interest is lost. 

 How does your mobile app require on-boarding?

Many people have types of opinions about how useful it is to have a mobile application on-boarding. It is the only common sense that your application audience should know how they are supposed to use it once they open the application. In this situation, your application is one of those that are very simple and they do not require much of an explanation. The app doesn’t require any particular onboarding strategy and you should provide it with a thought if any of these things hold for you which are mentioned below:

• The app in mobile has a certain unique interaction like not so traditional gesture as an initial interaction method.

• The app has a quite complex workflow and the app is meant to take care of some complex tasks. 

• The application requires the audience to populate it with the data and is by default in an empty state.

• The application has been recently redesigned and the previous existing users require to be introduced to the latest features and the changes.

• Your application introduces an altogether best latest concept at its core and the audience is unfamiliar with the whole concept.

Types of onboarding

There are three different types of application onboarding that help to fulfill the distinct objectives. 

1. So the first type is progressive

This type of application onboarding is one of the best ones which displays the new information on the screen while all the people progressively navigate through your app. In this, a process is going on with step by step method directing and encouraging the audiences to take further actions. The information in the progressive type is depicted as more relevant to the specific pages.

2. Second type is function-oriented 

Function oriented is a mobile app onboarding approach that is typically focused on the application functionality as well as explaining to the audience the factors to operate the application. This approach always ensures that the demonstration of the common and rudimentary actions which are performed in the application to the audience. 

3. Third is benefits-oriented

This approach is employed to showcase the advantages to the application or the value the audience is expected to gain by using the application. This approach aims to increase conversions and it helps in describing what the mobile apps do without explaining how to use the app. Now, these are the types of mobile app onboarding and it is really simple to understand.   

Advantages of using mobile app on-boarding

You will experience many benefits from onboarding, but here are some of them which you can understand easily and how it works. 

•    First advantage is the positive audience experience 

For ensuring that the active audience on your application, onboarding comes in handy and the first interaction plays a pivotal role in deciding whether the audience will use the app or not. You require to provide the people with the best application onboarding experiences. Showing the steps to your audience through on-boarding on how to use the application and what are the features it possesses. This will eventually help the audience to navigate with ease and they will never feel lost. The users get a fair idea of why they should use the mobile application and most importantly how to use the app efficiently. Once you get things correctly then you will see how amazing the advantages of mobile app onboarding are. 

•    Second is proper to use of the features

A user needs some time to get used to the application and figure out their way around it and the audience is unable to make themselves familiar with certain features on their own. This will be a great impediment for your mobile application to increase the conversion rate. By practicing the best approaches, you can resolve this problem before it has a chance to arise again. 

•    Third is increasing app retention

The mobile app on-boarding is highly important for making your mobile app an absolute favorite of the audience. But how does it work? So when you give people insights into your application and direct them towards effective use of features and functions. The audience is inclined to stay with your type of app and it always maintains the app retention rate by many folds. 

A strong and best on-boarding procedure which is designed well is really important for the success of an application. And this will have a positive impact on the retention rate and the process when it is executed well helps you to make a strong relationship with the audience easily. 

Best practices you can follow for on-boarding

• Always highlight and prioritize the value proposition

You will find these mistakes very common among the mobile application developers to simply tell the people all about the amazing things about the app. So when the developers have shown the audience how all apps can change their lives for betterment. Amazingly, exciting features and impressive functionality are crucial. If you want to win people for a long time you can show your audience exactly what they can get using the awesome features provided in the app. The amazing thing in every app audience has downloaded the app for a reason and the on-boarding process must show that the mobile application will meet their expectations. So just focus on the advantages and the value that is propositioning with the mobile app but not the features. 

•    Showcase the main features of your mobile application

The audience also understands the main functionality and the main features that you can build your mobile application around. When you are highlighting the main features of the application which will help them to complete the task that they plan to accomplish by using callouts and then highlight the features that are important in the mobile app. Just always remember that not to go overboard and then dump the whole thing. This will be very crucial that you can choose a few of the most important features which make up the mobile application. You can do many things by introducing the features on subsequent launches many times. 

•    Get the information that you need

In some of the mobile applications there is a need for data access and messaging permission to give the best viewers experience and value and if your application comes in this thing then you can ask the people to give your app access to the data by using the request’s permission. And it’s important when you require it you have to ask and that time just make sure that you don’t bombard the audience with these requests for permission at the starting of the on-boarding process. As per some research around 60% of the people say that they always chose not to install a mobile application when they found out how much personal information the mobile application asked for. To avoid this situation for you, then asking for the information required is the best idea. Now let the people know what and why you require the information, and the access you are requesting as well. It is important for them to know as well and if you have trouble you can go follow these practices. 

•    Make compact onboarding screens

A long and well extensive audience onboarding process can overwhelm the audience to an extent that they will not use your application and then end up finding a substitute. You should use the text which has a heavy explanation and add a foray of screens easily. By giving a progressive app onboarding approach, use of screenshots, and also illustrating to convey your message to the people. Always see the facts that you introduce only one feature on every screen. 

