USA Benefits Greatly From Indian Talent – Elon Musk

Elon Musk

 Indians are the oxygen of silicon valley! 

Twitter has observed the onset of another trend following Elon Musk’s tweet. His recent tweet was “USA benefits greatly from Indian talent”. It was his reply to Stripe CEO Pattrick Collins’s tweet-“6 American tech giants are now run by Indian-origin CEOs’. 

This recent tweet has brought attention to the role played by the Indian engineers in the USA’s tech world. Well, this is how we Indians can take pride in, but wait! These words cannot sum up all kinds of roles Indian scholars play.  


With the recent appointment of Parag Agrawal as the CEO of Twitter, we now have six tech giants led by Indian CEOs. At the same time, this also brings our attention to the support of the Indian education system. Parag Agrawal has been promoted from his previous position of CTO. With this, he has joined the list of the leading Indian CEOs at the helm of the US tech world.


Following his appointment as the CEO, Twitter’s shares have risen as much as 10%. It shows the level of trust that the US and the world put into Indian CEOs.


Along with Agrawal, the list of proud Indians includes Sundar Pichai at Alphabet Inc., Satya Nadela at Microsoft Corp., Arvind Krishna at IBM, Shantanu Narayan at Abode, and Ajay Banga at Mastercard. Let’s take a closer look at the roles played by some of the CEOs from India.

1. Sundar Pichai

It was in 2015 that Sundar Pichai was appointed the CEO of Google. In 2019 he was promoted as the CEO of Alphabet, the parent company of Google. Over time, his contribution led Google to be a leading tech giant globally. Well, even the organisation never failed to appreciate him for his involvement.

Pichai became a part of Google in 2004 and has worked on projects like Google Toolbar. He was also involved in developing the Chrome browser, which turned out to be one of Google’s biggest successes. 

For his remarkable work on the chrome browser, he was named vice president of product development, and by 2012, the senior vice president.

2. Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella

Satya Nadella joined Microsoft in 1992, after which he moved Microsoft to Cloud Computing. His involvement also led to the growth of one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructures. He has worked as the vice president of the Microsoft business division and senior vice president of research and development(R&D).

The cloud server project led by Nadella raised the revenue of the firm from $16.6 billion in 2011 to $20.3 billion in 2013. Considering his continuous diligence, the board entitled him the position of CEO.   

3. Arvind Krishna

Arvind Krishna

Arvind Krishna has previously served as the CEO of IBM and is the chairman of the organisation. He embarked on his career in 1990, and since then, he has shown a remarkable contribution to projects like IBM cloud and cognitive software. Well, this is not all, as he has also led the IBM research division. 

With his persistent efforts towards the organisation, he paved his way towards the position of senior vice president of IBM research in 2015. He also contributed to IBM with its $34 billion acquisition of Red Hat, which closed in 2019. Later on, he succeeded Ginni Rometty as the CEO of IBM.

4. Parag Agarwal

So, the name that made Indians a part of the conversations again, Parag Agarwal! He has recently become the CEO of Twitter at the age of 37. With this, he has become the youngest CEO of any S&P 500 firm. 

Parag joined Twitter as a software engineer in 2011. Before that, he held leadership positions in Microsoft research and Yahoo research. In 2017 he was appointed as the chief technical officer (CTO) at Twitter, succeeding Adam Massinger. 

He has been around every critical decision that turned Twitter around. On 29 November 2021, Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey announced Agarwal to be the next CEO. 

The Final Thoughts

The number of Indian-origin scientists and engineers in the US grew 85% between 2003 and 2013, says a report published by The Hindustan Times.

Approximately 9,50,000 Indian workers contribute to science and technology in America. 

Be it the IT Industry, Telecom, Digital Marketing, Robotics or Space Exploration, the contribution of Indians in the growing US market is indispensable for which we as Indians are proud of. Along with that, we strive to strengthen every citizen to present their inventive thoughts in uplifting the tech world and many other fields. That is because we embrace the belief ‘better together than alone.’ With such a perspective, we aid every employee of our firm. We strive to bridge all kinds of the gaps between today and a thriving globe. 

A Half-day off at SEO Discovery to Chant Bella Ciao!

Money Heist

SEO Discovery is a reputed Digital Marketing Company in Mohali, Punjab that is not only known for its services but also for its work environment. The management has granted a half-day off to its employees to celebrate the release of season 5 of the Netflix series Money Heist. It makes  SEO Discovery the second company in India to commemorate the release of the series with their employees by giving them the day off. 

The company’s management strongly believes in the work-life balance, and this day-off is not the only attempt. A few weeks earlier, the Content Department was granted a half-day leave to go and watch The Conjuring. Not just this, on 1st September, the SEO Department went to watch the Punjabi movie Chal Mera Put- Part 2.

