Link Building Strategies to Help Businesses Recover From Covid 19

COVID 19 has brought the world to a halt where the businesses are facing so many losses and they are going down with no money in the economy. At these unprecedented times, it is important to have strategies to come out from the foregoing agony. Business owners are understanding the essential elements in digital marketing and are planning to get digital in their business. Learning is considered to be a never-ending process where you can learn about the technological and digital marketing ideas and channels for implementing in your business. Your target must be how to attract the customers towards your brand and retaining them in the business for a longer time. Based on this, let’s discuss more about this in detail.   

How to attract new businesses during the Pandemic time?

1. Investing in digital marketing

During COVID and the norms of social distancing, many businesses had to change their business plans and go digital to provide help to all their customers. Now the Internet was widely used with businesses learning all the tactics of digital marketing to start. Now, guest blogging is so widely accepted during COVID and guest blogging websites are seeing more crowds than what is actually there. 

2. Using of blogger outreach service

Blogger sites benefit your companies with their SEO outreach for drawing in a large number of targeted audiences. Many websites help you in partnering with high authority bloggers who can help you in moving ahead in your business. This way your bloggers can also promote the products of your company. They are known for offering top quality contents that you can use as backlinks in your website for making it easy for people to view it.

3. Updating of website

Your website creates the first impression that the buyers get of your business. So, it’s your responsibility to upgrade your business by providing the latest information about all services and products to convert all your visitors to your customers.

4. Resources for helping your business

Adapting to different business changes requires a lot of financial support and many businesses are not even able to earn a decent income during the COVID times. You should be financially independent so that the banks grant loans for keeping your business moving forward. 

Benefits of blogger outreach services

1. Having connections with so many markets

You can expand your market by targeting various audiences and turning them into customers. You can explore various markets by reading about those markets and also knowing how to change their minds. Bloggers write about various products and services so you should make it a point that your audience comes to know of your brand well.

2. Increasing profits globally

Digital media gives you a vast platform which is generally not possible for you to get. You can have your website that will be viewed by everyone in the world. You can extend your reach even to the international markets and earn money in foreign currency. And only with blogging services, you will be able to do that.

3. Creating of backlinks

Also, the main benefit of using blogging services is the creation of backlinks that can be used as marketing campaigns through which customers will be able to read various content written by bloggers and writers through the backlinking process. This way you can attract higher customers to your website. The ratings on search engines also increase.

Strategies for businesses to recover from COVID pandemic

COVID 19 has led to a global downfall and now businesses are trying their best to uplift their industries to continue with the works. Many companies have also left their employees because of a shortage of money supply in the economy. Now you need to be proactive in taking the right steps for your business. This way you will be able to recover as soon as possible without much difficulty:

1. Focusing more on long term investments

If you are moving into B2B sales, it is the best time for your business in making long-term investments. Even if you are having a short-term loss, then also, ensure you will be having the long-term goals for earning profits in the long run. Having long term strategic planning can save you from this havoc situation.

2. Evaluation of the effect of COVID on the customers

Your customers are also getting affected by the Pandemic so now is the time for you to understand your customers as well and how you can help them in overcoming all the problems. You can make products easily available to them for making their lives easier. Also, feedback is helpful as customers will give honest replies on what is missing and what things are on point.

3. Preparing for the worst Post Pandemic demand

In China, the post recovery period has been quite fast and they are back on track even in business. People might be increasing the demand for goods and services soon with the businesses being able to meet the demands well. Even though your business might not fulfill all the demands presently but you might be thinking of steps for making up for the current slowdown.

4. Embracing new ways

The world might have come to a halt but people will always be needing their essentials and your business has to provide it proportionately. You will have to be engaging and serving customers with the help of brand-new channels. If you are into a retail business, then you can be investing in E-commerce as well. With the help of SEO companies, you will be able to increase the ways of your digital presence with the help of effective marketing strategies.

