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Immigration Businesses

Our Commitment to Potential Growth for Immigration Businesses

Providing Immigration Businesses with Endless SEO Solutions since 2007





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Making Your Immigration Business Reach Its Potential Growth and Outranking Competitors

Getting immigration leads is not an easy task! It takes months of continuous effort to make your website visible on the top pages of Google search engine results pages. And in order to gain the top spot, you have to apply certain methods - optimizing the website with relevant keywords, user-engaging content, internal linking of web pages, improving the website loading time, creating strong backlinks, etc. But it is almost difficult to do all these steps if you don't have technical knowledge. This is where we take entry into the game. So, connect with our team now and achieve more web visibility, better brand recognition, and a consistent stream of new immigration leads.

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Why only believe promises without results?

Our multiple case studies make you believe in Us.

Don't be among those who can't get higher returns! Our team of SEO experts helps one of our clients get a 780% return on investment.

Interestingly, one time, our team helped a client go from 11,000 clicks per day to 63,000 clicks per day.

Don’t believe it? Take a look:

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A Detailed Glance of Our Strategies

How We Make Your Online Immigration Business Succeed

Increased Web Visibility

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No business can increase its sales if they comparatively appear on the last pages of the search engine results. Our Immigration SEO company goes the extra mile to make your website visible on the top pages of Google. It is a very simple fact that if you are not getting visibility on the top pages, your competitors will snatch away all your hard work, and you will be left with nothing. Get in touch with our company now - it not only takes care of the SEO aspects but also focuses to make your brand a well-known face in your niche. Thus, you will receive enhanced search visibility on the web for your immigration business.

Better Search Rank

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Experience a sharp increase in the search rankings of your immigration website. Remember, the more you implement the SEO methodologies appropriately, the better the search results. Some of the never-failing SEO strategies include - creating user-engaging and specific content, optimizing with relevant keywords, utilizing high-quality backlinks from reputable websites, eliminating broken links, minimizing web loading speed, etc. Thus, we start boosting your search engine rankings and establishing your authority in the immigration field.

Higher Qualified Leads

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There's no point when you are getting a good amount of online traffic to your website but a very less number of leads which is converting ultimately into a sale! That's why you should focus on your content, keywords, and local SEO strategies. We at SEO Discovery have a proven record of implementing these in the right way that helps increase your quality leads in your immigration business.

More Revenue Generation

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If you are running an immigration business but are not generating higher revenue, that's a big reason to worry! Less revenue means less growth for your business and could lead to closing it at some point. We, as a leading immigration SEO agency, understand the pain point and have suitable solutions for it. Our implementation of tactical SEO strategies makes your immigration business find people on the web in your local region who are specifically searching for an immigration consultant. Therefore, both you and your clients get benefitted, and the revenue gets higher in the end.


Having second thoughts?

Don't be shy to ask us any questions!

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We enhance your web presence; You get quality Immigration Leads

There is not any better search engine than Google, and it is the most widely used throughout the world. Of all the searches performed in a day on the internet, Google covers upto 92%. So, ranking your website on Google is our top priority.

We help immigration businesses achieve those top Google spots and reach their potential customers at a fast rate. Also, the chances of being contacted become higher if your website pops up in the top pages of Google whenever someone searches for an immigration consultant. More leads, more ROI.

The SEO Discovery Difference

No business can grow without proper SEO strategies performed over a period. That's what we at SEO Discovery do. Our specialist team members boost the targeted traffic to your website, and it becomes effortless for your immigration business to get leads. In addition, to make our clients' businesses grow, we serve them in effective ways that earn their trust in us.

Client-Oriented Approach

Rather than beating around the bush, our SEO experts stick to serving our clients as per their demands. Every immigration business client gets equal priority and satisfaction while working with us.

Long-Lasting Relationships

We always aim to provide outstanding SEO services, communicate regularly, and share timely reports to gain the trust of our immigration business clients. Hence, every immigration business that worked with us in the past builds an enduring professional relationship and works with us without a second thought in the future as well.

Full Transparency

Providing complete transparency to every immigration business is another fine offering from us. This is how every client gets clarity of their business operations and can make their decisions accordingly.

Algorithmic Expertise

Our team has a strong skill set to understand search engine algorithms, along with the ability to implement effective on-page optimization, content creation, technical SEO, backlink analysis, data interpretation, and adaptability. Thus, every immigration business grows with our algorithmic expertise.

Reach! Engage! Create Leads! Repeat!

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    digital marketing company chandigarhBrand Awareness Create reputations for your
    immigration business

  • 02

    Digital marketing services chandigarhTraffic and
    Higher targeted traffic and improved engagement

  • 03

    Digital marketing services chandigarhLeads Relevant content and strategic SEO increases the number of immigration leads

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    digital marketing company chandigarhRetention Our time-effective outcomes make our clients prefer our services every time

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    Digital marketing services chandigarhConsistent
    Business Growth
    Generate revenue throughout the year

We have an average rating of 5/5 across platforms

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Our team of SEO specialists helps every immigration business climb in the search engine results pages and increase visibility

Our SEO services help immigration businesses target people in their local region and give them an advantage over their competitors.

We create brand value that helps build a reputation for your immigration business and make people take your services.