Apart from the movie leaves and sneak peek at season 5 of Money Heist, the management regularly makes plans to keep the employees happy. The employees are given a 15 minutes break every second half of the day. Either with energetic music, motivational videos, or comedy clips, the company reminds its employees to cheer up and keep themselves full of energy. The vibrant environment has led to the growth of the firm from a start-up to a firm with 300+ employees.

How to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills in a Week

blog writing

There are millions of people who are writing every day, but only some of their writings are published or liked by readers. And the reason behind this is their writing skills, only writing skills make the difference between a good writer or just a writer. If you are also a writer and want to get published and liked by people then you must have to improve your blog writing skills. It is not an easy thing to improve your writing skills as it takes a lot of time and effort along with the right procedure. 

If you don’t take care of a few things while improving your writing skills then you may take a longer time to improve yourself. So you need to follow the right procedure as it takes less time to improve your blog writing skills. In this article, you will get to know about a procedure to improve your blog skills. The best part is that it is a one-week procedure so that you will improve your writing skills in a short period. 

If you truly want to improve your blog writing skills then you must have to follow the given steps as they are easy. And by using them you can improve your blog writing skills in a very short period. 


On the first day of the week, you have understood and learned a few major things which are most important while writing a blog. If you want to write a high-quality blog then you must have to keep a few things in mind which make your blog unique. You can also surf the internet and find out the major things which are important while writing a blog. 

This is a few points that you have to take care of while writing a blog:

1. An interesting idea 

The very first thing is that you have to write with an interesting idea which is different from others and useful for your readers. You have to understand your readers for it, know about their expectations from you, and then write according to it. You must have to give priority to the quality over the quantity. Because when your readers find it useful then they do more likes, shares, and comments. 

2. A catchy headline 

The next thing is that you have to make your headline catchy. Because people will love to read interesting things or informative things. Like if you add some suspense into your headline then people will want to know more about your article. And then they read your whole article to know the meaning of your headline. So you need to make your headline interesting and catchy. 

3. An introduction with a hook 

The readers will judge the whole article just by the introduction provided by you. If your introduction is interesting and attractive only then the readers will read your whole article. Make sure that your blog will contain statistical data, index revealing key points of your blog. So that your readers will get to know what they get in the whole blog. 

4. Media content 

We all are human beings and we find visuals more interesting than text or audio. You must have to use images, infographics, videos, charts, etc in your blog. Because your readers find it more interesting as it creates their interest in your blog. When you use media content in your blog then people find it more relevant and exciting. And the fact is that when readers like your blog then they do more shares, likes, and comments. 

5. Enhance readability 

When you are writing a blog then you have to write it according to your readers. Like us plain and simple words, short sentences, creating bullet points, etc. When you take care of these things in your blog then it enhances the readability. Of your blog. Keep one thing in mind that your words should be friendly and make readers connected to you. 

These are the few things that you should have to keep in mind while writing a blog. And next time you should follow all the things mentioned above. Make sure that you have added a conclusion, call to action, social media buttons into your blog. 


The next thing that you do on Tuesday is that you should have to know how to make your content more interesting and exciting. You have to dedicate your Tuesday to learn more about making the content interesting. Many writers use professional language with scientific words and definitions which makes your content boring as your readers are not scientists. So you have to be aware that you are using easy and simple words in your content. 

These are the five common mistakes that every writer make:

1. No audience analysis 

The most important thing for any writer is their readers. As you are a writer you have to know about your reader, you have to know about their needs and expectations from you. When you give them what they want then they will attract more and more readers to your blog. Like if your niche is writing then you have to understand what your audience will need from you. 

2. Complex sentences 

There are a lot of writers who use complex sentences with technical language. And the readers will find it tougher to understand as they have to read it twice or thrice. If you are also using complex words or sentences then people will skip those lines or paragraphs and not understand what you want to express. So the easy way is to break your sentences into small and easy sentences so that your readers will understand. 

3. Product advertisement 

We all know that there are numerous advertisements available on the internet whether you are surfing on google or any other platform. And if you also use sales tone or advertisement lines in your blog then people find it irritating and leave your blog. So make sure that you are providing them informative and useful content. 

4. Lack of examples 

When you are writing your blog post make sure that you have added a good amount of examples so that people will relate it with themselves. Because when readers get live examples of imaginative examples they find it relatable and easy to understand as well. If you notice the blog post of any successful writer with a struggling writer then you get the difference of examples in it. 

5. No proofreading

There are only a few writers who do proofreading after writing the blog. It is found that successful writers always do proofreading before posting any blog and this thing creates all the difference. We all are human beings and humans make mistakes so we have to recheck our blog after writing it so that we can observe them and correct them on time. Because if you skip proofreading then your readers will find your mistakes which down your image in front of your readers. 


