What is Google Bot?

Any website (Blog / Website) can’t be indexed in a program unless it’s been crawled by Google robots. The bots that crawl index websites round the world for Google are called Google Bot. During this article today, we’ll study what Google bot is and the way it works.

When it involves Google bot I see a cute, smart Wall-E robot, which is fast on a search to seek out and sequence knowledge altogether corners of the unknown world.

If you’ve not yet been ready to know what’s the Google bot, then you ought to read this text till the last. during which you’ll know the entire information of Google bot.

What is google bot – what’s google bot

Google bot might be a web crawler programming utilized by Google, which gathers reports from the online to make an accessible record for Google web indexes.

This is the generic name of google’s web crawler.  

How does GoogleBot work?

·        All search engines have different Search Consoles, which we also know as Webmaster tools. Similarly, Google’s Search Console tool.

·        Whenever you create a page, post or the whole website of your blog, Search Console Crawl, then GoogleBot Family comes during a group on your blog.

·        As we told you earlier, Google has made many sorts of Bots, which have different functions. When this Googlebot involves your blog, he sees what information has been given on this blog.

·        For example, you requested to index your article in Google Search Console, then all GoogleBots come to your blog and see that during this post, besides text, Image, Audio, Videos, Books, Locations, News Content has given.·        Accordingly, the work that GoogleBot does is copy the info from your blog and store it in your server. When the complete works of Googlebot are complete, Googlebot leaves your blog.

How Your Business Can Benefit From Content Writing Services

SEO Services

Content writing solutions have been around for decades; but, over the last few years, their scope and services have gone mainstream. Businesses of all types and sizes of businesses  are using the Internet as a potent tool to achieve greater visibility than ever before. But, is it enough? For several enterprises turning up on Google, it may seem challenging to find a way for your company to outclass your rivals, but it is not. By recruiting an accomplished team of writers, reputable service providers for Content marketing have repeatedly proven their worth and virtually any company that availed their support has ended up expanding its web scope. Here’s how the arrangement can work for you too:

Save Time

As a growing business, it is highly likely for you to have some employees with decent writing skills onboard. Asking them to create some content for your website may sound like a brilliant idea, and it definitely is, but only if they understand what they’re doing— which is sadly not the case, always. When you ask a novice to create content from the marketing perspective, things tend to get a little complicated. The further edits a writer needs to do, the more time they end up spending on a single piece of material. On the contrary, professionals understand the consumer requirement thoroughly, and they don’t take aeons to deliver the work.

Market your business online

The fundamental purpose of content marketing is to divert maximum traffic to your website. That’s how many companies can sell services online or may raise public awareness about their brand. Far too often, you need content development services because you’re seeking to increase the volume of visitors your site receives on a regular basis. Content writers exactly know what posts and blogs are going to grab the audience’s attention, and that is why their contribution is all the more significant.

Impressive results 

Whether your company needs SEO writing, blogging, product reviews, or website write-ups, content development solutions offer the easiest and yet most potent means to expand your reach and engage your target market, thus bringing impressive output.

Effective website

Although many individuals are familiar with the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” yet most of us can’t help assessing a lousy book cover or a website, in the similar context. When working with a business that has an attractive site, potential buyers feel more confident. It is so because a rich website content makes your company looks knowledgeable and committed. 

Websites with enough material on the network and the forum have much more likelihood of being treated with greater respect by its audiences than those who are not committed to regular updates. In the absence of fresh content, Google will put your website on the back burner, thus giving potential customers fewer chances of checking it out.

Smart Strategies for Improving Teamwork

No matter what size a business is, developing good teamwork should be the prime priority. With a hardworking and responsible team, every business can reach heights of extreme success. You need to work on and with your team for building a strong work relationship and for growing together.

You need to understand the fact that being a leader, you’re the one who is responsible for the growth of your team, so ensure that you’re making all the efforts for building a strong team and growing your business high on the success ladder.

Smart Strategies for Improving Teamwork:

Taking the Lead:

Well, the most important part about improving teamwork is taking the lead. There’s always a strong leader who helps in building a strong team that in-turn leads to a successful business. Taking the lead is a matter of both accomplishment and responsibility. There’s no denial of the fact that a good team starts with a good leader. No organisation can work efficiently without the Alpha: the one who stands by the team, the one who motivates the team and the one who guides the team throughout their success rate.

Encouragement and appreciation:

The most important part of improving your teamwork is to encourage and appreciate your team for their efforts and dedication. Nothing in the world can boost up your team more than encouragement and appreciation by their lead. You can appreciate your team by offering them incentives, increments, appreciation certificates and much more. There are a lot of ways for showing your encouragement towards their work.

Set up your goals:

Having an efficient team and getting the best results from your team involves setting up some goals and sticking to them. Make sure to guide your team with the goals that you’ve set and the importance of those goals for your business. This way, they’ll be even more dedicated towards reaching those goals. Make sure to plan out the baby steps for achieving those goals and guide your entire team with your targets and goals.

Effective communication:

There’s a saying that communication is the ultimate key to success. Well, that’s true. Without proper communication, you can’t make teamwork efficiently. So, make sure to get your team into effective communication mode. This will definitely help a lot in improving the teamwork that in-turn can help you establish a strong team with good work ethics.

Focused and motivated team:

Ensure to be there with your team whenever they need you. There’ll be times when they’ll need your support and motivation and being a leader it’s your responsibility to keep your team motivated and help them stay focused on their goals.

Well, the bottom line is that teamwork and collaboration isn’t something that happens on its own. You need to make a lot of efforts for getting things right and for building up a strong and effective team.

What is the value of SEO for your business?

SEO for business

SEO(Search Engine Optimization), everyone in the Information technology(even in non IT)  field is familiar with this term. SEO is not just about advertising your website on various search engines, but it’s more than that.

