Common Mistakes New Ecommerce Site Owners Make Too Often

Common Mistakes New Ecommerce Site Owners Make Too Often

Everyone knows that this is the era of the internet, everything is available online whether it is any product or service. So for every kind of service or product eCommerce site is a must. It is a website where all the buying and selling deals take place and products or services are listed. 

There are hundreds of eCommerce websites available on the internet but not all are successful. During the research, it is found that almost 75% of eCommerce websites are not successful due to many reasons. If you also have an eCommerce website then you must have to take care of it and provide good services as well. In this article, you will get to know about a few common mistakes that eCommerce site owners do. So that you can improve yourself and boost your eCommerce site.

These are the following common mistakes that new eCommerce site owners make too often: 

1. Reinventing the wheel 

We all hate changes as they feel very discomfortable with us. Many people want to be unique from other websites and they change the interface of their site. They choose a completely changed interface which is almost opposite from other websites like add to cart option, product options, varieties options, and many more. They think that it makes them different from others and gives a chance to visitors. 

But the game will go opposite from it. Because people find it too different and then leave the site as they feel that everything is at a different place. No one likes changes all the time, if you want to change then bring some unique change into your product or services. 

So from next time make sure that the interface of your website should be easy and likely to the other websites. It makes your visitors more friendly with your website and they will spend some time browsing your site. 

2. Untrustworthy design 

You will never deny the fact that looks are everything, everyone likes good and attractive looks. So this same thing you have to apply on your website. You have to design your website very well and choose a professional platform to design it with modern and popular themes. 

We will advise you to use only professional website designers for building websites for your business. Because when the website looks professional people will rely on it and trust it as well. Everyone knows that trust is the major factor between any customer and seller. 

Keep one thing in mind that if your website will look like the most popular website with a professional ascent then it builds trust with the visitors. So be careful with the design of your website. 

3. Redundant product descriptions 

This is the most common problem that you will find ever. Many websites put a redundant description under the product. People will find it useless and it is just the copy words of republication provided by the manufacturers. If you also do this with the description of the product then your page will not be shown on the first page of the google search list. As it is considered as copied text by google from somewhere else. 

The product description should be useful and explain your product. Make sure that your description will contain the reason why they should prefer your website to buy this particular product. 

4. Not being profitable 

Every person wants quick money when they start a new business, and this expectation is very common as well. If you also start a business then you must have to be very patient at the initial period of the business. It is fine if your site maintenance cost is higher than the profits. 

But the more important thing on which you have to focus upon is not the profit but on the growth. Once you expand and get popular then your profit will automatically increase day by day. So for now you just have to focus on doing more and serving more to your visitors. 

5. No responsive design 

It is also a very common problem that people have to face while dealing with eCommerce sites. During the research, it is found that almost 60-70% of shopping orders will take place through a smartphone. Apart from it, there are a lot of websites which only support laptops or just tablets, etc. 

So if you have your business website then make sure that it will be working properly with every device. And experiment with it with as many devices as possible for you. Check all the options from add to cart to place orders and payment methods, everything. If you find any error then rectify it as soon as possible. 

6. No target audience 

This is the most important point that you need to understand very well. Because when you get this then you will be able to defeat the huge giant in the eCommerce industry. You have to choose a targeted audience and then do your best to serve them. Because if you don’t have an ideal customer then you will not know what to offer your consumer and what not. 

So let’s talk about an ideal customer so that you will find your option and then prepare your services or product for them. A targeted audience means you will choose a kind of person like: 

  • The age group of your customer 
  • Interest and preferences of your customer 
  • Specific area of your customer 
  • The need for your customer 
  • The budget of your customer 


Once you give all the answers to all the above points then you will be able to serve your customers more productively than ever before. 

7. Technical SEO error 

SEO of a website plays a major role to make your website appear on the first page of the search list. If your website has good SEO then you don’t have to hassle to make it run but if you don’t have good SEO of your website then you have to do it. And the best thing to do is just hire a professional SEO services and they will do it. 


