Get Your Business to ‘Think Outside the Blog’ in 2021

Think Outside the Blog

Before 4 years it has been declared that the blogs are dead. Here it means that the blog page of the company is over. Here you will find the bold claim that the innovative companies are moving to the media organization approach, and they are modeling themselves as the news provider similar to the BBC.

Time has proved that many innovative companies are experimenting with the layout of the websites and pushing their content to the central position. But if you consider the scenario of B2B technology space then many organizations have not done so. They have still kept their homepage, resources, and services pages to be dynamic. This is an acceptable scenario. 

The main aim of this article is to discuss the traditional mindset of where the website’s blog page is located and can commonly filter into what sort of content a company would produce. I would like to tell the audience that the blog section is not at all dead. But if your business wants to do something big by using its content marketing strategy then you should learn to think outside of the blog. 

2021 is the year when you should focus on elevating your content:

B2B content marketing earlier used to focus only on blog writing. But the world of internet marketing has changed a lot and the mediums and formats that businesses now have at their disposal are a lot much richer and engaging for the audience in multiple ways. 

2021 is the year when you should set higher ambitions for your website and marketing content. It’s not that difficult to do so. It just requires a little bit of planning and implementation too. 

You can kick up your content using these techniques:

Monthly editorial meeting

The content which is present in the strategy of your content marketing should never be ad hoc. You need to set up the content calendar which can be considered as a good start. The next step would be setting up the monthly editorial meeting for discussing the content which you will be published in the next month.

Who should be there?

In the editorial meeting, you have to include the decision-makers who are the people from the marketing team, experts of products, representatives from sales, and other representatives from other area in the organization. This person would be having very good input about the content which needs to be produced.

It is very important to keep these points in your mind:

  • Who is it for?
  • What is the purpose of this content?
  • What reader is looking for in the content?
  • What is the form which the content will take?

All of the above questions should be considered as the main topic in your editorial meeting. This is where the thought outside the blog will happen. This does not mean that you will never write another blog again. It would be a matter of allowing yourself to think about the alternative ways of producing the content.

What form of content should you think of?


The consumption of video is continuously growing at a rapid speed. It is estimated that the average person is spending at least 100 minutes watching online videos every day in 2021. This has increased about 80 minutes from the year 2019.

So, what are you waiting for? Think about the blog content as they currently produce and how some of these ideas can transform the video content? How difficult it would be to produce the videos? It would be much easier than you think.

You will need to set up the Channel on the YouTube  and then have to begin experimenting by taking advantage of the blog post which has already been written. You have to use this video as inspiration.


In times of remote working, a webinar is a very good idea. It is a superb way for selling your expertise. It would be very interactive and will generate lots of leads. Various easy-to-use apps are available, and the fact is that a lot of people are working from home. So quickly you can produce valuable webinars which can create engagement, interest and most importantly generate leads.
Webinars similar to the video content are not difficult to set up as you might be expecting. It is very much easier to set up the webinar as compared to the video. It can be created by making use of the video conferencing tools, which can then combine with Microsoft PowerPoint which is a presentation app. Take out some ideas for the blog and then turn it into a presentation and this way, your webinar is ready for boom and driving traffic.


Podcasts are again a new innovative medium for content. Maybe your mother has already started one. You can take inspiration and learning from your mother and then you can also start your podcast. If you are a charismatic speaker and thinker in your organization then you need to get on the call using good video conferencing software. You need to hit the recording and your podcast will start. It is not that hard to start the podcast. It just needs proper planning. If you are good at little management also then also you would be able to start your podcast. If all of your things are properly organized, then there is a very high chance of the lead conversions from your podcasts.  

If you are thinking of starting the podcast, then you need to choose the host for introducing the episode. You should have to be consistent with the content. You have to outline your topic and have to make sure that whoever is on the podcast will know in advance what they need to talk about. They should be aware of the structure of the chat. This will help in saving a lot of time when it will come to edit the episode in the flawless conversation. You can use various free software like Audacity for editing the recording. There are also other platforms like Anchor which is also free and can be used for publishing podcasts. 

Audio versions of blogs

If you are thinking about reducing the volume of the content of the blog, then it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to do a little more with the content. When you are adding the audio version of the blog then it is considered as an extra way for which the people will consume. It will be more accessible and will also enable the differently-abled person to consume your content easily.

When you are starting the podcast that it also means that you are investing in decent editing software and a microphone. Let’s put it to use in the further recording in your latest blog and put it out in the piece of audio.

eBooks/Guides/Long Form

This kind of written content is similar to the industry reports, eBook guides, and technical whitepapers and they are still relevant as several years ago. When these are done well then these will be excellent lead generators. When specific and researched information then the reader will not go anywhere else. This is a great way for showing expertise.

Now, this is the time when you can turn this long piece of content into an interactive webinar. By this, you would be able to send invites to your mailing lists. Then you can push all this on social media. This will generate a crowd from the people who would be interested in this. This will probably turn into new leads.

Create experience at a distance

The extraordinary business will always stand out because of the user experience which they are creating. That does not mean that they would have moved online. Organizations of all sizes and industries of all kinds have transitioned themselves into semi-virtual services where they are offering online services without losing what is making them special.

Whether you can serve your customers online or not, you have to consider the virtual experience for them. Just having a website for managing online transactions will not add any personal touch to the customers. If you want your customer to value your organization then you have to give the best user experience to your website.

If you offer them a small gift in-person then do that thing replace and replicate the online gifts? If you are offering a free coffee in the lobby then you should include a 5$ gift card with the purchase of a certain amount.

Various opportunities for personalizing the user experience

The more you can tailor the approach, by making use of the customer’s names in the prebuilt forms and recommending them the services and products based on their past purchases, the more your customer will be feeling cared for and comforted.

