How to Optimize Amazon Listings that Sell?

Optimize Amazon Listings

One of the first steps in achieving success on an online platform is identifying the appropriate product. If you want to push your company to the next level, you must ensure that people can discover your product and be persuaded to purchase it. That is easier said than done, as we have learned throughout the years.

Across Amazon’s marketplaces, there are millions of things available. There is a constant increase in this figure. Consequently, it is now more necessary than ever to build Amazon product listings that are distinctive and sell well to succeed. While most sellers understand the importance of having an optimal product listing, the reality is that implementation is a different thing altogether.

Thus, before deciding what the products you wish to list are, it is better to be aware of how to optimize your Amazon listings in 2022.

Important Points to Remember for Optimizing Amazon Listings

When it comes to their ranking system and how they rank things, Amazon has not divulged the specific arithmetic that goes into it. However, we have found a few critical characteristics that are quite important for search engine rankings. These considerations focus on two primary themes: the relevancy of the listing and the effectiveness of the salesperson. In contrast to Google or any other search engine, Amazon is the best marketplace. As a result, sales play important part in your product’s organic search ranking.

Thus, how do you ensure that your product listing fulfills Amazon’s requirements? Follow these steps.

1. Select the Relevant Keywords

When users search for things on Amazon, they use a super-powerful keyword tool developed by Amazon. It takes advantage of auto-complete to detect popular keywords as well as long-tail queries. In other words, Amazon informs you of the most common search phrases among its consumers. It may be used to quickly find keywords and phrases related to your listings.

Doing keyword research is the most effective method of identifying relevant terms. To find high-demand, low-competition keywords, you may use a various keyword research tool.

There are many tools available on the web that can help spy on your competitors’ listings, and you can use them to your advantage. Using the tool, you may learn about the keywords that your competitors are using – and you might even use some of those phrases in your listing!

2. Get Your Products Listed in The Right Category

Always remember to pick the most precisely defined product categories. When choosing from the preset fields, make an informed decision.

Customers who are looking for items are led to specific product categories. You will not be considered for the final cut if you are improperly classified.


3. Keep Your Stock Updated

One of the most important steps to optimize Amazon listings is to make sure that you keep yourself updated with the availability of the product stocks. Always have a large supply of inventory on hand and keep an eye on it frequently to ensure that you never run out of stock.

out of stock

4. Never Duplicate Product Pages

Product pages for multiple sizes and colors of the same item should not be created separately. Customers will benefit from a reduction in the number of search results and an easier time discovering items. To avoid misunderstanding and duplicate content concerns, Amazon indexes the text that describes every product in its catalog.

5. Make Use Of Bullet Points

Regardless of how obvious you believe the information, don’t miss this step. Your sales pitch may include up to five bullet points to persuade customers to make a purchasing decision quickly and effectively. Make your bullet points keyword-dense and informative by using descriptive language. Draw attention to the aspects that distinguish your items from the competition. The ability to describe the major qualities of items increases your chances of being selected by the customer for adding into their carts. Analyze the phrasing carefully to assist clients in making good purchasing selections.

bullet point description

6. Effective Product Titles

It is one of the most significant points to remember when it comes to including keywords in a product title. Always mention the name of the brand or the manufacturer. The more thorough your listings are, the higher your chances of being seen are. Fill in the blanks with as much pertinent information as you can. Customers’ ability to locate your items and get important information depends on your products’ names.

We advise you to follow this format whenever planning a product title: (Brand) + (Sub-Brand) + (Model Number) + (Size) + (Product Description) + (Defining Features)

product title

7. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Positive customer reviews are the best way to convince consumers that a product is outstanding. Without reviews, you can’t sell on Amazon. Customers trust merchants with a lot of positive reviews. Address negative comments quickly. Encourage consumers to submit reviews often. Good feedback requests may enhance the quantity and quality of input.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

8. Product Images of High Quality

Most important point to remember for all those who wonder how to optimize product listing on Amazon is to upload excellent quality product images. Dimensions for a product picture must be at least 1000 × 1000 pixels. The optimal number of photos is generally considered to be 5-6. Provide customers with a sense of the product, including its characteristics and benefits. Use background that are neutral in color.

The rule of thumb is that the picture should occupy 85 percent of the frame. If necessary, hire a professional photographer to capture your product in the best way possible.

Product Images of High Quality

9. Detailed Product Description

The product description is generally found after scrolling down the product listing. It does not negate the significance of the description. If consumers are scrolling down your listing, they probably want to purchase it. They just want more information or reviews before making a purchase. Incorporate all the important keywords and produce clear, informative content about the product.

Detailed Product Description

Undoubtedly, Amazon is a best marketplace in the world where you can sell products online and connect with a global community of buyers. As an Amazon seller, take care of all the above-mentioned steps to optimize your product listings on Amazon. If you take the right steps, you would surely be able to see better results with time.

Still confused about how to optimize amazon listing? Watch this video of our expert.

How Blockchain is Used in Digital Marketing

Blockchain in Digital Marketing

Over time digital marketing has become an indispensable part of a business process. It is unimaginable to achieve any business goal without using the internet.

