How Does Broken Link Building Method Help Build Quality Backlinks?

Broken link building is a very effective method used in SEO (search engine optimization) to acquire high-quality backlinks. In this link-building strategy, you have to find dead links on other websites and provide your content in exchange in order to gain a backlink.

It might look to you as an easy process. But in reality, earning high-quality backlinks requires much time and effort. Our team has thoroughly discussed all the processes involved in this method to build high-quality backlinks. Before guiding you to the tactics, let’s first cover a few basic terminologies.

What is a broken link?

Suppose you have a website where you sell animal foods. You have created many pages for different animals, such as dog food, cat food, rabbit food, etc. Just imagine, you are not producing rabbit food currently. So, what will you do? Either you delete the rabbit food page or can even modify it to another animal’s food. This ultimately means deleting or modifying the URL as well.

Now, if any user tries to find or search through the previous rabbit food page URL, it will display a “404 Not Found” error. It is known as a broken link or a dead link.

Benefits of Finding Broken Links

  1. Earning Quality Backlinks –

The sole purpose of finding broken links, whether done by an individual person or a link-building service provider, is to acquire backlinks for whom you discover the broken links. If the websites you are working on have high domain authority, acquiring backlinks from them enhances your site authority and online visibility.

2. Generating Traffic

When you approach a high-domain authority website owner to fix their broken links in exchange for your content, you are more likely to make their audience base reading your content. But, the content must be relevant and in context. Other than that, the website owner may reject your content as their reader may find it irrelevant to the primary topic.

3. Improved User Experience

Imagine you are reading someone’s article, and you find some external links there. But when you click on them, the landing pages are not opening, rather it is displaying an error message. Without a doubt, you will be frustrated. Similar is the case with other users. So, helping webmasters to fix broken links on their website by providing relevant and user-engaging content increases the overall user experience. Hence, you acquire backlinks.

4. Building Relationship

Helping different website owners to fix their broken links and providing contextual content as a replacement help build a great relationship. This leads to a great collaboration in the future between you and those website owners. It may be in the form of guest posts or other link building opportunities. This way, both of you will gain SEO success.

Step-by-Step Guide of How to Do Broken Link Building

  1. Identifying Broken Webpages with Backlinks

The first thing that someone has to do is search those websites from a similar niche or industry as you with broken backlinks. These can be a blogging page, resource page, or any other type of content.

Many times, people get confused about searching the relevant web pages. We have mentioned a few tactics below that you may stick to get better results –

  • Out of many websites available online, it is not difficult for some of your competitors to have a few dead pages. Generally, it happens when they forget to make changes to the old URL while deleting or modifying any content. As a result, their backlinks will point to broken pages. Here, you will get an opportunity to approach those competitors.
  • People generally analyze the competitors’ websites to find relevant broken links. But, you can even look for dead pages through a particular topic. The topic must be relevant to your niche or industry.

But the problem occurs here. It is not possible to find high domain-rating web pages without the help of SEO tools.

Further, you won’t be able to completely find these webpages with the free version of any SEO tools, such as Ahrefs, Semrush, Moz, and others. You have to purchase the premium version.

Now even after buying the SEO tools, you have to dedicate someone with proper skills to complete the tasks. That’s why it is preferable for you to find an SEO agency that provides broken link building services. It will result in saving you time and increasing the chances of acquiring high-quality backlinks for your website.

2. Analyzing Link Opportunities

Once you are done finding the relevant web pages, review the broken links suitable for your needs. Then, you have to analyze the links which you will prepare the content for. If the content is similar to the pattern you write on your website, ensure to acquire backlinks from those sites.

3. Creating Replacement Content

Remember, website owners will allow you to publish content on their websites only when you prepare interesting and detailed information for their readers relevant to the topic.

It is how you would earn backlinks. The content could be any piece of writing, such as an article, blog post, infographic, or something else that adds value and information to the original link.

4. Outreach Webmasters

This is the final step that you should implement to acquire backlinks from other websites. After you have prepared the relevant content for the web page having a broken link, contact the website’s owner. This process is called Link Building Outreach.

Prepare a personalized email where you have to mention the broken links. Also, tell them you have relevant and quality content prepared that their readers will love. Ask them to link to your web page on their site where you have written the content in detail.

Things to Remember Before Creating Any Replacement Content

Never start creating replacement content all of a sudden for any web pages that have broken links. You have to audit a few things first.

  • Analyze whether the webpage is from your niche or industry. If the page is different from your niche, leave it.
  • If the webpage is relevant to your niche but has a low page rating or domain rating, leave it as well. You won’t be able to generate high-quality backlinks from that website.
  • You also have to analyze why other website owners have linked to that dead page. It is to clarify the intent of creating relevant content. If you believe that you won’t be able to provide similar and better content than the existing sites did. It’s better to leave. But if you assume that you can create relevant and user-engaging content, approach the website owners.


Whatever SEO techniques you follow to increase your search rankings and organic traffic, it takes time and effort. But you will get long-lasting results as well.

Similar is the case with fixing broken links for other websites by providing your content as a replacement.

Moreover, not every outreach will result in a backlink. Despite using the broken link building method consistently, you may eventually develop a solid backlink profile and improve the SEO performance of your website.

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