We are living in a digital world as we have numerous tools and gadgets for everything. And these gadgets will help you to take your writing skills to the next level. Many successful writers are using these tools but few writers don’t know about them. If you are also a person who doesn’t know about writing tools then read the following points:

  • Headline analyzer 

We all know that the headline of the article should be catchy and interesting so that people will read the whole blog. You can use a headline analyzer to analyze the headline so that you can improve it. It also tells you the type, length, word balance, and a lot more things. 

  • Evernote 

It is a kind of tool which saves all your texts, notes, drafts so that you can discuss it with your colleagues later. 

  • Grammarly 

This is the best tool that you can use to enhance your writing skills as it tells you all your grammar mistakes, wrong sentences, clear short sentences, and a lot more. This is paid or free, if you want to get high results then the paid version is best for you but if you want basic errors then the free version is also a good choice. 

  • Copyscape 

If you want to write the best blog which will pay you in the future then you have to make sure it should be plagiarism-free. Copyscape is a tool which helps you to recognize whether your article is plagiarism free or not. Once you do it then no one can beat you in writing skills. 


There are numerous successful writers available on the internet. You can read their articles and learn from them. The best way of learning is that you have to make relations with the best bloggers and once you do it you will get a lot of ways to improve your blog writing skills. You can simply write guest posts for them and ask for feedback so that you can improve yourself easily. There are few expert bloggers like Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Kristi Hines, Leo Babauta, James Chartrand, and a lot more. You can search them on the internet and read their blogs to improve yourself. 


We all are using social media platforms to connect with our loved ones and relatives as it is the best way to express our thoughts and feelings. You can use social media for business purposes as well. Because you will get a lot of traffic from there to your blog post. 

These are the best 5 ways which you can use for social media marketing:

  • You can create visual posts or videos which attract people to your blog post. But make sure that you are posting daily fresh content there so that your readers will feel connected with you. 
  • You can announce the post dates of your articles there so that people will get to know about it and go to read them. 
  • You can also offer special gifts for your readers so that they will read more and more. Because everyone likes to get rewards and offers so when they get offers they feel motivated to read your blogs more. 
  • The next thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to ask questions or give answers to your reader’s questions. It creates a bonding with your readers and you which is good for your business. 


The thing which makes a person successful is their habits. Like if you have good habits it helps you in your business but if you have bad habits then it will ruin you. So these are the habits that you should have to develop to become a good writer:

  1. Read 100 pages  
  2. Write 1000 characters 
  3. Keep your desk clean 
  4. Enhance inspiration 
  5. Build relationships with writing experts 

If you follow all the above things then you must improve your writing skills within a short period. 


This is the last day of improving your writing skills as you have to write a masterpiece of your writing. But make sure that you have learned all the above points and then follow them while writing. 

This is the process you have to follow while writing a blog

  • Make sure that you have organized your workplace 
  • Take a cup of tea to boost yourself 
  • Do a little research on the internet regarding your blog post
  • Make a plan for your blog 
  • Start writing your blog according to the plan
  • Take pauses between writing it
  • Reread your text and proofread it and correct as well
  • Send or post your text 
  • Add visual content into it 
  • Then post it on your website 
  • The last and final step is to promote it on the web

These are the few steps that you have to follow while writing blogs for your articles. But let us tell you that your content and picture should be plagiarism-free. Because if you will not take care of it then you will not be liked by your readers as your content is copied or like others. If you follow all the above steps then you will become the best writer.

How Not to Fail at Going Global

How Not to Fail at Going Global

One of the most modern things followed by the many companies in the 21st internationalization and where these successful firms venture into the foreign markets. And these companies go global in approach and this covers the flourishing domestic business into multinational enterprises. This helps the company to improve sales and build their brand reputation as well. One of the main functions of an MNC is that it has the company headquarters in one country and the production, as well as operational functions, are set up in many countries. 

This is because they get cheap labour sources, raw materials, benefits of tax differences, and protectionist barriers. 

You will get many important factors that are adopted by many MNCs like big in size and its international functions which are centrally governed by the parent company. These companies are better able to adapt and then respond to the micro as well as macro-environmental activities like suppliers, competitors, consumers, government, and the stakeholders too. By this, they also get access to the natural resources and potentially unexplored markets and assets, patents, human resources, technical and managerial things as well. 

Why do companies go multinational?