To survive in today’s competitive market, SEO is imperative for businesses. 81% percent of customers and 94% of B2B buyers always search online before making any deal, so if your business isn’t having a strong presence online,it  will fall behind in this competition. You can get leads and conversions from Adwords, but isn’t that can be costlier to you? Sometimes we need an affordable yet reliable option. 

Here are some points which will make you go for SEO of your website if you haven’t already:

–  75% of searches have been performed on Google as compared to any other search engine, Which means people trust Google, and because of updated algorithms. Google shows the most relevant search results for any keyword. In order to improve your traffic, you need to be on Google. And that too on the first page, top position because users tend to click on the topmost website and then the second one. Clicks decrease with the position. Even if you are on the second page, you will not get clicks. You have to be on the top and for this, you need to follow the best SEO Strategy according to your website.

– SEO effects are long-lasting. Unlike PPC, the results will not vanish if you stop the SEO of your website. As long as the backlinks are being crawled, your website will be doing good. This is for the White Hat SEO, if you’re following black hat techniques, your website can be penalized after an algorithm update.

– Cheaper than Adwords. SEO is definitely more affordable than PPC. You need to spend a fixed amount of budget and with an effective SEO strategy , you will see the growth. IF you’re looking for a paid line like guest post , that would be considered extra. Otherwise, without the guest post, you can get your website on top if the website’s content is good and on-page has been accurately done.

Increased Traffic, engagement, and conversion can be achieved by SEO  and your brand could benefit immensely by following the right SEO techniques

Common Mistakes Brands Make With Instagram

Instagram has over 700 million monthly active users and nearly 400 million who log in daily. Having been in existence for only seven years, the app has grown astoundingly and is considered a major marketing platform for all types of brands. However, several brands make many mistakes while promoting on Instagram and here are the most common ones:

Lack of a Goal-oriented Strategy: Every business should have well-established goals of what kind of promotion they expect by opening an Instagram account. If you’re not meeting your goals through Instagram marketing, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and work at your strategy again.

Private Account: A private account means other users can’t follow it until the account owner approves it. Having a private account means risking thousands of followers because most users steer clear whenever they see a private locked account. So, make sure that you keep your business’s Instagram profile public.

Not Posting Frequently: Currently, many brands post 1.5 times on average every day but this needs to increase three or four times a day. With 95 billion photos posted daily, it is hard to stand out from the crowd without regular posts.

Repetitive Posts: Nearly 60% of all brands use the same Instagram folder for every post. Keep in mind that repetitive posts are irritating and fail to gather any fan interaction. Remember, users are on Instagram for entertainment and content that is not engaging will deliver no results.

Not Using Hashtags Properly: Hashtags are constantly misused by brands on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram isn’t immune to this problem. Hashtags have to be relevant to the post and engaging for users and should not be manipulated by users or to exploit the algorithm of Instagram. Instagram is no longer seen just as a social network for sharing photos today. It is an effective ad platform with 48.8% of brands having a presence on the app. The internet is the future of advertising and not being present on Instagram can be a big mistake for brands irrespective of size and reputation. A right marketing strategy can help you boost your business!

How effective is detailed reporting to SEO client retention?

SEO reporting is as important in the digital marketing industry as it is to give your 100% to rank higher on Google. Every client deserves a report that explains every single task that the digital marketing agency has completed. Detailed reporting definitely is one of the best ways to SEO client retention.

Let’s just say, reporting is the mirror of the effort and achievements of the digital marketing agency which translates into clients’ success.

It also is one of the best ways that can help your client understand your efforts and what it takes to rank higher on Google. 

Most of the clients we have at SEO Discovery do not understand SEO as a professional does. It’s only fair as that’s why there are digital marketing agencies like ours to help clients get more business through Google. 

However, even if clients do not understand SEO as a professional does, it doesn’t mean that companies can turn their back to providing detailed SEO reporting to their clients. In fact, it’s all the more reason to make them understand the efforts that we make. 

Fellow digital marketing agencies or SEO companies often express how their clients have left them. You know why? Because the companies provided general reporting that included merely the keywords ranking, the Google analytics report, and then, that’s just it. How is a client supposed to understand what you are doing from just that information?

Good reporting strengthens the bond between your agency and your client. It ensures long-term association with them.

Here’s how we, at SEO Discovery, simplify and provide detailed reporting for maximum SEO client retention:

Tips to detailed reporting for 100% SEO client retention

1. Make reporting clear and detailed

Reports must be not only detailed but clear too.

You have to have the answers to the questions:

‘how many visitors have come to the website?’, ‘how many URLs have been indexed?’, ‘how many keywords and which ones are ranking high on Google?’, and a lot more answers to important questions. 

All of this information can be gathered from different tools available for SEO data. All you have to do is gather the information and make it simple for the client to understand it so that they don’t have to go through the technical parts of analyzing data through complex tools.

Making detailed and clear reports can be compared to plating your food nicely. The more beautiful your food is plated, the tastier it becomes.

2. Explain what you are going to include in reporting through videos

Instead of just another document of reporting, make it easier for them to understand information through videos. Explain what you are going to include in a small video. Here’s an example:

 3. Schedule bi-weekly or monthly client calls to explain each thing

Not many clients bother to go through generalized reports. One – reports are not simplified. Two – clients get frustrated looking at them (that’s why they came to you in the first place). Three – your generalized report might be forever resigned to a dusty corner of your client’s inbox. 

So, why not schedule a bi-weekly or a monthly client call to explain each thing? 

When people invest their money and time to get business from Google they definitely are interested in listening about the performance of their site.

Moz said it right,

No reporting = No value communicated = No more SEO client retention

Over to you

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency that can make reporting easier for you? 
Let’s start with your choice of communication mode here.