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How to Leverage Social Media for Link Building?

No matter what industry you are dealing in, you need links to rank on the top pages of search engine results pages. It is as true as the sun rising in the east.

When a website links to another website in a context to enhance its audience engagement and readability, Google considers this link as a “vote of confidence”.

The higher the backlinks, the higher authority you have on your website. But you should remember one thing very clearly; gaining high authority on search engines is possible only when you have relevant and quality backlinks.

Today, we will discuss how to use social media link building. Leveraging social media for link building can be a successful tactic to boost your website’s visibility, reach more people, and produce high-quality backlinks.

Several Effective Strategies to Acquire Backlinks from Social Media

Producing Quality and Linkable Content

Do you think people will share your posts if they are not engaging, attractive, informative, or nothing that fulfills the criteria of their intent? The answer is simply a no.

Create valuable and high-quality posts such as blogs, articles, infographics, research articles, informational videos, etc., that will motivate your users to share on their social channels or even link to their websites. This way, you can earn backlinks and increase your brand’s presence online.


Promoting Your Content


After you are done with creating content that people will love to link, you have to promote it on social media. You can do it in two ways. One is to provide your readers an option to share it on their social platforms, and the other is through direct social media ads.

When you produce any content on your website, implement the option of social sharing. It increases the chances of your visitors sharing it on their social channels easily. As a result, you will get a higher audience base.

At the same time, if other website owners find your content useful, unique, and relevant for their audience, they will build links, impacting your site authority massively on that particular niche.

Sometimes, even if your content is good, it is unable to attract enough user engagement. It may happen if your content is not reaching the audience in large numbers. Then, you can promote it through paid ads on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, YouTube, and other social channels after analyzing what medium your audience uses the most.

Once your content starts reaching your targeted audience, more people start sharing and linking your content automatically. Also, you will generate more organic leads.

Influencer Outreach

Influencer outreach is an engaging way to increase your link building efforts.

Look for influential persons from the same niche or industry on social media. Make a list according to their followers’ count. It is a must to notice that all the influencers you choose should focus on a similar niche you are working on.

Suppose you have a kids’ toy-making website, and you look for influencers who are engaged in creating posts on their social media platforms on finance topics. Their traffic will mean nothing to your brand. 

That’s why it is crucial to look out for influencers from your niche whose followers may take an interest in your brand and become your potential customers.

Like, comment, and share on their posts to build relationships. After some time, they will also start interacting with your brand and see your stuff. If they find any content unique and useful for their followers, they might link to it or directly share it with their followers.

Alternatively, there are many influencers who take a little remuneration for collaborating with a brand. If you have the budget for that, you can take this opportunity to be mentioned on their platform, acquiring backlinks.

Engage in Several Social Communities

There are thousands of online forums, groups, and communities on social media channels. These may be on Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, or other channels. Actively participate in these from your social media handles. Offer insightful comments, respond to inquiries, and share your knowledge with the social communities.

It is quite an understandable thing that when you share appropriate answers to several inquiries, users will get motivated to review your profile.

Don’t forget to link your social channels with your brand website. It widens the possibility of making your website visible to more people.

Further, they may even share your blogs or articles on their social media platforms as well as link to your content, eventually leading to earning backlinks.

Collaborative Relationship with Content Creators

Even though it may sound similar to influencer outreach, it is a little different thing. In this approach, you have to search for the opportunities to collaborate with different content creators.

It involves holding webinars or podcasts jointly, co-creating material, or showcasing each other’s content on your individual channels. As a result, both of you get a chance to be featured on each other’s platform, eventually leading the audience base to familiarizing with both of your businesses.

This approach would provide a shared opportunity to prospective backlinks.

Monitoring Brand Mentions and Reaching Out

There are many social network monitoring tools available, such as Hootsuite, Nexalogy, Mentionlytics, Reputology, etc., that help track the mentions of your website or brand.

It is possible in every way that many people sometimes forget to add links to your brand while mentioning it on their platform. You can take this opportunity and ask them politely to include a link to your website. It increases the chance of acquiring more social media backlinks.


What Are The Best Social Media Sites for Backlinks?

Every social media channel works in its own way. So, based on your targeted customers’ demographics, such as age, gender, interest, etc., you may put social sites that they use the most.

Generally, people use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and YouTube mostly. That’s why setting up a business profile on these platforms for your brand gives you a better opportunity to connect with your audience.

On Facebook, you can share carousel posts and short informative videos that people will love to engage. You can also add a link to your post.

Instagram works almost similarly to Facebook. But a few features are different. You can’t put links on your post. Instead, you have to give the main website link on the profile. But with the help of trending hashtags, your reels (short videos up to 90 seconds) may reach thousands or even millions of users.

LinkedIn is a platform for building connections with professionals. You can reach industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and other top professionals from your niche or industry. It gives your brand a great opportunity to post blogs or articles that may go viral, ultimately leading to getting opportunities to build links.

Hashtags work amazingly on Twitter. With the help of trending hashtags, like #journorequest, #bloggerrequest, etc., you can reach reporters, bloggers, and brands who continuously need information. Provide them with their required input, and you may acquire a social media backlink.

YouTube is the primary hub for video content creators. You can create informational long videos that help people in a particular niche. It results in influencing many bloggers or content creators, or even ordinary people to share your content on their platform, potentially earning backlinks.


Produce visually appealing content, such as graphical images, infographics, videos, and other things you may share with your followers.

People are more likely to engage with your social network posts if they are beneficial and visually attractive. That’s what social media channels are made for; to create a socially active online community.

Focus on creating informational content relevant to your niche, and you will draw the interest of your followers or other people to share your content, resulting in building backlinks from social media.

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