Similar to the videos, experience is also having the capability of making money from it. You would be able to present the live training session or the virtual webinar. You can also hold the mini-conference for which you will not be charged for admission.


It did not need to be directly related to the mainline of business. If you are confident about culinary skills, then you can offer the online cooking class. You can also pull the NPR and start tasting wine for your business. You can also donate some of your proceeds for a good cause so that goodwill and your participation could be maximized.

Few more Ideas:

  • Q&A session with virtual happy hours
  • Fundraisers online
  • Website accounts/profiles for the customers, with personalized landing pages
  • Spotify playlist for the public featuring the music in the rotation in the office
  • Freebies like teabags. Branded pins, candy, and stickers, etc. need to be added in orders
  • Handwritten thank-you notes and a 30-second video for thank you

Reward to most loyal customers

Your customers are always deserving recognition especially those who are local to your business. You have to reward them with a free product or service or a discount code. You can also ask them to join your premium list of mailing so that they will receive special updates and newsletters which are featuring bonus content, exclusive offers, sneak peeks, and so on. As they will become preferred customers now, they will enjoy receiving the latest services and products from the company. They would be notified before the general customers about the new offerings from the company.

Many people always love to earn these kinds of benefits. They are also willing to pay for them. That also means that the bottom line has been a booster that can allow the customers to pay for their rewards. It is the same business model which credit card companies, airlines, and many other recent patron accounts and Kickstarter campaigns are using for driving customer loyalty, interest, and retention.

Other ideas to consider:

  • Different reward program for tiers
  • Rewards or discounts for referrals
  • Secret page on the website which can be accessible only to the people who are having the right code or the people who know where to look

Live Chat Sessions

Live chat is the most effective and fastest way for connecting to online customers. It will help the visitors on the website to find the information which they required. They can also gather useful information for the business and then they will initiate the sales service and customer conversations.

Live chat sessions are the most essential part of doing business online. In this virtual world, it is no longer a nice but necessary component is the online experience. It is very equivalent to the capable friendly front desk receptionist who is greeting people when they walk to the physical location of the business.

Live chat uses

  • Clear up queries regarding features and product
  • Clear explanation of the pricing and incentives
  • Connecting visitors to the right departments and specialists
  • Inviting visitors to take advantage of the exclusive deals
  • Answer FAQs
  • Offering real-time support to the various issues of the website
  • Seamless online transactions

Why Content Writing Matters for Brands and Businesses in 2021

Why Content Writing Matters

Businesses are compelled to go online owing to changing scenarios. New tools and techniques for promoting businesses are also emerging and evolving. Nowadays, businesses are looking forward to promoting their brands digitally through digital marketing. Ultimately, the term content writing is gaining popularity and significance in every type of industry. So naturally, there are many questions which occur in the minds of people as to why content writing matters for brands and business. 

Role in digital marketing:

Those who are not aware of digital marketing,  Here is a simple definition to provide conceptual clarity” promoting brands, products and marketable things on various internet channels”. In other words, digital marketing refers to all the activities done on the internet and electric channels with a view to reduce or remove the gaps between buyers and sellers.

The scope of digital marketing is very wide and involves many techniques for brand promotion. Following are the techniques deployed in digital marketing.

SEO: Search engine optimization:-

A technique to get top ranking on search engine result pages with an objective to increase traffic and visitor to a particular website

Social media marketing: using social media sites and platforms to get connected with your audience. It includes Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram.

E-mail marketing: reaching out to people directly to convert them into clients using mailing techniques 

Social media optimization: making your website and its pages ready to work in harmony with social media platforms.

Content Marketing: an approach to create and distribute relevant, engaging, and interesting content suiting the requirements of people who can be converted into loyal buyers.

Content and its types

Content plays an indispensable part in a successful digital marketing strategy. No matter what strategy you adopt SEO, E-mail, Social media, or other, effectively and beautifully written content can work wonderfully for achieving organizational objectives. To convey your ideas without chances of ambiguity, it is necessary to understand what constitutes content :

Images and graphics: Images and digital graphics are continuously becoming prerequisites for every advertisement campaign. Developing and choosing captivating pictures and graphics requires creativity.

Video: moving pictures are more able to capture attention. As a result, videos are trying to replace text and graphics at a tremendous pace. Videos can display the sentimental sphere of promotion easily and help in linking customers emotionally.

Text: although the text has been the oldest form of communication in selling and promotion. It is still playing an effective part in the communication of brand and organizational messages. Anything written on the pretext of marketing is text content, however, writing result-oriented content demands patience and hard work

Audio and podcast: this is probably the newest form of context which is gaining popularity amongst people. These audio records with short durations are targeting a specific topic or recorded around a theme/background. The reasons underlying its admiration are flexibility and topic-orientation.

Content writing

Content writing includes planning about what to write, how to write or edit, and when to write content regarding products or services in order to market them over digital platforms. There are various factors that determine the style, choice of words, and even grammar for content. Some of the factors which determine the final structure of written content are mentioned below:

• Nature of product or service

• Objective of content

• Target population for which content is written

Types of content writing

As a content writer one may have to write different sorts of content each varied in style, vocabulary, persuasion, etc. although the list of a variety of content writing is very long. Here are some of the major content writing techniques which are commonly

Blogs: it is a great way to communicate with people. In blogs, regular information is updated about a particular topic. Many big companies having their own websites maintain their blog pages where they interact with their visitors. Moreover, such a brand informs about new products and service offerings.

