5 Hidden Strategies To Maximize Your Google Ads Impact

5 Hidden Strategies To Maximize Your Google Ads Impact

Google AdWords is one of the most complicated PPC platforms that you can find there. About 93% of the online experience starts with a search as searching helps you in finding what you are really looking for. YouTube which is owned by Google has the highest search and to reach the potential customers who want to reach out to you, you have to develop an online presence so that your brand becomes noticeable and becomes visible on the search engines. One such important strategy is paid to advertise. Starting with PPC, there are AdWords Tips that you need to follow for starting your campaigns in the right direction. 

What Makes Google AdWords So Much important?

Google AdWords is one of the main ways of PPC and it holds such a large position in the markets. Google holds a considerable amount of place in the US search market and every other person searching normally prefers doing it on Google only. This PPC helps in searching for powerful projects. According to Google’s Internal search, it gives promises to values and brands because of all the returns that people see. It makes an average of $2 for every $1 that they spend on the ads. About many people are living online now and people can find just anything that they want online. 

This makes it impossible, especially for small businesses, to rank for ranking higher keywords. PPC with the help of Google AdWords for getting the right attention that they need. 

Strategies to make Google Ads Impactful

1. Monitoring of the quality scores of all the keywords

Google has given a clarification that they do not give any track of Quality Score given on the account level but this has nothing to do with the brand’s advertising quality and when they are determining the CPC for a new keyword. For keeping the reputation and minimizing the costs, track the Quality Scores for all the keywords available to you. You will know if the keywords have low scores by increasing the relevance of the landing copies. 

2. Removing all the duplicate keywords

Not removing the duplicate keywords is a very common mistake as brands will be assuming that they will be competing against themselves and if you are failing to make the impact, then it will harm the performance of the business. By removing the duplicate words, it will not be open to any further errors. 

Updating all the lists for removing the duplicates will also make the tracking so much easier. You want your date to be clear and precise and it will guide for the rest of the campaigns that you will be performing. Strong data are important and this cannot be interpreted at any cost. 

3. Watching the size of the groups

When the ads get bigger by making use of two to three dozen words more, this might be a hindrance to the performance. You must make sure that you add the texts and the landing pages that only are relevant to the users. If you are having a group that is too large to comply with, you can split the same into two groups performing the jobs that you want them to. Doing so will create more personalized groups and content, that will in turn help in increasing the quality score and create engaging experiences for the users. 

AdWords Tips that can be used for tracking

1. Tracking of more than one goal for the campaign purpose

It might be so tempting to reduce your ad campaign down to a single metric like the clicks and to get a full picture, you will have to look at so many different matrices. This will help you check the sales funnels and the working of the ads for giving a better idea about all the improvements that need to be made. 

Like, check out how many clicks were made after you received the ads, how many leads were generated at a go, and how many of the leads were qualified for the sales revenue, etc. If you are having a weak funnel stage, then you are at the starting point for improvement of the revenues. 

2. Track the number of spends on the keywords

While doing your campaigning, be sure of how much the keywords will cost you and how many leads you will be generating from the amount of revenue that you are generating from the keywords. If the keywords are in groups and it costs high, then there is no such benefit of spending on those keywords. And if the keywords are strong enough that they can give such a good impact, then spending much will not be a problem at all. Delete all the keywords that are not needed for any kind of returns. 

AdWords Strategy that you can use for the campaigning part

1. Be sure that the landing pages align very well with the ads

When people are clicking on the ads to your website, the landing page should be able to answer all of their questions. So, think and design the landing page carefully regarding what they will be wanting to see. If your landing page doesn’t match with the customer needs, then you will be having a high number of people who clicked on the ads and then directly clicked on the site. 

This hurts your website and also PPC campaigning. Repeat the message about your website to make people know that they are on the right page. 

2. Choose the right keywords for your campaigns

There are so many different keywords that match types that you can use for AdWords. One is the broad match which means that the keywords that you are targeting can appear in any order you want and it can also show some of the same symptoms you want. A phrase match is one in which the ad only appears when there is a phrase that exactly matches the same. 

