Strategies to Make Your Business Survive in COVID – 19

The Corona pandemic has made a firm grip on our lives. The number of infected and sick people continues to rise, even if there are first indications that the comprehensive federal measures are affecting. Public life has largely come to a standstill and a lot has changed for each of us in the past few days and weeks.

Of course, small and medium-sized companies are also particularly affected during these times. Every sixth entrepreneur in this segment currently believes that his company will not survive the crisis. With this article, we address the possible strategies and tips to help you get through the corona crisis.


Each of us is currently in fear and worry. You as an entrepreneur are affected twice. As a private individual, you are concerned about the health of your family and friends. And as an entrepreneur, you are simultaneously asking yourself how your company will survive the corona crisis. We receive new reports, information, and statistics every day. And for a long time now, the majority of public reporting has been about the corona.

In addition to the many people who behave sensibly and deal appropriately with the crisis, we experience two extremes in behaviour. One group is simply trying to ignore the dangers associated with the Coronavirus. You stick your head in the sand, refuse to take part in sensible measures, or put absurd conspiracy theories into the world. Another group panics headless, tends to react incorrectly, and behaves increasingly irrationally.

As an entrepreneur, you should avoid falling into one of these extremes. It is particularly important now that you keep a cool head and view the corona situation for what it is: on the one hand, a crisis of considerable magnitude in terms of private life and the economy. It changes much of what we know and demands restrictions and special behaviours from each of us. On the other hand, we are also dealing with a situation that we will deal with. There are excellent ways to protect yourself and others from infection. And as an entrepreneur, you now have options that actively support you in leading your company through this difficult time and not failing.

Now, more than ever, it takes your alert mind, your appropriate behaviour, and your sensible decisions. It depends on how you come through the corona crisis personally and on business. One thing should be clear to all of us: Of course, there will be a time after the crisis and it depends on you in what condition you achieve this goal.

Your usual everyday life as an entrepreneur is mainly about how you win new customers, how you increase your turnover, and how you optimize your profit. In the coming weeks and months, these topics will no longer be in the foreground. Instead, you need to focus on keeping your family, employees, and yourself healthy, and that your company will survive the crisis economically.


As an entrepreneur, you play an exceptional role in the current situation. You are not only responsible for yourself and your family, but also your company. There you act as a role model for employees and business partners. You are more at the center of society than other people and it is important that you accept the responsibility and actively shape it. The concept of responsibility is often used in an inflationary way. It is now all the more important that we fill it with clear content and define exactly what corporate responsibility means in the crisis.

Four different pillars can be identified, which are particularly important in the current time:

  • The health of your employees
  • Your company’s ability to work
  • The short- and medium-term liquidity
  • Planning the time after the crisis

Before the Corona crisis, it was common in some industries for employees to work from their home office. Overall, however, there was a great deal of caution, especially on the part of the entrepreneurs. Nowadays, the home office is increasingly becoming a normal alternative to working in a shared office. We can already be certain that acceptance of this form of work will continue even after the crisis.

Ultimately, of course, it is up to you to decide whether you want to allow your employees to work from home. But keep in mind that this way you can offer your workforce a much safer job and at the same time create good conditions for those who, for example, now have to look after their children in addition to their jobs. For you to be able to use the home office successfully, you should consider a few rules and recommendations.

First of all, it must be ensured that secure data access from the home offices to the IT in your company is available. So-called VPN connections are mostly used for this, which enables secure and encrypted communication.

The next step is to make sure that the employees for whom the home office is available to have the necessary equipment. Of course, this includes above all a suitable computer with the appropriate accessories. But you should also give your employees a hand when it comes to office supplies and office equipment. It is often possible that technical equipment and smaller office items are simply taken home for the time of the crisis.

Now it is still a matter of creating a suitable communication structure. It is about being able to communicate with the various employees in the home office and also holding meetings with several people. The most common messenger services for offices are used for this in most cases. Examples include Microsoft Teams, Slack, or Zoom. Further information on the properties, functions, and conditions of the various programs can be found on the Internet.

One aspect that some entrepreneurs are now ignoring is that working in the home office requires special coordination with their own rules. We recommend the following guidelines:


If your employees work outside the company, it is particularly important to make very clear and unambiguous agreements about what you expect from each other. To do this, specify exactly which working hours and break regulations apply and which work expenses should be paid. In turn, give the employees clarity about which services you will provide as an employer and how you specifically support the employees in the home office with materials or technology.


Create the prerequisites so that you can measure as precisely as possible the performance of your employees in the home office. Depending on the work area, various measures may be necessary. It is advisable to rely on proven methods of time recording. This not only ensures that you know exactly what your employees have done. Your people can also be sure that their performance is seen and perceived, even if there is less direct feedback in this situation.


Every successful company lives among other things, from the fact that the employees are connected by a social network. If a certain number of employees now switch to their home office, this sense of community can be disturbed. For this reason, it is essential to promote contact between employees, even when it is not about an important work topic. In this way, you create the prerequisite for ensuring that social life in the company does not come to a standstill, even if it is largely limited to digital communication.


The motivation that they get from their work plays an important role for every employee. In the home office, dealing with each other is much more distant. Also, there are no personal encounters in which you have been able to provide motivation, often without realizing it. Motivation arises when your work is valued when you feel part of something bigger and when you experience the importance of your work and person up close. It is part of your job to find ways to express your appreciation for the individual and to ensure the highest possible level of motivation.


In the next few days, the cash flow may not be as expected. Look for alternatives to ensure you have funds in the box today, if you do not have cash reserves previously saved, seek to increase your lines of credit as much as you can, for emergency use, for this call your credit card company and ask them for an increasing line of credit. It is also a good time to increase your liquid reserves, by extracting part of the sales revenue and leaving them as a provisional reserve “in case of emergency”, this would be the first reserve to be used and thus postpone the use of the credit line.


The mood in the population is not too good and the economy is also largely not exactly positive about the future. The corona crisis plays an important role in everyone’s life and the constant concern with the epidemic not infrequently blocks the view of the time after the crisis. This time will certainly come. Entrepreneurs should therefore now strive for a little foresight and, with all understanding of the current worries and needs, should not overlook the future.