Articles: while blogs are of promotional nature, articles are written with the objective to provide detailed and valuable information on a particular topic. Contrary to blogs articles are longer and backed by authentic records

Web content: website can convey a lot of information and all the written information posted on a website falls under this category. In web content writing, writers try to attract a potential customer.

E-books: everyone is familiar with books. However, when paper books are converted into electronic books they require a content writer. Here writer aims to convert physical material into virtual type.

Copywriting: it means deployment of text for marketing or advertising purposes. In copywriting, vocabulary and creativity play an important role. The goal is to get the attention of the prospectus to make them start their conversion journey.

Why content writing is important:

Tells about your brand:

No business can be a success unless it has a brand community. there are a lot of prospects for a business. However, it is quite possible that they don’t know what a business house does. As a result, they are a little away from being your customer.

Content writing plays a vital role in building trust between a business and its customer. By providing the proper information regarding your product or service, its features, functionality at websites, lots of doubts can be eliminated at an early stage.

Such content talks about the specialization of a company Information over your website helps customers take action as per their needs.

For search engine result pages:

Search engine result pages are always the center point of attraction for companies. Brands always aim to rank higher in the Google search ranking to get more traffic on their websites. Getting more traffic on the website creates more chances of macro conversions.

All such ranking techniques are part of on-page search engine optimization which is itself based on the relevancy of content and keywords. SEO is the art and science of ranking at the top of the search engine results page (SERP).

With the right choice of keywords and interesting content, digital marketers can rank business websites higher and ensure dense traffic. All this can act as a competitive strategy to grow your brand digitally to new heights.

Link generation and sharing.

If your content is instructive and can provide valuable insights it becomes worth sharing. Such content can generate enough links. Having more links is considered favorable for websites because link aids in acquiring more visitors. This is because websites with enough links are always indexed higher by Google as a priority.

To convert traffic into Conversion:

 as traditional marketing is getting off the trail to success and digital marketing is replacing it rapidly. Every business entity is working to get more and more customers.  With compelling and persuasive content writing this goal can be achieved easily.

 The entire journey of buying a product includes many steps and if your content skills can cater to the informational needs of visitors they can end up being new clients. All you need is interesting, reliable sentences with call action words at suitable timing.

To retain customer base:

It is very difficult for brands to excel if they don’t have a brand community. Brand community refers to people who are loyal and emotionally attached to a brand and they go for all of the branded items offered by a particular company. 

Content writing plays an integral part in ensuring resilient and long term relations with existing customers. An organization should inform its current customer base about the development of its products and services. This is done by regular posting over social media, blog posts, and solving doubts in chat boxes.

For advertisement:

The promotional efforts on the part of a company are always determined as per the nature of the audiences which are being targeted.  Having expertise in content is very important from this perspective. If you are able to create an advertisement with limited content that provides a lot of information with the clarity of meaning. You are all set to become successful in acquiring customers.

 It is also necessary to have knowledge of keywords to make advertisements surrounding these keywords so that digital stage such as Google adverts can show it on SERP. Make it a priority to analyze customer segments, current trends, and requirements to design the creative copy-write text.

Information about product and services:

Almost every brand launches a new or upgraded product at intervals. Informing about these events can be a great contributor to organization survival. This can help in two ways. Firstly, existing consumers aspiring something new get to know about  product developments and functions.

 Secondly, keeping in touch with your brand community helps you to identify shortcomings or modification requirements for product improvement. Companies that rely on working over the feedback reap benefits in the long run.

To summarize,

The significance of content writing is clear for the contributions it offers while preparing successful campaigns for promotional efforts. Although, nature, style, and elements of content keep changing on the basis of the objective of your promotional strategies or the platform you are about to use.

However, content writing becomes an inalienable piece in digital marketing whether you are writing for brand awareness, conversion, or informational purposes. During the entire process of purchase decisions of a buyer, content can exert a strong influence. By giving a clear picture of the product to conversions of loyal customers into part of the brand community, the Right content skills can add revenue to your business model.

Best Content Writing Techniques to Follow in 2021

Content Writing Techniques

Usually, you may have heard that “content is the king” which is why we need to always create unique and effective content. If your content technique is the best and easy to read then your blog, SEO and your website will always rank high. Content is impotent as your design and establishes your search result. Put inside the best creativity and the technique that helps you to make the best in your concept. We have some techniques for improving your content writing and make your content always unique.

Always Create Strong Headlines

The headline is an important component of the content as it determines whether the audience will read it or not. If the headline does not spark interest and make the reader want to learn more about the topic, you will not achieve the intended results with your content. That’s why it is essential to create a strong headline of your content and give proper details to enable the visitor to read your entire piece. The reader is looking for correct information and simplicity.
Headline and meta description are what show up in the search result, so make them interesting to increase the click rate. A good headline arouses interest and invites people in.

Optimize Your Content

The audience needs some effective and interesting content that is systematic. This means it should be easier to understand both for the audience and the search engines. The best content is the one that has short paragraphs, short sentences, active voice, and bulleted list. You can also include images with alt text to further accentuate your content and increase traffic to your website. Additionally, the content should also be optimized for search using SEO content strategies and best practices.

Align the Tone as Per Target Audience

Your audience is your power, understanding the tone and voice of your content will give you an edge over the competition. Many content strategists ignore this element as they are more focused on SEO content. Also, the tone needs to align with your target audience or they will click on the title and leave. Use simple words and phrases that are easy to understand, do not try to show how knowledgeable and clever you are. The purpose of your content is to provide information on the product or services you are offering or what benefit the user gets purchasing your offerings. So write in a tone that is attractive, authoritative, yet simple. welcome your audience with entertaining and fresh content.