There are many reasons as to why a firm decides to take the decision and go international. Companies get ownership benefits which are usually intangible as it can be transferred within the multinational companies at a cheaper rate. The company also possesses monopolistic benefits as that would be easy to get the resources that are usually scarce in the current country where the company is made. The companies also possess the share of the technology and the details from other countries in which expansion takes place. These companies also give advantages to the host economies as it also generates large amounts of employment opportunities. The MNC also helps with high levels of managerial skill and globally employed best latest technology. 

If we talk about the advantages of the location then it will be further divided into three factors for a better understanding.

First is the economic benefits– this one you can relate with the cost and revenue factors like low costs of raw materials, transportation cost will be less, proper storage and distribution so this helps in the development of economies of scale as well as scope. 

Second is the socio-cultural benefits– In this, it includes the ability to adapt to the culture the company wants to operate in the terms of overcoming language as well as cultural barriers too. 

Third is the political benefits– as this includes the nature of the economy, policies by the government, systems, and the bureaucratic setup also. The policies also affect and encourage the inward FDI flow, the intracompany trade, and also international production too. 

The international benefits– the process of internationalization in which the functions are kept directly within the company’s control and the key benefit is that it would decrease the transactional amounts. There will be no threat to the principal-agent problem of the firm also. 

How do organizations go multinational?

The Multinational organizations always seek an opportunity to explore the international markets that have considered crucial entry decisions because the markets have high risk as well as uncertainties. The main decisions that a firm contemplates before expanding into the foreign markets also have the decision to which market steps into. 

Mode on entry includes some following things 

The direct and indirect export in which firms usually begin with the indirect exporting as they have potential benefits such as less risk. Direct exporting where the organization handles its own activities and the first investment as well as the risk which are much higher but also give high returns too. licensing also has one company permitting another one license for a limited period to use its patent and trade secrets or royalty. Franchising is also very similar to this one which involves an agreement between the two companies in which one company allows another one to use its name, advanced technology, and the methods to market as well as produce the items. Many joint ventures are agreements between the company often set up in other countries to operate in cooperation with each other and work as a single corporate entity. They share losses as well as profits through the execution of an undertaking. 

Mistakes to avoid global business failure and its factors

  • People get failure because of a lack of planning

Planning is really important as part of global business failures involves this. The main goal for firms to go beyond the local levels is to access new capital as well as consumers. Many firms just jump into foreign markets without proper planning. They don’t search properly and don’t ponder the variance in the costs of doing their business globally. 

  • So for that, you have to make proper plans 

First, know if your company is ready to expand to foreign markets and it is stable or not? Make a note of all the weaknesses and your demand for services and products. 

Now analyze what factors make a foreign market attractive for your firm and which market you should target. 

Know what type of firm and operational processes do you require and do you have the managerial skills which are required. 

Now how will you finance your expansion and do you need any resources and what type of return you expect and how.

  • Some of the companies do have poor communication also

The communicating factor is a basic need for all the firms and the major challenge for businesses domestically. The burden also gets greater when you come to the markets where the native language is different from your own one. The global firms should consider the effects of communication in hiring the local talent easily, and making global workplaces with virtual teams as well as interacting with the local consumers too. 

  • Doing proper research is always necessary for your target market which companies don’t do

You require to ensure that you have proper research on understanding the local market. Many firms also skip these major steps and they think that all markets are the same as the local ones. You have to know about the local firm trends and its forecasts as well. you have to know more about the competitors, suppliers as well as your partners. The market dynamic is also one factor which you should look for like distribution channels or marketing channels. Know about the place’s cultures and their traditions. And the last thing which is also important is taxes, legal and customs. 

  • Understand the importance of cultural differences which many companies don’t do

Many firms that don’t search about the foreign markets of time often create crucial mistakes in their extension. The most common error which companies do is to assume that your business model can be duplicated across the international markets. 

  • Another mistake firms do is going at this alone

There is no need to enter the market alone and work with a local partner who already knows about it so that you can save a significant amount of time as well as money. And in some situations, it will be beneficial to acquire a well-established local business by allowing you to get the advantage from the existing base and its name. Many firms also try to go into the foreign market thinking that they already have everything they require to establish themselves properly. 

  • Expecting the return on investment very quickly

The foreign markets are the best source of growth and it’s important to remember that it is a long-term strategy for companies. By expanding the market also has the ability to adapt to the new country and then build a new relationship as well as reputation. You will also get a return on investment within just a few years but that is rare. And this is important to allocate financing to enter a new market with a significant amount. Many firms sometimes underestimate the investment needed as the cost which is unexpected will creep up often. This also has new taxes, intellectual property problems, changes in the economy, and the costs of the asset. 

  • Many companies also have lack adaptability

You have to adapt to the needs of the local marketplace and the culture will also lead to global failure which is not good. A common problem firms run into is the expectation that many businesses will support. Thus, many firms also enter the global markets and then fail to use the local talents they have, suppliers as well as business partners. 

