Paid Marketing Tactics

Let’s Make Money: 4 Paid Marketing Tactics for Agencies Looking to Succeed

Every organization is planning to earn more revenue through its SEO tactics but this is not the only thing. For succeeding, the marketing agencies have to do more to deserve success. You want more money for your business and so does everyone else. Convincing all the clients to help you start taking less money is quite a difficult job. There are no direct amounts that are spent on SEO but mostly the cost of acquiring the customers is up to 30 times than the existing ones. The main goal of marketing is connecting the people with the products that companies are selling to their customers. It is such a simple concept only with a different base. 

For using SEO tactics, you have to know your business well and so do your customer base. Digital marketing has been growing recently and it has become so crucial only in dealing with business. 

Paid marketing tactics for succeeding

1. Do the scheduling

When someone is doing marketing, the best thing is doing it in a disciplined manner and this is one factor because of which so many workers have to leave jobs. When you are thinking annually, then you will be handling all the keywords and the competitors will be doing a complete analysis of the same. If you are planning to do scheduling semiannually, then you will have to do content analysis. 

You have to check which are the additional keywords that have been stopped and what has been changed in your industry. Some do schedule monthly giving customers an idea of what should be done properly. There are 3 types of things that you should do for analysis:

  • The hours used for consulting
  • Making phone call
  • Reporting

If anyone of the points is missing, then also the scheduling process is not going to work properly. Customers are looking for change frequently and when they are getting that, then there is nothing stopping them from purchasing what you want. 

2. Simply saying NO

Learn to say no when you are doing SEO tactics. There are no month to month contracts when you are dealing with the marketing part. When a customer can cancel SEO in about 30 days, then they become more interested in SEO. Explain the long-term strategy of the same and if it was not worth investing time in, then don’t do so! Customers come to you only with the best service guarantee and if they are getting creep services, they will stop coming to you. 

Clients and sellers need to have a candid relationship with each other and if you are using a specialty business, you can send the business away. So, say no to the creep service that you might be getting. If you are not good at writing content or even shaving off things that you don’t offer, then you can choose people who are good at doing all of such things. 

3. Raising prices

Raising prices comes crucial when it comes to making money. With your old customers, you can give discounts and it won’t go bad. When you are giving discounts, you are increasing the perceived values. This way you are giving loyalty to your old customers as well. Even in the case of new customers, they are getting the perceived values. 

Many companies are interested in making high-quality services that you have always wanted. And what can happen at the worst? If you say no, then you will not be provided with the discount that you have wanted. But what matters the most is your workers and the employees. If you can’t raise the prices, then you can’t offer the training or even raise their prices. 

4. Using the proper tools

After raising the prices, tools are the superpowers and you have to work taking them in mind only. Tools allow humans to do what they want to do. With tools, you can find so many good opportunities. They help in ranking and getting SERPs when you are working. If you know what the website is, you can simply start with the pre-audit part also. 

With faster workflows, you will be getting the money quickly. If you are using keywords properly, and you have the right tool, you will be able to serve so many customers and make money. Bulk pricing is also a tool that is out there in the market!

So, you can talk to your clients over the phone asking what they want for listing off all the competitors. If you want to get all data to the tools, it would be charging more than what you can imagine. And as the tools can sell themselves then you are saving a lot of money. 

Marketing strategies for small businesses

1. Using Google AdWords

Google AdWords works as a connection between all the online channels. It delivers all the relevant search contents that will be inexpensive for you when you are using On SEO. Google gives you a quality score defining the ad that is dependent on the CTR. This rate helps you to know where your ad will be placed after being seen. 

People make more than 4,000 Google searches every second and so Google AdWords will turn out to be so fruitful. 

2. Coupons on all the deal sites

When you are buying any product or service, you can use some coupons for selling your business. Coupon deals attract the customers so much that they purchase products only to get these coupon deals. You can give these to national and local businesses also offering real-time discounts to the members. With Groupon, you get up to 50% of the discount, and half of the revenue goes to Groupon only. 

The basic purpose of these coupons is the marketing director and is not dependent on sales. The main goal is consumer retention instantly and if you are giving more deals then you will have to handle so many customers, so make a routine and do the math correctly. 