Get To The Point

Content writing is not an easy task but you need to do your best and get your message across to the audience. When the user gets the point you want to convey, it boosts your content writing and improves your confidence enabling the user to visit your content next time.
The user needs solutions to their issues immediately, so avoid long descriptions and stressing facts. Make your content always visual and useful for explaining the same things with the straight point with short and simple sentences and paragraphs.

Improve Readability of the Content

Readability has a direct effect on user engagement metric. Also, this is the most important area that Google looks into to rank web pages. To improve the readability of your content, there are certain things you can do. This includes, format the content for skin readers, use short sentences, break long paragraphs, highlight interesting parts of the content, use transition words. Also, ensure to check the spelling and grammatical mistakes. You can use tools like Grammarly and Microsoft’s spelling check to make your content foolproof.

Think always unique and smart.

Go straight to your point. Use headlines with the tone length and smarter to the other that is the main success point of your content. Look at the competitors and analyze their strategy and improve your content writing to the best. Quality is more important than quantity; quality gives the simplest solution to the readers and gets the effect on their point of view. That’s why you should try to be smart and always write unique copies. This is also essential as Google can spam the duplicate content and in turn hurt your website’s rankings.

Integrate user feedback into your content.

User feedback is important for you because the user always gives you the right feedback whether it is positive or negative. The feedback helps you rectify your mistakes and enable you to improve your content. If the user knows your weakness and the power, it always gives you have a big boost and make the bond between the user and you. Don’t hide your weakness, work on them and improve further.

Make your content effective

The best content gives sense to your user on how to apply the information. The best content is also the one that provides the right and complete information to their user. But you need tom assure that and they feel they get the best material. Many times, you write the blog post and you talk only about the topic and didn’t give them proper knowledge for their requirement You need to write effective content and write the type of blog that is impressive and reader- friendly.

Include keywords

Use relevant keywords and long tail keywords in headlines as well as throughout your content to let both your readers and the search engines know what your content is all about.
But be aware, not to include too many keywords. This will not only turn off your readers but can result in search engine penalties for keyword stuffing. Use keywords thoughtfully and naturally. In addition to using keywords throughout the body of your post, take advantage of blog tags by tagging a few relevant keywords for each post; most general blogs have tagging capabilities already built in. The keywords are a big ranking factor as well.


Great content is not hard to create. You just need to be consistent and use best practices when writing. The more you learn, the more you discover and adopt, and it will polish your writing skills. The exercise takes a bit of time, but when you start doing it regularly, you will soon have a treasure of information to share with others.

Top 10 High Performing Content Marketing Types

Content Marketing Types

Till 2021, we all have got acquainted with the term content marketing. If you are not, then let us give you a small brief. It can be referred to as a technique or method through which you can showcase your message or advertise your brand to the millions of available online users. Content marketing has become one of the most important strategies for all types of businesses and industries in the current times. The constant competition to rank higher makes it very important for you to pick the most appropriate content type. Hence, are you trying to squeeze out new ideas from your brain? Do you want to experiment with something new this time? If yes, then we would certainly love to help you out. Let us see how!

One of the main goals when you are doing your business online, has to be proper interaction and user engagement. When talking of engagement, we mean the clicks, views, shares, and feedback. All of this will reflect how much attention you are getting from the audience and web traffic. However, you would always want all of this to happen cost-effectively. Thus, to meet the needs of the users and also keep work at comfort, content marketing is certainly the best option. Content marketing has been one of the most budget-friendly methods to promote your brand, as per the experts. Not just this, it promises to deliver much more than what you spend on it.

Why Choose Content Marketing to Grow Your Business?

Being a marketer, it’s more important for you to know the audience that you need to target. Your audience will indeed keep growing or changing, and hence to retain them, you must keep them engaged on your website. For this, you will need to be aware of how your target audience can vary and what you will need to do to keep them interested in you. That being said, this will be a two-way relationship, which is indeed a commitment. Let us now have a look at why is content marketing strategy necessary for you.

For instance, we all know that the audience will only buy from a brand if they feel connected to them or can enjoy their products. All the process which is done to make them feel so is known as branding. The content marketing strategy is a core to the concept of branding. This implies that content marketing is actually about making the visitors feel welcome at your online business site. Be it online or offline, marketing your message or brand to the users to show your message and concern is always important.

List of Content Marketing Types You Need to Learn in 2021

By helping you deliver useful and interesting information to the customers, content marketing certainly helps you a lot. But, please note that for every customer, no specific content type can be appealing. Hence, this is why it is better to keep swapping the ways you approach people with your content. For your convenience and to give you a better perception, we have come up with the top 10 content marketing types that you can choose for your online site.

1. Blog Posts

Yet another very popular type of content marketing has to be blog posts. Running a blog post helps you provide regular updates of products on your website that suit your brand and draws potential consumers looking for a solution to your company. Blog posts increase SEO and can be a cost-effective way to raise organic traffic. Whenever you are writing blogs, make sure that you always keep certain things in your mind. The first would be to make sure that the content you publish is optimized with the relevant keywords and is SEO-friendly. To make it SEO-oriented, you need to add small paragraphs, short and proper sentences, no grammatical errors, and make sure that there is no copied content. Only then can we promise better returns over it. 

Next, you need to focus on choosing the topics for a blog that enhance your brand, services, or products. For example, you can never write about recipes on a digital marketing site and vice versa. Always keep it short, simple, and precise enough that users find it attractive enough to go through it once. These were three things that you need to swear by when creating a blog post content.

2. Memes

Meme is a popular option to amuse your fans with amusing photos and posts. In fact, memes are also one of the contents that generate the most engagement because they show the brand image. They showcase the individuality of the brand, providing a remarkable chance to personify and validate the brand’s voice. Memes increase customer involvement and also result in higher amounts of page traffic and brand relatability.

