Tips To Rank New Content Faster

5 Golden Tips To Rank New Content Faster

Blogging and SEO are essential parts of digital marketing and as much as organic search is essential for the business, in a similar way if your business is not ranking higher on the Google Search engines for the relevant search parts, then the audience will never even come to know of your business and the products or services that you are selling. Google enjoys 33% of the traffic that is boosted to the website and it makes all the relevant pages essential. PPCs do help in increasing the search ranking of the web pages but you can’t depend on it always. You need to do blogging and give new content frequently to be stable in the markets. 

Ways of ranking your blog higher and faster

1. Having a new SEO friendly design of the blog

Do you know that having an SEO friendly blog design is as much important for higher search rankings? You must pay attention to the design so that people feel attracted to moving towards your website and purchasing things from there. 

  • Keeping link numbers below 100

Google recommends you to keep the linking pages below 100 for every web search, whereas it can reach 200 at times. This is because Google indexed only 100 kilobytes of a page but now Google is able to index larger than that. Having user experience pages are more important than any other SEO measures, so keeping it in 100 is still favorable. 

  • Keep all the images small

For drawing the attention of the readers, adding images and graphics is a crucial step but these should be applied in such ways that they fit easily and remain small. A bloated image can cause slow page downloads decreasing the site speed. The simplest way is by saving images as .jpeg or even as. gifs. About 80-90% of the user experience is brought by downloading the images, sheets, etc. 

  • Limiting of space of ads

When you are planning to design an SEO blog design, the rule is quite simple. Use as a limited number of ads as you can. If you don’t do that, then it will slow down the process of hurting your traffic. Use your analytics to know how many ads you can use inside the webpage and determine the three highest odds by cutting all others. 

  • Keeping content above the fold

Keep all the contents above 768 pixels. Reports show that people scroll but they only read 80% of the things that are above the fold and the rest 20% they tend to ignore. Use the concept of sliders which is becoming popular now. When you are planning to use a slider, make sure you position the slider properly. The viewers must give the slider an important feel when they arrive at your blog. 

2. Optimizing all the blog posts

People are searching for information online and blog posts are a great way of providing that to people. Optimizing gives the type of content that people are in search of and also helps in communicating with the audience to give them what they want. 

Whenever you plan on posting something online, think about the audience first and focus on the SEO part with much care and effort. 

  • Keyword focus

While writing online, you will be covering all the latest trends, topics, and article posts suiting the audience. For that, you will have to do keyword research for finding out what the audience requires. While writing content, one keyword should be on your mind and then you can have additional keywords surrounding it. 

  • Having a good title

The title is quite important for your blog for capturing the audience and intriguing them in reading the blog posts. The title should also be SEO optimized. The title has to be relevant to the target audience communicating to them what the search engines are all about. 

  • Using of META description

A meta description is yet another important thing for encouraging the clicks from the search engine results. And the description is another essential thing in the SERPs. While writing the descriptions, share a little bit of information about what will be in the content. And use focus based keywords. Keep the description under 160 characters. Don’t stuff all the keywords together. 

  • Using internal linking

Internal links help in marking all the related blog posts together. Readers appreciate when these linkages are used. When you are linking 4 to 5 blog posts, you are giving the readers something to read next. It helps in increasing traffic and on-site relevance. 

3. Using of WordPress SEO plugins

WordPress is such a popular content management system that is developing with its community developers. It comes with a market full of premium and free plugins. 

  • Using of Google XML Sitemaps

Google XML Sitemaps is quite a simple SEO plugin. You don’t have to do much setup here and google gives you all the information on the site. 

  • WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin

It is the best Yoast Plugin that you will ever find. Yoast is considered to be a free plugin that has been downloaded by almost 7 million times till today. Having over 3,000 reviews, it is a 5 on 5 ratings on WordPress. It helps in easy optimizing of the blog posts. 

4. Hunting for the links

Here, you will be hunting for all the popular links connected to the blog posts that you are posting:

  • Searching for blog posts that have backlinks

Trackback is one important thing used by most blogs. It is a showing of appreciation for a single link and when another blog lists the same, then there is a trackback in the comments section. 

  • Creating fresh content than all regular posts 

There are so many blog types that are useful and popular among the target audience. You have to create posts that go way beyond the posts that you are reading. Add some valuable contents that you have found somewhere else. This will be taking time but it is totally worth it. 

