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Our Commitment to Increase Traffic to Your Restaurant

Empowering Restaurants to Expand Their Business since 2007





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Outperform Your Competitors & Increase Organic Leads for Your Restaurant

Tired of low traffic on your restaurant website? Or don't have any idea to boost reservations through SEO? SEO Discovery always got your back. Just focus on attending to your guests with warm regards and providing mouth-watering cuisines while we will take care of the online visibility of your restaurant website.

Our SEO specialists thoroughly review your website and your competitor's site. They find out what lags your website and implement all the trendy and results-driven SEO practices to enhance your restaurant website's credibility, search rankings, and leads organically. Thus, you get more reservations from your neighborhood.

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Believe in Results, Not Promises!

Check Our Dozens of Case Studies.

You have tried all the possible tactics but still have not achieved one-quarter of your expectations! Be sure - we understand your pain..

Not only do we promise our clients to achieve their goals, but also make ways to touch the milestone. Once, our team helped a client go from 11,000 clicks per day to 63,000 clicks per day.

Want to know how? Take a look:

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A Detailed Glance of Our Strategies

How We Make Your Restaurant Business Succeed

Increased Search Visibility

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We, as a Restaurant SEO service provider, do keyword research efficiently that your potential customers are asking queries about over the internet. Once the list is finalized, we take out the keywords from the list containing the most search volume and less keyword difficulty. Then our SEO experts optimize headings, meta titles, meta descriptions, and other content of your website with those selective keywords. Hence, your restaurant business gets an increase in search engine visibility.

Improved Search Rankings

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People living or coming to your surroundings for fine dining will search for a restaurant with specific keywords. Now, when they search for a good restaurant near their location, search engines generally show the websites based on their rankings. So, if you miss these keywords on your website's content, your website will not rank, and your competitors from your area will receive the most reservations in their restaurants. We optimize your website in such a way, implementing those relevant keywords on your website, creating backlinks from reliable websites, and improving user experience, so that you outperform your competitors in SERP and get better search engine rankings.

More Organic Leads

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What if people are visiting your restaurant website, but you are not ending up with any online reservations? Obviously, your business growth will gradually decrease. Our restaurant SEO services primarily focus on this aspect of why your visitors are not becoming your customers. We do a complete review of your website and fix those areas where it needs improvement with trendy SEO practices such as on-page optimization, user experience, mobile responsivity, and other technical parts. This way, your restaurant business website gets more leads organically, and you end up getting more reservations.

Revenue Growth

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Besides optimizing your restaurant website with relevant keywords, high authority backlinks, easy navigation, mobile-friendliness, improved user experience, etc., our SEO experts specifically focus on local SEO strategies. It leads to an increase in organic leads from your neighborhood, eventually assisting in making a reservation for your restaurant. Therefore, the revenue automatically increases.

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Let us drive organic traffic while you focus on delivering delicious foods.

Our SEO services help rank your restaurant website's position on the first page of Google SERP. Whether you have a small, medium, or big restaurant, we help every restaurant owner to obtain these top spots using our strategic SEO techniques.

If your website is optimized properly, Google starts showing it to more people whenever they search for a restaurant in your area. Hence, the chances of getting phone calls for making a reservation at your restaurant also increase, ending up generating more sales.

The SEO Discovery Difference

SEO Discovery is known for its work ethic, results-driven performance, and reliability throughout the world for providing phenomenal restaurant SEO services. Our keyword research skills, analyzing the competitors' strategies, and implementation of advanced SEO practices, including local SEO, help target more local people in a particular region. Hence, it helps generate more online restaurant reservations.

Client-Centric Approach

Every restaurant client, regardless of their business size, gets the undivided attention of our SEO experts. Here, at SEO Discovery, we nurture them by first understanding the complications of their online business and then providing potential solutions.

Long-Term Relationship

Our team of knowledgeable SEO persons always sticks to providing our restaurant business clients with timely reports of the SEO performance once a week over a call. This way, we create an enduring relationship that lasts for a long time and builds trust for future projects.

