Common Mistakes Brands Make With Instagram

Instagram has over 700 million monthly active users and nearly 400 million who log in daily. Having been in existence for only seven years, the app has grown astoundingly and is considered a major marketing platform for all types of brands. However, several brands make many mistakes while promoting on Instagram and here are the most common ones:

Lack of a Goal-oriented Strategy: Every business should have well-established goals of what kind of promotion they expect by opening an Instagram account. If you’re not meeting your goals through Instagram marketing, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and work at your strategy again.

Private Account: A private account means other users can’t follow it until the account owner approves it. Having a private account means risking thousands of followers because most users steer clear whenever they see a private locked account. So, make sure that you keep your business’s Instagram profile public.

Not Posting Frequently: Currently, many brands post 1.5 times on average every day but this needs to increase three or four times a day. With 95 billion photos posted daily, it is hard to stand out from the crowd without regular posts.

Repetitive Posts: Nearly 60% of all brands use the same Instagram folder for every post. Keep in mind that repetitive posts are irritating and fail to gather any fan interaction. Remember, users are on Instagram for entertainment and content that is not engaging will deliver no results.

Not Using Hashtags Properly: Hashtags are constantly misused by brands on Twitter and Facebook and Instagram isn’t immune to this problem. Hashtags have to be relevant to the post and engaging for users and should not be manipulated by users or to exploit the algorithm of Instagram. Instagram is no longer seen just as a social network for sharing photos today. It is an effective ad platform with 48.8% of brands having a presence on the app. The internet is the future of advertising and not being present on Instagram can be a big mistake for brands irrespective of size and reputation. A right marketing strategy can help you boost your business!

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