It has simplified the process of interaction between businesses and consumers. People now can scrap the internet for a product or service and choose one that best suits their needs. 

However, besides the benefits that digital marketing has brought to humanity, there has always been a threat to security. There have been numerous cases of data breaches and hacking scandals in the past few years. It created an urgent need for a security system that ensures businesses and consumers for data safety. 

It is where blockchain comes into play. It succeeded at providing security that the digital world lacked. But, how is it beneficial for digital marketing? Before answering that question, let’s understand blockchain in detail.

What is blockchain?

A blockchain is a data structure that stores transactions and information in groups known as blocks. A block has a fixed storage capacity, when it is filled, the block is closed and linked to its predecessor block, forming a chain of blocks known as a blockchain.

The prime difference between an orthodox database and blockchain is how the data is structured. A database typically stores information into tables, whereas a blockchain structures its data into chunks strung together. 

As new data comes in, it is filled into a new block and chained to the previous block forming a series of blocks.

What is the use of blockchain in digital marketing?

The decentralized form of blockchain enables users to collectively retain control rather than putting one person or a group of persons in charge of it. 

Once a block stores the information, it becomes immune to external change. It helps digital marketers generate accurate leads and provide their customers with a better experience. It is why it has become one of the most rapidly growing technologies globally. 

Another way blockchain benefits digital marketing is by providing the next level of safety and transparency. 

Blockchain has enabled consumers to access some of the most vital information, such as the manufacturing location, the skill level of the laborers involved in the production, and the material used in manufacturing. It helps them assess the authenticity of the products and services.

Forecasts suggest that blockchain technology will experience rapid growth in terms of technology in the coming years. 



Blockchain in digital marketing facilitates valuable customer interactions and long-term consumer relationships. Businesses can use blockchain to build trust in their consumer and increase brand awareness. Additionally, it provides the next level of security, so any possibility of data breach or cybercrime is obsolete.

How to implement blockchain in a business?

Blockchain as a service (BaaS)

The popularity of blockchain has driven a lot of tech giants towards blockchain as a service (BaaS). BaaS is when a third-party service provider installs and maintains blockchain for a business. It is an ecosystem managed and administered by cloud-based service providers.

BaaS has gained significant attraction after the success of bitcoin. It can resolve complex issues cost-effectively and straightforwardly. It is a good option for small to medium-scale businesses as it saves the extra cost of hiring developers and developing blockchain data structures on their own. 

Several hosting providers and tech giants now provide dedicated to integrated BaaS services. There are chances that your hosting provider most probably has an integrated plan in place for you. 

Blockchain platforms 

If you decide to build a blockchain-based application on your own, blockchain platforms will come in handy. They have built-in blockchain data models and frameworks, allowing developers to create and host applications on the blockchain.

However, it is essential to select the most suitable platform depending upon your requirements. Some blockchain platforms with the built-in framework are Ethereum, Hyperledger, R3, and Ripple. 

Several factors determine the most suitable blockchain platform for your business.

  • The development status of the platform
  • The type of blockchain required
  • The set of languages that the platform supports
  • The functionality of the platform
  • The popularity of the platform
  • The scale of solution required


One thing that makes digital marketing trends different from other elements of digital marketing is the dynamics. Digital marketing trends are ever-evolving and change overnight. Blockchain in digital marketing is another such trend. 

If you wait to implement it for your business, you will lag way behind your competitors. Blockchain in digital marketing is at its nascent stage. It is essential to improvise it as soon as possible and gain that extra edge over your competitors.

Why Digital Marketing Is Best for SaaS Companies?

Digital Marketing for SaaS Companies

In the IT industry, Saas is the fastest growing sector, professionals and entrepreneurs usually look for Saas-based solutions. In the earlier stages, when there was less competition, it was easy to sell SaaS products. However, with this increasing competition in the Saas sector, it has become difficult for Saas-based companies to make a distinguished image.  As per today’s scenario,  marketers are putting continuous efforts into optimising their marketing campaigns, landing pages, and doing all the possible things. Therefore, it is clear from this practice that marketing plays a vital role in any business.

The right marketing techniques can help companies gain a reputation, and that is why effective digital marketing is needed so that SaaS companies can get success online. How can a digital marketing company make a difference in the online image of Saas companies?

Here, the answer to this question has been explained via the below points. So keep on reading.

1. Framing and planning strategy

For every business, it is essential to generate leads that can turn into sales. In the case of software as a service business, there is an increasing need to attract customers and gain visibility.  So, it is pivotal to define strategies that can reduce customer churning and can push the software business. The first thing that digital marketing experts do is plan their moves to nurture the customers and convert them into potential users.  Digital marketing majorly focuses on Inbound leads which can benefit software-based companies.

2. Finding the target market

It is extremely essential to know which users to target or define an exact demographic for a product as a solution.  Defining the audience can help you appeal to those who are literally looking for software as a solution. If you own a Saas-Based company, it is essential to understand who will use your product in the market. It is where a digital marketing steps in to help you. The marketing experts can help you in making your product look more appealing than your competitors.