Full Transparency

Offering our restaurant clients full transparency of the business operations, strategy implementation techniques, and all other things is our forte. It helps our clients make their own decisions without any hesitation.

Algorithmic Expertise

Not only do our SEO specialists execute on-page, off-page, technical search engine optimization, and data interpretation strategies, but they also have a good grasp of search engine algorithms. It assists every restaurant business in increasing online organic leads with the help of our algorithmic expertise.

Reach! Engage! Generate Leads! Repeat!

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    brand reputation

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    Boost targeted traffic and user engagement

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    Digital marketing services chandigarhLeads Strategic SEO techniques help generate leads for your restaurant website

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    digital marketing company chandigarhRetention Our top-notch restaurant SEO services hardly let our clients choose someone else

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    Digital marketing services chandigarhContinuous
    Business Growth
    Boost revenue throughout the year

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Our expert SEO persons help every restaurant business to enhance its online presence and obtain more organic leads.

We understand the intricacies of the restaurant industry and help target more people from your neighborhood to make online reservations at your restaurant.

Nothing works better than word of mouth in building the reputation of your restaurant. We help our restaurant clients by monitoring the online reviews that help people choose your restaurants over others in your area.

Our One Project - One Team Makes The Difference

If you are reading this section, it means you are pretty serious about your restaurant business growth. And, we are serious too, but in making you achieve this feat. Based on our previous work experience, we have made this special offer for every restaurant client to provide a dedicated team only for their project. This way, they won't have to worry about not getting attention from our SEO specialists. Further, every member of this team has a specialization in different aspects of search engine optimization. Now work and communicate more conveniently with your team. No distractions. It's only You, Your Team, and Your Project. Our team will give you all updates once a week and discuss all possible changes as per your requirement.

We are committed to using innovative SEO tactics that are compliant with the current search engine algorithms.

SEO is a complex and continuous process. No one can achieve overnight success with organic traffic. Our four-step process helps make your restaurant business grow efficiently.


Our SEO specialists first review your complete site and understand the present scenario. Then they create 50-100 keyword groups and take more than 300 factors into account, ultimately assisting in driving more organic traffic to your restaurant website online.

Dedicated Team

We build up a brand new team of SEO experts based on the goals and requirements of your restaurant business. Besides, every one of them has a unique skill set in different SEO strategies, resulting in the online success of your restaurant business.


Our team creates a roadmap after understanding your restaurant's business objectives and requirements. It contains all the SEO practices that we will implement on your restaurant website.

Business Expansion

It is the final step where our team executes all the pre-planned SEO techniques. They will contact you once a week over a call to inform you about the ongoing SEO performance and discuss changes as per your project's needs to boost ROI.

Why Choose Us? Simply put, We Have Technical Expertise That You Don't.

We enhance quality Leads rather than generating irrelevant Traffic.

Take advantage of our ROI-focused SEO practices.

Nobody cares about online visitors if it doesn't eventually convert into a conversion. Our SEO team aims to maximize your ROI.

Confused about the results? Check the metric yourself -

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SEO Services

Serious about Enhancing Organic Leads in Your Restaurant Business?

Just go through these three steps only.


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Check your email for a video call link within 1 hour. Here, Our SEO specialists will discuss the goals of your project, difficulties, and areas of improvement for your restaurant business.


Witness your Restaurant business grow-

Following our video call discussion, our team will develop and provide you with a customized roadmap. Then our team will consistently implement these SEO practices, ensuring your Restaurant business achieves the desired outcomes.

Free Restaurant SEO Video Audit to Maximize Revenue

Guiding Restaurant Businesses to Succeed Organically

We know you are getting hardly any traffic to your restaurant website. You may have tried all the strategies you could, but all go in vain. Don't worry. It is a perfect time to collaborate with a leading restaurant SEO service agency. While you will only focus on attending to your restaurant guests with delicious and hot meals, we take care of the SEO for your website.

