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The Definitive & Decisive Role of Link Building in SEO

Of all the successful SEO strategies, link building is considered the cornerstone of effective SEO methods. Link building for SEO can be done in two ways – one is internal linking, meaning interconnecting web pages on the same website, and the other one is backlinking, meaning connecting your web pages with another page from different websites.

Just imagine your website as a city, and each backlink as a street getting connected to the city. The better the quality of the roads, the easier it is to reach your destination with less hustle and bustle. In the same way, the quality and relevancy of your backlinks help search engines locate your website among millions of sites available and understand your site’s authority.

Just spend a few minutes and you won’t go away disappointed. We have created an easy-to-understand and detailed blog on “The Role of Link Building in Search Engine Optimization”. This link building guide gives you a clear picture of the mysteries and the direction of a successful SEO path. Let’s get started.

An Overview of Link Building Basics

What is Link Building?

If you are in the field of SEO, you would definitely hear the phrase link building, which specially defines backlink building. At the same time, even if you aren’t from an SEO background, or just thinking of doing SEO for your website, understanding the concept of link building is a vital thing.

In general, the practice of acquiring links to your website from other websites is called backlink building. These backlinks, sometimes referred to as hyperlinks, endorse the value and content of your website.

When your website has quality content, other sites from your niche or industry will link up your site to their websites, leading to increasing your site’s authority and credibility in search engine results.

On the other side, suppose you are linking your website to other websites relevant to your niche or industry, search engines increase their authority and credibility.

Therefore, you should not limit your website to building links from relevant sites but also make better quality and user-informative content, implement highly performing keywords on your content, and stick to other SEO techniques to earn links from high authority sites.

Why is Link Building Important?

Link building is one of the most important ranking factors in search engine optimization. The more backlinks your website has, the easier it is to rank on the search engines. But a website owner should work on quality backlinks rather than building low-quality or spammy backlinks in higher quantities.

Currently, Google covers up to 85% of search queries on the web. So, it is severely crucial to rank your website on Google. Check the following points on the significance of link building

  • Every search engine considers a link from other websites as a vote of confidence for your site. So, the more the websites link to your site, the better the search engine results are.
  • It is quite a simple fact that when more websites with high domain authority vouch for your site, Google or other search engines will notice this. As a result, your website’s authority will be improved, and it will be considered a reliable source of information in your niche or industry.
  • Suppose some users are reading content on a website, and they find a link to your site; there is a high probability that they might click on the link and go through your website’s content. So, always make sure to provide relevant and high-quality content when you link another website with yours. It leads to making those readers become your loyal fan. Simultaneously, Google will consider your website as a trusted source.
  • When other websites link to your site, search engine crawlers give more importance to your website, and the possibility of popping your website on the top pages of SERP increases.
  • If your website gets mentioned on other reputed and relevant sites or influencers’ blogs through a link, your brand gets more recognition among online users. This results in increasing the number of potential customers.

How to build links?

SEO specialists follow several techniques to build high-quality links. Below are some efficient ways –

  1. Adding Links to Other Websites

It is the easiest way to interconnect your websites with other sites. When you find a website relevant to your niche or industry, you end up adding a link to their website to make your site engage with their users.

Some of these paths for adding links to other websites are mentioned below –¬†

  • Blog commenting.
  • Providing effective answers to forums, social communities, and Q&A sites, such as Quora, Reddit, etc.
  • Submitting to different business directories.

In simpler words –

Suppose you run a hotel business. So, if you find blogs or articles on tourism at the place where your hotel is placed, you can comment on their blogs by providing how your hotel can accommodate tourists in a hospitable way, coming from other locations. Then mention your website’s link as well to redirect users to your hotel website.

Similarly, you can give responses to people’s queries if they are asking on Quora, or other Q&A sites about a good accommodation point to spend their night.

You can even list your hotel website on different key directories, like Yelp, Google Business Profile, Merchant Circle, MapQuest, Manta, etc. which might help attract some tourists to a successful hotel room booking.

Although,¬† Google doesn’t give that much importance to this type of link-building strategy, nobody should completely disregard this category. Overall, your website will get value from this approach.

2. Asking Links From Other Websites

The first thing you should remember while approaching a website owner is why they would link up their site with yours.

If there is not any advantage for them, they will simply reject your idea of linking your site with theirs.

We have curated a list of link building strategies that will attract other high-authority websites to link with yours, resulting in increasing your website’s authority.

Following are some of the key tactics to influence high-authority website owners –¬†

  • Guest Blogging – Write user-engaging and compelling content for those websites where you want to endorse your website by mentioning your link.
  • User Testimonials or Case Studies – Provide favorable feedback about their product or service.
  • Link Exchange – It’s a win-win for both you and that website owner. Make them understand that you will mention their Website’s name on your site and in return you want your website’s link to be mentioned on theirs.
  • Fixing Broken Links – Fix broken links from their website and in return ask them to mention your website on their site.
  • Skyscraper Technique – Guide them to a better resource than their existing one.
  • Image Link Building – If they are using your image, instead of claiming copyright, request them to give credit to your website.
  • Resource Page Link Building – Provide them with a better resource than the one they are using currently.
  • HARO – It stands for Help A Reporter Out. Provide an expert quote for a journalist’s article and get to be mentioned there.

But do you know what? These strategies will help you only when you maintain quality and relevancy with the website owners with whom you want to link your site.

Sometimes, you seek external Link Building Services that may quicken the process. But in that case, the provider or the agency must be trustworthy.


3. Buying and Earning Links –¬†

There are many SEO agencies or individual persons who are engaged in buying links.

But we, as a link building agency, know the Do’s and Don’ts of this approach and strongly advise you not to purchase backlinks.