3. Increased Organic Search

Well, honestly, this is the most effective method, organic search can be the most effective way to attract customers and reach out to your prospects. It is much more affordable than spending an amount on paid ads. You can include content marketing and systematic keyword research to optimize your web pages. It is one of the best ways of driving tremendous traffic other than paid search, ads, email, or social media.

4. Choose the right platform.

It comes under the digital marketing strategies to choose the social media channels as per your target audience. The right marketing strategies focus on those channels where your audience is most active. If your focus is on the B2B market, then there are high chances of getting the customers on Linkedin. However, B2B is also for humans like you and me, so they must be spending a lot of time on Facebook and Instagram. The insights of the marketing analysis will help you to move in the right direction.

5. Optimizes the website for better conversion rate

What’s more essential for any business? Well, it is the conversion rate that can place your company at the top.  Thus, it is crucial to increase your conversion rate. Customers approach the businesses via online presence such as websites or social media pages. Having a website is the plus point, and your website must be fast and mobile-friendly. If your website contains client testimonials, it can also help in increasing conversions.

6. Content marketing

It comes under the content development strategies in digital marketing to hook the customers with engaging content. Writing effective and engaging content can help in attracting an immense client base.

7. Product representation

Software as a solution provider needs to build their business, and it is necessary to show your product to the audience. It makes your brand appear as a cutting edge among all the other competitors. Ensure your website represents how your solution can help the audience and how it can solve customer problems.

This is where a website design steps in and is necessary because only an eye-catchy website can attract visitors. The content on your website should hit the pain points of users, and it must showcase the product benefits. The goal is to show the competitive advantage of your software product.

8. Customer's buying journey.

Well, the most overlooked part is the buyer’s journey. Never overlook who is purchasing the product.  Analysing how quickly or late the customer decided of buying your product can help to put the potential customers efficiently into your sales funnel. Being a software-based company, can you figure out how to capture the interest of the target audience?  Well, if we guess the majority might not be knowing this. However, with digital marketing strategies, you can get the answer.

With digital marketing, you can strengthen your Business to Business approaches.

Anyways, the SaaS business is no doubt a great business providing solutions via software products. In today’s competitive market, customer retention and acquisition is a bigger challenge, and honestly, digital marketing in SaaS can help you via brainstorming. Marketing in the SaaS business can be challenging, but it is not something that cannot be done or is impossible. It is because the audience doesn’t expect to see the same product for the problem, as there must be a reason for them to switch from one product to another.

In short, the SaaS products should showcase how different they are from other products and their competitors. Performing extraordinary marketing efforts can result in something extraordinary. With time, SaaS solutions are changing constantly, and the changes are new features, new plug-ins, tools, etc. These updated features advance the functionality of the software, hence making it better for users. On the other hand, SaaS companies can utilise content marketing, SEO, and other strategies to showcase this and build brand credibility.

Every time the competition gets hard. In addition, the fascinating part is, only those stay who know how to market themselves efficiently in front of the target audience. Even though the product has a less lifetime, it still wins over its competitors because of the efficient portrayal of its services. You can educate your customers and target audience about your product via webinars. With this, you can sketch in front of them how your software product is different and can solve the problems.

There are several more ways via which digital marketing can help a SaaS-based business to grow. You just need to plan and implement the strategy or take help from SEO company or digital marketing agency.


Every day, in the IT sector, you will see a new competitor and standing out in such a noisy environment as a brand becomes daunting. So, it is foremost essential to do Saas marketing, to stand out from your competitors. At SEO Discovery, we have helped many Saas-based companies by developing their digital marketing strategies. If you are a Saas Professional or entrepreneur or an established company, we can help you to grow your business.

Get in touch with us, and we will be delighted to help you out.

The Definitive Guide to SaaS Marketing

SaaS Marketing

Marketing is a lot more than a word consisting of nine alphabets; it covers several concepts and fields. Content marketing, Email-marketing, Social media marketing, to name a few. SaaS marketing is one such term associated with marketing. However, what is it all about, and how is it different from other forms of marketing?

What is SaaS Marketing?

Software as a service marketing also known as SaaS marketing is a very unique and exemplary type of marketing in which one creates awareness about a definite type of software. It acts as an impetus due to which a software’s progress in the market is accelerated.

Not only that but, it creates an influence of the software in the eyes of the audience. They create the much-needed image of the software. It is this image that is sold to the customers. This is the reason behind the increasing popularity of SaaS marketing organizations.

SaaS organizations help in creating definite marketing strategies for a particular software. These strategies are directly linked to the popularity of the software. With the help of proper marketing techniques, one can launch software comfortably. It is very important to know about the basic concepts related to SaaS companies.

This article will act as a guide to SaaS marketing. SaaS marketing is very different from any other type of marketing. There are very crucial aspects that one needs to understand properly if they wish to learn properly about SaaS marketing.

What makes SaaS marketing different?

As marketing has different forms, what makes SaaS marketing different from other forms?

