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Top Tips to Improve Your Google Ads Quality Score

Everyone is familiar with the quality score which is available for individual keywords in the Google Ads account. This is a visible keyword-level quality score. But a lot of people are failing to recognize this because there is more to play here and not meeting to the eyes. Most of the time the issue of quality scores is not solved with just the keyword which is available in the interface of Google Ads. More investigation is needed into this and also requires more digging on this part for solving the overall issue. This guide is very useful in understanding the different types of Google Quality scores. The importance and the misconceptions about the Quality score all are explained here. This article will work as a checklist for you and will help you in raising the Quality score.

Google Ads Quality Score


Google Ads quality score is measured with the relevance, quality, and performance of the ads in PPC advertising campaigns. Quality score will affect both:

  • Cost per action 
  • Position of the ads

Google Quality scores are having a major impact on PPC profitability and success. Various uncontrollable variables are present in paid search advertising. But you will not have any control over the google ads quality score and you will require to take some steps for improving it.

Proper campaign management on Google Ads will be able to increase the Quality score in various ways as given below:

Effective account structure: When you are organizing the keywords in the small related groups then it will help in increasing quality scores. This practice will help in creating specific ads and landing pages for the targeted audience. 

Better Keyword data: When you are organizing the keywords in tightly related campaigns then this will increase the relevance of the keywords. This ultimate small campaign will increase the relevancy of keywords in landing and ad messaging pages.

Relevant Ads: Google Ads are always compelling and its performance is increased by the CTR rate. High CTR click-through rate will also increase in higher quality score and the low cost per click.

Why Quality Score matters


As per google’s point of view, Quality scores are the representation of the relevance of the ads to the search queries of users. Google is the top search engine and they want to keep in that way only. Quality score will help in ensuring that the ads you are seeing are relevant to the search queries.

Again from the advertiser’s point of view, Quality score is very important for various reasons. There is a matrix that will determine whether the keyword is eligible for entering the auction and your ad will show for the query to the user on the Google search network. Additionally, the Quality score with the CPC bid determines the ad rank and for the advertisers who are on a limited budget. The formula of the ad rank on the Google search is as follows:

Ad rank = Quality score x CPC bid

The quality score is the factor that will determine the rank of the ad. Advertisers who are on a small budget will have to work hard in optimizing their accounts and will end up in the top positions. If their bid is less than the competitor then also there would be a change in the Quality score. Quality scores are affecting the placement of the ad on the Google display network. The formula for the ad rank for the targeted keywords is as follows: 

Ad rank = Quality Score x Display Network bid 

The placement of targeted ads on the GDN, the bids are being considered by Google. Either you are going for a group or the individual placement. The ad group quality score is also added to this. The formula for the ad rank for targeted ads on the google display network is as below:

Ad rank = Quality Score x Bid

Finally, the Quality score will affect the success and health of the account. If the quality score of the keyword level is very low then the keyword will not be able to enter the auction. This also means that the ad will not show up and it would not be able to compete with the searcher business. If the quality score is very low then the ad rank will also be low this also means that the traffic to your site and the ROI will be low.   

Misconceptions about quality score

There are various types of Quality scores for Google Ads and the Quality score will always matter for the account. The next subject id which we would like to look at is misconceptions about Quality score.

Changing of Match types altering the quality score

Google is measuring the quality score without taking into consideration the keyword match type. Therefore if you are having the phrase, broad, and the exact match of the same keyword then all of these will have an equal quality score in your account. Google will always determine the keywords which are based on the broach match keyword and the pink slippers and this all will have the same quality score. Pink slippers will have the same search query that’s why it is giving the exact match. Therefore when you are changing the match type of the keyword then it is not directly affecting the change in the quality score at the keyword level.

How does Quality score suffer due to keywords or Ads being paused?

When the keywords and the ads are being paused then it will directly affect the quality score and the performance of the ads. When they are active then they will enter the auction and then it will be shown. There is no quality score which has been accurate.