5. Blogging consistently and frequently

Blogging consistently is hard but the benefits you reap from it… you cannot imagine! After tons of your blog posts, you start getting traffic regarding the blogs and people to come to know about you. Publishing works regularly takes time but it’s just better than Netflix or even binge-watching. Blogging continuously is beneficial from a business perspective also. 

It helps in giving opportunities for achieving better rankings. Writing blog posts in addition to the content and people get to read fresh content every day. 

Why should you blog?

If you suddenly stop blogging, then the overall traffic will decrease and people will simply lose interest in your site. If you stop blogging for say 1 month, then it won’t affect you much but what’s the harm in doing something that you love anyway?

Blogging leads to giving more leads which is a really good thing, especially if you are a start-up. Blogging helps in keeping with the rapport and connection with the audience by giving them something new each day. 

How long does SEO take for working?

As a business owner, you will surely have 1 question: how much time does it take for making your website Number 1 ranking on Google? In the earlier times, only 5 to 10 keywords were chosen that are the golden keywords for bringing in the majority of the traffic. But this keyword strategy is not used at present. Here, it’s more about focusing on the generic keywords from the long tail search. Nowadays, keywords are becoming easier to rank and are relevant because of the addition of details for inviting traffic. 

Keyword Ranking does not affect much as you think

Rankings do matter but depending on the metrics that you are using. When you are getting the rankings, it easily sells your business as it is so emotionally satisfying. The outcome should be grand so, hiring SEO firms or professionals do the wonder for you. 

How long does it take for SEO to start working?

The SEO also depends on how long the blog post has been on the search engines. It is the links or the SEO factors that are important to search out for and look at. 

  • Month 1

It’s all about discovery, keyword strategy, planning, etc. If you are doing the discovery and research soon enough, then you may start with the technical changes in the website. If this takes another month, then you have to wait till the same. 

  • Month 2

You will be focusing on the SEO technical work like the profile and link building. If you are doing the SEO but not seeing any changes, then you have to create an impact before it’s finished. 

  • Month 3

This month you will be creating content like FAQs, blogging, whitepapers, articles, product reviews, etc. if you are right on this strategy then you will see some improvements in the posts that you are making. These rankings can even lead to better sales in your business. 

  • Month 4

This is the earlier step but you are incorporating social media management to the group of blog posts that you are making. This can lead to a natural website link by generating leads. You can continue with the website creation search or even engage some PR in the works. You will be seeing more traffic coming from the start point. 

  • Month 5

After your traffic reaches 5,000 visitors per month, you will be adding in the conversion rate or even optimizing for improving the traffic that you are getting. The activities that you are doing also depends on the type of company that you are working for. 

Many companies see the results within 4 to 6 months and the SEO results grow over time. Whatever results you are getting in 6 months; it might change in 12 months. The results may seem to taper off at times and you will be maintaining the results as you are progressing in the business. 

Benefits of quality content marketing

It’s no wonder that content marketing is one of the effective ways of reaching out to many new customers. This helps in driving the traffic to the site, making you the leading voice in the industry. 

1. It turns out to be great for the engagement part

There is nothing better than reading content that is well written and thoroughly researched providing interesting information from start to the finish. Fresh contents are not easy to get and when people come in contact with such contents, then they will share with friends as well. 

2. Giving a chance to the audience for understanding them

When you are creating original content, it goes with an understanding of the client’s main points. It will make the work easier and you can also distribute the contents answering the client’s questions. Show you have the knowledge and ability for resourcing the contents that the audience wants. 

3. More traffic leads to more customers

When you are uploading content consisting of your website, it helps in making more customers come to your website generating more leads on the way. This way you will be reaping so many customers. This process starts slow but it picks up the speed instantly and eventually stops when it has gathered the mass it was planning of. 


New content doesn’t get published faster on the search engines but using the appropriate keywords places it at the right spot from where there is the only success of using all the keywords and original contents. Content marketing helps in the driving of the customer’s minds and it also gives you what you are actively searching for. Also, the contents can change the minds of the customers and they will intend on buying from you only. 

There is no better long-term marketing technique than content marketing itself and this is the one providing ROI without pissing any customers. So, create fresh and unique content and keep engaging customers on your website. 

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