The basic difference between SaaS Marketing and other forms of marketing is that it is related to promoting software, which does not include any physical form of product or service. It can comprise a marketing service, not a product. The characteristic that makes it different from other forms is putting it into action. SaaS marketing oversees execution, installation, and migrating from already existing platforms. Adding to it, the software users often expect the after-sales services because they pay every month. 

The support offered can be implied as a selling point, which can be upgraded to another version. SaaS Marketers have to mark it as important as it can take efforts a step forward. 

Long-term Relationships

Several products and services are about one-time consumption. However, the purpose of SaaS marketing is to build a long-term relationship with its users. In simple terms, SaaS companies aim to reach and retain their customers for a longer run. After making any potential audience as customers, these companies take responsibility to keep in touch consistently and ensure that they do not churn. Unlike traditional marketing, it is not at all related to one and done concept. The software as a service focuses on keeping up on a longer-term. Owing to this reason, many SaaS companies extend a giveaway or freemium model for their products.

Sales Cycles

As the term sales cycle refers to selling a product, the sales cycle in SaaS marketing can be another feature to understand its difference from others. SaaS companies have shorter sales cycles, and this is because the pricing models designed for SaaS are divided into monthly shares, which make it look more than affordable to its users. It uplifts the buying decision of the buyers without having to look for any other formalities. The need for consulting higher management does not exist as it can increase capital expenses. 

Intricate Customer Journey 

As the term describes itself, customer journey in marketing refers to the time it takes for users to first encounter a brand to the time they are your customer officially. The customer journey in SaaS is not the same as compared to other products or services. It can be anywhere from six months to eighteen to seal a SaaS deal. This is because SaaS marketing can need you to create and market your products at different levels of awareness. 

For instance, it is about promoting a tool used in SEO. First of all, does your audience know about SEO yet? On the other hand, you might also have potential customers who know about your tool and several others in the market. Your target audience can consist of all kinds of people, which gives rise to the creation of the content at different levels on the basis of what they need to know. 

Run Through the Fundamentals of SaaS Marketing:

  • Goal Setting: This is one of the most important concepts of SaaS marketing. The organizations work with a lot of dedication and determination to deduce the goals which it has to achieve. These goals are directly connected to revenue generation. The SaaS marketing agencies start setting definitely achievable targets for themselves.

Then, they start working upon every single point that will help in setting those definite objectives. The SaaS marketing enterprises also help in comparing any software company to its competitors. These companies help in analyzing the flaws of any software company and start employing resources to fix these flaws and achieve the targets set for the company.

  • Deducing the budget: The SaaS marketing companies also help in determining the budget for a software company to achieve the targets set. This is a very crucial advantage of a SaaS marketing company.
  • Promotion of Content: The respective SaaS marketing companies employ all the genuine ways of promoting the name of the software companies. They do this through the various social media platforms available. These social media platforms create a good image of a software company in the eyes of the general public. It is crucial to acknowledge the power of social media.

Social Media can create an amazing image of any enterprise for the general public. These aspects make social media a genuine promoter of software companies. Software companies are able to achieve their targets with the assistance of social media platforms. They not only spread awareness about the software but also inform the public about important aspects such as location, demographics, connections, and other such important aspects.

  • They identify the need of the customers: SaaS marketing companies research upon the likes and dislikes of the audience to decide whether their software company will prove to be a success or not. If some points are missing that may prove to be a turning point, then the SaaS marketing companies inform the authorities of the software companies.

 The SaaS marketing enterprises make sure that almost all the needs of the customers are fulfilled by the software. This helps them in presenting the software as a one-time solution to all problems before the public.

  • Help in building a community: The SaaS marketing enterprises help in building a proper community. The SaaS enterprises build a team that effectively deals with the clients. This team plays a vital role in spreading awareness about the software. The team built helps in building the reputation of company. This reputation is very important for a software company to succeed.
  • Managing the established community: Building a community is very easy. The main factor that counts is managing the built community and optimizing it to gain the maximum possible results. It is very necessary to build important connections to build a strong image of the company. The proper optimization of a SaaS company helps in accelerating the rate of investment by a considerable factor. This proves the significance of SaaS marketing.
  • Personalized tools for effective marketing: SaaS marketing uses the most efficient tools available to enhance the image of a software company. These effective tools have proved to be very beneficial for a software company.
  • Information is the priority: SaaS marketing enterprises contain a lot of information. This information can be utilized extensively to improve the quality of the software.
  • Giving free trials to customers: The SaaS marketing agencies provide free trials to the customers to spread awareness about the features of the software. This is an excellent marketing technique.
  • Accessibility: SaaS marketing companies increase the accessibility of the product. This enhances the software’s popularity.

Building an effective SaaS Marketing Strategy

When the word marketing is added to a term, no justification for availing benefits is ever needed. It can make it easy to draw the bottom line that SaaS marketing paves the way for software companies to earn their share in the market. 

However, something more important to put attention to is forming the right strategy for SaaS Marketing. When it is about framing an effective strategy, you need to take care of many steps. The list of the same includes:

Provide the Information

The importance of content is not unknown to anyone. In SaaS marketing also, you need to draw the attention of your target group. Marketing for software as a service depends on the information. Before short-listing your services, it is understandable that they will scroll many others of the same kind. In the process of marketing, you have to make sure that what you give them are the reasons to trust your brand. Also, like explained earlier, your target group can comprise all kinds of audiences. It means that while preparing content, you need to keep audiences of all stages in mind. 