Now if you want better going global strategies and want to keep everything in mind then follow the strategies below

First, you should have the knowledge about the legal systems where you can intend to open up easily. Just take an example if you are working for any US-based global business which was trying to get its European strategy but the firm had a meaningful presence as well as strong sales in Europe. The CEO and his staff have told that during their quarterly sales call were shutting down your French office and also supporting the clients. Now the French bureaucracy has caused a huge embracement to a management staff unskilled in doing things in unfamiliar territory.  And by this, you can get an idea of how it all worked.

Another one is to alter your pricing 

It is a really understandable belief that a pricing thing works in the US which will work elsewhere. The US is so large where the differences are minimal and well understood as well as accepted too.

Try to empower your regional leaders

As a believer which is successful internationally, you will require to be an international employer by getting more local talent to sit alongside the best local staff you can get easily. As for the head office staff, there will be more certain mistakes and having empowered regional leaders. And with this, you will get a mini CEO effect by driving the sales gains. 

Make a note that what you are preparing for is international or multinational

For this, you have to be very sure as some markets are really hard to break and this is important to prepare for anyone rather than international or multinational. 

Try to accept the local business customs more 

Every market usually has local factors of doing things that are very unique to what you know properly. The global thing is not all the same and that’s the better thing. If you accept the things and go with the local customs then it will help you dial in quickly to the local market values. 

You may have known about this line profit is sanity and revenue is vanity.

You have to follow this thing if you want to go global as one of the oldest lines which are relevant in the markets. If you run a net loss for a while as you establish yourself and then run an operating loss. So if you can’t make some profit you require them to fix the issue or move on and fast as well. 

You have to avoid international marketing mistakes to go global

If you are taking your firm global then there will be many steps you should create to avoid some mistakes. Everything you are doing should be perfectly customized to the market and learn as much about you can. The main marketing tactic is to localize your content instead of simply translating the language easily. You have to do an imperative study of the culture and the way people will communicate on a day by day basis. And to ensure that the team with you should know about the culture you’re marketing to inside and out to ensure your message will be interpreted in a better manner. 

Never publish or share or promote anything on an international platform without cross-referencing the content with anyone from the respective place who is good in the language as well as the culture. 

Pros and Cons of Cross-platform Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

Cross-platform mobile development is something we should know before knowing the advantages and disadvantages of this thing. This is a perfect creation of the software applications which is compatible with many mobile operating systems and the complexity of developing the applications in the mobile phones that were compounded by the difficulty level of building out a backend that worked across many places. This is time-consuming and expensive too but it was often easier to make related applications for every mobile device operating system that is OS and the main problem is that the code made for one of the OS could not be repurposed for another system. 

But now every programmer can develop this very easily and new approaches to this cross-platform development include these mentioned points below:

• The hybrid app development on mobile- all the developers who built these types of application where they write the core as an HTML5 or Javascript app and then easily place a related device wrapper around it

• The rapid application development: the programmers use a type of code-free tool and with the rapid mobile app development which offers business users a type of ability that is fast built and manages the internal application to address the specific business problems. 

• The windows universal mobile application development: there is only one type of code for all the windows platforms and the main motive is to enable the same application to run on a Windows PC, tablet, smartphone devices, and Xbox.

• The progressive web application development (PWAs): there are many websites which behave and seem like they are mobile applications. As with (PWAs) you can build to take the benefit of the native phone features as without the need of the end-user to visit an app store. This helps in making purchases and then downloading software locally. 

Some best tips on cross-platform mobile app development

• The app should be attractive

The app should be made in such a way that the users want to buy and use it easily and everything should be engaging and aesthetically pleasing to the potential searchers. The outlook of your application should be best, consistent across the different platforms. It is really important for the particular application and the overall brand achievement as well. The basic thing from this is to make a cross-platform mobile application design that approaches every place which varies from the brand identity and remains the same. This thing helps to get the guarantee that the mobile app is amazing for each platform without losing your recognition.

•    For the app use an independent platform approach

If you notice then it is really common for any developer to make an application for one platform as they generally test the application only by using 1 type of platform. With this problem, cross-platform development helps in building an application in the same way of service and this offers a great structure for all the platforms used when the developer uses an independent module to create an app. This will give you better performance for both of the engines. 

•    Make new designers your friends

This is the best way to ensure all the research is done to make the application perfectly usable for every platform. Collecting all the knowledge with their best skills which will help you to identify the advantages and disadvantages of every app aspect. And also helps to achieve the different UX goals. The work looks more perfect when there is a perfect teamwork job with the visuals and navigation of the application which is best to optimize its aesthetics easily. The cooperation of all the program designers, as well as developers, makes a more wonderful thing which is mesmerizing. 

