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Google Business Profile- 7 Different Ways to Optimize in 2024

If you want to make your business popular in local areas then you can use Google Business Profile. It is a free tool of google as it manages your online presence on  different search engines. Local business needs to show up on google maps and search engine result pages as well. Google Business Profile formerly known as Google My Business has a lot of highly advanced features that will enhance the reach of your business and provide more customers as well. This is the era of the internet, every person visits the shop after checking the ratings and reviews on your shop. The GBP is beneficial for both customers’ business as customers easily get to know the best place for buying products and the business gets the interested customers. 

GMB is a great free tool for all people, it shows all the relevant searches on the search results. Google improved numerous tools like Google Trends, Google Analytics, Google search console, and a lot more. Google is changing the marketing game forever. 

Benefits of using Google Business Profile:

1. The one thing you should notice on Google Business Profile is, it is free of cost. Any person or any business can use it freely. 

2. It provides you the feature of sharing photos or videos of your product, service, or store. Google Business Profile will allow the customers to take a 360-degree view so that they can take a virtual tour of the business, product, or service. It makes the customers know more about you without even visiting your store. 

3. Google Business Profile clears all the barriers and connects the business with the customer directly. The customer will get the contact number or email address that you have filled while listing your business with the GMB. 

4. The GMB makes it easy to manage the online reputation and you can easily interact with your customer in a fun way. 

5. The GMB is connected with AdWords, Google+, Maps, Insights, and a few others. So that you will present at every platform of google and manage your presence for all the customers. 

These are few benefits of using Google Business Profile and you must have to join it for many more benefits. It will take your business to another level as the internet and google increase the reach of your customers. 

For getting all the above benefits you have to sign up and manage your business with Google Business Profile. You have to learn the right way of optimizing the GBP page. 

How to optimize Google Business Profile Page?

1. Set up Google Business Profile

The very first thing you have to do is to visit GMB and then sign up with this. Creating a perfect profile will be your first step. Make sure that the profile will be comprehensive, accurate and show all the up-to-date information. The profile is the most effective thing for your all customers because a profile is the first thing which they come across. You will get the following blanks to fill in your details:

  • NAME 

You have to put your business name there. Make sure that the name will be used by you in the market, you must have a board of that name outside your business or shop. So that the customer will easily find you. 


You must have pinned the correct location of your business or store with the GMB. you must have to be very aware while doing this because if you pin the wrong address then the customers will not reach you properly. 


Phone number is the most important thing which connects the business with the customer. It should be correct so that the customer will contact you whenever he or she wants to visit you or enquire about the product. 


Let us tell you that the category chosen by you will connect the right customers with your business. It is one of the important factors which will influence the local Google ranking. You have to be very clear and specific with your business category because you will appear in the search result accordingly. 


The GMB provides you the character limit of 750, you have to describe your business information within this limit. The description will be eye-catching and contain all the important information that a customer looks for. You can put the product variety or even purpose of your business. Very few people know that Google allows only 250 characters of the description to show on the profile. So you have to prioritize your description accordingly. 

Apart from the above points, you can also add the website URL, availability, hours of operation, and many more things on the GMB profile. 

2. Consistent information 

It does not matter if you own only one store or manage hundreds of stores, you have to be very consistent with the information and details of your store. Make sure that the name, address, and phone number should be updated and correct as well. Because the wrong details of the store will negatively impact your business and can be the reason for low ranking which is not good for your business. Make sure you are using the right and the same details of the store on every social media handle and GBP account as well. Because the different address will confuse your customer which makes him lose his or her interest in your store. 

Maintaining consistency with the details and store information will help you in maintaining a good social image on the internet. You have to be very active with the GMB and respond to every comment or feedback as it will encourage more people. They will love to review your product or service as they will get a quick and positive response from you. 

3. Images 

Let us tell you there is not any listing that is complete without uploading photos. Because photos are the thing which easily attracts the customer and wins their trust. The customer will love to see the beautiful product that they want and from a good and genuine store. The look of your store in the picture and the product images will attract the customers very easily. But make sure that the images will be of high quality and must be relevant to the store and product. 

According to the survey, it was found that more than 35% of clicks were done on GMB profiles because of images. It is because the images will attract the customer and lead them to watch the image fully and completely. Along with the upload pictures you have to upload the profile picture of the GMB profile. You can upload the logo or the general pictures of your business as the profile picture.

Make sure that the images should be in JPG or PNG format and the size of the pictures must be between 10KB and 5MB. The minimum resolution will be about 720 by 720 px of the photo. You have to note that the picture will be well focused and have no excess use profile files. Avoid using blurred pictures while uploading photos on your GMB profile. 

4. Collect reviews 

There are very less people who know that the review plays a major role in your online business. A pair of good reviews will offer good visibility in organic or paid search results. Along with this they also improve the trust and the confidence of the customer in your brand or product. The good reviews will improve the sales growth as the consumers will be impressed by the reviews and positive feedback. 

The reviews show that the consumer used your product and provide some views about it. If your website gets positive comments from visitors, that encourages them to visit your platform and makes them buy the same product once again without any confusion. The ratings and reviews would help the customers to compare the products with the other competitors and decide which one is good for them. 