Free Trial Periods

There is no denying the fact that the term free can captivate anyone. It is what you have to avail of while marketing for SaaS. Offering trial periods without any cost is an effective way to introduce sales and new customers. There can be different models to present the free model, and the list for the same can include the trial period for 30-days, freemium model, trial with credit card details, trial without credit card details. You can share the free periods till you discover a strategy to monetise people to use your product. 

Get Digital

Digital presence is an asset for any brand, and the same rule goes for SaaS marketing also. You have to get your brand into the sight of the buyers. It is essential to build your market and a relationship with your potential customers. Apart from these benefits, you can also attract visitors with valuable content, which showcases your knowledge and expertise. 

You need to optimise the website to get more conversions. You can make the best use of call to action texts. It can include starting the trial, subscribing to the blog, and subscribing to the newsletter.

Get SaaS for Promotion

As complicated as the term SaaS marketing seems, it is not. You have to think about the possible aspects of reaching the bottom line, including cost per lead, acquisition cost for each customer, and so on. However, there are several other things you have to take into consideration. The list for the same includes having service to offer, round the clock customer service, and engaging content that resolves the need for customer support only. After having them at the place, service, and software, marketing about software as a service will be easier. 

Stages of SaaS Marketing

Most businesses apply a five-stage strategy for SaaS marketing. It can include awareness, consideration, decision, retention, and advocacy. Here is an in-depth description of the same: 

Awareness: This is the initial stage needing you to work on promotions, campaigns, and other forms of channels through which the audience can be made aware of the concerned SaaS product. 

Consideration: In this step of marketing, you have to provide information to the coming traffic. This can help them stay persistent and avail of other services also. It is more like catching their attention and engaging the traffic in the SaaS product, which is developed recently. 

Decision: This is the most crucial part of the SaaS marketing panel where the coming audience has to decide to proceed further with the SaaS product or not. If the awareness and consideration are successfully done, a marketer can generate higher leads in the decision stage of the sales funnel

Retention: There is no point in marketing unless you can retain the customers. To ensure that the business can retain the sales, you can offer additional benefits, new offers, and other services which will keep them engaged in your business. 

Advocacy: This is the final stage where the users/customers will recommend the SaaS service or product to others. This is like the end step or report card of all the marketing efforts made till now. 

Final Thoughts

The world is turning into a digitally inclined place, which means that software as a service is nothing new for you to introduce. For any service you bring, chances are that it can have an already existing competition or a market to make space for yourself. If you have introduced a new concept, your focus should be around making the target audience aware of it and making a way for them to connect to you. That is where the need for SaaS marketing emerges. 

As the term tells itself, SaaS marketing is about employing efforts to promote a non-tangible service, which is software. Big SaaS marketing firms easily outperform their predicted ambition. This is the reason why top software companies want these digital marketing firms to be a part of their business. SaaS marketing has seen a considerable evolution over the years. It has become an essential component of all software industries.   

Mandeep Singh – “The SEO King” and Leader of Digital Marketing

To be successful, one must have the right leadership skills to encourage the entire team to become great leaders in the future. Mr. Mandeep Singh, the founder, and CEO of SEO Discovery is the epitome of leadership. His sheer enthusiasm and zeal to become the leading digital marketer have made him launch his company SEO Discovery 12 years back.

The company is the forerunner of digital marketing. Mr. Mandeep Singh, who rightfully owns the tag “The SEO King”, has made it possible for SEO Discovery to become one of the best digital marketing agencies, not just in India but all across the globe. Keep reading to find out more about Mr. Mandeep Singh and learn about his inspirational journey.

How He Became the SEO King?

mandeep singh

Mr. Mandeep is a renowned name in the realm of digital marketing and has more than 15 years of experience. Everyone looks up for someone who will inspire, show the right direction, and draw inspiration. And for many, that person is Mr. Singh. Digital marketing is quite dynamic, and only a true leader faces these challenges courteously and possesses the right skills to become one.

Mr. Singh has the right expertise to help companies understand the importance of digital marketing and be prepared to beat the competition. His story began 15 years back when he stepped his foot into the digital marketing world. Today, he is counted among the top digital marketing leaders.

Mr. Singh never fails to motivate his team. His passion for helping companies has made him assist businesses from different niches. Not just this, he is a member of the esteemed Forbes Agency Council and Expert Panel.

His Leadership Traits

  • In-Depth Digital Marketing Literacy

To make a brand stand out from the rest, one needs to grasp what it takes to excel in sales. This means one needs to know the entire concept of a sales funnel. While preparing for a digital marketing campaign, one will have to take charge of these funnels as the foundation of their promotional campaigns and marketing strategy. There are four essential parts of sales-funnel:

: Plan a strategy to attract new customers

Conversion: Figure out ways to convince customers to do business with you.

Closing: Close the sales funnel efficiently.

Retention: Engage customers by establishing a good brand report.