At the moment, the main thing for you, of course, is to survive the crisis in business despite all the restrictions and to stay personally healthy. However, even if it is still unclear when this will be, the time will come when you have to get your company out of the situation-related break and put it back into normal operation. Please make it very clear that there is not only the danger of the crisis itself for companies but also the risk that the restart after Corona will fail.

If you do not feel busy at the moment, then take the opportunity to design your business plan for the near future now. Subject your business model to an in-depth and critical review. Ask yourself what is primarily needed after the crisis and develop concepts right now to meet these needs.

The better you are in position at the time of the restart of the economy, the higher the likelihood that you and your company will master the economic consequences of the crisis and will survive this difficult time unscathed.


In this article, we have presented various strategies that should make it easier for you and your company to master the optimal way through the crisis. It is important for each of us that we take action ourselves and make the right decisions. Personal initiative is now more in demand than in the years and decades before.

Stay healthy and get through the crisis well!

What is Lifetime Access and How to Understand it in The Digital World?

Purchasing and selling of digital commodities infer a variety of things such as license, legal kinds of stuff, and terms & conditions that we end up reading but don’t understand. That’s why several digital agencies and deal websites frequently use Lifetime Access. It sounds interesting to many and the audience is convinced to purchase a certain commodity or service momentarily. Many do understand that through terms & conditions, payment is done through a single time owning your purchased goods with rights in place. In this article, we will focus on what lifetime access is and how it fits in the digital world.

A Brief Discussion on What Lifetime Access Means.

There are two ordinary ways to vend digital goods. For instance; –

  • Lifetime Access- Whereby payment is done through a single time with limitless access to new procurement and updates with no other payments.
  • Use of subscription Services-whereby users of a specified commodity or service will be invoiced periodically based on their chosen subscription plan in exchange our clients will have access to new features and updates.

However, when you purchase digital products through lifetime access the period length depends on a commodity to commodity and from service to service. This is normally determined by commodity sustainability. A year might not be sufficient but about five to ten years is a perfect idea. Sellers are tasked with deciding and writing about lifetime access length in the Terms & Conditions documents that most clients don’t read to the end.

According to research done, about 3% encountered problems with the Terms and Conditions over the past four years. The numbers have reduced but if we take a look at a ten-year record the percentage increased from 0.2% to 4%. The ultimate reason is that as opposed to ten years ago at the moment there are twenty-five times more digital products.


As part of a marketing strategy and attribute, Lifetime Access has its pros and cons. Although it brings out a remarkable advantage as opposed to the subscription service strategy.

  • Higher chances of cashflow and trouble-free services.

This is a perfect marketing feature and technique that sellers can utilize when providing access to commodities and services to their potential clients. As most of the clients prefer paying once based on what they are offered, this offer increases the number of potential buyers as opposed to subscription-based commodities because there is no entirely good reason to lease digital goods. People that purchase lifetime access commodities or services are happy because they don’t get negative mixed feelings of being defrauded of their monthly payments. This is what is referred to as trouble-free services whereby as a client, you can purchase once and later on make use of your acquisition for some time, you desire.

  • Easier Accountancy.

As stated earlier, users prefer payment done based on a single time compared to monthly transactions. This makes money easy to handle. However, not all sellers prefer monthly payments most especially those doing small business. Such businesses are out of both human and financial resources. In as much as monthly subscriptions bring out constant revenue, Lifetime Access still sets the record most especially in small and medium segments.

  • Support for your sales and purchases.

As a seller, once you have sold your lifetime product, you don’t have to trouble yourself with maintenance and updates. As a seller, you can focus easily on your next commodity. As a buyer, if you were satisfied with your previous lifetime commodity, you will purchase more lifetime products only if the seller offers you a reasonable price-quality ratio.

  • Easy Book Keeping Records.

It’s much easier to manage single payments by keeping records in your books compared to tracking recurring payments.

  • Prospective leverage for other commodities.

If you offer Lifetime Access to your existing product line, the revenue stream will be increased ultimately. When you continue to offer amazing products that can attract your clients tcomeswill convince them to pay for digital goods through lifetime access.

  • A perfect deal for your clients.

Clients don’t prefer getting monthly charges or invoices. If you price your digital goods right, through lifetime access they will be able to access payment done at a particular time with limitless access compared to subscription services.

Now that we have discussed some of the pros that come with purchasing digital goods through lifetime access, we also have to consider some of the cons that come with purchasing and selling lifetime access to commodities or services. In as much as buyers are not affected that much, sellers have to deal with the risks that come with offering lifetime access when selling their products to their potential buyers.

  • As a seller, you can be able to regain your initial costs and adjust ongoing costs with few clients.
  • With a high price, an image of dominance authority can be presented in your business causing buyers to see a high level of perceived value in your products.
  • Its pricing model is very simple. You can match your clients’ acquisition cost to a revenue fixed amount. Your buyers won’t be caught by surprise because there are no refunds.
  • In general, the support burden is light compared to the use of subscription services because with lifetime access you cannot educate a large number of new clients.


  • Legal Obligations.

Once the commodity or services you intend to offer presumes lifetime access, the seller is supposed to emphasize on the lifetime access period to his or her clients. It’s also quite important to make it clear on what happens when the lifetime length expires. Client’s that have an eye to detail may pay close attention to the Terms & Conditions document unlike others who don’t and they might end up getting disappointed one way or the other if the lifetime access period length does not conquer to their anticipation. This does happen in the beginning. If the Terms & Conditions are not applied entirely, then trouble commences for sellers.

As a seller, you must ensure that your Terms & Conditions services are clear on the length of the lifetime access, what might happen if you end up discontinuing your purchased product, and what lifetime access is taken care of. You should also specify whether you will be able to maintain your digital product at the moment it’s purchased and what happens if technology surpasses your product or if you end up going out of business. Do not act as a liability by not making it clear to your consumers to what exactly they will be getting once they procure lifetime access. These are some of the things that will require the help of an attorney and it will cost you money for the legal services.