Well, memes can be considered as a part of visual advertisements. These are considered the images that provide the users with content that is relatable to the audience. Besides, they are a medium of content with tremendous potential of virality to be obtained. One of the best things about memes is that they are completely based on what is going on. A lot of companies use memes almost every day to entertain their customers. 

3. Quizzes/Poll

The inevitable popularity of youngster-oriented interesting quiz sessions is remembered by all the millennials who come of maturity in the mid-2000s. Because of the rapid rise of social networking and aggregation sites such as Buzzfeed, as they bring this trend is back in a pretty good way. We can surely say that contesting quizzes and polls is the best way to gain customer insight. It will help you get enough knowledge or information about the customers. Apart from this, you can also inform a lot about your brand using these quizzes.

Quizzes and polls are the best way to spread the word about your company. They will have a fair idea of your priorities and products, even without clicking on your website. Quizzes can boost your engagement with customers and help you develop an intended audience. Such shareable and enjoyable content is a nice addition to your content marketing plan. And because they’re typically possible to achieve, that’s a plus for your viewer.

4. Infographics

Did you guys know how infographics are still one of the most commonly viewed and shared online content? Apart from this, more than 80% of those using infographics to advertise their company find that this content type is surely effective? These are so interesting and can give rise to a promotional campaign with its eye-catching content. They are vivid, visually thrilling ways to show statistics or procedures. Infographics are fast and low-budget entertainment to the eyes of a marketer. This infographic offers a lot of ways in which it will make a significant difference in finding leads. For instance, if you don’t get far too much popularity on Instagram and Twitter, try to post it to Facebook.

It is very easy to show your data in the form of an infographic like these. Furthermore, infographics will make your product more respectable if concrete facts are mentioned. Before you consider using an infographic for your site, here are some important things you need to remember.

  • Add a nice and catchy tagline with short subheadings.
  • Plan it like any other storytelling content. You can begin with a blog outline.
  • Use tools like Canva or any other for creating the best infographic.

5. Influencers

When scrolling through Instagram or YouTube, you will see innumerable facets that are known to be social influencers. Industry-specific influencers can be of tremendous value to your marketing strategy. Getting influencers to support your content will draw a whole audience that you haven’t been able to hit before. Make sure that you choose to get connected to an influencer that belongs to your industry. You can email them about your vision and whether they are ready for it. Choosing these social media faces for promoting your business can be of great benefit. 

6. How-To Tutorials

Whenever you plan to sell a product online, be it related to any industry, make sure that you make your users well aware of the how-to guide. From Google Advertising to Skillshare and even Udemy, training guides have played an immersive role in helping them make new and future customers test their product before they commit. This type of content normally results from long posts and can be problematic on a wide array of topics.

You should also ensure that different media, including text and graphic components, such as images and videos, are used. A YouTube how-to tutorial video is one of the most common options to make this kind of content.

7. Podcasts

The next one on this list has to be the podcasts. Podcasts encourage individuals to view your information at their leisure. They are yet another good substitute for reusing original content. One of the best things about podcasts is that they can be extracted from a video and then presented as a podcast. There are ample numbers of websites present online, which can help you know about how, to begin with, a podcast.

8. White Papers

White papers are a certain kind of long-form content marketing, but they are not confused for an eBook. White papers are comprehensive publications that include facts and reports on a specific topic. Since White Papers are facts-driven, around 70-80 percent of the total of B2B buyers said they would exchange White Papers with peers about some other method of content marketing. The best white papers are not a promotional message. Rather, they’re attempting to help the target demographic. They’re successful with or without the hard sell. The features of the best white papers are:

  • Utilization of in-depth analysis
  • Provide the citation or reference of all statements with factual statistics
  • Get a call-to-action so that viewers understand what to do about it.
  • Feature maps, diagrams, and quotations

9. Email Newsletters

You don’t think about your weekly email as a content marketing method, but this one certainly helps a lot. Email newsletters are a perfect way to showcase your message or the products that you’ve produced. But they can be anything entirely different, too. It is a known thing that email marketing has a fantastic ROI. It’s why you can’t skip this marketing content format.

10. Video Content

It would not be wrong if it is said that this is the generation that is fascinated by the visual contents. In the world of the internet, people are nowadays spending more time watching video content, be it on YouTube or any other social media platform. As per a statistics report of YouTube, it is seen that more than 2 billion users log in to this platform every month. It implies that the number of people attracted by video content is increasing day by day. Thus, now we can say that choosing video content as marketing strategy is certainly a great idea. 

The key to creating videos is to produce captivating advertising content that offers the audience an innovative engagement element. Video content will do more than just educating and teaching. It’s meant to tell a story that the listener can relate to. By presenting a better image of your business, using videos can be a game-changer for you to improve your customer experience. A mesmerizing video is the best way to demonstrate to your consumers what you stand for! 


Apart from the list of content marketing types that we have discussed above, there is so much more that will still be left with. Be it Q&As, Poll contests, images, GIFs, reels, and so on, the names are going to be endless. However, it is you who will be trying these content marketing types and then choosing the best one for you. 

Boost healthy and regular interactions with audiences by high-quality content to create loyalty and trust, build a network, establish a relationship, and accomplish your business objectives. Hence, hurry up and choose the best type of content marketing approach for yourself and begin today!

Top 10 Content Marketing Tools You Must Try in 2021

Content Marketing Tools

It is known to all of us that content marketing tools can never replace us; however, they certainly can help us ease our tasks by making them much quicker and efficient. As per a survey, the annual rate of content marketing growth has reached $217.3 billion by the end of 2020. Many of you must be thinking about why companies are spending so much on content marketing, right? The answer to your question is very simple. It is because content marketing provides an immense amount of value that marketers cannot receive from other types of conventional forms of marketing. For instance, content marketing will require 62 percent fewer expenses when compared to conventional marketing and produces three to four times as many leads.

