Promoting a Website Vs Mobile App

Promoting a Website Vs Mobile App: What Marketing Strategy You Should Follow?

Mobile and website apps fall in the category of marketing and they are not much different from each other. Of course, there are some overlaps and differences which must be known properly and both require unique and constant updates. If you are making use of the same marketing strategy for your app as you do on the site, then you are missing out on some great challenges and benefits. Both app stores and the search engines vary vastly from each other and targeting your strategy becomes easy. It helps in leveraging everything that it has to offer.

Difference between SEO and ASO


SEO is one of the widely known terms standing for Search Engine Optimization which involves the process of optimizing the web page for getting the highest ranking in the search engines. It deals with driving traffic to the site. ASO stands for App Store Optimization and helps in organic downloads in the app and optimizing it can get into higher rankings while searching. And the best thing is that you can use both the strategies for the same thing. Using ASO, you are bound by some kinds of restrictions on the App stores. There are different requirements both in Google Store and Apple Store. The app character has limits and the screenshots must be fitting into particular dimensions only. 

In the case of iOS, the subtitle and the app name can be of only 30 characters each. In the case of Google Store, it can be 50 characters with the short description being 80. There are techniques that perform better than the others and you are not required to produce anything through your mind. When it comes to the listing of results, ASO works far better than SEO. With the app stores, you are bound to get more icons, screenshots, videos, edits, etc. When you are doing a Google search on the Web, you will be getting a list of blue ticks and lots of texts.

Are you using Keywords, right?


You have to be skeptical about the use of keywords, both in-app and web marketing. Nobody is interested in reading texts that have keywords stuffed in it not making any sense and having no value. But in the App store, this is not necessary as it penalizes for the use of unnecessary keywords. While writing the short descriptions, you will be using only one keyword so as to avoid maxing out of the characters. With the App Store, using keywords more than once doesn’t impact the descriptions anyway. There, the app description is not indexable, maintaining the main bulk of the text. In Google Store, the keywords are indexed along with the impact of ASO. The use of relevant keywords with low difficulty is mostly seen in SEO writing.

While the tools for ASO and SEO might vary, the processes are mostly the same. Because the end result turns out to be the same. 

Behavior Impact in case of marketing Strategy


Webs and apps are two different things as the apps are used mostly for all the mobile devices and tablets while web pages are easily accessible on desktops also. This is a mobile using generation where many customers are spending around 4 hours of their time on phones. Many users need an app for tracking before going to the web for making the final purchases. If anyone switches between platforms, the marketing strategy should be such that the single-user avoids making bad customer reviews and requests. The mobile users go extra ways for making it available in the market to the users like push notifications and geo-marketing for boosting marketing traffic. Geo Marketing is used when the users are using geolocation for determining the part of the market strategy.

Many users take advantage of this as well to find out which time of the day more customers are interested or active on their phones. All of these using habits are so important to know if customers love using web applications or app strategies. 

Taking of the marketing funnel


The funnels are different depending on the type of website made available easily to the users vs the apps that are used upon installation. The funnel of the web page is more about curating the ideal journey of the user for reaching the end goal of the conversion. It requires action right from the start like app or web marketing as the funnel also requires action in the later stage.

How do the landing pages differ for both?


The app landing pages and the web landing pages are very different from each other. The landing pages of the apps can’t be changed as their engagement points are fixed. The web landing page allows in determining the points of engagement and minimizing the chosen event. This is in the form of subscribing to a newspaper, filling in the lead form, downloading software, etc. It’s basically the first page where the users are tempted to be attracted to introduce your brand properly and you can see your users valuing your content properly.

In the case of mobile landing pages, it is imperative to keep the copy above the fold. The fold is the text cut off point that you either need to scroll or even click to read more the rest of the text. The app’s desirable texts can be presented only before it is cut off completely.

The mobile landing pages provide a template for placing the text and visuals while the web based on gives more flexibility providing simpler goals. The web landing pages offer a form to fill for buying any product or subscribing to the newsletter. On app pages, the main thing is downloading the apps. But they also aim at increasing the exploration of the web page which the users scroll for reading the screenshots and reading of the long descriptions.