Search quality score and display would affect each other

As explained earlier in this guide, these quality scores are separated from each other and they will not even affect each other. Initially, the criteria are determined and then these quality scores are separated. Second, the display network and search are so different that it will be almost impossible for google to have them each other affected. The performance of one will affect the performance of the other.

Higher positions will benefit the quality score

On the surface, it is true but the quality score will be adjusted for compensating for the position of the difference in the ad. Google will consider this fact that the higher positions will naturally generate high CTR when compared with the lower positions. So you will have to compensate for this by adjusting the formula for breaking the self-reinforcing nature of those who are present at the high position.

Restructuring or deleting low QS elements

This is not true. As per Google, whether you are pausing, deleting, or restructuring the account element The historical performance is affecting the account history. When we are adjusting these items it will not affect the history of the account. When we are adjusting these items then this will not erase the history of the account. Google still recommends you delete the keywords and ads which are poor performing because this will prevent them from negativity in the history of your account. The more performance data is accrued over time and the poor performance and the negative effects were decreased. But this will not go away completely.

Quality Score with keywords

Keywords are considered as the foundation for PPC activities. When the keyword research is weak then the entire account of Google Ads will suffer. Most of the search which marketers are doing is depending on the public keyword and which is free for building the PPC keywords list. This will harm the relevance of the popular keywords and there is no way to know this in general. These tools will spill out the relevant customers and the business.

The log files and web analytics are a much better source of the data of the keyword. These are the private sources that will tell the actual phrases and keywords for finding that the real people will use this for finding the services or products which you can offer. You will also get an accurate picture of the keywords which are driving most of the conversations and traffic. So you would be able to focus on the PPC efforts in those areas without making any guesses which are based on the general global data.

You can check your quality score with the google Ads performance which is a free grader and you will get started by just entering your email.

Grouping keywords for Improved Quality Score

Wordstream will also help you in finding out the best way for grouping the keywords for optimizing the google ads and the campaign structure. The key to this high-quality score is relevance for the ad group. All the keywords which are present in the ad group would be able to share a high degree of meaning.

For example, let us take a look at the pet store keywords. It is suboptimal for lumping all the keywords into the same group. You can also try to attract the customers who are having a generalized advertisement for the supplies of pets. A keyword like pet supplier is bound to be very competitive and expensive too. On the other hand, you will not be able to create a unique landing page for each unique keyword that is present in the list. You should have time for doing something else.

The solution to this group keyword by the theme is that you should segment the group into various small groups and then create the hierarchy of small and manageable keywords in the groups.

You will also be able to write the targeted ad on the landing page for each of the groups. This will make your life very easy and also will help you in increasing the Quality score.

Wordstream will simplify the grouping process of the keyword with the tools of quality score. This also suggests the segment which is based on the relevance algorithm. This will also do the sorting for you with the click of the button. Sorting and finding the closely related keywords in the database among thousands will take hours in the spreadsheet. But this will take just a few seconds in wordstream.

Writing high-quality Google Ads

The quality score of the google ads also depends on several factors which include the relevance score of the ad as well. Among them below are a few:

  • The relevance of ad for the landing page
  • The relevance of the ad for the keyword
  • Click through rate of the ad
  • Historical performance of the account


The effectiveness and quality of the ads are very important. Similarly, you will be required to create a system for creating the ads which will not eat up all of your time. Wordstream will help you with these. The ad text tools will help you in determining the keywords which have been included in the ad groups.

When you are making use of the right keyword in the ads then this will not only improve the rankings but it will also catch the eyes of the potential customers. This will directly help in increasing the CTR. This will also improve the quality score. So you will continuously get more exposure at a low cost.

If you are also looking for help in improving the quality score then contact some good paid marketing company. You can also get free and instant auditing of your account. They are also providing tips on improving the quality score and this will help in saving your money. You can first try the google ads performance for improving the quality score. This is a very good starting point for taking a look at your landing pages and keywords. Once you get familiar with the things in these then you can start with another approach given in the article above.  

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