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8 Effective Strategies To Boost Your Email Marketing ROI

Despite a lot of predictions that email marketing is going to fade away, it has emerged in the best of ways. In fact, Email Marketing has turned out to be one of the best and effective ways of business marketing. There is always room and scope for improvement when you are doing email marketing. When you are talking about the products and services, then Email marketing attracts the audience directly and then they work towards helping the audience in finding what they are looking for. With large, small, or medium-sized businesses, the effectiveness of email marketing can be increased with the help of business experts and email marketers on the way.

1. Personalizing the emails sent to the recipients

Think of the number of promotional emails that you receive daily and all the people that are on your list is no different either. You have to understand the fact that people will not open your mail and move ahead unless you can grab their attention. You will be mostly deleting the mails if you are not happy with the subject line itself. Start the recipient with Hi which will engage the readers a lot. This way they are at least interested in reading the offer that they find.

2. Verifying mail list regularly

When you are adding an email address to your list, then you may make a mistake leading to putting many fake IDs together, or eventually, you will change to a new mail ID. This can create such a negative impact on the senders as well as the receivers. The mails will go bounce or they will be directly going to the spam folders. This way you will be labeled as the spammer which you are not. Run your list regularly on the verification service for making sure that you are working on the accurate list as much as possible.

3. Segmenting of the mail list

Segmenting helps in knowing the mails that you are interested in reading and achieving favorable open rates and click-through rates. Only by sending mails to the targeted audience, your people will be engaged in reading all the mails and they will further benefit from them also. This makes the messages relevant providing you better results than ever. All the list of subscribers is provided with different types of coupons and offers or even the special events segmenting the subscribers to get what they want.  

4. Building a double opt-in list

Many people generally don’t prefer opening the double-opt-in list because they feel that the extra step will only turn out to be repellent and create a smaller list as well. A smaller list that is better responsive to emails is more regarded as a valuable asset than a list not providing all these features. If someone is interested in taking up the opt-in list that you are providing, then they seem to be genuinely interested in what you have to offer and they are interested in listening to your business plans the most.

5. Using of Emojis in the subject line

Emojis nowadays are everywhere and these turn out to be fun and effective ways of communicating with the audience. People love it when you are using emojis wherever needed. Just check out the last text on your phone and see the number of emojis you are using in your conversations. Using emojis is a great way of standing out in the crowd and getting a higher rate. The subject lines become attractive and the audience connects to your thoughts more easily than any other way.

6. Having a clear call to action on every email

If you are not having any defined CTA, then you are not going to get accurate results. You will be getting minimal benefits which will not be helpful to you in either way. Your subscribers don’t have much time to read what is there in the mails and they just want to know what you have to offer. And recipients will know that in seconds of opening the email. After completing the form or making a phone call, they come to know of the CTA and if they are not interested in the products you are selling, they will just delete your mail.

7. Using a responsive email template

The email templates can be customized which is such a good thing. The majority of the subscribers are going to open the mail lists on your phones, so it is important to use a newsletter that becomes responsive. If you are using the customized mail service, then the templates will be customized and you will be able to deliver all the messages to all the devices and the screens. Take the custom route for standing your brand out and taking an effective email marketing way for making it look professional. 

Email Marketing ideas for your blog

When trying to touch customer experience online, email marketing is such a crucial point that you have to touch. It is a great tool for nurturing and building relationships with customers for increasing engagement and conversion. For the email that you make, you get an average return of $42 which can lead to lifetime retention as well.

1. Taking new customers

Your old customers know you and they will only purchase from you because they are happy with what you have to provide. But the challenge is the onboarding of new customers and when someone decides on joining your mail list, they are interested the most in your offers. But the new subscribers don’t take action immediately. They might have not made a purchase sooner or even visited your page, and sometimes lack of motivation does the whole thing.

For attracting new customers, use a process called customer onboarding. This includes sending a series of emails at one go as each email will cover aspects of the product that you are trying to cover. This way you will be getting information and also in touch with the customer service or details about return policy. Onboarding is also a new way of pointing out to the new subscribers.

