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4 Ways to Manage Negative Feedback in a Positive Way

No one likes criticism or negative feedback. Whether you are working in a company or providing a service, negative feedback can hinder your confidence and morale. However, on the other hand, negative feedback can be a valuable thing to improve yourself. Marketers often face negative comments and reviews on their services. Sometimes, angry audiences rant online in the comment section. So, you must prepare yourself for that. 

Changing your outlook to see the negative feedback can help you to achieve more growth. It is not always easy for people to see the positive side of negative feedback. Negative reviews are hard to handle as they can impair our effectiveness. 

Receiving positive feedback makes you feel very encouraged, enthusiastic and motivated. On the other hand, receiving negative comments can be hard and demotivating sometimes. Humans make mistakes, and there is always room for improvement, and getting criticism for that is common. However, getting a negative comment and accepting it on social media platforms is still a challenging thing.

You will hardly find any guidance specifically on how to respond calmly to negative feedback. In this guide, we have shared some supported actions that can help you to respond to negative comments and won’t damage your self-consciousness. 

1. Pause, learn and review it.

Controlling the defensive reaction to a negative comment is hard to do. However, if you succeed in doing that, you have learned how to pause after getting criticised. Though, it is a good practice to listen to the feedback, learn from it, and review it. You must take a deep breath as it might help you to apprehend the negative feedback. After that, you must review it by listening to the reviewer and asking for support evidence to get clarity from the opposite side.

2. Ignore or move on

Sometimes, feedback comes from such sources who know nothing about your work.  Many people post invaluable comments that hold no value, so move on and don’t get hung up on that comment. Criticism is a part of any business, and you need not get too down with negative comments. Most of the time, trolls are done out of jealousy and to beat the ongoing competition in the market. Therefore, it is sometimes better to ignore and just let it be.

3. See positivity in the comments

Build the habit of seeing the positive even in the negative comments. If you are in a job and you get negative feedback from your manager or head of the department, it means they care for you. If you are a business owner and get negative reviews, it means you have a chance to improve your services to avoid it in future. Try to understand your critic’s point of view. Hear the comments in a way that sounds like positive ones. Everyone should consider feedback as an eye-opener because it can help you to improve your performance.  Criticism is a negative pill but helps you to grow and develop if taken positively.

4. Accept and own it

Being humans, we tend to reject criticism out of anger, but owning and accepting it is better. You must take care of not taking the negative reviews personally and analyse whether the feedback is constructive or destructive in anyways. The constructive feedback always comes with a few ways on how to improve the services or your performance. Whereas, the destructive feedback might be having the strong motive of destroying your mental peace. Hence it is always advised to accept the feedback but never let it affect your work and peace of mind.

Final thoughts

Receiving negative and destructive comments has happened with everyone at some point of time in their lives. These are pretty common in the online business, and you must prepare yourself for them. You just need to add feedback as a fundamental part of learning new things and improving the existing ones. Furthermore,  try to avoid defensive reactions because responding impulsively makes you look unprofessional. One unprofessional behaviour and impulsive response can affect your brand name negatively. So, try to view the comments with a pinch of salt.

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