A digital marketer needs to understand a buyer’s journey. It is only on the basis of in-depth digital marketing literacy; one will figure out robust ways to increase a company’s ROI. Knowledge is as necessary as experience. Mr. Mandeep’s knowledge allows him to communicate well with different clients who belong to different niches.

  • Effective Communication Skills

A leader must have clear and assertive communication skills. Communication is vital because that’s what allows a leader to get things done. But at the same time, a leader must also know how not to be overbearing and overpowering to the point that it affects their employees’ mental state and productivity. This is one thing that Mr. Mandeep Singh is always careful about. He, as a leader, understands the fundamentals of strategy; this includes creating procedures, processes and setting achievable goals. His priority is to keep his team motivated which helps clients of all kinds achieve their ROIs. A leader should never put all eggs in one basket. Mr. Mandeep Singh never fails to consider the technical elements of his team members.  

  • Flexibility and Adaptability

A company can face challenges, which can make the working scenario of the company complicated. However, it is upon the leader how he accepts those challenges, finds ways to tackle them strategically, and never let the changes impact the growth of a business. A true leader can adapt to new scenarios and is always flexible to adjust accordingly. Mr. Mandeep Singh faces challenges as they come and never feels dejected. Moreover, he never lets his team feel indifferent no matter how tough the situation is. In the initial days of the company formation, SEO Discovery faced many hurdles, but his determination has made SEO Discovery keep going and growing, and today this digital marketing agency has 400+ employees. 

  • A Risk-Taker and Bearer

If a company wants its digital marketing campaigns to succeed, the leader must be ready to take risks. Risks are part and parcel of digital marketing. Mr. Mandeep Singh says, “Risk is an important element of digital marketing. Some ways will work and some won’t, but we as a team need to keep finding the best ways to help a company grow.” A leader will have to take risks for themselves and the company. Take innovation as an example; without risks, there won’t be innovation. And a company’s growth depends a lot on the decisions taken by a leader.  

  • Impeccable Productive Strategies

If digital marketing is a vehicle, then a strategy is its steering wheel. To drive a successful organization, a leader must think about productive strategies to unite the team who will make impossible things possible. Therefore, it’s upon the leader to make a coherent marketing strategy for the company and discuss the digital marketing plan that will favor the client. Mr. Mandeep Singh never fails to guide his team and share the blueprint of a productive strategy keeping in mind the future of his company.

What Does His Company SEO Discovery do?

SEO Discovery is a leading digital marketing company that had its inception 12 years ago. The company helps businesses of all kinds to grow, have better engagement with their customers, reach out to the target audience efficiently, and yield better results. The company is backed by a team of tech-savvy marketing specialists who always go out of the box to connect companies with their customers.

SEO Discovery is embarked on a mission to become a global leader in digital marketing. The company specializes in search engine optimization, paid marketing, social media marketing, content writing, web development, digital marketing, web analytics, reputation management, and more. SEO Discovery assists companies of all kinds, shapes, and sizes. The team’s data-driven approach and go-getter attitude have made SEO Discovery the number one choice for clients worldwide.

Final Words

Every project, small or big, deserves equal attention and requires a true industry expert. Mr. Mandeep and his remarkable digital marketing experience is here to give the much-needed boost to your business. Your business has to be seen by your target audience to start generating revenues, and there’s no better way than digital marketing to make the unthinkable possible! Connect with SEO Discovery and skyrocket your brand and sales!

25 Digital Marketing Trends to Expect in 2022

Digital Marketing Trends

Over time digital marketing has become the preferred marketing channel of businesses. They have become aware of the enormous potential that it offers towards their growth. It has evolved to be an indispensable part of a business process.  Digital marketing trends are one of the most dynamic aspects of modern marketing. Not the world wakes before they change. It is essential to be up to date with them to ensure the chronic growth of your business. 

Dynamic necessity:-

Before digging into the emerging trends, we should understand their importance for your business prospects. Over time, the competition on search engines has increased drastically. Digital marketing now is not limited to the quality of content and SEO. Several other google factors affect the ranking of your website. These include website designing, content theme, and other marketing trends.

If you get too comfortable with your current rankings and stop evolving with the trends, you might soon see a dramatic fall in your website traffic and rankings.

Here we have elaborated on the 25 digital marketing trends for 2022

1. Shoppable posts

Shoppable posts or sales copies are textual content created to persuade users to buy products or services. They allow you to introduce your products and services to your consumers.

However, it takes effort to write an effective sales copy. You must understand the consumer’s problems and tell exactly how your product or service can solve it.

2. Voice-based search

Have you seen a change in keyword perception? Yes, the long-tailed keywords are making a prominence. It is due to the increasing use of voice search devices.

According to a study published by Juniper Research, “55% of households will adapt to voice assistants such as Alexa Echo and Google Home by the end of 2022“. As a result, the websites that have optimized their content for voice searches will rank higher.

3. Media marketing

Illustrations, infographics, and videos are getting popular for their descriptive nature. They require less effort on the user’s part to understand the information. 

