5 Essentials Elements of Content Marketing

5 Essentials Elements of Content Marketing

After presenting the various possibilities of content marketing before, we would now like to offer five essentials elements of content marketing.

     1. Content Freshness

Fresh and up to date content, not just for the interest of your readers and customers, but also for search engines,    especially for the market leader Google. Because Google loves fresh content.

     2. The Right Keywords

It is essential to find the right keywords. You will only be found through keywords, so a previous analysis is indispensable.

Because only through such keywords your content can be found in the almost infinite vastness of the Internet. So, when writing your content for marketing, make sure you choose the correct keywords.

     3. Target Audience

The best content will not help you if you do not keep your target group in mind and align your content with the needs of your customers or readers. This means optimizing your messages, Facebook posts, press releases or blog entries only according to the guidelines of the search engine optimization, you most likely write to your target group. Because content that is just stuffed with keywords is not pleasant to read. Different studies have shown that a keyword density of three to five percent is the right measure to keep reading pleasure.

     4. Spelling & Language

No one likes to read a press release or a website that is teeming with spelling mistakes. But not only the reader will avoid such a content, but he/she will most likely to exit the website and find another site in the search engines too. Finally, misspelled keywords are not found by search engines. It is therefore recommended to follow the basic rules of the respective language. In addition, it goes without saying that content with clearly defined formulations, which at the same time convey a value to the reader, are read more frequently.

     5. Inter-Linking

Do not forget the further spread of anchor texts in articles or blogs on many different websites leads to a better networking of your own website. So you profit from your anchor texts several times because the links in your anchor texts ensure that users find the way to your company website via the published texts, while the generated backlinks.

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