Best Marketing Strategies for promoting mobile app


The total number of users using apps has increased globally to 42 billion which is huge. The marketing strategy used today is completely digital. As the customers and the potential users are online, the presence of the online marketing strategy is bound to stay. Digital marketing is a set of activities followed for accomplishing your goals with the help of an online presence. The main idea of business is to achieve some coveted goals.

1. Leveraging of Machine Learning

Machine learning has turned out to be a game-changer in the app marketing sector with marketing enhancing by procuring the streamlining procedure and unlocking powerful user insights. The advantages are:

  • Data Mining

By investing in data in real-time, it advises you to make some smart choices with machine learning technology enhancing the performance of the business. It also helps in simplifying the marketing process.

  • Keeping customer value

Machine learning is so easy to discover and draws all the users which are important for the business. It considers all your business outcomes and creates the initiatives that are similar users at the upscales finishing all such activities.

  • Personalization

Machine learning helps you in decoding the right messages and coordinating the same giving it to the apt user at the right time. As per the research of Google, 81% of all the leading advertisers think that machine learning is critical in providing a personalized experience.

2. Using of Smart ASO

With more than 180 billion people making use of it, a comprehensive ASO strategy helps in completing the downloads. 

  • Backlinks

It is to see whether these backlinks help in affecting the application ranking on Google Store. Well, the answer is Yes as the backlinks can surely help you in improving all your rankings. This is as per the 2018 ranking plan. 

  • Using of SEO+ASO

Try using the combination of SEO and ASO together and you will be amazed by the wonderful combination that it is. Combine all the store rankings and make use of SEO research for the engineering of the keywords. The data that you get is valuable and this can be utilized even in the ASO strategy.

  • Adding of Title and the subtitle

Combine writing both title and the subtitles for getting higher rankings on the search engines. Appearing of keywords in the app and the meta titles help in leveraging the various keywords for combining them in your application. If you are adding a keyword or meta description to your application, then you have to rehash the same in the keywords field. It put more emphasis on the keywords and the free spaces for adding characters in the fields.

3. Video Marketing

Video marketing always is appealing and leaves a lasting impression on people’s minds. About $1.8 billion is spent on making video marketing as it is helpful in gaining more audience and you will find many following the pattern. Making a promotional video helps in comprehending the manners through which the campaigns can help people. It also helps in putting emphasis on the uniqueness with which the application is run.

There are some additional videos also which are played along with all other promotional videos for running on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc. It helps in the retargeting of Instagram if it is needed.

Top Website Marketing Strategy for promoting business


1. Pay Per Click Advertising

Through PPC, all the marketers can place the bids for placement of the search engine’s sponsored links using specific keywords and phrases. If the big is higher for any keyword, then the ad will be appearing in the organic search results when the users are typing the keyword in the bar. It is a cost-efficient way and pays only when the clients are clicking on the ads. You can also create remarketing ads for reaching out to the people who have shown an interest in displaying the products and reminding them what they have looked for on the site.

2. Content marketing

This is one of the most effective ways of generating new leads online. It creates infographics, ebooks, guides, blog posts, etc. You can also make use of visual contents like photos and videos for giving people an insight into what they are looking for in the business.

Don’t use your content for sales pitch first and find out various ways for reaching out to the audience and help them learn more about the business. This way you can reach out to the bloggers or reporters, and the more reputable links the business earns, the more powerful the sites tend to be. This ultimately leads to higher ranking results. 

3. Web Design

Many times your website is the first interaction point between business and all the potential customers. This will require you to make the first impression. With great web design, you can reach out to more customers for earning revenue online. With a sleek design, it helps in improving the user experience by making it easy for all the visitors to find information that the customers need.

If you have a well-designed site, people will be spending more time learning about the contents of your business. They will likely become your customers reaching out to be the positive signals to the search engines.

Testing of Mobile Vs App


The important difference between A/B testing for apps and web pages is that the testing of the app is done in the store and not in the app. A/B testing is done on different platforms and if you are wanting a free option for Android, then Google Play experiments turn out to be the best. Test for the graphics and textural assets.



There are so many similarities and differences between marketing websites and mobile apps. But the similarities are higher and they are rising their similarities even more. Mobile and website apps are growing gradually but you have to know the best ways of investing in your mobile app or website. And that will win that can reach a larger audience. And you will win in your business!

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