•    Try to promote application content previews

By doing this one of the onboarding applications with best practices which is considered in this year 2020. The reason is that a signup option can act as a barrier between the app and the audience. It will be better to provide the people access to the features of your mobile application before asking the users to sign up. In case if you own an e-Commerce application then let them go through the items which are offered on your site. When the users want to make any type of transaction then they can simply sign up and you will be able to login option after the audience has discovered your mobile application. 

•    Use of empty states

This refers to the screens which come over when a person has not performed any kind of activity and no content will be added yet. By using these states, you can educate, guide, and also promote the audience to take further actions that are required. 

•    The use of preach personalization

At the time of the on-boarding procedure, you can provide the users with a unique thing of personalization. Many very popular apps have personalized content of their application based on the preference of every individual in the statement. 

Some live examples of mobile application on-boarding 

1. First is slack

It is an app that is designed in a specific manner to facilitate the communication gap between the teams of small as well as large enterprises. This also displays the features easily right when the viewer opens your application. The slack approach is basically value-oriented onboarding which can be seen in the 4 walkthrough screens and it will always allow the audience to see how they can do communication and then share the data among teams through the mobile application.

2. The second example is Reddit

It is one of the famous questions and answers applications you can find. And its onboarding is exemplary as the reason why they come in one of the best applications. They provide the skip, for now, an option to their users so that they can skip the process of account creation and the login as well. This is directly allowing users to explore more and have a wonderful experience with them. The app also performs another one of the processes of onboarding by concentrating on the best practices which are like asking for any permission for giving them notifications. 

3. The last example which you can relate is calm

It is also one of the popular applications which helps people with issues such as stress, irregular sleeping, anxiety, and many more things related. It tries to make a person’s mental health better. In this, the onboarding screen familiarizes people with the features and then the value proposition approach is used like sleep stories, breathing programs, and also guided them for meditation. You will also find many things related to these practices. It smoothly takes out the user’s stress which allows setting goals for instance and then choosing the top areas for improvement, development, building growth, learning more, etc. it is after the 2 screens that it asks the person first to log in through different platforms and asks for further permission. So if you want to understand how onboarding is important then follow these best practices and apply them accordingly.

Swipeable Email Templates to Boost Your Business Growth

Email Templates

The standard email marketing return on investment (ROI) is $32 for every $1 spent. What is more, as per market research firm E-consultancy, marketers rate email marketing as the second easiest digital channel toward measuring ROI? So, not simply does email marketing pay fine, you could track how your resources are being used.

To be successful all you require are some strategic, high-performing email templates, and you are prepared to start growing. In this article, you will learn about vital email templates that can aid you to grow your business. Besides, for each one, you will get a swipeable email template that you could use today.

Welcome email

First impressions are constantly a big deal, particularly in B2B marketing wherever relationships, trust, as well as reputation is paramount. 

Whether it is a single send otherwise a series of emails, it is significant to give new subscribers a red carpet experience. Set the tone for the type of engagement they could expect from you, and give them a cause to keep opening future emails. 

It does not have to be complex or fancy to make an impression. Occasionally, as this instance from MBB shows us, a simple hello plus an invitation to engage further is sufficient to establish a connection.

Product curation email

One of the secret activities Amazon uses to make $177 billion in revenue for each year is their recommended products system. It is a brilliant up-selling feature that inspires people to purchase more from the site.

Several users visit Amazon in search of one product and finish up purchasing something completely different, all because of their suggested product feed that offers a curated list of products based on user purchasing habits and interests.

Many other eCommerce businesses use this similar strategy to bring in more clientele to their online stores by sending a curated list of products via email.

Zee & Co, the luxury designer clothing store sends a product curation email base on the products each user is currently viewing.

Brand updates

If your business is going through some changes, it is significant to keep your current clientele updated on what is happening. If you are going through a rebrand, changing management, discontinue a service, etc., you could reach out and explicate the changes to minimize any prospective negative influence they may have.

Brand updates can aid consumers gain and maintain confidence in a business that they buy from.

In general, most companies only send out brand updates when they are necessary. Others like to keep their subscribers in the loop by quarterly or annual updates of business happenings plus performance.

Lead nurturing email

Any savvy marketer distinguishes that your blog is how you reach prospective leads, plus your emails are how you nurture them. Lead nurturing emails are about offering deeper value to subscribers toward helping them turn into clientele.

Promote your most expensive resources to leads throughout email and it could drive other marketing goals as well. As per Quicksprout, leads that discover content through email is 3x more probable to share content on social media.

Product/service recommendations can also be incorporated into lead nurturing emails at the correct point in the sales funnel. Then you can make optimized landing pages toward drive sales from your email messages.

Abandoned cart follow up email

Sometimes, your clientele will browse your store, insert a few products to the shopping cart, and leave to never return toward your website again. Maybe they did not like the expensive delivery charges or they had to leave for an emergency plus forgot about the shopping cart.

This kind of situation happens more frequently than you might think. The shopping cart desertion rate for online shopping sites goes as high as 82.1% for definite industries.

This is why you require having a follow-up email made just for the users who abandon their shopping cart in the middle of their shopping experience.

Special occasions

Send out emails to your subscribers on a special occasion, for example, the holiday season, their birthday or anniversary, the back-to-school season, etc. These types of emails are ultra-relevant and can aid drive other marketing goals.