Some of your buyers might be alienated by interpreting something as lifetime but instead limit it’s availability to several years. As a seller, you do not need to appear deceptive or untrustworthy when advertising your digital products to your clients. Ensure that you set your legal obligations right.

  • Long Term Cost.

Maintaining your product may cost you a lot of money most especially if you have a few consumers using a commodity that has been listed on lifetime access. For instance, if a certain product has five years of lifetime support and It ends up not been used by the second year by some of your clients, you are still obliged as a seller to provide full support and maintenance for the remaining few clients who are still using the digital product for the remaining years ahead.

Ensure that you know the cost of managing and keeping pace with the commodity most especially if its use substantially decreases. Before providing lifetime access to a certain product ensures that you have revenue costs to cover the said product most especially when your product ends up being obsolete due to technology or if for instance, one customer is remaining using the said product and you are required to provide maintenance services as per the Terms & Conditions agreement. In as much as you are getting paid single up-front from your consumers, it is sufficient enough to manage and cater for your lifetime access product for the period you agreed upon.

  • Limited Revenue Stream.

When you offer lifetime access for single-time payment, this doesn’t assure you for future payments. Your consumers might be that they might have little or no incentives to purchase updated versions of your digital products. This being a little bit expensive as opposed to the initial investments compared to monthly payments, your potential consumers with high costs of acquisition might be scared off.

Take a look at the business you give respect and consult on what type of Terms & conditions; they offer to their clients based on lifetime access. This will help you conclude what smart business idea best suits your interests and that of your consumers. If you are thinking of selling online products with lifetime access ensure that you consult with an attorney to help you draft your Terms & Conditions services to cover up any potential contingencies.

  • Measures must be taken on refund strategy to prevent fluctuations in cash flow and clients from stealing your business content.
  • With high pricing in place, you will only have fewer buyers leading to fewer opportunities when it comes to upselling, cross-selling, and finally list-building.

Some companies have invested with lifetime access to give their clients complete access to over 1200 products such as; –

  • Courses
  • E-Degrees.
  • Paths and Bundled Deals.
  • Certification Programs.
  • E-Books.
  • Real-World Projects.
  • GuideBook

With no limits. In recent years quality learning has become impossible and a little bit difficult for some people and that is why some businesses have taken a be step into investing in lifetime access with the help of advanced technology to enhance your skills.


Based on the above, selling your products through limited access gives your clients unlimited access to the purchased digital product, free updates, and access to more benefits as commodity or technology advances. It is not always a clear -cut. The seller receives a single time payment. Benefits and risks through this program vary from business to business depending on the course of price, industry and objectives.

What is Digital Marketing? How to choose the Best Digital Marketing Agency in India

Digital Marketing agency

With growing digitalization in the nation, it is a common trend to have your website or mobile app. But how do you make sure that your website or app reaches the targeted audience? How do you make sure that you generate money out of the website or app that you have made? The answer to this is digital marketing. Digital marketing ensures that you get a better return on investment from your IT-related investments. It is all about reaching out to your prospects and clients at the right time from anywhere. 

Nowadays the world is connected via the internet and smartphones and the best marketing strategy is to target audiences online where they spend a lot of time and money too. Digital organic marketing when done with White hat SEO techniques is slow but quite effective. If done correctly then it can yield even better results as compared to paid marketing campaigns. So let us first understand the different ways and aspects of digital marketing before you move on to hire an expert digital marketing agency in India for your website or app. The correct agency will make use of technology-focused strategies, as per the algorithms of search engines, and can give easier and faster outputs. 

Let us First Understand the Concept of Digital Marketing:

Digital marketing is the marketing of services or products or a person via electronic media mostly using the internet. Any kind of online marketing effort can be classified as digital marketing. With the advent of the internet and smartphones, there are millions of businesses that are taking advantage of the digital marketing process as compared to traditional marketing means. While traditional marketing uses channels, newspapers, pamphlets, hoardings, etc, this form of marketing is a lot more engaging and appealing. 

Digital marketing provides real-time interaction with your clients too. You can get complete insights about your marketing campaigns and modify or take the necessary steps to manipulate your digital marketing campaigns. It is proven that digital marketing can do wonders for any product or industry and that too quickly as compared to traditional marketing. In the last decade, the interactive nature of digital marketing has build up brands that were not even in existence. If you still want to know the benefits of digital marketing then read on to know more:

Advantages of Digital Marketing: 

1 Strategize with proper Data Analytics:

Digital marketing provides you analysis of the exact number of people who are looking about your business in real-time. Using google analytics you can get valuable information and stats such as several people visiting your website, their location, age, sex, and interests, etc. you can also know about the time for which they browsed your website and which pages they viewed. Also, it is possible to keep track of the source from which they landed on your web page. 

These insights can help you design your marketing strategy to a great extent. You can even prioritize your marketing channels and know their effectiveness intelligently. This can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. You can set your marketing budget on campaigns or schemes that are performing better. 

2. Lead Generation and Content Performance:

Earlier people use to make use of brochures and send it out to people. But this was not quite effective as there was no means to check the response that your business got from this way of marketing. Most people might have thrown those brochures in the trash, so how would you keep track of it? This will not happen in the case of digital marketing. You can create visual marketing content that is more impactful and can promote your business on social media. This gives your buyers an idea about your services and products and is super engaging too. 

In digital marketing, you need to create engaging content that is considered worthy by Google and other search engines. An expert digital marketing agency in India can help you do so in the right manner. This also improves your SEO ranking. You can get prospective leads using these marketing techniques along with their contact details. With proper strategy, you can create your brand awareness and identity. 

3. Better Conversion Rates:

It is not a big deal to convert a lead into a customer online. An engaging marketing strategy is all you need to do. If you target your website traffic correctly then you can get better conversions. This is because digital marketing is a two-way communication technique where you can get customer feedback and reach out to them anytime and anywhere. Via email marketing and SMS marketing, you can let your prospects purchase on the go. 

4.Cost-Effective Method:

As compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is a cost-effective method. This is because you can replace your costly advertising methods such as radio, television, and yellow pages with social media marketing. Email marketing can be automated and can give a boost to your sales. You can pre-load the email content and send it out on important times as and when you want to. 

