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5 Tips to Improve Your PPC Campaign Performance

First of all, we should know about PPC which can be abbreviated as pay-per-click. So, in simple words, we can say the advertiser pays a fee every time whenever one of his/her ads is clicked. The viewers whenever click on these ads then only the charges are applicable and hence it is called pay-per-click (PPC). We can also call this a model of internet marketing. So basically, we tell you some tips which can improve your PPC Campaign Performance. Maybe you are trying very hard to improve your work performance but the result is not up to the mark. Based on this, lets discuss some of the tips for you to improve the PPC Campaign Performance.

1. First, you have to choose a platform as well as a type of ads in which you want to invest

The first thing is finding a platform to run your new PPC Campaigns. If you have gone through many sites related to Pay-Per-Click campaigns, then you have noticed that Google Ads is the most common one. But there are many social networking sites also which can help you as well as offer you PPC advertisements. First, we will talk about Google Ads.

• Google Ads

 Google has many web properties in which you can get paid for many high-ranking real estates. This will help you to Display Ad, a Search Ad, an App Ad, or any video on any website you want. This will help your campaign to form these types of Ads. As you will require to set a budget for the Ads, customize the audience, and carry out to groups in search terms. Every time you put these searches you will get paid by google whenever a user clicks on it.

Now we will talk about social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter

• One of the most used social networking sites- Facebook Ads

On Facebook, you can easily place a “sponsored” post which is allowed by them. It can be on the newsfeed of users which will be identified with the typical audience set by you. Your main objective for your Ads should include- which brand awareness, site traffic. This all will target your audience, your budget, and your ad arrangement. After doing all these things Facebook will do further process. Your ad will be posted on the newsfeed of the users according to your preferences and then you will be charged every time the ad is clicked.

• Second is Twitter Ads

You will see that Twitter and Facebook work similarly. Twitter will tell you some best places where you can choose between some unique advertising objectives. It includes the installation of apps, any new followers, any type of tweet engagement, and site traffic. This helps the target audience by running ads. And as some on Facebook you will be paid whenever the users click on these ads.

These are some of the platforms for the PPC Campaigns we have discussed. Below mentioned will be the types of ads in which you can invest-

Display Ads

The main focus of these Display Ads is to deliver some basic ads and brand messages to website visitors. You have noticed these display or banner ads on Gmail, YouTube, and many domains within Google’s display. It is a designed image or a photo and a copy and these are further clicked by any user with the promotion which will be taken to the landing page. There are many types of Display Ads- Remarketing (which is the most common one), targeted by any site placement, targeted by interest, contextual targeting, and topic targeting. These are some of the display ads listed above.

App ads

This is used for apps as you can relate it with its name. Google will automatically combine all the things of each ad using the contents of your app’s download pages. After this further process will take place by Google. As it will run these app ads in your selected languages as well as locations. You will then see that ads are all over the ecosystem of Google like YouTube and Google Play.

Video Ads

These are the ads shown in the starting or ending of YouTube and many other platforms. It can also be in the middle of long videos with a similar audience. Determine your ad budget and binding adjustments

Your budget will decide that through Pay-Per-Click Campaign how much you will pay for your clicks on the ad placements. You can get a benefit on Twitter and Facebook that they will give you to select the increment you want and your payment to be in, rather than Google who has daily budgets. As there are different types of audience and topics which means it will cost different amounts per click. Many websites have an ‘auction’ option which will help you to decide how much your users will cost you every time. You will also get many binding adjustments or strategies which will help you to work cost-effective purchases. These are some of the bidding strategies on Google-

Cost per click bidding strategy– Whenever the user clicks on the ad you will pay each time to Google.

Cost per thousand viewable impressions bidding strategy- Whenever ad appears to the users you will pay Google every 1000 times.

Cost per acquisition bidding strategy- Whenever the user clicks on your ad the amount of this will be automatically improved against how much it costs you to ‘receive’ a customer from your site.

Cost per view bidding strategy- After clicking on the video ads, viewed, or otherwise occupied with YouTube you have to pay Google for it each time.

