8 Proven Ways to Boost Ranking in Local Results with GMB

If you want to see your website on as a local company in the local search on Google, you should optimize your website for local search results.

The local search engine optimization is based on classical organic SEO. It is the foundation for good local rankings. In the following, only specific local measures are dealt with.

Optimize Listing

Google My Business is a kind of free local Listing, an industry Listing that also includes Google Maps and Google+.

Here, businesses can maintain their Listing on Google Maps, and also connect with customers and other companies through Google+. Google My Business is another term for the former Google Places.

The following things should help companies to optimize Google My Business: 

1. Choose Accurate Location

If the company is placed in a particular city, it helps if the company location is in the center. But there is also the location of the searcher. If the location detection is activated, the nearby companies are more likely to appear on the top. If the company is not in the desired city and relevant then it has no chance to be placed in the local search results.

2. Verify Google Business & Get Better Rank

The listing can be verified by postcard or telephone, which is important because verified listing in the ranking are preferred. If you select the “Postcard” method, you will receive Google postcard with a 4-digit verification code, which should be used for the verification on Google My Business, within 14 days.

3. Google Business Listing Sneaky Trick

Once a listing created and verified, it is important to get the most out of the listing. To do this, a detailed description of services and products should be filled follow by the most important search term.

The official name of a hotel in London is “Highway Heights”. In order to optimize the company title for the keyword “Hotel London”, it is transferred to “Highway Heights – Hotel London”

4. Constant NAP

The organic SEO backlinks are for the local SEO so-called citations? A citation is an organization. A complete citation consists of a company name, address, and phone number. The more authorize the listing site, on which the company is published, the more weight the citation holds for the local ranking. Google primarily corrects its company data with well-known company directories such as Yelp or Yellow Pages. That is why every listing is particularly important.

It is essential that the company NAP should be same on each and every site. This means that the company information should match all business directories and also formatted same as much as possible. Small differences, such as a different formatting of the phone number, can make the difference. The same applies to the country code.

5. Local Backlinks Weigh More

The topic of backlinks may not be missing on Google. In the local search, links from other websites are less important but still, contribute to success.

In order to make the link construction as effective as possible with regard to local SEO, priority should be given to building backlinks from local websites. These sources include the following

Local Partner Companies Suppliers from the Surrounding Area

Suppliers from the Surrounding Area

Local Business Directories

City Specific Directories

6. Optimize Title Tag for Local Results

The title tag of the homepage and the most important country pages (Landing Pages) should contain the city and region.

7. Use Structured Data for Local Listing

Structured data With the aid of structured data, information for search engines can be prepared. In terms of local SEO, it is useful to integrate the “ Local Business Markup” into your own website. This markup allows you to select the contact information for Google.

Google Map Typically, a Google map should appear on the contact page that points to the company address created by Google My Business.

8. Reviews Boost CTR

Collect at least 5 reviews. For a long time, it was speculated whether Google My Business ratings were a ranking factor. At the beginning of 2016, this was denied by Google. Nevertheless, reviews continue to be ranked among the local search engines because they influence the click rate from the search results.

Companies should collect at least five ratings because then the star rating is displayed in the search results. Further reviews have little effect on the click rate.

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