3. Email marketing

Email marketing acts as the core of digital marketing. Emails turn out to be the highest converting channels for all the leads. And the funnel starts with the “lead magnet” only. People give free exchanges in place of that and so, you get some options like site membership, coupon, free trial service, etc. 

HubSpot is one such email marketing website that allows the making of emails for businesses for free. It also helps you in creating professional marketing emails for engaging all your audience. 

4. Content Marketing

Reports say that about 18% of people feel that content marketing has been changing the shapes of business. It is mostly the distribution of reliable and consistent content to a defined audience leading to profit-driving action. Content marketing is mostly focusing on the long-term results of the business. 

With the initial payoffs to be less, with the long term comes the growth of the business, and also customers will be seen handling a business single-handedly. Choose relevant topics along with SEO optimization and you are done. Content is not just blogs. It can be anything like online courses, videos, podcasts, etc. 

Ways of earning more revenue for your business

1. Collecting as much data as you can

Your data defines your company and it cannot be bad. Are your Google Ads campaigns helping you earn more than the industry standards because of the sleek post clicking design page? This you will not be able to know if you are not present during client success. When you are trying to sell your business, having higher data only tends to lead to higher ROI at higher costs which is so much helpful. 

2. Knowing the industry

For offering charges and prices, you have to know what the industry is serving. As the saying goes, “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” fits well with the industry. Convincing clients is such a hard task and you have to be better at the work. Learn how the industry is working, learn what they do, and then get into the market by pinpoint all their loopholes. 

3. If you are planning on getting more, you have to give more

Lots of agencies are giving consultants who can help you with the work and if you are a client, then your client might have more to offer you. But what is the value that you are providing to them? The first value is the first impression and just because of a few dollars, you cannot woo your clients away. Do an audit for checking all the current strategies and how you can improve the same. 

Personalize all the offers using the initial values and don’t send ebooks in the beginning only. 

4. Be clear on what you can do for all your clients

When clients are seeking solutions, they want to know what you can do for them. This is the end benefit effect and the way you will be marketing to your clients. If there is a prospect between you and your agency and you have a retainer of $2,500 and you are looking to sign a 6-month contract, and your competitor has a retainer of $1,000 and the same clause, then the choice can be no brainer. 

When you have more traffic to your website, you will be getting bigger clients and you can also check the potential of all the customers. 

5. Market your products to the person who needs it

Give your products and market them to only people who are in higher need of your products. Knowing what kind of business your customer is expecting will help them to move ahead. And this way you will also know who can’t stay away from the agency. And those who can’t stay without agency will pay you more for the same. 

Benefits of marketing techniques for business

Marketing is an essential tool for any business and it helps in reaching you to a larger audience and helping your business grow in the long run. Every business knows the importance of marketing strategy and guides you in taking any business decision. 

1. Engaging all the customers effectively

Marketing is a new method of bringing all the customers together and also a greater way of engaging the customer base. When you think of all the engaging customers, the mainline is pushing offers to them. These customers will reply to you instantly and this increases the chance of belongingness that you have been looking forward to. 

2. Bring new customers

Getting new customers is the main goal of marketing strategy and customers are needed for sustaining a business. Most businesses are striving for customers only and with so many advertising methods, your business will be reaching a larger audience. Some are SEO marketing, YouTube, paid ads, etc. 

If you are confident about the quality of services that you provide, then new customers will surely come to you. They will spread the word and their friends and relatives will come to your website to buy. 

3. Maintaining the relevance

A happy customer is a permanent customer and competitors are always trying to take customers from you. If they are getting attractive proposals, then customers will shift their base. In this battle, you have to be relevant and maintain it wholeheartedly. You have to remind your customers that your business still exists and try that it doesn’t get invisible in the minds of the customers. 

Before carrying out a marketing strategy, a lot of research needs to be carried out. If you don’t do this, then you will end up taking the wrong path. Researchers can give you a negative light at times. By being simple, you can carry out the marketing strategy and gain insight about what will be the right thing to do. 


Once your entire thought is in place, then you will be able to reap all the benefits later. So, take the start and give marketing a try!

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