5. Better Revenue Generation:

Better conversion rates can give you better revenue generation too. And this is possible using digital marketing techniques. But you need to keep few things in mind while doing digital marketing. They are:

Keep your website user friendly with easy navigation

Analyze your customer purchase patterns using the digital platform

Use unique and interactive ideas that cater to your customer needs

Make use of multiple channels for digital marketing for better results

If you are not sure how to use digital marketing for your business then take help from a professional. 

6. Better ROI from Marketing Campaigns:

With proper digital marketing campaigns you can optimize your conversion rates to get maximum ROI for your business. Digital marketing offers better revenues with smarter branding and this results in a better return on investment as compared to traditional marketing methods. It also facilitates better monitoring and tracking methods for the analysis of customer behavior. This helps businesses to take quick actions and they can target traffic to generate leads and sales. Better targeted traffic means better ROI.

7. Better ROI from Marketing Campaigns:

With proper digital marketing campaigns you can optimize your conversion rates to get maximum ROI for your business. Digital marketing offers better revenues with smarter branding and this results in a better return on investment as compared to traditional marketing methods. It also facilitates better monitoring and tracking methods for the analysis of customer behavior. This helps businesses to take quick actions and they can target traffic to generate leads and sales. Better targeted traffic means better ROI.

8. Gives your Business Exposure on “Internet of Things”:

The “Internet of Things” is an ecosystem that is created by interconnected devices such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, and other devices. These are interactive systems that are connected over the world wide web. With digital marketing, you can take advantage of this interconnectivity that will help in your business growth. You can permeate through the life of people across the globe and effective digital marketing techniques can improve your brand worth within a short period. 

9. Build Brand Reputation and Customer Loyalty:

Online purchase and business mostly rely on social media reputation, social proof, and customer testimonials. With proper digital marketing, you can improve the trust of your customers in your brand. Also, you can send them notifications about your new products and services so that you retain customers. If you meet your customer’s expectations, then you can build a brand reputation online quickly within a small time. This opens new opportunities and you can get hold of the global market too.

10. Ensures Survival of Online Business:

Nowadays many businesses do not have a physical store and are run online only. For these businesses, digital marketing is a necessity. If you target a few people that need your products or services, then you can get better conversions. This is better than targeting hundreds of people. With smart marketing tactics, blogging, social media marketing you can target audiences and lead to your business growth. Make sure to get feedback and insights from your online customers. This will help you strategies your marketing further. 

11. Know all about your Competitors 

As is commonly said – “Keep your companions close and your foes closer.” Social media serious examination is a fundamental piece of your digital marketing promoting effort. At the point when you are taking part in advanced advertising, you can request that the specialists investigate your rival’s online procedures. It will assist you with capitalizing on any potential open doors in a matter of seconds. You can perceive what they are doing to increase their profits and arrive at more shoppers. Hence, you can make sense of promoting marketing opportunities and increase a solid competitive hand.

12. Real-Time Results 

In contrast to conventional techniques, you can find continuously what’s working and what’s not for your online business. Through web-based advertising, you can think about: 

  • the number of guests to your site 
  • the expansion in the number of its subscribers 
  • top trading times 
  • rate of conversion
  • Increment/drop-in site traffic 
  • rate of bouncing 
  • and many more!

What’s more, this should be possible just with the touch of a button. Such outcomes can give you an exhaustive thought through which you can pick essential strides to improve your outcomes.

13. Improve your Outreach 

Since advanced digital marketing happens on the web, it is open to the worldwide crowd. While traditional promoting constrains you to a specific geographic territory, its modern partner can assist you with communicating with the clients without any problem. Then again, it appears to have your customer-facing store open throughout the day. Also, with computerized digital marketing authorities, you can react to posts speedily on your platforms. It doesn’t take long for picking up publicity to upgrade the possibilities and appreciate the advantages of advanced digital marketing for your business at its best. In case you’re not yet using the power of digital advertising for your business, you are feeling the loss of a lot of brilliant chances. Your forthcoming clients are waiting tight for you in the computerized digital world. Since you realize how advanced digital marketing can enable your business, to make the move immediately.

Why you need a digital marketing agency in India for your business?

Digital marketing is quite important for your brand promotion in this online world. You can do it on your own. But if you want to get professional, fast, and effective results then you ought to take services from a professional digital marketing agency in India. Here is why you should opt for a digital marketing agency:

1 . Opens up Growth Opportunities for Small Organizations:

Small businesses cannot afford to hire a digital marketing expert of their own. Small businesses and startups have multiple things to manage and lack the experience to run business. At this phase, when there are limited funds for marketing it is important to invest in things that can yield guaranteed results. A good digital marketing agency can help small businesses to design marketing campaigns that can target wider audiences with less investment. They have the necessary expertise that can get the maximum benefit out of digital marketing.

2. Higher Conversion Rate:

There are hundreds of websites getting added on the internet. This makes it important that you use professional digital marketing services to target your audience. Professional digital marketing experts can help you design marketing campaigns in a way that will help you reach out to your targeted audience and get assured results. Hiring an expert team ensures that your marketing funds are not wasted.

3. Better Customer Support:

If you are a small business that is trying to do digital marketing on your own, there are high chances of errors. Some changes might even hamper your website look or put your website down. If you hire a professional digital marketing team for this purpose then they will provide you support and ensure that your website is up and running. This can impact your brand image and website page ranking too.

For these reasons, it is important to choose a digital marketing agency for your online marketing needs. Now the question arises, how to choose the best digital marketing agency amongst so many businesses online? Let us find out.

How to choose the best Digital Marketing Agency in India?

The choice of your digital marketing agency in India will determine whether your business and brand identity reach to the top or not. There are thousands of digital marketing agencies in India to choose from, but it is important to make the correct decision. This is because the choice will determine the effectiveness of your marketing investment. While choosing a digital marketing agency for your business it is very important to consider these things:

1.Does your digital marketing agency have an understanding of your business needs?