  • SEO builds trust and credibility 
  • Good SEO means better user experience 
  • It increases traffic, engagement, and conversions
  • SEO impacts the buying cycle 


8. Complicated shopping carts 

Just imagine you like a product on a random website and then you start placing an order. But just after it the website shows you a lot of processes before reaching the final page. Not even you every person will leave the site as he doesn’t like to do that much before ordering a product from a random website. 

In the same sense if you don’t like all this then the other person will also hate it. So try your best to shorten the process of ordering a product on your website. You just have to make sure that the customer doesn’t have to create an account for just buying a single product on your website. Keep one thing in mind that the text will be shorter and the button will be larger. It creates a sense of call to action with your customers. 

9. No logo 

Many people don’t know the importance of a logo in the business. If you’re one of them then let us tell you the importance of a logo in your business. 


  • It grabs attention 
  • It makes a strong first impression 
  • It is the foundation of your brand identity 
  • It’s memorable 
  • It separates you from the competition 
  • It fosters brand loyalty 


These are the importance of your logo and apart from the above points, it matters a lot into your business. So you have to have a perfect logo for your business. Let us tell you what your logo should be. While making your logo make sure that it will fit into the following criteria. 


  • Simple 
  • Memorable 
  • Timeless 
  • Versatile 
  • Appropriate 


10. Empty about page 

Many people think that the about page is not important as it does not help in growing traffic or related to the search page. It is your biggest mistake ever. You don’t have to treat the about page as useless. You don’t know the fact that almost every visitor should visit the about page of every website. 

It is because this page contains the details of your brand, product, services, etc. Whenever any visitor randomly visits your website he wants to know more about your website. Then he directly goes for the about page and there he gets to know about your website. But if you will not maintain the about page then he will not get to know about your website properly and leave your site. 

So if you’re also one of them who is not maintaining the page then you must have to update it with the up-gradation in services and products. 

11. Not addressing a hole in the market 

There are millions of websites available on the internet which sell any product or services. Now if you also start selling products or services online then why do people come to you to buy a product when they have more options available. And that’s the reason behind almost every failed eCommerce business. 

Keep one thing in mind that the market will not give a gap so that you can come and fulfill it through your services or product. You have to create a gap or need for your services or products in the market. You can modify the product or service by observing the difficulty of the people. When they get a better, comfortable, and luxurious product or service to you only then they don’t have any other option better than you. 

If you get this point then you can create a huge customer base in the market. And it can be of any age group as it depends upon the kind of service and product. 

12. Poor customer service 

During the research, it is found that customer service is five times responsible to make a customer stay with a particular product or service. If your customer service is good and helpful then more and more people will love to use your product and services. 

Many people will consider your business according to the customer service you will provide. If your customer service is good then they make a positive image of your service or product but if your customer service is bad then they make a negative image of your business or service. 

So for a good image and attract more and more people toward your business you have to use the best customer service. If you don’t have any idea about it then you can also outsource customer call centers for the best services.

13. Unenlightening product photos 

We all love beautiful and clear things. In the same sense when you’re browsing any random website then the buying and selling will mostly depend upon the looks of the product. If the product looks good then you will buy but if the product does not look clear then you don’t. 

This is the game of clicking pictures only. It means when you’re listed good pictures of the product then the chances of selling will be high. But if the picture listed on the website is not clear or good then there are very fewer chances of its selling. 

So if you want to increase eCommerce sales and increase more and more customers then you must have to focus on the quality of photos. You can also hire professional photographers for clicking pictures of your products. 

These are the most common mistakes that new eCommerce site owners make too often. But now the chances of mistakes are very low as you are aware of all the mistakes. Now you can avoid these mistakes and save your time, efforts, and money as well. One thing that you have to keep in mind is that take professional services for your business website. Because professionalism increases the loyalty and trust of customers. 

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