For instance, emails during November/December could help promote your products for holiday shopping. Emails that line up with significant life events can help motivate a subscriber to take action.

Survey email

Client feedback is a significant resource you can use for product progress and assessing product-market fit. Reach out to your present customers throughout the email to solicit feedback on the products/services they use.

You can moreover use surveys to better understand why the populace stops using your products otherwise disengage with your brand. 

If receiving feedback is very significant to your brand, you could always offer discounts or other incentives to inspire your subscribers to fill them out.

Limited time offer email

Generating a sense of importance in your marketing emails is another great way to get people’s awareness. It’s a marketing policy that uses a psychological hack toward tap into the FOMO (fear of missing out) in your clientele. After all, who would not jump at a chance to save a few dollars?

Many eCommerce businesses have a restricted time offer email, which highlights special offers plus sales by counting a countdown timer otherwise an end of the sale date.

Whether you are running an online store otherwise selling a single product, this is a must-have email for your special promotions. It will come in usable, particularly during seasonal plus holiday sales.

Dedicated emails

One of the finest things about email marketing is the capability to segment your audiences as well as deliver exclusive tailored content to them. If you send out similar emails to all your subscribers, you are seriously underutilizing your email marketing software capabilities.

Use insight about your subscribers’ demographics, on-site actions, and interests to send dedicated emails out to precise groups of people. Sending out VIP access toward your brand advocates is a good instance of this. Just recommending content otherwise products based on past behavior is one more example.

Amazon uses past download behavior plus machine learning technology to advise different genres of Audible content in their marketing emails.

But you do not need AI technology to drive insight from user behavior plus create dedicated emails customized to their precise interests. Generate these dedicated emails to drive precise behaviors from persons on your list.


You can use your email messages to invite subscribers to in-person events, webinars, social media live events, plus other exclusive gatherings. It is possible to promote these things on your home page, in-pop ups otherwise sidebars, but they are less likely to reach the populace who already have a strong interest in your business plus are likely to attend these events.

Email is the ideal place to present warm leads with invitations. Segment out your warmest leads as well as target them by event invitation emails to get signups.

Discount sale email

Many of your clientele will build a list of their favorite products in your store by adding items to their wishlist to purchase later. Udemy has a great approach in place to change these users into sales.

Whenever a user wishlists a course on Udemy, they send a follow-up email reminding them of their wishlist course. And occasionally, Udemy would give the concession to purchase that wishlist course at a lower price.

You can generate a similar email to retarget those visitors who make wish lists in your eCommerce store. Try following up with a coupon code otherwise a special offer.


The newsletter is a vital component of lead nurturing plus account development. It keeps your organization top of mind and acts as a powerful method for you to share updates plus new content. 

The finest agency email newsletter templates need to be flexible. It has to be capable to adapt to diverse updates and content you want to share. As this newsletter from Firebelly illustrates, an agency newsletter frequently includes blogs, product updates, client case studies, awards announcements, and more.

Order confirmation email

Order confirmation emails are similar to the sales receipts that you send to your clientele as proof of sale. This is an email that comes with a curtain open. Customers will constantly open their confirmation email to make certain their order went throughout correctly. So, why not use it to your benefit?

Your order confirmation emails do not have to be boring. You could use it to effectively upsell your other products otherwise even get your clientele to download your mobile app.

With an order confirmation email, you get the chance to reach a purchasing customer who’s already placed an order on your website. You have a great chance to encourage them to purchase from you again. Do not let that chance go to waste.

Social media emails

Many marketers do not realize that their email lists are not the only method to reach their audience’s inboxes. There are a lot of diverse ways to connect with your audience on social media platforms, and they will receive email updates as a result.

For instance, some people leave email updates from Facebook groups enabled. If somebody follows one of your topics on Scoop.it, they must receive regular email updates while you post new content. LinkedIn Groups moreover sends out regular email updates to group members.

If you are a LinkedIn Group administrator plus send out an Announcement, it goes right to members’ LinkedIn inboxes. If you generate a Google+ event, the invites moreover go right to people’s email addresses.

You must keep these social media touchpoints in mind while developing your marketing message. Targeting your audience through social media could give your emails a chance to get out of the “Promotions” tab (on Gmail’s interface anyhow).

Thank you email

Thank you email is perhaps the most commonly sent email of any business. Every business has one, plus often more than one.

There are numerous different thank you emails you could send on diverse occasions. You can send a thank you email while somebody joins your email list, or when a client sends a referral, or even when a client writes a review for a product.

As a bonus, add a coupon code in your thank you email to truthfully show your appreciation.

Promotional emails

The last and perhaps most significant email kind you can send out are promotional emails. It might appear counterintuitive for email marketers that are focused on lead nurturing.

But blatant product promotion works in email, since receiving special deals and discounts is one of the main reasons the populace sign up to receive emails from brands. Customers who purchase products through email also spend 138% more than those that do not receive email offers.

The key to sending out promotional emails is frequency. Do not spam your subscribers’ inboxes, and offer sufficient value plus scarcity to peak their interest thus they click through. 