You need to ask yourself as a brand whether your digital marketing agency understands your market, your competition, your business objective, etc. if the agency does not have an understanding about your products, services or business then it will not be able to provide convincing marketing solution for your targeted audience. Choose an agency that works in partnership with you to understand your business needs and creates campaigns that are designed specifically for you. If they have previous experience in doing marketing for a similar kind of businesses then it is an advantage. Having an understanding of your competition, industry, a business can help design the marketing strategy which will be quite effective.

2. The agency should have an expert professional in-house:

When you hire a digital marketing agency, you should ask about the person who would be working on your project. You should know about their qualification, experience, business understanding, etc. many agencies have limited staff and many times outsource projects to other freelancers. In that case, there is no understanding of business needs and it can hurt your business. Having good personnel work on your project can help in building your digital ecosystem in a better manner and help build your brand identity.

Make sure that the agency allows direct interaction with the person who would be working on your project. It is better that you choose some local business so that you can interact with the team personally and there is a better understanding of your project needs. You can visit the office in person and things can work out in a better and faster manner.

Integrated Services Agency

There are plenty of unadulterated play computerized digital organizations the nation over, brimming with geeks with phenomenal specialized technical knowledge. I can characterize these, best-case scenarios as advanced digital offices as they do not have a comprehension of digital Branding. A Good Digital Marketing Agency ought to have the option to join the two. Play more emphasis on marketing and branding capacity as it is hard to get a hold of.

Flexible Capability

A decent office should offer whatever number of services as could reasonably be expected under one rooftop. This will spare you the difficulty of finding another organization for services as you can without much of a stretch agent all your computerized promoting requirements to your

Digital Marketing Agency.

A full service advanced digital advertising office ordinarily offers:

  • Website development and design
  • Mobile App Design and Development
  • Content Strategy and Marketing
  • Site design improvement and promoting
  • Email Marketing
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Social Media optimization
  • Online advertisement
  • Influencer Management
  • Online reputation management
  • Social media analytics
  • Web Analytics
  • Online Presence

Look at the visibility of your Digital Marketing Agency on the web. Do they have a site, is it responsive, do they have a blog? Also check the reviews and ratings that people have given about them. Also check the testimonials of the business on their website.

These three things are generally significant in the advanced digital world. A Digital Marketing Agency competing for your business should have dynamic internet-based web pages that is responsive and a blog.

Tips to Plan Your 2020 Sales Strategy

Sale Strategy

Regardless of whether you are active in the B2B or B2C sector – in the end, you always need paying customers so that your investments pay off and lead to economic success in the medium term. However, the definition of a sound sales strategy for customer acquisition before actual marketing is often neglected. Many founders fail because of this.

In the following, we will help you to define a sales strategy and to derive your sales concept. So, you can actively pursue sales from the start and successfully win customers.

Definition: What is a Sales Strategy?

With the sales strategy, you determine how you can bring your product or service to the customer individually and successfully. In this respect, you should determine the right sales strategy long before the actual marketing – ideally as part of the development of your business model. Your strategic sales orientation is always determined by various factors such as costs, lead times and response times, employee qualifications as well as customer proximity and degree of marketing.

The sales concept derived from the sales strategy includes implementation in the form of a concrete definition of the main products and prices or the practical definition of your market activities. Even if two companies offer very similar products, their sales concepts can differ in principle due to the different business models, the range of products, and financial strength.

As a founder, you have to work as a sales manager from the outset and plan, implement, and control sales based on the sales strategy to achieve your targeted sales, earnings, and marketing goals. When choosing an executive sales employee, you should proceed with caution, as this is always the direct link between your company and the customer and should practice the sales strategy you have developed.

Specify Realistic Sales Goals

The most important question for your sales strategy should be: “What do you want to achieve?”. Sales cannot achieve unrealistic goals. This creates frustration and demotivation one differentiates between qualitative and quantitative goals.

Quantitative Sales Goals

Quantitative sales targets are measurable targets that should be implemented in a certain period, such as:


Number of customer visits or customer contacts

Number of products or services sold

The number of new customers or reactivated existing customers.

Without a specific definition of the relevant period for goal achievement, your target will fizzle out as quickly as it was defined. In addition to the period, the conditions under which the specified goals are to be achieved must also be defined. In addition to the measurand, clear rules must also be agreed on and corresponding capacities given to sales. An example of an optimally formulated, the quantitative goal is:

In the next 12 months, 300 customers will be contacted by phone – the goal is to generate 15 new customers (5%) from this measure. The possibility of evaluating or evaluating the quantitative targets only results from the definition of the target, the measure, and the period.

The use of a suitable CRM system offers qualified evaluation options and allows you to take well-founded measures if the specified goals are not achieved.

Qualitative Sales Goals

Qualitative sales targets, on the other hand, are more difficult to formulate, observe, and measure, since the focus is on the quality of the sales activities of the employees. Examples of qualitative goals are the quality of advice, increasing customer satisfaction, or the corporate image. Although these parameters are more difficult to define and measure than quantitative specifications, they are just as important for long-term success. There are several important points when defining:

It has to be formulated what exactly is meant by the qualitative goal – measures have to be derived in concrete terms and the last step criteria have to be defined which make it possible to measure the goal achievement at all.

In the long term, successful sales are only possible if the quantitative and qualitative sales goals are clearly and realistically defined as part of the sales strategy and can thus be evaluated. Without concrete goals and measures, business errors are almost inevitable. Example: If only sales or the number of deals serves as an indicator of success for your sales, this can lead to sales discounts – the sales goals are then met, but the lack of earnings endangers your company in the medium term.

Define Your Target Group

As a founder, it is particularly important to define the customer segments that should be the focus of your sales strategy. The better you know your target group, the more successful your sales strategy will be. Define your potential customers as precisely as possible – also use the creation of personas. Segmentation of your target customers helps you to tailor your product or service range as well as your sales activities to them. This is the only way to use your limited resources such as personnel or budget in the best possible way within your sales strategy.

Take the illusion of being able to attract all potential customers, because experience has shown that customer requirements are too different and hardly any company is unrivalled.

Serious differences already result from the general division of customers into B2B or B2C customers. In B2B sales technical knowledge and a high level of service and reliability are paramount. The sales process is very time-consuming. However, business relationships are usually long-term. In B2C sales, on the other hand, customers are mostly influenced by emotions or the price. The amount of time spent on sales is less.