You will come across more than hundreds of content marketing tools online. Out of all these, some of them are free, while a few others are that of affordable prices. Not only content creation, but they also help in content advertising, promotion, and advertising on an endless number of platforms. The technology landscape of content marketing is increasing with the passing year. That being said, we now have a solution for all the problems that ever can occur to you in relation to the content. But these problems can be torturous at times, so we all start looking for the best tools that can help you promote your content across different platforms. Considering your problems, we have come up with this article, in which we will talk about the top ten content marketing tools you need to use in 2021.

List of 10 Content Marketing Tools

Your experience of content marketing techniques helps you to assess how effective you could be as a marketer. But scrolling through dozens of content marketing software can provide you with an explosion of details. Let’s get going now with the best tools!

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is a program that enables advertisers to identify trends in their business. Besides, it also allows marketers to recognize the best bloggers in their area to sell their content. Some of the features which make BuzzSumo, the best ones are:

  • Research and organization of content help you classify the content shared the most within various timeframes. BuzzSumo also helps you to discover the average share of the required network, conduct comprehensive content research, figure out which types of content are performing best, and so much more;
  • The content curation feature of BuzzSumo helps the users to find content on a certain topic. You can also get notifications whenever an author updates new content. 
  • It also helps you to explore the content which is being shared or viewed by the public repetitively. This can be done easily based upon the network, domain, time, and author.
  • The question analyzer of BuzzSumo helps you to create content that can help you answer most of the questions asked by the users.

2. WordPress

When talking of the CMS, WordPress is the most commonly used by people all over the world. As per a report presented by VentureBeat, it has been stated that around 30 percent of online businesses on the internet prefer using WordPress for promoting their content. We all very well are aware of the fact that social proof can at times lead us nowhere on the right path. However, in WordPress, this is certainly not true, as it has turned out to be a very powerful tool. Be it at the beginning phase or the existing phase, WordPress has always proven itself in content marketing.

WordPress provides advertisers with the resources they really will need to build a website or an online forum. It is a very convenient-to-use content curation and creative writing platform that helps update content, user analytics, and a range of extensions to optimize your marketing method. The free plan is provided with the domain ( and three gigabytes of data.

3. HubSpot

For years now, HubSpot has been considered the all-rounder about inbound marketing, CRM suite, sales, and distribution. It helps content marketers by providing them with all the necessary tools. They might need these to develop actionable information that creates sales and drives. This content advertising solution also offers content marketers tools that focus on producing information, refining content, and ensure that it gets to the right audiences. When you have built your profile and published your content, HubSpot analyses your marketing plan regarding revenue and overall results. 

Other than the free-of-cost content marketing resources, if you want to create a successful device, then HubSpot has a top-class CMS and perhaps the most effective promotional automation platform in the business. It enables you to standardize anything to a free CRM. This ensures that HubSpot has a solution that would help you develop your content marketing plan at any stage of company development.

4. Trello

Trello is graphical cooperation and project management technique that makes planning and cooperation interesting. This platform has a panel of boards that show tasks and cards to make you aware of the completed activities. There will be many listings within the cards that classify and record the performance of each mission. With Trello, you can arrange and manage all the group files and tasks in one place. It also facilitates integration with many of the applications that the team is currently using.

In simple, we can say that Trello is basic project management software, which indicates that it could be used for several purposes. Besides, we’ve used it for lots of other stuff, such as development experiments, marketing processes, and product roadmaps.

5. ContentStudio

ContentStudio is a multi-purpose social media marketing application working in the most efficient way to assess the content, manage different social media platforms, schedule new articles, evaluate performance, and cooperate with marketing teammates. The provider provides a range of features like content discovery, publishing, managing, market research, and computerization features to assist marketing companies in their work and cooperation. These would be the functions that you can use with ContentStudio:

  • Market analysis on social media
  • Exploration of content
  • Provides Efficient insights
  • centralized content planners
  • Multiple channel creator and publisher
  • Automation of content sharing.

6. Canva

What will you do when a stock image does not cut in properly? At such time, the best tool that you can use is Canva. It is one of the best designing platforms chosen by most expert designers and bloggers to create exemplarily perfect images. It is perfect for people and companies who seem to have no experience in graphic design. You can certainly pick a design from various types, including presentation, social media, Facebook message, advertisements, Instagram posts, the message header, posters, book cover, and much more. You may use social networking sites to print, download, or post your template. Some of the best features provided by Canva are:

  • Helps in creating grids and frames, cropping the images, enhancing the image quality, and straightening.
  • Provides you a drag and drop tool which helps you to edit the template.
  • Drag and drop the tool that helps you to edit templates without learning HTML;
  • You can add relevant and personalized text to the images.
  • Developing static, interactive, and dynamic placards.
  • Heatmap to figure out how people communicate with your advertising.

This platform is excellent for different types of online marketing pictures, such as social media images, blog photo covers, Twitter photo covers, etc. This is pretty best for all purposes.

7. Grammarly

Grammarly has certainly been of great help when choosing the best tool for content marketing in 2021. This platform is designed specifically for digital marketers, writers, and business people to establish reliable text data. Not only will the platform assist you in simplifying your content, but it also allows you to review vocabulary, punctuation, pronunciation, plagiarism, and much more. You can also use this as an app or as a browser plugin. Grammarly helps you proofread and edit the contents on LinkedIn, Google Docs, Messenger, MS Word, Gmail, and many other platforms. Let us tell you more about its features:

  • Checks grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and punctuation to help you correct them.
  • Restructures the incorrect sentences and makes them as short as possible.
  • Improvement of vocabulary
  • Checking the style of writing
  • Checks Plagiarism
  • Writing ideas based on the audience and priorities.

