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17 Hidden Facebook Marketing Tools That Will Increase Your Engagement by 154%

People are investing thousands of dollars in Facebook marketing and still, they are not getting satisfactory results. Below you will see some of the best hidden Facebook marketing tools which can not only save your thousand of the dollar but also will increase your engagement by 154%. 

This hidden tool is present in Facebook apps, insights, extensions, tactics, and the bots which could make your ad on Facebook about 80 times more effective. 

1. Facebook Messenger Marketing

Due to some reason, a lot of marketers are not taking advantage of Messenger marketing. In today’s digital world it is considered as the hottest opportunity for marketing. This means that you will be able to gain the first movers’ advantage. 

Facebook Messenger is very easy to use. You need to simply send the messages to your customers on Facebook Messenger. The advantage is as below:

An open rate of 50 to 80 percent

Clickthrough rate of 20%

Conversion rate is 3-5 times higher 

Marketing costs are 30 to 50 times less

2. Comment Guard

Comment guard is the marketing tool from Facebook Messenger which will allow adding the new contacts in your contact list when someone will comment on your Facebook post.

It is working as below:

When you are posting something on Facebook, when someone will comment on your post then that person will automatically get the private reply in their Facebook Messenger.

So you can imagine how high engagement can your Facebook post will bring when you are making use of the above app. You can post some memes, contests, quiz, question, or anything. All the comments which would be coming up are all the potential leads.

3. Click to Messenger Ads

This is the normal Facebook ad with a twist. This will send the people to the Facebook Messenger bot. When any person will start their sequence would be considered as the lead. And from here the chatbot will take over and start conversations with them.

For example, you can create the user’s question and then send them the offers to which they are interested in. It is very difficult to respond manually to all the inquiries. Instead, you can direct them to the chatbot sessions which are derived from the Messenger.

4. Chat Blaster

This is a very powerful method that will bring your message in the front in the Facebook Messenger list in a few minutes. There are chat blasting campaigns that have scored above 96.9% in just 60 minutes.

With the help of a mobile monkey, you will be able to schedule the chat blasts, send bulk messages, develop the interactive sequences on messenger, special offers, and any other thing which can help you with Facebook Marketing Tools. 

Chat blaster has the ability for segmenting the audience. So there are campaigns which are having thousands of contacts that can be narrowed down easily so you can contact the right target.

5. Messenger Scan Codes

Facebook Messenger codes are like the QR Codes. Every Facebook profile will have a unique code. Tap in the upper right of your profile picture in the Messenger. Then tap on your profile picture once again. The image which will appear after that would be your Messenger code.

You are also able to scan the code from this screen. This is an excellent way of adding the people to your messenger list. When a person will simply scan your code then they will become the part of your list. You will see the application for this in the conferences, merchandise, bulletin board ads, and business cards.

6. Warm Engaged Invites

One tactic which is used for building the audience on Facebook is personally sending an invite to the people to engage in your Facebook page. For this, you can create the Fan page and then send an invite to like your page.

From your Facebook page find the post which is having more engagement. With the help of this tool you can view the people who are engaging with your post and you can invite this same bunch of people to like your page. In this way, you would be able to target your fans who are engaging with you. It is also recommended to manually invite your friend.

7. Sending Personal invites in Messenger

Invite your friend to like your business page and for this send them personal invites on Facebook Messenger. This method is most recommended because it will give your fan the personal touch in the message. You can click on the Invite Friends button on your Facebook page and then you would be able to create the personalized message while inviting your friends. Make sure to check the box at the bottom for sending the invite making use of Facebook Messenger.

8. Facebook Group

You can also create the group on the Facebook Page and then you can send an invite by sending an email. But you will need the email list for doing this.

From the Facebook Group page just click on the members on the left side. And in the next page, you will be able to add the email address and the personal notes to the invitees.

This is the only manual way that is known currently for adding people to your Facebook Group. It will take some time if you are having a large email invite list.

9. Competitor Ad Espionage

Ethical espionage is very important in today’s digital world. In the SEO world, this is very easy. You just need to plug the URL to RangSignals and boom, in a minute you will have the intel. Some of this is very helpful. 

As so many brands are already spending millions on the ad on Facebook, so now it is time to handle the information. 