2. How to personalize your target audience, interest, location, and all the search terms

PPC Campaign has given the ability to choose who you want your ads to reach. The who is used in a context which includes the audience’s location, interests, apps used by the audience, and the searches. Once you have introduced your target audience, you will make it top with some special search terms, whose SERPs you want your ads to show on. With your custom audiences, you can create their own “custom affinities” and “custom intents” which will help you customize your PPC Campaign. Converse to what Google Ads might suggest as if you put more keywords on your ads which wind up ending in front of the wrong audience. Use those keywords which are high in search and aim to match your target visitor.

 3. How can you organize your campaign into an ad group?

As in the third point, we have discussed keywords and after this, we will put it into ad groups. This is also similar to the Twitter framework. You can also customize all search terms in each ad group so that you will be assured that your ads are showing to the people who are most interested in your content. If you are getting the best message in front of you at the proper time marketing happens. In simple words choosing the right ad schedule which comes to knowing your audience which are you targeting.

Some Ad Groups which are not good- If you are promoting the sale of “skates” you will begin the search term with “skates”. After this, you will discover the search term and then add it to your PPC. This will make your PPC weak because while using “skates” this will only attract those audiences who want to buy it. This will automatically stretch your audience who are looking for “skating” and how to use or start skating which doesn’t apply to your audience which you are targeting. This will result in fewer chances that you will find interesting audiences among all the people who will click on your ads.

Solution for this will be using features of Google Ads like Modified Broad Match and you can also use “skates for matches”. This was one of the examples of Google features. This way you can make your ad more perfect with some search terms without eliminating the interest of your audience.

4. Identifying and designing your landing pages which will match with the purpose of every search term and including “negative keywords” in your Campaign.

After understanding how you can properly start your PPC campaign as well as in a proper manner we will discuss identifying and designing. This makes you clearer which will match your search terms. The platform on which you are running your PPC Campaign there is an analytics dashboard where your follow-up that how your ads are performing on a day-to-day basis. This will include the usage of your ads, how much you are spending, and how well this is converting into revenue.

With all this information you can easily see how much you are earning. A more integrated view of your PPC ads efficiency. You can also integrate with Google, Twitter, and many other ads into your organization’s marketing system, you can connect these PPC Campaigns with other marketing resources. This will give you more and better working with your paid efforts.

On your website, there will be many keywords that will show you where each Pay-Per-Click ad will appear and there are keywords that you can exclude from your campaign also. These are known as “negative keywords”. These help to give rise to your platform for avoiding placing ads on many final pages that are produced when the user enters search terms. Not all the users check your page with the same conversion intent.

By proving the “iceberg effect” to you Campaign will give you more profit. This effect helps where miscellaneous search terms are tacked below the surface onto the keywords which we think are working properly. Everything in the search term has different conversion and sales rates. And if you want that the search term ability should be minimum then you do one step ahead and do the same from keyboard to ad. After this, you can increase your click-through rate. This automatically increases your score of quality and your impression share, decreases cost-per-clicks, and improves average position. 

Using micro PPC conversions will help you to break the larger conversion into smaller pieces. As we know so far, the smaller pieces will give the more control you have over the success of them. You can break macro conversions into micro-conversions to solve the issues. For analysing the micro-conversions, you can see where your PPC Campaign is causing the head of conversions. Things we know through these micro-conversions which will help you by telling about the landing pages are- Time on site (how long users are spending time on your site), scroll depth (tells how far your user is scrolling down your site), form field completion (tells that users are leaving your forms), button click (by testing unique CTA button colors and a copy can be the key to your bigger conversion success).

These are some of the detailed steps which you can know form this. You can use many other sites also rather than Google or Twitter-like LinkedIn. These tips will help to boost your performance and get more profit. Just do all the things in a sequence. The best way to see which type of ads you should choose depends upon the demand of the audience. Whether you are using negative keywords, iceberg effect or any tracking of your sales each of these tactics will have a significantly good impact on your Pay-Per-Click Campaign. The best thing is that maybe your other competitors don’t know about these things. Now you have to take a step and raise your PPC Campaign performance by using some of these tactics. So basically, we tell you some tips which can improve your performance for PPC Campaigns. Maybe you are trying very hard to improve your work performance but the result is not up to the mark. By using these tactics, you will find a change and an increase in your PPC Campaign performance. So, what are you waiting for? Try these and improve your performance.

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