Recently, search engines are promoting video results in the SERPs which means video content have higher engagement than textual content. In 2022, illustrative and video content will surely be in the trends. Businesses need to focus on various content types and make their content more diverse and engaging. 

4. Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Gradually artificial intelligence (AI) has crept into the life of modern people and taken a significant role in it. Artificial intelligence has enabled digital marketing experts to track user activities and present the most relevant solution. 

Machine learning analyzes the pattern of a specific user’s activities and learns about the motives that drive him to take action. It is not a relatively new trend. However, marketers are supposed to use more advanced AI-based technologies to enhance their marketing strategy.

5. Interactive content and emotive brand promotion

No matter what your principal goal is? Your content has to be engaging and informative. Your visitors are not interested in sales funnels. They are on your website looking for the solution to a problem. Your primary goal should be to solve it. Once the user is satisfied with your content, try to engage him with various digital activities such as voting polls, online quizzes, virtual contests, and many more. It is one of the latest digital marketing trends.

Emotive Brand promotion is a combination of promotion and emotion. Your audience should get a chance to connect with your brand. Connect with your audience on social forums, social media groups, QNA websites to know what they are talking about your business. Take active participation in such conversations to make users feel connected.

6. E-commerce channel advertising

Since covid hit the world in 2019, the only option to shop amidst the pandemic is through E-commerce platforms such as Amazon. The E-commerce industry has benefited largely from this ongoing pandemic. More people than before are using e-commerce platforms to make their purchasing decisions. 

It is an opportunity for marketers to utilize E-commerce marketing for product promotion. It is an easy way to gain attention right away and connect to your targeted audience. On the other hand, visitors on the E-commerce platforms are more likely to convert to buyers as they are actively looking for products and services.

covid effect

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7. Social media marketing

There are a handful of social media platforms with tons of online traffic. Social media is one of the easiest and fastest ways to gain brand awareness. The research data by Global Weblndex shows that “57.6% of the world’s population uses social media, and the average daily usage is 2 hours 27 minutes (October 2021)“. 

Several factors essentialize uniform growth on social media platforms. The most important of them is the theme and context of your content. The context of your content is the need of the audience for a specific social media platform. A video is more likely to go viral on Instagram, and a joke is more likely to go viral on Twitter. 

8. Push notification

A lot of businesses in 2021 were using push notifications to show relevant information to their visitors. Push notifications are supposed to further advance in the year 2022.

Businesses will utilize AI to track user activities and read patterns to come up with more relevant and persuasive push notifications. It has the potential to create a mark in users’ minds that motivates them to take action. 

9. Micro-blogging promotion

The web audience is always on the look for interesting textual content. Microblogging is the creation and promotion of small format blogs below 300 words. 

The user’s attention span has decreased over time. You should be able to grab it as soon as possible. 

Long-form content is good for a target audience, but when it comes to increasing engagement on digital platforms micro-blogging has got the edge. It will flourish in 2022 and do wonders for a marketing strategy. 

10. Chatbots

The function of chatbots is to automate the process of conversation with customers. It is not relatively a new trend, businesses have already been using AI chatbots to answer basic customer queries. 

In 2022, businesses are supposed to improvise Artificial intelligence and machine learning to advance their chatbots. You can expect chatbots to answer more detailed queries and parallelly improve user experience.


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11. Content personalization

Content personalization takes the process of targeting the audience to the next level. It is all about understanding the requirements of specific visitors and showing the information accordingly. 

Having a grasp over users’ interests, you can build personalized content and create user-specific ads. It will help you strengthen your marketing campaign and achieve your marketing goals.

12. Marketing through video and visual advertising

Psychologically our mind is attracted by movements. The visual content is the content of the new age. However, businesses grasped this fact long ago and started utilizing visual advertising as a part of their marketing efforts. However, it is relatively a new digital marketing trend.

Visual marketing is best for gaining customer engagement, but it is highly competitive. There are a lot of brands that clash for user attention on video marketing platforms. You need to stand out as a video marketing to get your videos to rank higher and generate views. 

video marketing


13. Audio ads and podcasts

Podcasts are the emerging platforms for generating brand awareness and increasing customer engagement. People love to listen to informational podcasts. If you want to beef up your marketing strategy in 2022, you should utilize podcasts to gain an edge over your competitor. 

The increasing interest of the audience in podcasts has made it another potential platform for paid promotion. Businesses are now investing in audio ads and will continue to do the same in 2022. It is another way to connect with your audience through personalized audio ads.

14. Augmented reality

Augmented reality refers to adding digital elements around real-world users. In other words, augmented reality enables a user to access virtual information through a physical component. There are two types of Augmented reality currently in use, marker-based augmented reality and markerless augmented reality.

AR enables marketers to convert a simple static image into a 3D animation. It provides a professional ambiance to your website and increases user engagement. If you want to stand out in 2022, you should use augmented reality to excel in your marketing campaign.

Augmented reality


15. Internet of things (IoT)

The internet of things refers to the interconnection between the internet-enabled devices that allows them to send or receive data. The best example of this is the concept of smart homes. It is supposed to be one of the most demanded digital marketing trends in 2022.

