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Top 14 SEO Trends for 2024

Positioning a website on top of Google SERP is the primary goal of any marketing strategy. However, there is a lot of competition among websites to appear on the first page of Google SERP. 

Providing your visitors with a high-quality user experience is what Google wants you to do. However, that won’t be the only thing you need to do to ensure a top spot for your website on a specific keyword. The level of competition has created a dynamic necessity to do something new to outrank your competitors

You must keep up with the latest SEO trends to increase your website rankings and excel in your marketing campaign.

Here are top SEO trends for 2024

1. Relevant and valuable content

Content is an indispensable part of your website. It is why a user lands on your website. Many digital marketers believe SEO and content to be two different fields. Besides, they are interconnected and complement each other.  

SEO is nothing but the process of increasing the reach of your content. It fills the gap between your content and the consumers looking for it. Besides, it is useless to optimize your website around a particular set of keywords if you fail to create high-quality content

You must adhere to Google quality guidelines to build high-quality sites that attract a lot of organic traffic. The domain of high-quality content expands way beyond textual content in 2024. You need to obtain high-quality images, infographics, and videos to make your content relevant and information-rich. 

Generate an in-depth understanding of your target audience’s queries to put yourself in their shoes. Collect the information and try to answer those queries in the best way possible. Additionally, include keywords naturally in your content to make it SEO-friendly.

2. User experience

If you study Major algorithms introduced by Google, you will find that they aim to ensure the best user experience for their users. Since the introduction of the Panda algorithm in 2011, Google never looked back. It followed a series of Panda iterations. It instantly penalized websites that were tricking search engines into ranking them.

The goal of Panda was to penalize websites with keyword stuffing and cannibalizations. Spamming websites saw an instant decrease in their website traffic after the introduction of Panda. We have elaborated major Google algorithms and their functioning below in the article. 

The attributes that you need to keep in mind to ensure the best user experience for your visitors are as follows:

  • Create quality content and amaze your visitors.
  • Provide your visitors with a sitemap that enables them to navigate easily.
  • Focus on theming and formatting of your content
  • Invest in responsive website designing
  • Reduce the loading time of your website
  • Enable quality interlinking to present your visitors with relevant information

3. Becoming acquainted with the AI

Google is the principal source of traffic for online businesses. Businesses need to understand the algorithms introduced by Google to achieve higher SERP rankings. Google follows a customer-centered approach and aims at ensuring high-quality content for its consumers. 

Google algorithms are AI-based. Learning about their functionality will enable you to understand their specific requirements and create content accordingly. Let us discuss some of the principal Google algorithms in detail. 

  • Panda:- Google released the Panda algorithm in 2011. It aims at increasing the quality of content. It instantly penalized websites with manipulative content, keyword stuffing, and plagiarized content.

  • Penguin:- Google introduced Penguin in 2012. Its function was to penalize websites with unethical backlinks. To comply with Penguin, you need to avoid spam backlinking and focus on creating high-authority backlinks for your website.

  • Hummingbird:- The main goal of Hummingbird was to match search queries with the most eligible search results. It pays attention to the context and meaning of the search phrase rather than the exact search terms.

  • Rankbrain:- Google launched Rankbrain 2015. It was an upgrade to its Hummingbird algorithm. People looking for specific answers started using detailed search queries to find the most eligible answers. Rankbrain focuses on finding adequate results for detailed search queries and enhancing user experience.

    Improvise the learnings from these algorithms into your SEO strategy to excel your SEO campaign.

4. Updating existing content:-

One of the common mistakes businesses make is overlooking the importance of updating. Creating new content without updating the old one won’t help your SEO campaign. The content on your website must follow the quality guidelines of the Google webmaster tool. It is essential to keep track of content on your website to ensure adherence to Google quality guidelines.

It is essential to consider the previously uploaded content while making a content marketing strategy. Evaluate the top-ranked web pages for the keywords you are targeting for your content marketing strategy. Optimize your content to be more diverse and detailed than the top-ranked ones to outrank them in the long run.

The process of updating content goes way beyond updating blogs on your website in 2024. It is essential to understand the industry-specific trends and be creative with your web development, omnichannel marketing, and SEO strategy. You must acquaint yourself with the latest web design trends and improvise learnings to upgrade your website design. 

It required consistent effort to grab the attention of your target audience on Google. Besides, with so much content available on Google, most pages are deindexed if they are not recently updated. Continuous updation is essential to keep your web pages indexed with Google and ensure the stability of organic traffic and your website rankings on the SERP.

5. Mobile SEO:-

Mobile phone users out numbered PC or tablet users. In 2024, it is essential to optimize your website for mobile searches to gain the maximum output of your SEO strategy. There are various factors to keep in mind while optimizing a website for mobile phone users. 

  • Accelerated mobile pages:-

Accelerated mobile pages originated from a collaboration between Google and Twitter. They aimed to increase the loading speed of web pages on mobile devices. They are essential for improving the user experience for mobile phone users. Google seriously considers the loading speed of website landing pages as a ranking factor on the SERPs on mobile phones.