The application design is not the only focus which is important when developing any mobile application for the cross-platform and pattern differences for every type of pattern should be used just to enhance the customer’s experience. 

•    Always use the reliable cross-platform mobile apps module

There are many advantages to using the cross-platform thing to help with application development handling. The benefit you will get is that it reduces the time spent on development for different engines and gives better exposure to the native SDKs. The cross-platform modules also bring a lot of quality information in the ongoing process which can be used. The third party also helps to mold a different UX from the various platforms and it will save your time when this module has extensive tools. With better flexibility, you can develop the features. 

•    Always take the things to the test

The different combination which developers require to use to make a cross-platform application which involves both the universal elements to all the search engines and some features for everyone. By testing your mobile application on all types of platforms which help to estimate the progress. This also requires adjustments before getting to the point of no return. 

•    Customers should be always the main focus

When making better applications, the customer should be the main link and there is no difference when developing a cross-platform module. By using different types of platforms and it is also familiar with the development side. By this, you can understand the user’s experience and you can get a better understanding of what needs to be done so that you can enhance the usability and the functionality of any mobile apps. 

Now, these are some awesome tips that you can follow as the world is now full of mobile devices. There is no doubt that many businesses and companies are investing in mobile applications for easy drive traffic to their sites. The main question for any businessman is which type of app should be made. It is really important to understand whether to build a mobile application only for the IOS and other platforms as well. Other platforms like Android, amazon kindle, windows, and many more. Many developers also choose one operating system while cross-platform mobile application development focuses on many OS. The developers always use a language that can be around with native code and deployed with all the platforms. Many platforms like PhoneGap, titanium, Rhodes, and Appcelerator always limit the work of the developers. This also reduces the time of the development as it is very popular as many businesses always target as many users as possible they can. Like with a different type of technology these apps also have their pros and cons. 

The most popular cross-platform tools for development

You will find that there are many other frameworks also and the popular ones are xamarin, ionic, react native, and phone gap as mentioned above. 

So if we talk about the Ionic app development which always offers a better platform that controls the business needs with ensuring smooth functioning with just a use of single code. The Ionic also gives a better UI with a better native appearance. 

The react native is the best and popular as it provides development tools for debugging and app packaging. This also helps in saving your time.

The Xamarin is built basically with c# and always offers a perfect effort that improves the tools for its delivery. 

The PhoneGap also gives an application which runs such as web pages as it also helps the application developers to create an app with CSS, HTML, and many other web languages as well. 

So basically with this, you can save your time and be more popular with many businesses for device compatibility. 

Pros of cross-platform development

• Using a reusable code for speed of development

The platform apps are always very quick when it comes to the development thing, as compared to the other native apps. This happens because the cross-platform apps always use one code base for another platform. All the developers have not spent their time while making a new codebase for every platform so that all they require is to make a better one program. The use of this for all the platforms of mobile devices that they want the application should work by making this kind of approach which is always more efficient and quick. With this you can easily manage all the updates and changes to the mobile application should be simple as the iteration of these apps which can be easily synced around the devices and platforms at all the time. 

•    Helps in reducing the costs

With the help of cross-platform apps as they use one code which is more cost-effective to make these mobile applications. The number of these customizations goes upwards and the cost of this application also increases. And with this option, you can pay for an app that can be supported easily and save your time, resources, and money as well. 

•    Gives the availability of plug-ins

The cross-platform has a framework like PhoneGap which has voluminous plug-in things and the developers can get access to these. The modules will be easier with types of tools and services so that they can enhance the validity and the range of the functions, appearance, and apps versatility. 

•    You will get enterprise support and cloud support

With cross-platform, you will get easy integration with the cloud and enterprise services as of an exchange code. You can work with types of platforms and get allowed to be integrated with the cloud services. 

•    You will see greater market approach

You will automatically increase the market reach with cross-platform as they never choose only one type of platform. No one’s users will be evicted as these apps will run equally on any platform like iPhone or android. 

Cons of cross-platform development

• With cross-platform you will get limited device feature supports

Sometimes the developers choose the challenges to make some specific and eye-catching features as this is true when they have to leverage the full capabilities of the platform devices. It also does not give 3D or graphic support impeding the developer’s capability to make a visual application design. 

•    The limited use of tools

All the developers want to build their app with cross-platform so that they use the tools and their supported suits by their framework. But with this, the developer has to spend more and more time and limited use of native IDEs so that they can complete the task. 

•    The sluggish code running 

This happens when the developers employ too many compliances during the process of app development and this leads to an effect on the speed at which the codes run. This also affects the performance of the application development and is not executed in the native platform. The efficiency of the code which is now dependent on translation engines. 