You can simply do this with digital products as well through making the promotional offer accessible for a limited time (or for a limited amount of signups).

Summing up

Every original idea is a mixture of several inspirations. Thus, feel free to take motivation from these email templates to design valuable emails for your email marketing campaigns.

Certainly, not all businesses work the same. You might have to test a few email templates to find the most effective marketing email templates for your business. A/B split testing tools will aid you in that process. 

Email marketing aid drives more sales and grows your brand. Email marketing helps extend client retention and increase repeat sales. Email marketing permits you to get the most of both worlds through creating a flawless brand experience for your clientele. 

Some of the email types mentioned in this post must be familiar, whereas others might be a new chance to engage your subscribers. Regardless, the best policy is to use a diversity of email types together to deliver the correct kind of message to move leads down the sales funnel.

So pick and decide the best email marketing templates, then stitch them together into a more various email marketing strategy, complete with autoresponders plus trigger emails. Then see for yourself how they work together to develop your online business.

10 Fantastic Ways Brand Advocates Can Market Your Business

Brand Advocates

It is a good thing to acquire new customers, but retaining your existing customers is better. The best thing is to make your customers your brand advocates. Marketing by using word of mouth technique is one of the cheapest, best, and quite an efficient way to advertise your brand. 

This fact is known for ages and even in the era of the internet, brands still use this approach for marketing to grow their business irrespective of the industry and size of the business. 

Now customers have become a lot smarter and do not fall prey to fake advertising or brand promotions. Before making a purchase, the consumer does their research and asks their peers about the brand and even checks their social channels. Because of advanced technology, consumers nowadays get all information about the company, product, or service, and then they either choose to make a purchase or decline it. So brands need to remain in good books for present and future customers. 

Your customers are your hidden wealth, that can market your business effectively, that too free of cost. So are you using this wealth effectively, if not then you should use this untapped resource that you possess? Here we bring to you 10 simple techniques that are effective to make your customers discuss your brand. 

1. Asking your brand advocates for their precious feedback and publishing customer testimonials that are actionable on the website: this is a simple and effective technique to market your brand using a word of mouth strategy. According to research, a visitor would create an opinion about your brand in just 8 seconds after visiting your website. To make use of these 8 seconds you need to highlight positive and real testimonials from your customers on your homepage. According to human psychology, people have higher trust in others’ opinions. Make sure that your testimonials are persuasive. 

Online marketers can make use of different channels such as social platforms and email to gather customer feedback. Take permission from your customers before you put their feedback on the website. To increase the level of trust you can add photos or identities of the customer and make testimonials look legitimate. It is a rule, not to fake or modify testimonials. You can even keep a separate page on your website, dedicated to testimonials. 

2. Keep social proof in integration with various marketing channels: make sure to integrate testimonials of your customers with several marketing channels such as email marketing, Twitter and Facebook sponsored ads, PPC ads, etc. this is the most powerful tool used by marketers. By putting testimonials in paid ads and marketing emails, brands can show their prospects the value of their brand, product, or service. 

There is an increasing trend to have video testimonials in email marketing. Use a catchy statement from a testimonial as a subject line for the email. This will impact your CTRs positively. Add links in the email relevant to the testimonials or the product about which the testimonial is. 

If there are paid ads then ensure that you are including only the accurate and current reviews in the ads. For getting approved of your paid ad, adhere to all the mentioned guidelines which are set by Facebook, Google, and Twitter.

3. Allow clients to speak in case studies: Businesses are publishing case studies and providing very interesting insights into potential customers. There are two ways for penning down the case studies. 1st to completely write in your words and 2nd let your clients speak in certain sections like challenges faced by them or the result section about the changes which came into their business after they have subscribed to your services or have bought the product from you. 

Always opt for the second method for getting maximum benefits. As the source of words in your case study will always come from your business. Your prospect will trust them more as they are considered to be reputable references. 

Also include the testimonials in the case studies. When you are adding the testimonials in the case studies then it boosts the trust of your prospects. While you include testimonials in your case studies then make sure to keep it short and simple. Usually, it should be 1 to 2 sentences long to give an idea about your client’s satisfaction with your services or products. 

4. Make your customers content creators on social networking sites: as a digital marketing expert, you should be aware of the benefits of this marketing tactic. It is one of the trusted tactics of top brands. You can hold different contests on social channels to create opportunities for brand advocacy. 

The main idea is to nudge your followers on social media to provide content on your social page as a part of the contest. You can tell your customers to post a photo with your product and post it online with a hashtag. Make sure that you keep the prize of the contest according to your audience’s interest and brand image

You can submit user-generated content under these campaigns on social media channels which is quite transparent, life, and authentic. According to research, content posted by customers on social channels give a more authentic experience of the customer and speaks quite clearer as compared to content posted by the brand itself. Making such campaigns on social media will help to increase social followers, boost customer engagement, and helps you to get the attention of potential buyers. You can feature top-rated answers on your brand marketing posters or websites.

5. Promote content generated by users on social channels: there are many times when users are discussing your brand on websites of social media even if you have not created any campaign. For example when someone tags his friends and discusses a brand. It is time to grab the opportunity and add to their conversation. You can inform you about any special discount or product of your brand. 

