7 Advantage of Social Media Marketing You Should Know

Social media marketing is still underestimated by many companies today. Anyone who thinks that social media marketing is waste of time has probably not realized that marketing has changed over the years. In the past, people were still actively approaching customers and promoting these brands. Today, in the days of inbound marketing, it’s about ensuring great online visibility of your company so the customer can easily approach your company. Customers have gained significant influence through the Internet, which is because social networks make it much easier to approach companies. This can be beneficial for companies but you should know how to use this fact. Companies poor online management, for example, not responding to negative criticism, can cause very unfavorable reputation damage.

Nowadays, videos can get hundreds of thousands of views in a few hours, and a single Facebook post can be shared thousands of times, reaching millions of people.  Social media marketing  company that are able to use this viral effect can thus generate a very high coverage with relatively low costs.

Among the advantage of Social media marketing does not just mean reach. Let’s take a look at the whole thing on the basis of Facebook. Suppose you run a small restaurant in City X. Your business is well located, but there are many other restaurants around, so the competition is very high. Now you have the following options: You advertise offline, which can be very expensive, you wait first and hope that your company will slowly establish itself in the next few years, or you start to realize that your right social media marketing strategy has the opportunity to acquire customers. It’s not even about having to come up with complex marketing strategies, you just have to expand your online presence.

Social media marketing has a lot to do with referral marketing. If you’re not sure where to go for a drink in City X, then chances are you will google it. If your online reputation is so good and your social profiles provide so much essential and helpful information, then customers will visit your restaurant. You have many customers which were very satisfied and your restaurant was therefore rated well. That convinces!

It’s about ratings, transparency and quality! It’s about customer loyalty, added value and reputation. So, if you own a restaurant, a website, or another company, you can use the social networks in different ways:

Gain Customer Loyalty

Promoting Offers

Updating  Customers

Online Reputation Monitoring

Reaching Laser Target Audience

Interactions with the target audience

Advertising with low wastage

Gain Customer Loyalty

For example, customers who have liked your Facebook fan page are interested in your company’s information. In addition, others can see that they like this company. While it’s possible that not all of your Fanpage posts really reach all fans, but you’re just reaching your target audience. You can offer them something that other companies which are not active on social networks can not offer. For example, if you upload a picture of the latest pizza creation, then some fans might like it. Friends of your fan can also see that their friends like it. So you can see this picture and maybe you like it too. You might just have written a sentence like “You can order this scrumptious pizza directly on-site” + a pizza picture. This would be sufficient top reach some potential customers.

Promoting Offers

It’s about giving customers something they can not get elsewhere in this form. For this reason, offers to ensure that customers are curious, or are directly interested in the offer. You can offer on certain occasions, or even offers for a particular season. The possibilities are very diverse (depends mainly on the industry and the target group), but offers can be advertised very well via the social networks.

Updating Customers

let’s face it, online presence is vital for any type of business including restaurants. For instance, if a customer is looking for the opening hours of a restaurant, but the said restaurant has no social media profile, odds are they will lose that customer. In social networks, companies can inform their customers. Be it trivial things like opening hours, alterations, expansions of the current collection (“the new collection has just arrived”), all kinds of information can be passed on so that the customers and their fans stay informed.

Online Reputation Monitoring

As described above, a good reputation is very important nowadays. By making it easy for customers to compare with just a few clicks, it’s important that companies ensure that their online reputation is spotless wherever possible because that can be critical to whether a customer buys from it or from a competitor. Social Media lets you rate your business. By being very transparent online, you can show everyone that you value feedback and customer satisfaction. You can show that you take feedback and criticism seriously and you take care of your customers. The advantage is that others can see your commitment.

Reaching Laser Target Audience

As already described above, you can generate a very high reach through social media measures. Posts that appeal to your customers are shared and shared, which other users can see. The more users see it, the higher the reach. For this reason alone, you should use social media. Of course, social media needs time and a strategy, but you’re probably investing less money than if you were going to do it all offline. Above all, the disadvantage of off-line marketing measures is that they are unlikely to be so sustainable and the success can be measured worse than with online marketing measures. 

Interactions with Your Target Audience

Have you ever wondered what your target audience really wanted? What they like and what they do not like? In the social networks, you can determine that! You can ask questions, conduct polls and see which posts are getting higher interaction rates and which ones less. This allows you to identify key topics that you can use later. Use different social media platforms  to interact with your customers, so you have the opportunity to get to know them better.

Advertising with Low Wastage

Did you know that you can also advertise on social networks?
For example, on Facebook, you can place Facebook ads that can now be controlled very accurately, which means that your ads will only see the users who are interested in your services. Through targeted targeting, you can ensure that only potential customers see your ads so that you get best ROI from social media campaign.

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