B2B and B2C customers already provide their own, specific features, and different challenges for sales. On the company side, aspects such as order volume, the growth potential of the target group, and price sensitivity play a role.

There are two central questions about your target group within the definition of your sales strategy:

  • Which customers can you gain as permanent customers based on your strengths and advantages as well as market potential?
  • Which customers should you focus your sales activities on?

When answering the second question, take into account that you cannot achieve the same margins for every customer group. You should, therefore, focus your sales activities on the customers you value.

Choose exactly the target customers whose needs you can ideally meet with your offer. Develop your knowledge of your valuable customers’ step by step. In the form of a target group analysis and market research or in the B2B area also through a partnership discussion in which you ask your potential customers about their wishes and problems. You can use the results to derive specific customer profiles and tailor your sales tools to your desired customer.

Determine Your Market Strategy

A successful sales strategy can only be set up if you know your potential market. Therefore, divide your potential market into individual segments – for example, according to regions, industries, prices, competitive situations, or company sizes. In this phase, it is usually sufficient to work with publicly accessible sources such as or Based on this, identify your market potential and development opportunities or even localize market deficits that you could cover with your product or service offering.

Another factor for the development of your market strategy is the assessment of the market potential. Important factors that influence the market potential are trends and the product life cycle. We provide you with a free tool for calculating the market potential and the resulting sales potential.

Concentrate on your strengths when setting up your sales strategy and derive corresponding potential benefits. Existing problems with customers could be performance potential, which you can cover with your offer. Based on the quantitative analysis of the available market data, one automatically encounters a competitive environment. Localize your competitors and create a strength and weakness analysis (SWOT analysis) in comparison to your offer. Your advantages or your solutions for the market can be derived from this analysis. These advantages should provide the main arguments for aligning your sales strategy and should be the central content of your sales strategy.

Highlight Unique Selling Points

As a founder, you rarely dive into a completely new market in which you are unrivalled. After you have defined and analysed your target group, you should consider your strengths and weaknesses. What differentiates your product or service from the offers of your competitors? What does the competition communicate on the market?

In the next part of your sales strategy, work out your distinguishing features from the competition, and derive your individual sales concept for the correct positioning. Title your core competencies and highlight your advantages over your competitors. Define your customer benefits, unique selling propositions, your USP (Unique Selling Proposition), and align your sales accordingly.

Communicate to your potential customers in clear sales messages why they should take advantage of your offer. These messages are then incorporated into your day-to-day acquisition, for example in a sales meeting at the customer’s site or in the telephone acquisition guide.

Align your corporate design and all of your communication content within your sales strategy accordingly and underline the presentation of your unique selling points. This will make you even more interesting for your target group.

Derive Communication Strategy

After you have defined your market, your target customers, and your unique selling proposition, the market must also learn from you. The development of your sales strategy, therefore, concludes with the development of your marketing and sales plan in the form of the derivation of the communication strategy. A basic rule applies here: Before starting communication, the correct content must be worked out. Even if your product or service is unique, the target customer still has to be reached and convinced. But with what sales arguments do you convince your target customers?

By focusing on your product or performance, it is often forgotten that the advantages for the customer are not always immediately obvious. The customer must find out why it is worth buying a product or service from you instead of the competition. Here you should take these aspects into account:

Have you derived the right sales arguments by analysing the market and your potential customers sufficiently?

Do your sales arguments match the customer’s needs?

Do your sales arguments also reach the decision-makers?

The last point is one of the biggest challenges, especially in the B2B area.

Now there is a close link between marketing and sales. Targeted communication and thus an effective sales concept can only be achieved through close cooperation between the two areas. What do you want to say to your potential target group so that you can achieve your defined corporate goals? Which corporate values ​​do you want to convey and which core messages communicate?

Customers are exposed to a high flood of information every day. It will be all the more difficult for you to get this attention. In addition to the actual product competition, communication competition has developed. An efficient communication strategy is becoming increasingly important. Your sales and marketing concept is therefore one of the most important building blocks of your sales strategy. You can only draw your potential customers’ attention to yourself strategically and in terms of content and survive in the market in the long term.

Define Sales Channels

Choosing the right sales channels is crucial for the successful implementation of your sales strategy. A distinction is made here in the first step between direct sales and indirect sales:

In direct sales, the purchase is made directly between the customer and the manufacturer or service provider.

With indirect sales, the purchase is made indirectly through a dealer.

Different sales instruments are available to you as a synonym for the numerous customer acquisition measures. However, when choosing the appropriate sales channels, always pay attention to the specific requirements of your potential customers.

It depends on the goals of your sales strategy whether you want to diversify across numerous sales channels or focus on certain instruments. Both variants have advantages. In B2C, however, broad-based advertising for new customers is more common and more useful than in B2B. Do not arbitrarily define your sales channels. Many classic instruments reach a large audience, but this is – if you sell in the B2B area – less likely to be interested in supplier products.

Based on your target customer analysis, you know whom you want to address and where and how you can reach your customers and what interests them. So, you don’t need just any sales channel. You need the right sales channels. Determine individually in your marketing mix which instruments suit your company as part of your sales strategy. Your budget also decides which measures you can afford as part of your sales activities.

Draw from the entire spectrum of sales opportunities. In particular, digital sales channels, such as Google Ads or online platforms such as Amazon, offer the opportunity to test relatively quickly and cheaply and measure success or failure relatively precisely. Newsletter campaigns or mailings can be evaluated precisely, which optimally fulfills the controlling component of your sales strategy.

Check the Sales Concept

Based on the definition of your quantitative sales goals, you have measurable targets. To be able to act in a structured manner and build a reliable database right from the start, it is worth implementing a CRM system. Based on data development, your sales activities become visible and assessable. The results derived from this not only help to continuously improve your products and services but also ensure, in terms of sales, that suitable sales strategies and the measures derived from them are developed over time.

For start-ups, in particular, the challenge lies in the start and end process of the sales organization. In addition to defining the sales goals and the sales team, it is important to generate key figures for the ongoing development of the processes. This is the only way to assess which customers you should pay more attention to and where resources may be wasted.