This will help you to improve your relationship with your followers on social media and lead to brand awareness and brand promotion too. You should keep a check on your social channels. Endorse posts or tweets that are associated with your brand or service or product by your social audience on social media channels. 

Make sure that you appreciate the efforts of your customers that will encourage other followers to do similar stuff. In this idea, you are not organizing any campaign on social networking websites but your customers and followers would share their experience on their own. You can put an unboxing video of your customer on social media too.

6. Make use of reputation management platforms associated with your niche: nowadays customers check burrp or yelp for restaurants, TripAdvisor for hotels, and similar websites for different businesses. These review platforms are an amazing source to check the quality of any business as customers consider ratings and reviews posted on third-party platforms to be more authentic. 

So it is vital for any brand nowadays to keep an active presence on platforms where reviews are posted related to their business genre. You should research all popular review avenues where customers are giving ratings about your business. Also, keep a check on the review platforms that your competitors are using. You can ask your satisfied clients to post their review on these platforms. 

7. Use the technique of customer referral programs: using the tactic of referral marketing can be an amazing way to increase your customer base organically. It is a powerful way to improve the trust of your customers and to create brand awareness. It can help you profitably gain customers. Apart from just getting customers, it can improve retention of customers too. Research shows that a customer that is referred can stay with your brand for a longer time as compared to a non-referred one. 

To motivate customers to become your brand referrals you should let them know that they can get benefits by telling others about your brand. You can offer discounts or vouchers to customers who refer others and even to those who sign up using a referral code. Promote your referral program smartly by using it on ads and social media channels as well as email marketing. 

8. Exceed Expectations of customers

Either it is a fortune 500 company or the local coffee shop both should be required to invest in the advertising. The best way for promoting your business is with the customers. Happy customers are doing marketing by word-of-mouth. These customers are satisfied customers of the company. 

Now here the main question is how to make the social followers/customers happy?

We need to Exceed the expectations of customers, but the question is how?

This can be done when you are offering them personalized experience, over-delivering, and promising their requirements. You can also ask them for their opinion on your service or new products. You can simply surprise them with new goodies.

For example, if they have ordered some product then you can send them the complimentary gift Y with it. But also ensure that it is not burning your pocket. The best example of exceeding the expectation of customers is from WestJet. WestJet is the Canadian airline that has surprised its flyers by fulfilling their wish for Christmas gifts.

Some savvy marketers are not willing to spend the bucks for surprising their customers. They will just send personalized messages to their customers on any social channels. This can work in two ways, 1st when the social channel is very transparent when all the people in the person network will know that he has purchased from the company. 2nd when the brand has given any personalized experience to the customer.

9. Delighting the dissatisfied Customers

The best way is to bring back the unsatisfied customers is by delivering them the best services and the high-quality products which they are expecting from the brand. But there are times when everything will not work as you wish and something will go wrong. This will lead to a negative impression of the brand in the mind of the customer. The customer will post negative feedback on social channels. This will affect the reputation of the brand and this will affect the sales of company products or services.

In this scenario, you must take this situation as an opportunity and try to turn the dissatisfied customer into the brand advocate. Delight this customer by giving him some personalized gifts, coupons, vouchers, etc., and try to turn his negative experience into a fruitful one. Help the customer in resolving his issues this will excite and motivate the customer about your brand. In this way, the customer will share your brand story with family and friends.

10. Capitalizing in Events

Events are the perfect place to live campaigning your brand. A brand can leverage the festivals, concerts, and live events like a sports tournament awards ceremony. This will encourage and connect the fans to the brand. 

Design the dedicated hashtag about the brand presentation in the event. Ask the brand followers on social media to share the content from the live events using hashtags.

For example, GoPro is an American company who are asking their fans always to share the images from their camera during the festival of Bonnaroo music by making use of the #GoPro hashtag.

It is very easy to capitalize on topics that are trending live. This is the user-generated content that will help you in gaining eyeballs, earn recognition for the brand, and boost the followers on social media. The bonus to this is, the brand followers will win its deal with the Trolls. 

This is the best tactic and would emerge you as the winner in the crisis of social media. Trolls handling is not an easy job on social media platforms. A single wrong comment or tweet has the power of damaging the brand’s reputation badly. The best way of handling the trolls is to allow your social followers to defend the trolls.

5 Great Ideas to Make Your Mobile Marketing Stand Out

mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is the new role of possibilities with endless scope for personalization and interactive sales opportunities. It is expanding at a very fast pace and it is very hard to keep up with all the things that are happening. The main key is the basics are never changing, like capturing the customer and communicating with them in a very relevant way.

Mobile marketing is considered as multi-channel digital marketing which is aimed to reach the target audience on their mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets via email, websites, SMS, social media, or by any other apps. In recent years now customers are shifting their attention to mobile marketing. Marketers are doing the same to create omnichannel engagement. Similar to the technology now marketing has also become more fragmented. So to earn and bring the attention of the potential customers, content should be highly personalized and strategic.