Then you have the last category called the exact match. When the phrase you are choosing matches exactly with the phrasing, then the extra match steps up forward and makes sure that the keyword matches with the whole query. Select the match that best fits your needs. The more keywords you are having, the more control you will be having over the audience. 

3. Using all the available space for text

Google offers so many different fields for posting relevant content that you are planning for your business. Use all the optimal space for sharing the products and services that you want. This includes a URL, that includes the headlines, or the place where you want the location to be, etc. It also includes the context for your ads along with the description of the products or the services that you are planning to promote. 

Ways to use Google AdWords to reach your goals

1. Create a new account

Just visit the Google AdWords website and then sign up to the same using your Google account. If you don’t have a Google account, you don’t have to worry as you can create one within minutes. After entering the required details, you can set up your first campaign where you will be choosing the budget, setting of bids, and choosing your target audience. 

2. The setting of the budget

The budget is considered to be the first task when you are planning for creating a campaign. Understand the number of visitors that will come to your landing pages and you can estimate the budget in that way. If you are OK to start with averages, you can even do that. The conversion rate for the budget is 2.35% which means only this number of customers take actions after clicking on the ads. 

Taking the average into consideration, you will know how much the investors are willing to spend on your website. 

3. Choosing the target audience

Set the geographical location for deciding the target audience with whom you are going to work. This means the ads will show only to the users regarding the keywords they are searching on. By using the advanced search option, you will be gaining control over radius targeting. It allows a certain radius to be targeted from your pin code. 

You can make the bid adjustments per radius targets just how you want it. 

4. Writing the ads

Writing the ads is probably the most crucial part of the entire process. Make it engaging and compelling and your message should be communicated clearly so that the audience understands what you are trying to convey. Some of the tips that you can use:

  • Keep the context short and crisp. The message should be short and it must be to the point also. 
  • The headline is the first thing that attracts the users and it should also be engaging enough. Make sure the headlines call for CTA and you can convince the users to click on the ads in the end. 
  • You must also have a clear CTA in the end because then people can know why they should be visiting the website for buying kinds of stuff. 

5. Running of several ads together

You should run several ads focusing on different objectives. This can be done by running several campaigns at once and choosing the one which is best for your business. Each ad group has keywords and the landing pages should be having similar themes also. All ad groups can be added to the single campaigns that you are planning. 

The budgets that they will be sharing will be the same and also the device targeting settings. If you are looking for multiple keywords, then you will need to be making different ad campaigns for the same. 

Advantages of using Google AdWords

Google AdWords turns out to be an effective campaign for driving traffic from the search engines. It is like a short-term marketing campaign where digital marketing and SEO also plays a crucial role. 

1. The building of a larger audience for the brand

Google AdWords help in the tapping of huge customer potential. One of the challenges of start-ups is brand awareness and with this PPC, you can reach out to the customers through various social media platforms. Small businesses will be having the luxury of employing a full-time advertising specialist who also works as a Google partner brand. They will search for keywords and set up the campaign on your behalf.

2. Google Ads go faster than SEO

Google AdWords can reach directly to your customer potential. SEO takes time while Google Ads can give a combination of SEO and it makes you look into the future of the business properly. 

3. Find competitors in the largest search engine

If your target audience can’t find you on the search engines, then they will not buy anything from your website. So, many businesses are turning to Google Ads. This helps in brand value awareness and for approaching e-commerce stores, you can bid on the products easily and buy them. E-commerce sites also make Google Ads shopping so easy for those who are already looking for something to purchase. 

4. Securable and scalable

Google Ads are fully scorable and you can combine it with Google Analytics for measuring purposes. This is true when you are driving business traffic and can’t take any action unless the people react to it. You can also achieve a high click through rate along with a low bounce rate. And if you have business rates running low, you can scale them back to their place again. 


Now since you know Google Ads is so good for your business, the new step involves learning about the basics of the same. It is approachable to businesses of all shapes and sizes and you can launch an ad campaign within minutes. So, if you have a business that is interested in running an advertising campaign, then they can do it through display ads, Facebook ads, and also reaching the audience. 

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