Document your sales talks in as much detail as possible in a CRM system. This is the only way to learn something about your customer contacts (leads) and future customers. Precisely formulated goals, as well as conscientiously maintained data and analyzes, will enable you to make a very precise assessment of the expected sales in the future.


Stay realistic when planning your sales goals and ensure measurable goal formulations. Only those who know their market, their target groups, and thus the sales channels relevant to their target customers can successfully set up their sales strategy as founders. Without concrete goals and measures, business errors are almost inevitable. Use suitable CRM software right from the start as part of your sales activities.

Define your unique selling propositions and align your sales strategy with them. Communicate to your potential customers in clear sales messages why they should take advantage of your offer. Your sales and marketing concept is one of the most important building blocks of your sales strategy. You can only draw your potential customers’ attention to yourself strategically and in terms of content and survive in the market in the long term. Choosing the right sales channels is critical to the success of your sales strategy. In general, take your financial options into account and consider the volume that is available to you in terms of personnel and sales. Determine a real need in the market – because the best sales strategy will not help you if there is no need.

7 Reasons You Should Start Blogging Now

content writing

With your own blog, you can share your thoughts with the world. Even if blogging is not yet a popular activity, more and more people and companies are discovering this origin of social media. In many advice articles, you can read that a blog increases your reputation and that you demonstrate your competence. And even if you don’t have to blog for (self-) marketing reasons, it might just be fun. Millions of people worldwide share their thoughts, experiences, photos, cooking recipes, craft ideas, and much more in blogs. Facebook and Co. are basically nothing more than channelled blogs. With the difference: Your own blog on the web is yours. Suddenly nobody can change the terms of use and earn money with your content. There are now dozens of platforms, tools, apps, services that make blogging really easy.

Here are a few reasons, which shows why blogging is worth it now.

Earn Money from Blogging

Admittedly, a blog doesn’t really make you rich. But some people have managed to get a decent income from their blogs. The subject areas are those for which there are also advertisers: technology, travel, fashion. A large part of the income does not come from classic ads on the blog but paid contributions so that the blogger writes for money about the company that pays him. Incidentally, such contributions must always be marked.

Many subject areas are already occupied, but there are always niches. But if you only want to make money from blogs from now on, you will be disappointed. Most bloggers started on the side and worked on their blogs for many years before they could make a living.

Blogging Helps Build an Audience

Blogging can reach thousands or even millions of people. Blogging is a way to attract your audience because your blog offers valuable free content. People often have a problem or frustration that they want to solve. That’s why they search the Internet and read blog posts.

With blogging, you can spread your thoughts and knowledge. It is an opportunity to give something to others. They can even help other people to solve their specific problems and possibly change their lives.

Blogging Challenges You

We all need some challenges in our lives. Blogging always challenges you and makes you leave your comfort zone. Starting blogging is pretty easy – usually, we all have some good ideas to start writing posts. But write regularly, have new ideas, and build a community. That’s not that easy.

As with everything you want to succeed in, you have to be consistent. Blogging teaches you to be consistent and stay focused.

It’s a challenge to sit down and write accordingly. Blogging is a challenge to put all your thoughts and opinions and make everyone hear your voice. You must not be afraid. You must accept it because it makes you grow, facing your fears of rejection. What is the worst thing that could happen when blogging? Does anyone disagree with your opinion? What a thing! You can handle that. It is great that your opinion is questioned from time to time. It is a challenge that you can handle, and handling challenges can make you happy and make you grow.

It Makes You a Better Author

Writing is communication. When you write a blog, a community is built with which you communicate regularly. You can improve your writing skills through practice and thus improve your communication.

Blogging has had a huge impact on your writing skills from the start. They still may not be perfect, but you feel much more confident in your abilities and have seen a noticeable improvement. Consistent practice is a sure way to improve, and so is writing. 

Blogging is about sharing your thoughts into words with the world. You can write to them on various online platforms so that people can read them. Writing, like everything, improves with practice. Becoming a better writer will have its reflection on everything in your life, your communication, your studies, and your work, and you can take it as a career, you can write books, presentations or an article, you can also work as a freelance writer.

Blogging Makes You Learn New Things

Blogging is about sharing what you know and what you can do. How do you start if you have an idea for a blog post? You do research, don’t you? You always learn something new about your topic and your industry. They grow with every blog post.

If you keep blogging, you will keep learning as it is no less than a learning cycle. 

The writing process will force you to think more deeply, as you put your thoughts on paper, you will find yourself thinking deeply about how to organize these thoughts to get a clear idea. Blogging is a pure learning experience, blog means you need to learn, write, blog, little about design, SEO, how to deal with social media, and how to connect people. Therefore, during your blogging journey, you will learn a lot that you can improve your skills.

Blogging is the best way to have a new and interesting experience. The new experience is a great way to break the routine and make life more interesting and fun, it can be easy like having a conversation with a follower or writing a guest post in another person’s blog, or writing on a topic that needs a little research. The most important thing here is to make it fun, the more you do it, the more likely it is that you will continue blogging.

Create Your Brand Online

Blogging is the best way to create your brand online, which is very useful if you want to start a business or look for career opportunities. One of the best ways to create and control your brand is to write frequently about topics you want to be known for.

WordPress is the standard blogging software. The application is free of charge, requires no programming knowledge and the application is quickly learned. Many web hosts offer their customers WordPress installation at the push of a button so that only the webspace package has to be ordered. WordPress has an infinite number of extensions and connections to other services. There is also a large community of users worldwide who share their knowledge of WordPress in YouTube tutorials, blog posts, and bar camps. If you don’t have your own webspace or would like to test WordPress first, you can try it out for free on

Document Your Life

Each of us has own battle in life and own experience, you can blog to document your battle. Someday you will look back and remember what your battle was like, where are you today and how did you do this, it is really a good way to make sure you do things to be proud of when you take pride. Say it to the world, it is a great way to record experiences that we can look back on to learn and remember, and share with our loved ones.

How Can a Blog Benefit You?

When speaking of a blog, we mean a non-professional blog with the content of all kinds: from what you ate yesterday to the criticism of the last book you read or a memory of your childhood. A blog that you can start on a free blogger platform without having any idea where it is going to take you.