When it comes to mobile marketing, this means keeping devices in mind and utilizing SMS/MMS marketing and mobile apps. Mobile marketing is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to building out any short-term or long-term marketing plan. From email to pay-per-click (PPC), search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media marketing, there is a mobile marketing channel to reach every part of your audience where they are most comfortable. For mobile marketing to be effective, you need to curate a cohesive experience that customers expect and that can be a real challenge as you work to acquire, engage, and retain users across a variety of platforms. Mobile marketing can do wonders for driving brand value and demand for your products or services by leveraging mobile devices to connect with more consumers in real-time at any point in the customer lifecycle.

Below are some of the 5 great starting ideas for mobile marketing which are compiled as the best examples for mobile marketing campaigns. Whether you are a starter or a seasoned mobile marketer looking for some growth then the below quick guide will help you in making the next mobile marketing campaigns.

Mobile Coupons

Customers always love mobile coupons. Mobile coupons are considered as the next evolution as compared to the printed coupons. This is growing with huge popularity. There was some customer survey which shows that around 73 percent of the customers are interested in receiving regular mobile coupons. In some other reports, it was predicted that mobile coupons redeem will increase tenfold in 2020.

For getting more ideas on making the mobile campaigns and engaging your customers you can also attend the brand summits which keep on happening at various places around the world. You can request the invite for such summits. 

Mobile coupons are sent to some target groups in the mobile database. To the people who are living in a certain area, or to the customer who is having a certain habit of purchasing. Mobile coupons are great ways for getting an instant lift to the business in slow times. When the restaurants know that you have eaten there on some weekly nights or you have done some of the evening bookings then the restaurant will target such customers with mobile coupons having things like free appetizers which are sent to their mobile. This will increase the traffic in the restaurant within a few hours.

In some places, Starbucks has sent mobile coupons which are 2D, and have increased its sales. Customers are easily able to redeem these coupons in the Starbucks store by simply scanning the barcode which is provided to them. The redemption rate for this campaign is around 60 percent and it was highly successful.

Similarly, Arby and McDonald have also recently promoted and launched their new products with mobile coupons. Customers of McDonald’s have taken the advantage of free McCafe Mocha while the customer of Arby has received the BBQ Roast Burger with the purchase of a drink.

If you are a retailer or running a restaurant or having a fast-food chain then you can also choose mobile coupons which will help in driving customers to your store. Customers are always appreciating the discount coupons and complementary products. Restaurants have benefited from the increased sales and they would be able to get an instant lift in the business whenever there is a slow time in the business.

Festive day and Holiday Mobile marketing

Festive days are the times when the family is coming together for a celebration. This is also a great time for communicating with the customers and this will add value to their lives. This will help in increasing the engagement and relationship with the customers. During the holiday season, people are often strapping the cash and are in good spirits.

These are the times when customers are likely interested in various offers. When you are helping the customers with useful alerts then this is the best way to keep customers engaged with your brand. You would be able to build strong customer relationships and loyalty for a long time.  

Turkey producer has relaunched the popular Turkey talk-line with mobile alert campaigns. This is considered a thanksgiving mobile campaign. These mobile campaigns have encouraged the customers to cook and for that receiving tips for a thanksgiving meal. Customers keep on appreciating this extra help on thanksgiving meals. And this has helped the company in building the loyalty of the customers.

Another great way for engaging and facilitating the customers is by making use of personal communication in the holiday season. You can create holiday greetings that are based on the campaign. Companies like eBay have used this in the last holiday season and also allowed their customers to send wishes on eBay live streams. Valentine’s Day is also a great opportunity for marketers. The retailers like flower shops have successfully used this strategy and send reminders to their customers for gifts for their loved ones. This has also resulted in increased sales.

SMS and Email Reminders 

Reminders are making wonders for service industries. However, it has also proved to be a quick way for businesses who are into the service industry. You would be able to achieve instant ROI. Mobile phones are taken everywhere and it is very difficult to ignore any messages. There are reminders like drop off the car or doctor’s appointment which people never forget to attend.

Usually, this reminder is set before a day or in the morning when the appointment is scheduled. Reminders services are mostly used in every industry like beauty, medical, entertainment, conferences, sports, and events. You can send out text messages for thank you messages on purchases or for follow-up appointments which gives a nice touch of customer service for your clients. 

This is a proven technique, and Kaiser Permanente which is a popular non-profit organization in the healthcare sector in the US has made use of SMS reminders successfully to cut down costs of communication with patients to a great extent. you can even send out text messages that are automated to patients one day before the day when an appointment is scheduled.

This has proven to be quite cost-effective and reduced the cases of no show by almost 50%. Earlier the company used to bear the expense of around $150 for every missed appointment, but after using the SMS reminder program Kaiser company made a saving of $275,000 in just one month in a single clinic of theirs. 

Use SMS along with an email to capture information of your customers and to send information out: if you want to increase the efficiency of mobile marketing it is advisable to combine it with other channels of marketing. One of the most simple ways to package it in combination with other techniques is to combine it with email responses that can contain more multimedia and text content. Also, this combination can lead to improved interaction with your customers. 