Our Golden Rule: One Project Per Team

Many SEO companies nowadays are more involved in making a profit for themselves only. That's why you may observe their team handling projects from different clients simultaneously. But that's not the case with us! We at SEO Discovery are focused to make your immigration business grow as well as ourselves. When you partner with us, we will create a team of SEO experts who will be dedicated only to your project for the contractual period. Moreover, every member of the team has expertise in different aspects of SEO strategies. What better could it be than getting your own team with whom you can communicate regularly as per your project needs? No distractions! It's You, Your Project, and Your Dedicated Team from the moment of our collaboration. Let's achieve success!

Our team continuously makes efforts to implement the best SEO strategies in accordance with the current search engine algorithms.

SEO magic doesn't happen in a short span of time. It takes time and procedures to follow. This four-step process brings success to your immigration business.


Our team does a complete SEO audit of your website. Then they create 50-100 keyword groups and rely on more than 300 factors to finally come up with a strategy that generates more traffic.

Dedicated Team

Among all our SEO specialists, we build up a brand-new team depending on your project objectives and needs. Each of them has a different specialization area in SEO that ensures your immigration business' success.


Later, we make a custom SEO roadmap, including all the steps we need to follow to meet the goals of your immigration business.


This is where we perform every planned step. Once a week, our team will get in touch with you through a sprint call to review how things are going and what possible changes we can make to improve the ROI.

An SEO Company That Has Better Technical Knowledge Than You!

We increase Quality Leads rather than focusing on providing Traffic.

ROI is the only metric that matters in businesses getting prosper.

Your waiting is over now, and the action begins. Make your immigration business achieve a new height of success with our SEO services. Want to see how we deliver these outcomes?

Case study

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for Immigration projects


How to Hire Our SEO Services for Your Immigration Business?

Witness your Business Growth in Just Three Simple Steps


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Check your email for a video call link within 1 hour. Here, Our experts will discuss the goals of your project, complications, and areas of improvement for your immigration business.


Relax and grow your immigration business-

Our team will create and share a roadmap based on the video call discussion between you and us. Finally, the magic will happen with our team's constant efforts, and you will see your immigration business obtaining the expected outcomes.

Revenue-Driven Free Immigration SEO Video Audit

Gain more immigration leads with our systematic SEO services

It's just common sense that increasing the number of immigration leads to your website and handling them as clients side by side is not possible easily. Additionally, as an immigration SEO service provider, we have a much better knowledge of the SEO strategies that could lead to the growth of your business. So, it is better to join hands with a company that makes your website search engine friendly and attracts more leads.

Time is changing! So do we, rather than sticking to the traditional methods of using PDF and PPT. An interesting and point-to-point analysis of our video audit will make you intrigued and easily understand the process. The video includes a full review of your website - content, keyword relevancy, backlink profile, website loading speed, and other technical factors. We are offering this video audit completely free. Limited slots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does an Immigration SEO service provider offer?

An immigration SEO service provider offers a variety of services that help immigration businesses gain more web visibility and maximize their ROI. Broadly stated, it optimizes your website's content and does keyword research, link building, local SEO, mobile friendliness, less website loading speed, and other technical SEO factors. Also, they might give you analytics and reporting to track the efficacy of their performed SEO actions.

How can SEO services help immigration businesses?

SEO services can help immigration businesses grow in many ways.

  • 1. Enhance the website visibility, bring more organic visitors, and help make them potential customers.
  • 2. Help create a brand reputation in the immigration sector for that business.
  • 3. Increase website performance and navigation, and present users with engaging content to improve user experience.
When can I see results for my Immigration Business using SEO?

First of all, SEO is a process of continuous efforts of implementing the right tactics. The time generally depends on various factors, such as relevant keyword difficulty, the existing website's SEO situation, and the strategies that would be implemented into ongoing optimization. The better these processes' implementation is, the sooner the results you can see. But, in general, you will see results within a span of 3-6 months of using the right strategies.

Can any SEO company guarantee the top position in search engine rankings?

No SEO company can guarantee the top position in search engine rankings as search engines use complex algorithms that take many things into account when determining rankings. Although SEO services try to increase website visibility and ranks, search engine algorithms ultimately control those results. That's why optimizing the website continuously can boost organic visitors to your immigration website.

Is SEO a one-time process, or is it continuous?

Always remember that SEO is a continuous process rather than a one-time practice. Search engines often update their algorithms and your top-performing competitors make necessary changes according to it. So, regular monitoring of the analytics, content changes, technical adjustments, and link building are some of the continuing tasks needed to increase organic visits to your immigration website.

Can Immigration SEO services help with local SEO?

Yes, immigration SEO services help local search engine optimization. Primarily, the objective of implementing local SEO is to enhance a website's position in local search results. It is very vital for those immigration companies who especially target particular regions. Improving Google My Business listings, adding location-based keywords into content, managing online reviews, and local citations are some of the local SEO tactics for better growth.

Do Immigration SEO services include content creation, or is it the client's responsibility?

It totally depends on the SEO service provider you are collaborating with. While some immigration SEO agencies provide content creation as part of their service; some don't. So, make all those things clear before starting the project. Nevertheless, if you partner with our immigration SEO agency, you will get relevant content as part of our service to grow your business organically.