From this you will be able to find out your competitor targeting info and the spend on their ad. You can find out where and how your competitors are advertising.

10. Page Competition Gauge

If you want solid information about your competition and what they are up to then you can take help from the Facebook algorithm. For this, you can go to your Facebook Page Insights and when you will scroll down you will see the Pages to Watch.

By default, you will see the five potential competitors and you can also view more by clicking on see more suggested pages.

When you are adding the competitor to your watch pages then you would be able to keep an eye on their activity, likes, growth rates, and other frequency of their posts.

11. Gaining Followers

It is very important to know that from where you are getting the followers. So that you can focus and make a plan to gain more followers from that part. From the page insights you will get this piece of information. Just tap on the followers and then when you will scroll down you will see where your page follows what happened.

On the Facebook page you will see the below five quantities:


On Your Page

Your Posts

Uncategorized Desktop


If you see large follow rates in some particular source, then you need to focus more on that part for getting more followers on your Facebook page.

12. Audience Signals

One way in which you can leverage your marketing efforts is by viewing the insights from the Facebook page. Focus more on demographic information. You will get the strong positives from the particular demographic which will indicate their favor.

For example, if the page is demonstrating strong positives for the men and the women between the age of 25-44.

So, if you are 21-year-old then there is very little chance that you might be interested in the page. On the opposite end if you are 31-year-old then it would be a very strong chance that you might be interested in liking the page. 

13. Pull out the email addresses

You know that it is somewhat difficult to know the email addresses of individuals nowadays. Even if your content is appealing and upgraded still you cannot ask for anyone’s email right away for social security reasons. With the help of Facebook messenger marketing, your problem can be solved. 

It is possible to create a chatbot on Facebook messenger that can ask for the email address of the individual. It is super simple and their email address gets pre-filled on the single click of a button. Facebook has made this task simple for businesses. 

If you have set the input type as email in that chatbot then Facebook will pull the user’s exact email address from their account without any typos error. This is another example where you would be using two channels to get the required information and increase engagement with your users. 

14. Pull the user’s phone numbers:

Getting the phone number of your customer is harder than getting their email address. You can make use of the chatbot again to do this thing simply. Make sure that the input type you choose in this case is of type phone. By doing this you will be able to get the primary phone number of the customer which is registered or saved on this social media platform. 

15. Chat widget on your website

This idea might seem simple, but many websites fail to harness the power of this simple widget on their websites. You can put a chat widget that appears on all pages of your website. 

If you or your customer is logged on the messenger of Facebook using the same browser then you can simply click on the widget and get introduced to the sequence on Facebook Messenger. This sequence is all powered with the chatbot which will bring down further. This is the most powerful and unique feature of the funnel and this is totally self-guided. You will feel that you are controlling and making the choices and then selecting the options. With this don’t forget that you are also making deeper connections with the consumer and also marketing your product.

16. Track Facebook Conversions

With the help of Facebook Ads Manager, you would be having access to a lot of information. You need to track specific conversions. This is called hidden because the important conversions are all hidden in the noise. You will be required to narrow down the conversion and focus only on the conversions about which you need to know. For some businesses, only a few types of conversions might be needed such as website searches, website conversions, website leads, website registrations completed, and website purchases. Other things do not matter at all. When you are clear about what you want to track then you can make a lot of real progress with the help of Facebook advertising. 

17. Messenger drip campaigns

If you are not new to the internet marketing stuff then you should be well aware of the concept of a drip campaign. Imagine if the potency of this campaign is increased ten times. This can be done with the help of the drip campaign that you run on Facebook messenger. The power of this campaign lies in the chatbot builder. 

Usually, it takes an email-based drip campaign around several days or even weeks to reach completion. But in the case of a drip campaign by Facebook messenger, you can complete the campaign in just a few minutes or hours. With the help of the chatbot feature, you can make the entire campaign a lot more interactive. It is possible to create choices too for the engagement of users to a much deeper level. 


There is a lot more to Facebook marketing tools then what people think. The trend and effect of Facebook marketing tools are here to stay and will not decline in the next few years. Instead, it will become a lot more powerful with time. 

Messenger marketing has changed the game of social media marketing to a great extent. Now is the time to use the Facebook marketing messenger for the advantage of your business, to reach out to customers on this social media platform and take a strong advantage of professional social media marketing company.

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