For example, if you make use of the feature of SMS 2 Email, you will be allowing customers to send their email address via text and get an immediate response via text message. The email would be into full-color HTML into the nominated inbox. The customer would feel the information about the brand experience. The business would be able to enhance the dialogue which can be built upon. It will capture the valuable information of customers like contact information. There would be the option of opt-in for both the email and mobile channels. These details are used for subscribing and registering the customer for the email and mobile channels. 

Trey McIntyre which is a non-profit organization has given a very good example regarding this. This is the organization that is promoting contemporary dance in many venues around the US. At each of its venue locations, the organization is capturing the contact details of the customers with the help of TV screens and posters by showing them the call-to-action messages. Via this approach, Trey has been able to build a valuable database of the customers for email and mobile marketing communications.

SMS with email is also used by large brands like car manufacturers who are offering brochures and advertising on traditional media like radio and TV.

Mobile marketing with geo-location and zip code

Mobile marketing with the geo-location will be able to add incredible value to the customer experience. The days are gone when marketers are believing in pinpointing the customer location on their cell phones. Now there are various simple ways for making use of location with the mobile marketing context which will give a richer experience to the customer.

When you are operating your business from multiple locations then for offering great service ask your customer to share the zip code with their details. In this way, customers would be able to find the nearest store or the service center for your brand. US Navy and RadioShack are offering the customer to find the nearest store when they are texting a simple SMS shortcode. You can also ask the customer to sign up for mobile marketing with the zip code. This is a very effective way of collecting valuable information for getting appropriate marketing offers at the store near your place. This is also the form of personalized marketing where you would get relevant offers dependent on your location. With the help of zip code, you are also referred to the nearest store from your place.

Various components of Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing is going far beyond mobile and messaging apps. For doing cohesive marketing you need to do responsive designs.

Mobile-Friendly websites: Mobile friendly websites will fit properly on the mobile screen and you are not required to do the zooming or scrolling. It will load very quickly and it is also free from any mobile-specific errors. You need to maintain a consistent and engaging user experience. Mobile UX will have a dramatic effect on each stage of the user buying cycle.

Mobile friendly SMS and MMS: SMS and MMS are the direct methods for sending the content to the customers. But it is also important to use this channel wisely. You would have to gain the knowledge quickly to reach your customers with messaging. You have to look at the cardinal rules for creating effective campaigns whether it is a promo, alert about the product, videos, or reminders. 

Mobile friendly advertising and landing pages:

57 percent of the email are opened on the mobile platforms and 69% of smartphone users are deleting the email which is not optimized for mobile. Because of this, it is important that your email can employ a responsive design. You need to create a strategy that can automatically format the webpage on a mobile device. Also never forget the landing pages. If the email is mobile-friendly and the click-through is going to the landing pages then the webpage is not optimized for the mobile.

Thought Leadership Marketing: A Comprehensive Guide

Thought Leadership Marketing

If you don’t know about thought leadership marketing then it’s fine it is a method of marketing that helps you to solidify as an expert and the authority within the company. The basic goal of this marketing is not to make sales heavy content and to give an entry point to your business by branding yourself into an expert. 

Some best practices 

• Know your target audience and know better

If you succeed in this and always help you to make your marketing strategy better. People do have lots of questions and to figure out this thing you have to look at social media and customer reviews as well. 

Once you are done with these things you can start telling solutions for their questions on leadership contents. And it is important to check-in and re-evaluates your customer’s personas. 

•    Try to be more active on social media sites

Social media is so effective and increasing day by day which will help you to make your brand and expertise. The platform helps you to be more engaged as well as active. Social media tools always boosts up the brand and helps you to promote thought leadership content organically. 

•    Publishing your content in different places

If you just post the blogs for this then that is not enough and it also means that you are active on social media, guest posting, and podcasts. These things will help you in your further promotions. Additionally having a combination of content, videos, and audio content is really important. You should post these things wherever your audience is. 

•    Analysing your competitors

If your competitors are also making this content so analyzing it is also important for you. And if you work on this and analyze how they work then you will be more prepared. And you can fill in the gaps between the leadership content your competitors are putting. 

•    Creating important content

It is important to make valuable content and to dig deep so that you can show off your expertise in one area. It will be difficult for you to prove yourself as an expert but you can have the director of SEO in your industry. 

•    Always be genuine to the audience

If you are too promotional with your audience then you can connect with your audience. You should put some content that is genuine and authentic as well. The content should make sense to everyone and offers perspective too. You should use examples, facts, and quotes in your content which will be better. When you add thought leadership to your marketing strategies then you should dive into the type of content you want to make for your audience. 

Thought leadership marketing is an art for your company as a leader in the field with the best content. 

Advantages of thought leadership marketing 

You will find many benefits of this for your company and first is attracting new talent. Talented people usually gravitate to companies and their ideas are respected as well as well known. When these people find out that the company is one of the best in its field then these talented people always love to work with the industry. So don’t forget this point as these people will always make your company the best. 

You will get more press exposure when your site’s content seems interesting to your audience, and tend to perceive the author of that content as an expert. 

You will get more business development opportunities as having a strong reputation from potential customers who can help you to grow your industry. Help in public speaking at conferences and personal events as well. 