•    The UX challenge

By receiving the customer’s experience which can be challenging with the cross-platform as the variables are also associated with the OS. And also with the displays and functionalities of the device. As such every platform has its specific features or style. So by creating an app that provides a superior customer experience with all the platforms that will be a challenge for the developers. This will not be able to harness the different capabilities of any platform individually. 

The thing which is separate from the challenge is that getting widely adopted as such is quicker to the market and easy marketing and cost-efficiency can be done. So always try to use the best cross-platform tool which has more components such as having a broad framework, helps you to allow the creating media-rich content and also a massive library, etc. 

So before choosing the cross-platform mobile app development always see its pros and cons, how it works, and how it is good for you. In such a way you can easily develop a better app with better customers’ experiences with your app, because of the look or features. So it’s really important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of cross-platform app development, as this will help you to do things in a better way. And simply you will know which area you have to work more.

Analytics Tools & Solutions for Your Business – Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Have you heard about Google Analytics? Maybe or maybe not, so basically it is a web analytics service which helps you to track and then report site traffic. This service is offered by Google only and now as a platform inside the Google Marketing Platform brand too. Many people use this best service given by Google on a regular basis for tracking the performance of their website. With Google Analytics, you can gain better insights into your business. The free SEO optimization tools in Google helps you to grow your business smartly. Even if you have a small budget, you can still take your business to greater heights. 

This service has the ability to generate around 85 different types of reports. This helps the user to develop all the possible data about the website traffic. By using this service, this will not only track a visitor or the number of page views but also can be used to see which content gets the most visits, the time on the website and which ads are driving the most viewers to the site. By tracking the performance of the marketing campaigns also helps you in AdWords, Adsense, and emails too. Many people also find difficulties too, how to use it, what are the benefits? So below are some of the ways which can help you to improve your business with the best services of Google Analytics. 

If you have created any website, then it will have a chance that you may be already using this service. As per the reports, there are around 40 million sites that use Google Analytics. But there are many website users who are still struggling to understand this service. First, let us talk about the benefits it offers and we will see in brief about the solutions and tools. 

How Google ads can push your business to heights

 Regarding the cost

As you will see about Google Analytics, you will notice that it is absolutely free! No charges have to be given by any user to use this service. You just have to log in with your Gmail account and the ability to install a tracking code on the site and then you can start.

• The data visualization benefit

Data is the most important thing for anyone to save it and thus the second best thing in this. This gives you the present metrics in various types, for example, lists, charts, graphs, pie charts, spreadsheets, and many more things. This allows the user to see how the site is performing every day. 

• Reporting of the performance

This benefit allows you to draw conclusions from the data visualization. By comparing the metrics any user can easily collect insights and identify all the causes as well as corrections that are needed. As this gives you every day reports and then you can compare any set of data. 

• Real-time 

The process of collecting data is ongoing with the help of Google Analytics, by creating reports, comparing metrics, and then checking the performance on any type of basis you want. This can be done on an hourly basis, daily, monthly, yearly, or quarter after quarter. With this benefit, you can easily associate the website traffic changes with specific campaigns. And further you can take note of trends across any time and then cater reports of your organization’s reporting periods. 

As far as your business, it really helps you in many things just like mentioned above. More benefits are like for your target audience (which includes demographics, interests, and behavior), your website channels, pages, and technology as well. 

Above mentioned are the benefits, you can also read about it in brief for better knowledge. There are various tools used for business and they are differentiated in two categories.


First, we should know what is debugging? Many people may have heard this word but some people haven’t. so getting a better knowledge about Google Analytics needs proper knowledge of the things it offers. Debugging basically helps you to test and debug the target program. This includes some following tools:

• Tag assistant

It helps you to create, validate, diagnose, and then troubleshoot your analytics data on each page of the website. After deleting the actual problem and then creating a recording, you can also verify it again. It helps you to check whether your tags are firing correctly or not. 

• GA debugger is the second tool

After knowing about the tag assistant another is the debugger which can easily enable the debug version of the analytic data. It is so amazing as you don’t have to make any changes to your tracking code again and again. This helps you to debug the sites by you and then see how other websites have implemented this service. You can also see videos regarding the use of debuggers. 

• Third is a wasp

This tool is basically added to chrome, as this application is very useful in exploring and then tracking issues. If you see this feature it will look beautiful and use this feature many times to understand better. 

• Datalayer inspector

This feature is so good for the users as it is the latest ad-on. You can use this for many things. you can search for questions like what is sent to the GA? When are these pushes happening? These are some of the things you can ask. It also implements GTM in a better as well as quicker way. 

These are the same tools in the debugging section, you may also find tag manager injector, screaming frog, Ghostery, RegExr, and many more. 