We also have upgraded our processes that pass the test of time, rather than sticking to conventional approaches of presenting our clients with PDF and PPT. Take our free video SEO audit that will highlight all the barriers and possible solutions to make your restaurant business prosper online.

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Never worry about organic traffic for your Restaurant business! We're here to help.


Get 3X More Restaurant Reservations

Grow Your Restaurant Business Digitally

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you mean by restaurant SEO services?

Restaurant SEO services offer strategies used to increase a restaurant website's exposure in search results. So whenever a user searches for a restaurant with relevant keywords or phrases, the restaurant website comes up on the top pages of Google SERP if it has enhanced content, navigation, and other elements of SEO.

What strategies does a restaurant SEO service provider offer?

Primarily, a restaurant SEO service provider offers on-page, off-page, and technical optimization techniques. Optimizing a website's content, headings, meta tags, images, internal linking, etc., comes under on-page optimization; minimizing web load speed, and enhancing mobile-friendliness and user experience comes under technical SEO. On the other hand, off-page optimization includes creating quality backlinks, local SEO, online directory submissions, and managing online reviews.

Can restaurant SEO services help with online reviews and reputation management?

Yes, many restaurant SEO service providers help with online reviews and reputation management as part of their SEO services. It involves managing and responding to customer reviews on platforms like Google My Business, TripAdvisor, etc. Basically, SEO services can improve a restaurant's online reputation and credibility by actively managing online reviews, responding to customer feedback, and promoting positive reviews.

Can I implement SEO for my restaurant business, or is it better to hire professionals?

In general, you may have some basic knowledge of SEO practices but not the broader and in-depth skills of SEO which only the specialists have. Moreover, a professional SEO service provider always stays up-to-date with the latest search algorithm updates and has enough expertise in the practical implementation of on-page, off-page, and technical search engine optimization strategies. Thus, your restaurant website will achieve better results in the long run if you hire professional SEO services.

What is the role of content marketing in restaurant SEO services?

Content marketing is one of the heavily reliable tactics that a restaurant SEO service provider utilizes. High-quality and user-engaging content can effortlessly increase website traffic, dwell time, and search rankings for your restaurant business. An SEO service provider develops a content strategy, does keyword research, and then implements the high search volume keywords in informative blog posts, articles, recipes, videos, and other content. Hence, restaurants get to establish their business and engage with their target audience using the expertise of SEO service providers.

How do SEO services target relevant keywords for my restaurant business?

Restaurant SEO services extensively analyze keyword research techniques to determine relevant keywords and phrases that people are searching over the web for restaurants in your specific location. Then the SEO experts create a list of those keywords to review search volume and competition. Based on this research, they select the top-performing keywords and implement them in headings, meta tags, URLs, meta descriptions, and other content to help search engines understand your restaurant's relevance to specific search queries and increase the online presence.

Can restaurant SEO services help make my website mobile responsive?

Yes, almost all SEO services provide mobile-responsive websites. With time, more and more people are using their cell phones to find restaurants and book reservations. So, it has become essential for every online business owner to have a mobile-friendliness website. SEO specialists minimize the website load speed and improve the design/interface and navigation to provide a seamless user-friendly experience to mobile devices - increasing the number of leads to your restaurant business.

How can restaurant SEO services help in attracting local customers?

Of all the SEO methods, local SEO is a vital technique to drive traffic to a restaurant website in their geographical area. SEO experts monitor online reviews, focus on location-based keywords, ensure NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) uniformity across online directories, and improve Google My Business listings. This is how SEO services assist in increasing foot traffic and reservations from the neighborhood by successfully targeting local customers.

How much do restaurant SEO services cost?

Depending on the project needs and your restaurant business goals, the cost of SEO services varies. It's better to consult with the SEO service provider whom you are thinking of hiring. We at SEO Discovery don't believe in pre-planned packages, rather we charge our restaurant business clients as per their website's current status and needs.