Sometimes people usually get confused between advertising and leadership

So basically advertising has more and more dollars from the marketing budgets than leadership. But always investing in advertising rather than leadership is also not good. To simply this you own a test prep industry and want to reach more and more customers. 

Advertising can be a strong complement to thought leadership marketing when it is managed well. Thought leadership has the more potential to create your brand in a much more substantial way. This is because customers perceive it as organic which has a desire to engage with it. You will get immediate benefits in advertising and leadership can take a year to start paying you off.

Proper research from Google reports that browsing habits have changed a lot into 10 years. 

Three things which you have to keep in mind:

People usually go for short, simple, and less common searches as online 30% of searches on Google. Long keywords are the norm as around 54% of searches on Google are more than 4 words long. Now users are going for less keyword-oriented and more natural languages. As per the searches, you will find that out of 5 searches 1 user has a unique search. 

This research is done so that you can know that people are not looking for google to tell them who to buy and from where? And people are using Google to do their searches on which industry to buy from and they can reach their conclusion easily. 

Go for thought leadership content for your brand or company

Do proper research on what keywords your users would search on Google. Just think you are a supplier of color management devices which have spectrophotometers and what your customer will search to find this? You have to know that laboratory managers are sometimes unfamiliar with how to use new spectrophotometers and how to calibrate them to use them. 

Come with a piece of thought leadership content as this will help you get into the mind of potential users searching the keywords you have chosen. Your main important work is to figure out what your customers want and then make it. You have to choose an ultimate guide to learn how to calibrate spectrophotometers. This will have graphs, charts, and diagrams of any other type of graphics. you have to make the best piece of thought leadership not for your customers but also your company too. Google also helps in giving rewards to your site with top rankings for the keywords you are targeting for a long time. 

How can you track your success after this?

Since your main reason for thought, leadership marketing is growing your business and it is not just to make really interesting content. You have to track the number of new users on your content, how much time they are spending on your site, and when they leave their path, this will help you to make more changes in your content. You will also know what type of content people are looking for on any site. Through this, you can make strategies and update your work easily with more interesting content.

Making sure that users are converting is the best to see your paths users take on your website. You have to track that they are reading your leadership thought contents and then leaving without coming back. The path which users follow is sometimes referred to as funnels and when the user enters your site is the first step in the funnel. This helps to push users from one page to another until they come out of the bottom sales lead. When you get more knowledge of analytics and tracking things then you can easily predict with high accuracy the user’s paths will take to become the sales lead.

Thought leadership strategies you should follow which will be best

• First is you should check article which is published on your sites

Leadership is to reflect positively on your brand and the most successful thought leadership earns more users with proper actions, and delivery should be very clear. Your content should be clear and genuine as the user comes across it while visiting your sites. The users should stumble upon it on social media sites. They can easily find it on Google when they are searching for something in your company. 

•    Second is to look for public speaking areas

You can overestimate the power of in-person communication, basically when you are in a teaching role and speaking is always the most effective way of thought leadership which you are looking for. The main reason is that publishing your articles or content and then optimizing them so that your customers can find it on Google easily. And suppose if you are in a B2B business where what you sell earns you more and more money per user. Then speaking is something you require to learn more about it. and the most important point you should know is that everybody was made to be a public speaker and it will get you nervous sometimes in front of the people. But that’s okay you can simply require to find someone that thrives on that full energy and add something to your team as well. 

•    Third is the social media site strategy

If you use social media sites properly then it can become a way of showering your target customers with some favorable impressions of your organization on them. The issue occurs when social media as a chore is not thought leadership and is also a tool for disseminating fascinating details. This thing is important for you and you should go for it. First know your medium perfectly like Facebook or any other platform you want to use, then go for micro-target your customers as people only think of what they have a direct connection with. And last important thing is that content matters a lot so don’t put anything for the sake of content. It should be relevant and genuine for your audience.

•    Fourth one is press where you should look for

Many people treat PR as a formal place in thought leadership as it will be more of an echo of this. To get this piece of press you have to consider three things first is to figure out which mediums matter more like newspapers, journals, blogs, radio, television, and podcasting. From these you have chosen the medium first as chances are not every one of those channels will be equally valuable for your organization. 

Prove your interest in figuring out why journalists should spend their time writing about your company. The press helps your company to come into the limelight and make their living by informing and entertaining the audience. Now the last third thing you should do is finding the best publicist for your company. A good one should be chosen by the strait of their connections and their will as well. Once you get the press list and know your angle then everything is just with journalists by following it and having the relationships that will get your pitches to read. 

•    The Last one is networking 

The online person form of thought leadership is public speaking but there is also another place where many companies can get more things. The main factor they gain is new customers or clients as with networking as thought leadership does not need you to be super charismatic always. And it needs someone in your company to be like that or work in this way. 

Networking is less about the content factor and more about the feelings of the customers. When a user you are interacting with feels better or nice about you then you have reached halfway. You have to pass three things to get customers’ attention towards you. The first thing is their trust towards you, are you selling the right thing as per their requirements? and can they afford your things or not. Trust is easy to get from a person when you have provided great things to your customers. Being the solution to the customer’s requirement is a crucial interpersonal skill that has the best networkers. Affordability is something you have to work and as per your companies need as well as customers’ needs.