Preparing for Business Post Pandemic Times

As business owners, you will be focusing on the future of business as well. After the Pandemic is over, you will have to function better than all others and for that, your preparations should start from now. Businesses might be having a faster recovery phase than what you might be thinking if they know from where to start. For preparing yourself for the post Pandemic times, you have to remember these:

1. Preparing all your employees

Your employees might be feeling scared about coming to offices post COVID but you can help them by motivating them by providing online training sessions. These training sessions will prove to be fruitful as it will boost their ideas and motivate them to work together for the betterment of the company. Ways of viewing the current progress:

  1. Cut down on all the normal levels that have been conducted by the business for making faster decision makings and communications.
  2. Simplifying of all the norms for making it hassle-free and easy for the customers
  3. Developing a responsive customer service cell for helping customers whenever they need it.
  4. You can allocate the money for setting up the right platform beneficial for both clients and the employees. You must make use of effective marketing for helping the company attract a larger audience in the deal and process.

Link building strategies for boosting of search rankings after COVID 19

Link building strategies are formulated for increasing traffic on your website and increasing the rankings on your search engine. Some strategies worth using:

1. Producing online content

You have to have a good website if you are planning to link your website to the guest bloggers write-ups. And creating good online content always has a way of going to the heart of the customers.

2. Articles

You can share the reviews, information, and ideas about products and services that people are using by reading all the articles that you have mentioned in your blogs. This way it is also a kind of promotion on other’s blogs.

3. Videos

Producing video is so time consuming and expensive but having benefits of its own. People are more attached to videos as they are entertaining with people loving to watch than read articles. So, your videos have to be short and crisp for grabbing the attention of all your readers.

4. Infographics

An infographic is also eye-catching where there is something to read and then there is the statistic working as proof for the information that you have. Infographics can be added on the search image page of the search engines.

5. Analyzing the competition

You can research all your competitors for knowing what kind of backlinking strategies they are using. Then you can plan on using something else more innovatively.

Ways in which COVID is affecting the marketing strategy

1. Leading to more online activities

With everyone being locked up in their homes, the online world is the only world where you seem to be active all the time. This way, businesses have taken advantage of the increase in online activity through SEO. Even though you were not selling products at one point, but you were planning on how well you can use it to your marketing strategies.

2. Online shopping

People are becoming interested in online shopping as it has become an only option now. You just need to check the area from where you belong to see if the products are available there and deliver it to the customer’s doorsteps. 

3. Increasing the scope of online marketing

You should be sure that you are using the right online marketing in promoting your business. Some websites are reliable that you can use for online marketing and keeping the brand’s name fresh in people’s memories. There are online marketing strategies that you need to know before moving ahead.

Ways in which SEO is going to help business in increasing traffic

1. SEO helps in providing long term traffic equity

The content you are creating today affects the future as the future generations will be giving their views on it. You have got opportunities of giving top-performing content that will be accepted in the markets leading to the profit of your business.

2. SEO gives conversion optimization benefits

Businesses are constantly thinking of how they can carry their business forward. Due to COVID, it is the best time for filling in the gaps of the customer’s complaints through top quality contents and products as well. It all depends on the type of business you are doing to check whether the converting prospects are proper or not.

3. Provides a fresh concept to the edge

Being able to regularly publish content that is properly optimized, clean, and crisp, SEO helps in providing new concepts and edge to your business taking it ahead. Update all your content from time to time because customers are always in search of something new and unique. There might not necessarily be COVID-related topics, but you can add something which can make people cautious of the situation going on in the world.

The world is slowly trying to adapt to the COVID situation and people are learning about the New normal. But businesses have to plan for running effectively as no one knows when the situation will be under control. Digital marketing and online are the two vast ways in which you can lead your business during COVID times. It is turning to be a two geared process acting as a balancing mode between transitioning safely into the new running world. About 44% of the people have been doing grocery shopping online because of COVID. Customers are getting anxious about whether they can go to a certain place or not.


You will be faced with many tough decisions that you have to take for your business post-COVID also. Reactivating to the digital strategy might seem like a slow process but it will be imperative in the months to come. Sit down with an SEO specialist for listing down everything that you are planning to prioritize.

So, get ready for a time where only businesses are mainly going to strive online and make plans for it! Preparing for the COVID situation is the need of the time because you don’t know what is in store for you! So plan properly! 

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