8. SEMrush

SEMrush is a content management platform that enables marketers to identify the content as per their strategic objectives. Market researchers can use this method to inspect, study, distribute and compare content efficiency. Besides, they will use the data generated to take swift steps to maximize their growth and profits. Managing different content activities helps company owners concentrate on core topics such as marketing campaigns and inventions. Here are some of the advantages required by SEMrush:

  • Research on keywords
  • Tracking of status
  • Analysis of marketing campaigns
  • Ranking of competitors
  • Crawl audit tool
  • View the promotional tool
  • Product listing of advertisement

9. Uberflip

Creating content to promote businesses itself is one thing. Doing the same in an organized fashion to meet consumer’s demands at any point of the shopping process is quite different – and that is what Uberflip strives to do. A primary component of Uberflip is the opportunity to build content platforms that are important to particular subjects and markets, which can also enable you to share content more efficiently and increase conversion rates.

With the help of Uberflip, you can track and improve the online content marketing strategy. It is because an analytics system is integrated into this platform. However, if you’re unable to gain the insights, then Uberflip provides a wide variety of helpful tips and techniques to help your advertising campaign. What’s more, the tool’s customer care staff is highly appreciated if you have any issues along the way.

10. Populr

With performance and speed at its foundation, Populr urges you to create a page for everything in five minutes.’ The system seeks to strengthen marketing and advertising teams with a framework that organizes websites with many conveniences as Powerpoint presentations, eliminating the duty to use developers. Populr provides its users with various web template alternatives to render a very professional touch without any need to take help from a designer. The automated layout engine helps users to quickly click and drag objects onto their personalized websites.

This content marketing tool also allows you to share your content with others using the share options, including social media, email, and perhaps more. The engagement trackers and analytical tools help you monitor and automate your content. Some other useful functions which Populr provides include sharing tools to enable multiple users to modify a site, personalized labeling to allow quick uploading of logos and graphics, plus password and data encryption for added security. 


Seeing the constant rise in digital marketing, you must have known to date that there are lots of things that make your online business do wonders on the web. One of the most important factors has been the content that you upload on your online site. It is a well-known fact that content is a very important part of online marketing or advertising strategy. Interesting and informative content will get you users and eventually help you make them your loyal customer base. Hence, investing in one of the best content marketing tools is what you need to certainly consider doing as soon as possible.

Purchasing the best tool out of all those mentioned in the list above will help you communicate with your target audience and achieve the goals. With these content marketing tools, you can certainly promote your online business and gain profits. However, remember that you choose the content marketing tools as per your preferences, budget and usage. Make sure that you begin working on finding the best one as soon as possible.

5 Golden Tips To Rank New Content Faster

Tips To Rank New Content Faster

Blogging and SEO are essential parts of digital marketing and as much as organic search is essential for the business, in a similar way if your business is not ranking higher on the Google Search engines for the relevant search parts, then the audience will never even come to know of your business and the products or services that you are selling. Google enjoys 33% of the traffic that is boosted to the website and it makes all the relevant pages essential. PPCs do help in increasing the search ranking of the web pages but you can’t depend on it always. You need to do blogging and give new content frequently to be stable in the markets. 

Ways of ranking your blog higher and faster

1. Having a new SEO friendly design of the blog

Do you know that having an SEO friendly blog design is as much important for higher search rankings? You must pay attention to the design so that people feel attracted to moving towards your website and purchasing things from there. 

  • Keeping link numbers below 100

Google recommends you to keep the linking pages below 100 for every web search, whereas it can reach 200 at times. This is because Google indexed only 100 kilobytes of a page but now Google is able to index larger than that. Having user experience pages are more important than any other SEO measures, so keeping it in 100 is still favorable. 

  • Keep all the images small

For drawing the attention of the readers, adding images and graphics is a crucial step but these should be applied in such ways that they fit easily and remain small. A bloated image can cause slow page downloads decreasing the site speed. The simplest way is by saving images as .jpeg or even as. gifs. About 80-90% of the user experience is brought by downloading the images, sheets, etc. 

  • Limiting of space of ads

When you are planning to design an SEO blog design, the rule is quite simple. Use as a limited number of ads as you can. If you don’t do that, then it will slow down the process of hurting your traffic. Use your analytics to know how many ads you can use inside the webpage and determine the three highest odds by cutting all others. 

  • Keeping content above the fold

Keep all the contents above 768 pixels. Reports show that people scroll but they only read 80% of the things that are above the fold and the rest 20% they tend to ignore. Use the concept of sliders which is becoming popular now. When you are planning to use a slider, make sure you position the slider properly. The viewers must give the slider an important feel when they arrive at your blog. 

2. Optimizing all the blog posts

People are searching for information online and blog posts are a great way of providing that to people. Optimizing gives the type of content that people are in search of and also helps in communicating with the audience to give them what they want. 

Whenever you plan on posting something online, think about the audience first and focus on the SEO part with much care and effort. 

  • Keyword focus

While writing online, you will be covering all the latest trends, topics, and article posts suiting the audience. For that, you will have to do keyword research for finding out what the audience requires. While writing content, one keyword should be on your mind and then you can have additional keywords surrounding it. 

  • Having a good title

The title is quite important for your blog for capturing the audience and intriguing them in reading the blog posts. The title should also be SEO optimized. The title has to be relevant to the target audience communicating to them what the search engines are all about. 