Instead, make your content presentable in such a way that other websites become really interested to mention your website on their platform, and you earn a link.

Remember to refrain from purchasing backlinks. Not only will you end up losing lots of money on baseless links irrelevant to your niche or industry, but also search engines may penalize you.

Go through our effective link building strategies that you should follow to make an impact on Google or other search engines.


Link building for SEO keywords

Top-Rated and Effective Link Building Strategies

  1. Analyzing Competitor’s Backlink Profile

Monitoring competitors’ backlinks is one of the first vital link building techniques you should follow.

Use keyword research tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, Ubersuggest, and others to analyze the backlinks for each of your competitor’s top-performing pages. And approach those websites which are linked to your competitors for building backlinks on your own website.

Generate more quality backlinks than your competitors and outshine them on Google SERP.

2. Create High-Quality Content

There is no exception to creating content for your websites if you want links from other sites. But focus on producing such content that users can’t even ignore reading.

If your niche is in the Health Care business, you should not engage in creating any content for other industries, such as Casinos or something else.

Stick to making informative, interesting, relevant to your niche, and original content with enough info-graphics or videos if necessary. Hence, your website may increase the number of backlinks from other sites, and Google will improve your site’s authority.

3. Guest Blogging Technique

Writing and publishing content on other websites as a guest blogger is a robust link building strategy that will help you earn backlinks to your own website. Guest Blogging in SEO involves delivering interesting and user-engaging content to the audience of a website owner for whom you are writing the blog. It leads to increasing your website’s visibility to that website’s audience, building your website reputation, and enhancing the search engine rankings.

Remember to focus on prominent blogs from your industry or niche to increase your online presence as well as your SEO efforts.

4. Taking Help of Social Media Platforms

Social media is a unique platform that allows users to share links to their websites, communicate with influencers, and endorse content.

Sharing user-engaging content increases the probability of getting your articles or blogs shared by your followers on their own platforms. As a result, it lets your website earn a backlink.

Building relationships and engaging with influential persons or other website owners from your industry broaden your chances of getting noticed by their audience base.

Although social networking signals don’t directly affect SEO, it assists in enhancing your website’s online visibility and traffic indirectly, as well as in building backlinks (Social signals are the feedback that people provide on social media platforms, such as like, comment, share, etc.).

Engage consistently in producing high-quality content, interact with your audience, communicate with industry experts or influencers, and take part in relevant communities. Thus, you will get to maximize your link-building on social media.

5. Broken Link Building Method –¬†

It is quite a fun and successful method for getting backlinks.

First, you have to find the high authority websites from your niche and then conduct a thorough analysis on finding the broken or dead links.

Then, you have to contact those website owners and politely inform them that some of their links are broken. Make them understand that the websites they have linked up previously might have changed the landing page URL or modified it, or even deleted the page. This results in coming to a “404 Error” message. As a result, their website search rankings may get affected poorly. This scenario will surely help them understand the facts. That’s when you have to ask them to link to your web page that has high-quality content relevant to that topic.

This way, you will earn a high-quality backlink, and Google will increase your website authority as well as credibility in your industry. Follow this strategy continuously to earn more quality backlinks.

6. Content Marketing

No matter how hard you try to create high-quality content that other people from your niche or industry would love to link to your webpage, they can’t build links without discovering your website on the web. That’s why it is gravely essential that you have to make paths to reach them.

Content marketing is a way that helps you target thousands or millions of online users. 

It can be done in two ways: One is direct advertising, where you would pay an amount of money to the Advertising platforms, such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, or Instagram, and it’s alike to targeting relevant users based on specific demographics.¬†

On the other hand, you can collaborate with influencers or bloggers having a large audience base to promote your brand’s website on their platform. Before you reach out to them, ensure why they would help you make their audience base know about you. It must be a win-win for both them and you.

Whether you pay them an exact amount of money in a similar fashion you are paying the advertising platforms, or you create relevant and quality content that their audience will love to read. This will result in benefitting them to engage and expand their audience base. In return, they will mention your brand name or website link on their platform, leading to getting a chance of acquiring a backlink and targeting their audiences.

7. Resource Link Building

It is also an effective way to build backlinks.

You have to find blogs or websites with reliability and high domain authority in your industry or niche. Then, analyze their resources, such as infographics, guides, and tutorials thoroughly.

Now, check if you have written any such content related to theirs that is far better than what they mentioned.

If you find any such relevant content on your website or believe you can create it, then contact those website owners and suggest using your materials on their platform as a resource or helpful addition to their existing content. This way, you will earn a high-quality backlink on your site.

Conclusion –

We hope you have gone through this link building guide that is a small contribution to make you understand how links are generated and how to acquire these.

But before we wrap up this article, we would like you to know some crucial facts that search engines look after, before they provide your website a ranking.

Google or other search engines check the website authority which mentions or links your site on their platform.

It’s quite clear that a Tom, Dick, and Harry’s blog can’t give you more site authority instead of Neil Patel.

We also know getting a link from Neil Patel is arduous. That’s why we are not saying you have to get a backlink only from him. It’s just for a mention to make you understand how authority works.

Search engines check the relevance of your links. Suppose you have a hotel website and are building backlinks from an automobile website; search engines will not give much credit to your website. So, ensure the niche or industry is similar while acquiring a backlink.

If you want Google not to crawl a link but want your readers to redirect to other web pages for your gain, you may use the “No-follow” attribute.

Simultaneously, if you need search engines to crawl your links, use the “Do-follow” attribute. Just remember, search engines give value to crawlable links only.

Lastly, build links from reliable, relevant, and high-authority websites for long-lasting SEO success.

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