The most common way to get reviews is that you can simply tell every customer to leave an honest review on your GMB profile. As it will help the other customers to reach your business and enjoy the best services and products. Make sure that you are responding to all the reviews whether they are positive, negative, or natural. Because it shows that you will improve your product and make it better than before which is a positive sign for all the customers. 

When you get the five stars from your customer then try to make that customer s good supporter of your business or product. You can also use these kinds of customers for mouth advertising because mouth advertising is very effective and free as well. But if you are getting three stars then you must have to behave positively and ask the views of the consumer regarding the product. And if you feel the need then you must have to improve your service or product. And must invite the consumer to check the product twice after improvement. It creates a bond between you and your consumers which makes your business successful day by day. 

5. Google’s guideline 

The most important thing you have to know before starting working with GMB is, if you violate the google guidelines then you will be permanently suspended from your Google Business Profile account. The suspended account will be very bad for your business and also create a negative image of your business. So give proper time to read all the guidelines and understand them very well. 

These are few most important things that you must have to avoid with Google Business Profile:

  • Many people think that if they use more keywords in the listing then they will appear on the top search results. But it is not true, if you do this then your account can be suspended by the GMB. Make sure that you are using few and major keywords only. 
  • You have to avoid multiple GMB listings for the same business. If you do this then you will be punished by the GMB by suspending your both business accounts. 
  • If you are trying to harass, abuse, or use another attractive tactic with your existing customers then you may have the chances of your business profile suspension. Behave well and attend to your customers very well, meet all their demands regarding the product or services. 

Make sure you follow all the above points as they would be helpful for you to stay on GMB and use them for free on your business. 

6. Post content 

Whenever any customer visits your profile he will visit your recent posts and then decide to try your product or service or not. This shows that your recent posts matter a lot so make sure that they are of good quality, useful, and relevant to the product or service. You can showcase your upcoming events or any achievement by your business. Let us tell you that you will get 300 words per post by GMB to describe your post so use them wisely. Always be clear, simple with your views while creating any post. 

7. Optimization 

As we told you GMB is a free tool, it provides you numerous tools for insights as well. So that you can know your customer, progress, and reach of your business. By using the insights you will be able to know how customers are reaching you, what your customers like in your listing when most customers are active on your profile and posts. This will help you to understand your customer and serve them according to their needs. If you can understand the needs of customers then you will serve them well and attract more customers. 

Bonus Tip: Lets Upload Videos on GBP

How do I Upload Videos to Google Business Profile?

To add video to your Google Business Profile, you have to follow the following steps:

  • Go to the Google Business Profile dashboard and click on the “photos”.
  • Then select the “video” link at the top.
  • After it loads, select the option to “Post Videos.”
  • Drag and drop the video to the box.
  • The video will begin uploading.
  • After the video is uploaded, it can take some time for the video to process and show up in your view.

Google Business Profile Video Content Guidelines:

Well, you just can’t deny the fact that the content of your video is something of high priority and you can’t just post anything on your Google Business Profile page.

Google has given us a list of guidelines for posting videos for your Google Business Profile page.

Moreover, if your business isn’t verified yet, your videos won’t get live. You definitely need to verify your Google Business Profile account for getting your videos posted.

Also, you need to be quite specific when updating videos and make sure you don’t post anything that doesn’t come under the specific guidelines of Google.

As Google is quite strict about its guidelines and it’ll will take down all the irrelevant videos or something that includes prohibited content (nudity, hateful, violent, or dangerous content, copyrighted material, misleading information, or information that endangers minors).

In addition to all this, there are a number of rules that have been set up by Google regarding the presentation of videos on Google Business Profile page:

  • Appropriate:

You need to make sure that the pictures or footage that’s going to be updated on the Google Business Profile Page must be appropriate. Stock footage is something that will be seen as irrelevant by Google and may get your video taken down. So, make sure that your videos that are going to be posted on Google Business Profile page should be relevant and in context of your business.

  • Use Clear Images:

Make sure that your videos for Google Business Profile page use minimal effect filters and they should not obscure the images or footage, and avoid borders, blurs, collage images, and anything else that obscures the imagery or makes it unclear. People should be able to see exactly what your business looks like. So, ensure to use clear, relevant and high quality images for avoiding any issues in the near future.

  • Only use Images or Footage:

Make sure you don’t use drawings, designs, and other non–photos/footage in your Google Business Profile videos. It’s something that looks unprofessional and that can make your GMB page inappropriate.

  • Use Minimal Text (or none at all):

This is definitely an important point to consider while posting videos on your Google Business Profile page. Make sure that superimposed graphics such as text should not be more than 10% of the frame, and must be relevant. So, make sure that the text that’s being used is minimum. Also, you need to portray maximum points in minimum words and that’s how it works.

  • What kind of Google Business Profile Videos should be Created?

Many people get quite hung up on deciding about the type of videos that should be created for Google Business Profile page.

But you don’t need to worry anymore, we’re here to discuss about the different types of videos you can post on your Google Business Profile page:

  • How your products are packaged and shipped.
  • Highlight and show-off an employee working.
  • Give a short tour of your office.
  • Going for a company trip? Share the memories out there.
  • Feature how a product is made.
  • Interview employees about what they like the best about working with you.


It is very important to optimize your GMB and improve your online visibility as well. All the above points are essential for you as they will help you in expanding your business locally. They will make you connect with your right and needy customers. All you have to do is to follow the above points and implement them properly. 

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