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Powerful LinkedIn Marketing Tips You Need to Know

By making use of the right online marketing technique and using a goal-oriented solution for marketing, any business can achieve a robust pipeline of customers. LinkedIn marketing is a powerful digital marketing platform. If you strengthen your strategy for marketing on this platform then you can capitalize a lot from the largest global professional network. Usually, businesses focus more on Instagram and Facebook but overlook the steadily growing platform of business advertising i.e. LinkedIn. 

LinkedIn is amongst the top social media platforms for making connections with business executives and industry talents. It is known to promote and accelerate business growth. Almost all top brands make use of this powerful social media platform to market their brands online, connect with influencers, and establish a leadership that is an industry thought. If you are still thinking over using LinkedIn for your brand you must read on to know all about LinkedIn marketing. It will help you choose whether you should use this platform or not. This article covers important aspects of marketing on LinkedIn, benefits that you can get by marketing here, and the best SEO practices for LinkedIn marketing.

This article is a simple tutorial for those who want to harness the power of LinkedIn for the growth of their business and brand reputation. 

Overview of LinkedIn marketing:

Marketing on LinkedIn is a process by which you can improve your brand awareness and foster business relationships on this powerful social media platform. LinkedIn was launched in 2003 and primarily aims to promote career building, content sharing, and business networking. Over 17 years it has become a powerful marketing platform online for promoting advancements in career and making global B2B i.e. business to business connections. 

There are around 700 million professionals who have their accounts on LinkedIn and more than 30 million businesses make use of this platform globally. The popularity of LinkedIn is due to the community features that it hosts. These features allow brands to create global awareness, promote services and products to their targeted audiences, and reach out to tentative investors and business partners. With the help of LinkedIn marketing, you can fill the gaps in your social networking and personal branding. 

But marketing on LinkedIn should follow a strong and correct SEO strategy if you want your efforts to be effective. LinkedIn marketing involves building connections, fostering digital partnerships, and sharing valuable content on this media. You can take help from a reputed marketing agency for digital marketing on social media. It will help you to generate website traffic as well as potential leads for your business. 

Usually, businesses overlook the power of business growth via LinkedIn marketing. But this is a big mistake. For a business to grow nowadays, effective social media marketing is a must. With LinkedIn marketing solutions you can reach out to the right people at the right time and it helps you connect directly with top business authorities of global brands. 

Why should you boost your business profile on LinkedIn?

 Marketing solutions of LinkedIn are designed to support brands’ targeted efforts of marketing. In the year 2019, LinkedIn became the top most trusted social networking platform in the 2019 digital trust report of business insider intelligence. It also got around 30 billion sessions from its website members. This has made it an excellent lead generation and marketing platform. 

Apart from providing a medium for collaboration and content sharing, LinkedIn marketing offers several other benefits as compared to other channels of social media marketing. LinkedIn has become the largest global and professional website for social networking that offers B2B opportunities. Here it is easy and effective to build your brand awareness and you can gain insights on your prospects to develop valuable business relationships. You can also use this platform to generate leads to high potential. 

With LinkedIn marketing professionals and businesses can achieve the following things:

  • Get a clear roadmap for marketing
  • Monitor your competitors.
  • Build or enhance your brand reputation
  • Remain updated about industry trends, news, and updates.
  • Generate a steady stream of traffic and leads. 
  • Post polls and discussions that are engaging.
  • Showcase your business offerings.
  • Reach out to a wide range of targeted audience segments. 
  • Publish press releases.
  • Build and grow your business network.
  • Join groups that attract high traffic.
  • Engage and source with top talents and prospects.
  • Increase your visibility in the market.
  • Gather customer insights. 
  • Share valuable content online. 


There is no rival in the market currently for LinkedIn. When you want to expand your professional network and uncover the conversion opportunities then there is nothing like LinkedIn.

So, if you want to promote your business on LinkedIn and also want to focus on the marketing strategy of LinkedIn then read on this article. It is always very easy to accomplish networking in a traditional face-to-face and calling way. All these features are available on LinkedIn and they have made LinkedIn a professional network environment very easy.

Best Practice for LinkedIn Digital Marketing are given below:

 Below are some of the easy to adopt LinkedIn marketing solutions are provided for reaching the quota and increasing the on-target earnings. With these tips, you would also be able to achieve success in digital marketing.

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile

When you are setting up your profile on LinkedIn then the next step is to amplify the value of your presence on LinkedIn. For that you must make sure about:

  • Optimize your LinkedIn personal profile and your company page
  • Choose the right banner and the profile picture for your LinkedIn page
  • Write the compelling description by making use of relevant keywords
  • Headlines should be customized
  • Try to fill all the fields like location, contact number, company URL, company size, industry, etc.
  • Try to build your employee profile
  • Personalize your company URL on the LinkedIn
  • Update the images on your page
  • Follow the communities
  • Explore various other features of LinkedIn

Creating Meaningful Posts

Always try to share the useful and informative content which would directly promote your brand without the need to spend more money on the advertisement. Content marketing is a very effective way for the LinkedIn marketing strategy which will drive the lead and will build the authority online.