The second category is Reporting which includes:

• URL builder

With the help of this feature, you can find many online campaign builders, as this tool is quite helpful for anyone. The benefits you get are it quickly generates campaign URLs that are based on the current one. And other than this you can also create and then share quick sets of campaigns by tracking parameters for building new URLs. 

• The table booster

The tool evaluates the performance of a specific dimension on a single or more metrics. This helps you to work on charts like Z-test, bar chart, heatmap, and comparison. 

• The PII Viewer

You may not know that what is PII, it’s basically Personally Identifiable Information and it is strictly forbidden on GA. This helps to track the ID stored which is locally stored PII, for example, name and email address.

Below mentioned are some solutions from which you can improve your business with the help of paid marketing tools.

How can you easily stack up with your competition? 

For this task, you have to use the benchmarks tab as this will help you to know how you are doing as compared to other competitors. But yes this data will not be 100% accurate as not all the site owners will not be using this service. But it’s really useful too, as by giving a general perspective on your website. The GA will help you to know more and less website traffic as compared to other sites. Comparing things like average time on the website by which you can know how to stack up against other sites with your viewers. But here you have to make some changes to improve the site. 

Where do viewers live?

Many people may think that all the viewers are from the same place but this is not true. As to find out what is true you can use the Audience in the sidebar and then click Geo then location. And by this, you can also get more information as well, like if your business in the UK then doesn’t mean all the viewers are from there. The majority of people will be from there but not all of them. With the help of this, you can verify how your business is expanding. And also how your business affects these specific people. 

People who are buying and others who are just doing window shopping?

If you have a business in which your product and service are for a one-time purchase, then you want new viewers on your site. But if you want the same buyer then your aim should be to increase the returning viewers count on your website. As you will see and try to understand the things the second option will be best for anyone, as it is easy then the first one. This helps in identifying who is buying your services or products, who is returning to buy again, and who is just browsing and then leaving your site. You can also use cookies or referrers for better information. 

How many people are leaving your site in less time?

Maybe your website gets more traffic which helps you to increase your salebut at that point in time too how quickly they are leaving is also important to know. The rate at which people leave your website is the bounce rate and also check the time on site as well as the time-on-page. By this, you can upgrade your website by changing your design or product. And this will help you to increase your viewers and increase your revenue.

Are you compatible with the correct browsers?

You may get more knowledge and get an expert or advanced computer user but your visitor maybe not. By this, you will get to know that your website is displaying the things correctly or not. As in the current situation chrome dominates the web most as it has around 60% of the worldwide share and everyone is using. 

Compatible with the right screen or not?

As compared with the old days you will find that now people are using high-resolution flat-screen monitors, laptops, and mobile phones to browse the web. In GA the screen resolution section will be really useful to see the resolution your visitors are using. This helps in two different ways; one is to see the space on the websites. This will help your visitors to see more as they can have giant screens and then you can use that space to add more things. Another thing is if your customers use mobile phones or low-resolution monitors then you have to optimize the small screen size. And by knowing both the things you have to design in a responsive way that anyone can adapt to the dimensions.

What products or services would interest your customers?

Once you get to know all the likes and dislikes of your customers and by this, you can offer new things too. You can also offer other complement items, as some customers may like a particular product or service. This will help you to increase more sales and it is easier to upsell your regular customers than new customers. 

What causes your visitors to leave your site?

By creating a call to action and adding more links to other platforms on your site. This helps you to understand your customers in a better way and you will get to know what changes are needed on your website. You can also choose the option of Google website optimizer or SEO optimizer to work in a better way.

With the help of Google Analytics, you can connect with types of users’ actions, and this will automatically help you to know the percentage of users. Your user flow will be improved by better information. 

Some analytics solutions with the help of Google Analytics

They include two different categories one is paid and another is free, and people can easily differentiate between them. 

• Google Analytics 360- it is for paid products

 Google Analytics- it is for free products

Basically for the first one large enterprises are the audience as it offers integrated data and marketing analytics products with one user experience. This has been verified with all the needs of the audience. 

In the free product categories, small and medium-sized businesses are the audience. In this, you will get to know how people engage with the business online through sites or apps. It is easily managed and updated by the google manager. Google optimizes always help you to run site experience with A/B testing tools. The option of Google data studio which turns the data into visual dashboards and reports that will be easy to share.

Final thoughts

With this guide, you might have got an idea of the importance of Google analytics. You can do wonders in your business with the help of advanced Google Analytics features. You can also opt for other analytics platforms, but why go anywhere when Google gives you the free tool to grow your business. Being in a business, you must have some goals to achieve GA can help you to set and achieve those objectives. In a nutshell, it helps you to solve all your business-related challenges.

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