This is not incompatible with other types of blogs. If later you have a good idea for a professional blog, go ahead! What you have learned with the first and the readers you already have will be of great help.

Learn More About Yourself

Sometimes you don’t know why you are sad until you sit in front of your blog and explain that the walk in front of the sea has reminded you of your ex, Or you don’t remember why you moved to Madrid until you write about how beautiful spring is in the Retiro.

Observe What Surrounds You

Exercise your mindfulness capacity. Instead of going to the cafe in the morning, growling because you’re half asleep and thinking about your things, you will remember that you have a blog to write and take mental notes about the smell of toast or the waitress’s hairstyle.

How to Get Your First Readers?

Good content is the fundamental requirement to get readers. It is no use to achieve a traffic spike with a powerful link and taking your readers to a mediocre blog.

Once you have that content, you can use these ideas (we recognize that they are not advanced marketing strategies, but they will work):

Promote your blog on social networks. How you do it depends, of course, on whether or not you want your acquaintances to read your blog. If you don’t want to, you can always create a separate Facebook page for your readers to subscribe to, or an additional Twitter account with a pseudonym. Frequently comment on other blogs that you like and add a link to their website in your sidebar. This will encourage the author’s curiosity and reciprocity. Don’t link to your blog in your comments unless they’re relevant, and never the first time: it can be considered rude spam.

Create a mailing list that your readers can subscribe to. In this way, you will convert occasional readers into regular visitors.

Respond to the comments they leave you (and, of course, the emails they send you) to reinforce and promote interaction with your audience.

Never forget, though, that your readers are people. They are not trading cards to collect. 

Final Words

Do you have no idea about a certain topic? Then ask the readers of your blog. People usually like to help if they know the motives. There is more commenting, liking, and sharing on the Internet than in the offline world. The “crowdsourcing” of articles naturally requires a loyal readership. Anyone who has just started their blog will not receive hundreds of answers and comments to their question within a few days. Unless it is a very controversial topic or one that really appeals to many people in an online-savvy target group.

8 Ways to Improve your Online Selling Services

Online Selling Services

Increase online sales is the primary focus of every company. Because the company feels that they can easily get the right customer. There are numerous advantages of online business but some major are:

  1. Worldwide presence
  2. Right customer in no time
  3. Dealing with a lot of clients at a time
  4. They can easily get the portfolio of our work
  5. Customer will come to you according to their need
  6. Fewer efforts of the owner of the business

These are some advantages of online business. But there are a lot more, uncountable. So you have to understand the power of online business. If you’re not available you do not exist. So make sure that your business is available online.

In this article, we are going to discuss some major tips that will definitely help you in increasing your sale. Let’s start:

Be Honest in your Sales Copy

We can understand it’s tough for you. But this is the right way to build trust with your customer. Be honest and straight forward in your sales copy. Do not make irrelevant claims regarding your product.

And keep one thing in mind don’t pretend what you are not. There are a lot of small businesses that show like they’re a big MLM company. So make sure that you’re not doing it. Because there are various people who loved to go for small business. As they get a good quality of services plus the attention of the service provider.

Get more Clicks with Ads Extension

This is the best tip you have ever get it you’re selling something online. If you’re selling your product online then undoubtedly you’re also posting your ads on google or any other platform. You just have to make these ads more extended and informational. Provide some more details and varieties of your product. Like if you’re selling sunglasses the provide the options of males, females, and kids. So that the person sees exactly what they want. This increases the chance of getting more and more customers.

Show off Customers Testimonials and Trust Signals

In today’s world, people trust very rarely on websites for shopping. They used only trusted and rare websites for shopping. So to build trust and making new and more customers you have to provide testimonials of your satisfied customers. You can put these testimonials on your product page, landing page, or in ads, etc. This activity reflects a positive image for you. And by your satisfied clients, they also think to try your services at once.

And if you have any certificate from any organization or any verified degree then you must have to put it on your website or any other platform. This increases the trust of your clients. These things are just trust signals. And attract more trustworthy customers for you.

Create a Sense of Urgency

This is a common strategy used by many online businesses. And of course, they get a positive response. So, you just have to try this strategy. You just have to create a sense of urgency by your offer, countdown, or discount. Because when a human body sees anything like this then it is more likely that they are responding quickly and positively as well. The reason behind this is that they don’t want to miss this opportunity. So you must have to use words like count down, discount, offer, limited time, etc. This creates a quick response from your customer and there are many chances they react positively to it.

Offer a Bulletproof Money-Back Guarantee

People more likely to buy from where they get a kind of security. So if you provide a money-back guarantee if your product is not working properly then it attracts more customers towards your product or service. When they get to know about the money-back guarantee then they want to try your product because it reduces the risk in your customer’s minds. So, just use this strategy as it provides many positive responses to various online websites.

Target Lookalike Customers on Facebook

This is not worthy to target everyone. Because they all are not buying your product. You just have to find the right customer for your product. Facebook provides you various options to choose your ideal customer. It helps you to target your ideal customer. For example, if you’re a t-shirt seller then Facebook finds those people for you who like to watch videos and pictures related to the t-shirt. This provides you with various options to select and decide the age group, interest, and taste of your customer. According to it, your Facebook ad will be shown to the people.

Provide as many Payments Option are Possible:

Do your business accepts only net banking or credit card? Don’t you have the facility of pay pal or Paytm? Just think about this topic. This us the main reason why you’re always losing your customer. There are numerous people on the internet and everyone prefers different methods to pay. But if you use limited methods then how they can pay you and they just simply skip your website. Try your best to add popular and reliable payment methods.

We read data which shows that the main reason behind any online website success is the payment methods they use. So add more payment methods according to your target customer. This will definitely increase sales.

Invest in Quality Images

Looks and appearance is the main reason behind it’s the popularity. People judge your product according to the pictures you uploaded on your website. So you just have to improve the quality of your images. You have to add images of your product from every angle. And if you will try to add these pictures to normal human life then it adds to its value. People loved to see images and observe the product before buying it. So just pay attention to the quality and quantity