Some of the SEO tips which require to be kept in mind when we are creating the marketing posts on the LinkedIn:

  • Utilize the analytics
  • Develop the social media calendar
  • Determine the target audience in the peak hours
  • Integrate and engage the videos and images on your text posts
  • Use proper hashtags and the keywords
  • Keep the track of the news and the market trends

 Just by simply reading the content your connection would be able to determine whether it has been written by the professional or not. So, take the time and craft the compelling content which can address the market concern properly. If you are not having the knowledge and the skill for writing long blog posts and the content in social media then you can always consult with the LinkedIn marketing agency. 

LinkedIn Pulse 

LinkedIn pulse is the online news feed that is designed for the members to share the content with their targeting audience. IT will generate blog posts and other forms of content from the individuals and the business who are looking for building the LinkedIn Profile and also expanding their online reach.

Like the LinkedIn posts there is a 700-character limit for the individual members and a 1300-character limit for the company posts. The articles on LinkedIn are not having any limits. Articles that are all posted on the LinkedIn Pulse are easily able to access the company profile or from the Google search. The Pulse platform is very easy for online search and for finding the article when they will need it.

Leverage the Presentations on LinkedIn

Presentations are a very smarter way of connecting with the followers and this will also encourage meaningful interactions with the brand. These types of content which are bite-sized will drive the 10x more impressions, engagements, and shares. When you are investing in multimedia content on LinkedIn then it is an excellent way of expanding the reach of the audience which is reaching outside from the direct network. The good thing about the videos and the presentation is that you will be able to use the content which is already existing in the blog posts and the conference materials. Below there are some of the best practices for this also:

  • Publishing Presentations
  • Repurpose the long blog post which are been published on your website
  • Let the team member should be able to share their industry expertise
  • Ask for the permission when you are featuring your content on third-party
  • Always include the interesting quote or stats form the expert from the industry
  • Keep your design very professional and simple 
  • Create a compelling title slide
  • Focus always on one idea per slide
  • Use the creative visuals
  • Posting Videos
  • Optimize the setup 
  • Avoid the background in the cluttered
  • Capture the attention from the starting
  • Design for the sound
  • Add the captions 
  • Always keep the length of the video under 30 seconds
  • Close the strong call to the action immediately¬†

Build the Career Page

Create a robust career page on LinkedIn which will attract the best talents on LinkedIn. You can also showcase the career opportunities in your LinkedIn profile which will humanize your brand and will help in building credibility and increasing engagements. Remember the below point for this:

  • Highlight the Key responsibilities
  • Write a good job description
  • Use the banners and visuals which will show that the culture of your company is distinct
  • Keep the content is concise and clear
  • Encourage the team members who can share their experience on LinkedIn tagging the company
  • Use images, videos, and the SlideShare decks¬†

Connect with the right people

If you want to succeed on LinkedIn then you should establish good connections. Join groups on LinkedIn that are industry specific. This allows you to start conversations and crowdsource sentiment. You can get more followers on the business page of LinkedIn by engaging your business partners and employees. This will improve your page engagement and help to promote your business in their networks and attract more people towards your brand. Also, your page will be prompted to all new connections that your team makes. You should also engage with the content that is posted by people in your network. 

Give and collect recommendations

To make your professional identity and improve brand reputation, get reviews. If your business page has recommendations then you can get almost 3 times the recommendations in LinkedIn search. So, gather recommendations and endorsements from your sources.

Make use of LinkedIn advertisements: 

The buying power of LinkedIn‚Äôs audience is twice that of other online users. Also, lead conversion rates here are almost 3 times more as compared to other platforms for advertising, even Google ads. There are several paid options of advertising on LinkedIn such as text ads, sponsored updates, and sponsored emails. You can use these to target specific audiences and direct traffic to your web page. 

Make use of network search on LinkedIn: 

Find the right prospects and connect with them using the network search feature of LinkedIn. You can optimize the search of LinkedIn using filters or make use of the Find Nearby feature of the platform. With the Find Nearby feature, your connections in your area can find you when they are in proximity.


 Amongst changing job and economic conditions, LinkedIn SEO is a way professionals can boost their marketing. LinkedIn is a platform that is continually improving as new features are added and its user base is expanding. LinkedIn is not restricted only to executive corporates but can be used by any business to refine their social media campaigns for marketing. Get it to touch with a LinkedIn marketing expert to make the most out of this powerful social media platform. If you are still not on LinkedIn then you are losing various opportunities. 

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