2. Using the Email sequences

Setting up the email sequences is also another way of charging email marketing. It is automatic so time-consuming and also gives a better chance of converting. When you are welcoming customers to the emails, you are increasing their purchase values as the automated sequences can drive so many major conversions. When they are combined with the triggered emails, it ensures that the marketing emails are sent directly to the audience whom you are planning to capture. This also results in the best possible moments as much as possible.

3. Retrieving abandoned carts

Having an abandoned cart is not a problem online but, surprisingly, almost 79% of the people who shop have abandoned carts. With all the resources that you use for acquiring the new leads, you will want to retrieve it when you are finalizing any orders. You can do this by using behavior triggered messages after returning to the store. The cart abandonment emails are very popular among online retailers.  

These are the effective and simple means and if the users have a reason for leaving the site, then it is not related to dissatisfaction but also some other attraction. If you are planning to take the extra mile, then you have to retrieve the abandonment carts.

4. Running of re-engagement campaigns

Many businesses think that it is easier to retain older customers than attracting new customers. So, is it possible to reactivate the clients who have lost interest? For engaging the dormant customers, it is considered to be the right moment for consideration. For businesses like fashion retailers, a lack of email is not opened within 90 days, it shows that the users are not interested at all. After figuring out the customer dormant, you can reach out to the customers.

But you don’t have to send the same as the regular offers. You can make the same as personalized and be sure that the subject line stands out from all other emails from the box. 

5. Sending of the recommendations

You know what the customers have added or what is added to their wish lists. You know which of the products works better than all other purchased items. The recommendation emails work a lot because recipients know directly what they have to offer and tailoring to the needs. Suppose that is the product that they have searched for and it was something you hope to buy as it was so out of stock.

This will look so great for those who have already bought the products and fell in love with the same. Take up the opportunity to personalize all of your offers. Use all the information that you are collecting and send out something that you don’t want to miss. 

6. Sending of birthday emails

The audience loves to receive gifts whether it’s from your family or even your co-workers. So, giving customized birthday emails is a great way of attracting customers. Sending an honored email in favor of birthday and anniversary will only strengthen all the feelings of the audience towards the brand. This makes the customers feel personalized towards buying gifts.  

And also, your customers deserve a gift on their big day as it becomes easier to persuade them to buy something for themselves in that case. 

7. Asking for feedback from customers

It is very important to know what your customers think about the brand. But are their opinions worth it all the time? Only about 76% of the customers give honest reviews and recommendations. Asking your customers about a review is so crucial and has so many advantages. You can use all the reviews easily in learning about the target audiences and this way you can make your products better.

But in all this, you can use your communications as part of the proof. There are so many companies that make use of customer reviews as they give the true value of the products that you are using. They use the exact words of the customers so this makes the offers feel so relatable and supreme.

Benefits of Email Marketing that You should know about

99% of the marketers indeed check their emails daily and this is by far the best way of receiving all kinds of updates from the brands. Some of the benefits:

1. Collecting of feedbacks and surveys

Customer experience is so valuable and email marketing is the best way of doing that. It gives customer satisfaction and getting scores helps in finding the percentages of customers to find out the brand ambassadors.

2. Sending of timely campaigns

With email marketing, you can create an entire campaign at shorter notice as it doesn’t take much longer to plan. This way your audience will see the emails at the right time. Sending of the campaigns timely helps in successful businesses.

3. Reaching to the right people at the right time

To have successful email marketing, you will have to reach the right customers at the right time. With the help of email marketing, it’s easier to reach many people because everyone reads their emails. They can check their emails anytime on their devices providing success in the campaigns.

This means that they are checking their messages continuously and it knows you are on top of the mind for them. 


Email marketing helps in the building of relationships and it helps in creating interconnected and fluid buyer’s journeys. It is a crucial part of the business and should be dealt with seriously. So, it’s time to bridge the gap between your marketing channels! Go ahead and follow these strategies for an eventful buyer’s experience! Email marketing is a vibrant tool for connecting with the people and you can send messages sitting at the comforts of your homes. The marketing is easily tailored according to the needs of the people. You are able to cover so many topics of interest. 

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