  • Using of META description

A meta description is yet another important thing for encouraging the clicks from the search engine results. And the description is another essential thing in the SERPs. While writing the descriptions, share a little bit of information about what will be in the content. And use focus based keywords. Keep the description under 160 characters. Don’t stuff all the keywords together. 

  • Using internal linking

Internal links help in marking all the related blog posts together. Readers appreciate when these linkages are used. When you are linking 4 to 5 blog posts, you are giving the readers something to read next. It helps in increasing traffic and on-site relevance. 

3. Using of WordPress SEO plugins

WordPress is such a popular content management system that is developing with its community developers. It comes with a market full of premium and free plugins. 

  • Using of Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is quite a simple SEO plugin. You don’t have to do much setup here and google gives you all the information on the site. 

  • WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin

It is the best Yoast Plugin that you will ever find. Yoast is considered to be a free plugin that has been downloaded by almost 7 million times till today. Having over 3,000 reviews, it is a 5 on 5 ratings on WordPress. It helps in easy optimizing of the blog posts. 

4. Hunting for the links

Here, you will be hunting for all the popular links connected to the blog posts that you are posting:

  • Searching for blog posts that have backlinks

Trackback is one important thing used by most blogs. It is a showing of appreciation for a single link and when another blog lists the same, then there is a trackback in the comments section. 

  • Creating fresh content than all regular posts 

There are so many blog types that are useful and popular among the target audience. You have to create posts that go way beyond the posts that you are reading. Add some valuable contents that you have found somewhere else. This will be taking time but it is totally worth it. 

5. Blogging consistently and frequently

Blogging consistently is hard but the benefits you reap from it… you cannot imagine! After tons of your blog posts, you start getting traffic regarding the blogs and people to come to know about you. Publishing works regularly takes time but it’s just better than Netflix or even binge-watching. Blogging continuously is beneficial from a business perspective also. 

It helps in giving opportunities for achieving better rankings. Writing blog posts in addition to the content and people get to read fresh content every day. 

Why should you blog?

If you suddenly stop blogging, then the overall traffic will decrease and people will simply lose interest in your site. If you stop blogging for say 1 month, then it won’t affect you much but what’s the harm in doing something that you love anyway?

Blogging leads to giving more leads which is a really good thing, especially if you are a start-up. Blogging helps in keeping with the rapport and connection with the audience by giving them something new each day. 

How long does SEO take for working?

As a business owner, you will surely have 1 question: how much time does it take for making your website Number 1 ranking on Google? In the earlier times, only 5 to 10 keywords were chosen that are the golden keywords for bringing in the majority of the traffic. But this keyword strategy is not used at present. Here, it’s more about focusing on the generic keywords from the long tail search. Nowadays, keywords are becoming easier to rank and are relevant because of the addition of details for inviting traffic. 

Keyword Ranking does not affect much as you think

Rankings do matter but depending on the metrics that you are using. When you are getting the rankings, it easily sells your business as it is so emotionally satisfying. The outcome should be grand so, hiring SEO firms or professionals do the wonder for you. 

How long does it take for SEO to start working?

The SEO also depends on how long the blog post has been on the search engines. It is the links or the SEO factors that are important to search out for and look at. 

  • Month 1

It’s all about discovery, keyword strategy, planning, etc. If you are doing the discovery and research soon enough, then you may start with the technical changes in the website. If this takes another month, then you have to wait till the same. 

  • Month 2

You will be focusing on the SEO technical work like the profile and link building. If you are doing the SEO but not seeing any changes, then you have to create an impact before it’s finished. 

  • Month 3

This month you will be creating content like FAQs, blogging, whitepapers, articles, product reviews, etc. if you are right on this strategy then you will see some improvements in the posts that you are making. These rankings can even lead to better sales in your business. 

  • Month 4

This is the earlier step but you are incorporating social media management to the group of blog posts that you are making. This can lead to a natural website link by generating leads. You can continue with the website creation search or even engage some PR in the works. You will be seeing more traffic coming from the start point. 

  • Month 5

After your traffic reaches 5,000 visitors per month, you will be adding in the conversion rate or even optimizing for improving the traffic that you are getting. The activities that you are doing also depends on the type of company that you are working for. 

Many companies see the results within 4 to 6 months and the SEO results grow over time. Whatever results you are getting in 6 months; it might change in 12 months. The results may seem to taper off at times and you will be maintaining the results as you are progressing in the business. 

Benefits of quality content marketing

It’s no wonder that content marketing is one of the effective ways of reaching out to many new customers. This helps in driving the traffic to the site, making you the leading voice in the industry. 

1. It turns out to be great for the engagement part

There is nothing better than reading content that is well written and thoroughly researched providing interesting information from start to the finish. Fresh contents are not easy to get and when people come in contact with such contents, then they will share with friends as well. 

2. Giving a chance to the audience for understanding them

When you are creating original content, it goes with an understanding of the client’s main points. It will make the work easier and you can also distribute the contents answering the client’s questions. Show you have the knowledge and ability for resourcing the contents that the audience wants. 

3. More traffic leads to more customers

When you are uploading content consisting of your website, it helps in making more customers come to your website generating more leads on the way. This way you will be reaping so many customers. This process starts slow but it picks up the speed instantly and eventually stops when it has gathered the mass it was planning of. 


New content doesn’t get published faster on the search engines but using the appropriate keywords places it at the right spot from where there is the only success of using all the keywords and original contents. Content marketing helps in the driving of the customer’s minds and it also gives you what you are actively searching for. Also, the contents can change the minds of the customers and they will intend on buying from you only. 

There is no better long-term marketing technique than content marketing itself and this is the one providing ROI without pissing any customers. So, create fresh and unique content and keep engaging customers on your website.