It is the internet of things that enables the connection between household appliances. The internet of things goes way beyond mobile phones and tablets. It allows marketers to gather data from devices, such as smartwatches, smart TVs, and vehicles. It enables marketers to improve audience interaction, track customer needs and offer consumers the best solution.

16. Progressive web applications

Progressive web applications are web applications that use service workers, manifest along with web enhancement to provide an app-like ambiance to websites.

Progressive web applications are highly effective as they do not require device resources such as RAM. They are most effective when it comes to improving user experience. Better user experience leads to better engagement and hence increased conversions.

17. Mobile friendly development

There are far more mobile phone users than PC or laptops on the internet. It has become indispensable for your website to have a mobile-friendly interface. 

Over time, search engines have evolved into the mainstream platforms for online traffic. They now show different results on mobile phones and Pcs. That means it won’t rank your website for mobile phone users if it is not mobile-friendly. In 2022, it is essential to invest in responsive themes and website design to make your website look mobile-friendly.

Mobile friendly development


18. Single-page applications

Single-page applications are essential for increasing the loading speed of your website. 

The problem with traditional page load is that every time a user navigates through a website another page is loaded. It increases website loading time and bounce rate. 

Single-page applications increase page load speed by only sending the information a user needs. It enhances user experience and increases user engagement. The more time a user spends on your website, the more likely he is to convert into a buyer.

19. Programmatic advertising

Automation is not just a buzzword but an effective digital marketing trend. It is the process of buying, selling, and utilizing the online advertising space. It has eliminated the need for the long and cumbersome process of the usual search for advertising platforms and websites. Programmatic advertising is automated and displays information only to the most interested users. 

It saves your effort and time as it utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning and compares a lot of promotional platforms. It analyzes stats and data and finds the best platform for brand promotion.

Search engine and social media platforms now provide an option for smart display campaigns, through which marketers can completely automate the process of advertising. These are AI-based campaigns that find the best websites and pages to show your display ads.

Programmatic advertising

20. Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing is a way of speaking directly with customers in real-time through live chat, messaging apps, or conversational AI. It is a casual, friendly, and effective way to connect with prospects and customers. 

Besides its numerous benefits, it is most beneficial for lead generation. Suppose someone visits your website, and a chatbot pops up to ask “what brought you to our website?” The visitor is amazed by the conversational tone of the chatbot and selects one of the available options. Even if the visitors bounce off, you will have successfully captured a new lead. 

As the potential customers reach the sales funnel, you can again engage them with the conversational tone and increase the chances of sale generation

21. Omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing refers to interacting with customers on multiple channels to offer a unified experience. It is about theming the content around several marketing channels to make your visitors recognize your brand. The main goal of omnichannel marketing is to provide a seamless and consistent user experience. 

Focus on omnichannel marketing will help you increase user engagement and create brand awareness. The increasing competition in the digital world has created a sense of urgency to do something different and stand out. Omnichannel marketing will help you gain the edge over your competitor in 2022 and excel at your marketing campaign.

22. Dark mode standardisation

The popularity of dark mode has increased dramatically in 2021. Most mobile phones and tablets provide the option to switch to dark mode for their users. It is a color scheme that uses a dark background in the design. 

Following this trend, businesses now include an option to switch to dark mode in their website design. It might seem a simple thing to do, but it is an effective tool to increase customer engagement on your website. 

23. Blockchain technology

Blockchain technology is a relatively new technology. However, many industries such as telecommunication, finance, and banking are already using it. It is further going to impact the digital marketing industry in 2022. 

It allows marketers and customers to gain maximum transparency during transactions. It does not require any third-party verification. It gets users to trust in your services and build lifelong relations. 

Think of blockchain as a series of digital records interlinked with each other and do not require third-party verification. It is the reason behind the success of bitcoin and can do wonders for marketers as well. The most remarkable contribution of blockchain for digital marketing is providing advanced transparency and data protection. 

24. Collaboration with influencers

Influencers are not losing ground, but ways of businesses working with them are changing. In the early stage of influencer marketing, businesses were thriving to collaborate with influencers. But now, it is essential to build cooperation and long-term pacts with influencers. 

Consumers trust influencers more than advertisements. It is the best way to introduce your products to your customers through a trustworthy person. Finding the right influencer can do wonders for your business. In the coming year, brands are supposed to work with influencer marketing companies that are trusted by their focused audience. 

25. Understand the importance of customer experience

Digital marketing trends evolve with time, but one thing that will always be an essential element is the customer experience. Your focus should be to provide the best experience for your consumers. 

No matter what industry, there will always be a handful of brands and companies thriving for the attention of a particular audience. People now have a choice to choose a service provider that best suits their needs. Good user experience makes the audience stay with you and choose you among a handful of other service providers. 

Wrapping note

Over time the competition for customer attention on the internet has increased drastically. It has created a aura to do something new and stand out. 

Getting comfortable with your marketing strategy is the biggest mistake you can make. Digital marketing trends are ever-evolving, you should always be look for them to strengthen your marketing campaign. Incorporating these trends into your strategy is the only way to stand out and grab customer attention. 

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