  • Progressive web applications:-

The function of Progressive web applications is to provide an application-like ambiance to your website on mobile phones. Applications require a big chunk of the smartphone resources to function. However, Progressive web applications enable your website to perform like an application without consuming mobile resources. 

  • Single-page application:-

As the name suggests single-page applications are one-page applications whose function is to increase the speed of the websites on mobile phones. When a user navigates through a link on the website, the whole web page is loaded. Single-page applications limit the loading process to the specific information the user requested. It prohibits the loading of unnecessary information, boosting the website’s speed.

6. Theming the content:-

Theming of content in 2024 goes way beyond responsive themes. In 2024 businesses are shifting to omnichannel marketing. Omnichannel marketing is the concept of ensuring consistency in content theming across different channels such as search engines and social media. 

Omnichannel marketing is all about understanding the preferences of your target audience and incorporating learnings into the theming of your content. It helps increase brand awareness and consumer engagement. 

To do effective omnichannel marketing, you need to learn about your audience’s preferences, such as theme design, coloring, and voice tone. The best way to do that is to join niche-specific forums and public discussion groups on social media, find out what intellectuals and people are talking about your brand, and figure out their preferences. 

7. Core web vitals:-

Core web vitals are the metrics essential to ensure the quality of user experience on the landing page. Core web vitals are one of the essentials for optimizing your website for higher SERP rankings. There are three core web vitals.

Large Contentful Paint – The Large Contentful Paint measures the loading speed of your web pages. The ideal LCP measurement, according to Google, is 2.5 seconds. It means that the content of your website must load within 2.5 seconds to comply with this web vital. You must use light images and balance the code to content ratio to make your website lite. Lighter and simple web pages load faster than complex and heavy web pages. 

First Input delay – It represents the time taken by a web page in becoming interactive. It measures how quickly a web page becomes active to receive user input. It is about allowing a user to control the features of the loaded web page as soon as possible. For example, the scroll bar on a web page needs to become active as soon as possible. If the user starts scrolling while the content of the page is still loading, it might impair his experience. Focus on lightning your website to get rid of the first input delay.

Cumulative layout shift – Cumulative layout shift is the instability of different elements on a web page, hindering the user experience. Some developers use it to trick users into clicking on spam links to achieve their business goals. It can lead to a terrible user experience. It is essential to ensure the stability of the elements on your web page to optimize your website for better SERP rankings in 2024.

8. Zero-click searches:-

Google’s another step towards improving user experience is Zero click searches. It is a featured snippet appearing on the top of the Google SERPs. Zero click searches aim at providing the answer to user queries without the hustle of clicking on links to access the information. 

However, Google allows only one website to feature as a SERP snippet. The competition to rank as a zero-click search result on Google is very high. According to a survey, 55% of search queries end without clicking on the website URL. It is a chance for website owners to advertise their website on the top of Google SERPs and increase brand recognition. 

Focus on content quality, including informative illustrations such as Infographics and images, and the technical SEO of your website to appear as a featured snippet on Google SERP.

9. Website security:-

Website security is one of the essential elements of modern SEO. Google is very particular about the privacy and security of its users. Before ranking any website on the first page of SERP, it thinks twice about the security strength of the website. 

Cybercrimes and data breaches are common nowadays. Google takes it as a threat to the privacy of its users. It is essential to ensure maximum security on your website to provide your visitors with maximum security. Cyber security is one of the essential elements of quality user experience. 

Ensuring higher security levels for your website is indispensable to increasing your SERP rankings in 2024.

10. Search intent:-

Search intent is all about understanding the user intention behind a search query and creating content accordingly. What does a visitor want you to answer? 

It is one of Google’s primary focuses in 2024. Search intent puts you into the user’s shoes and enables you to answer the queries in the best way and in the user’s preferred order to increase user engagement. Understanding a user’s intention before creating content is one of the essentials of advanced SEO in 2024. 

It would require a lot of thought to determine a user’s intention behind inserting a search query in the search bar. Detailed research is essential to learn about the keywords you are targeting for your content marketing campaign across different channels. Read what people are talking about those keywords on niche-specific groups and forums, on various social media platforms, and search engines.

Set priorities and answer queries to keep a user for the maximum time possible on your website. It will help Google identify your search intent-focused content and increase your website rankings.

11. Optimize your website for Google discover feeds:-

Google Discover is a feed designed to provide mobile phone users with the appropriate content suggestion based on their search queries and interest.  

It is comparatively a new SEO trends. Besides, early beginners can benefit greatly from it in the future. However, similar to Google SERP pages, there is a lot of competition on Google discover. It has created a dynamic necessity to do something new to get google to rank your web pages in Google Discover. Here are some things that you can do to start obtaining traffic from Google discover:

  • Establish the element of EAT( expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) in your website content.


  • Use catchy page titles and large images of at least 1200 pixels to make your web pages Discover-friendly.


  • Avoid misleading tactics to trick visitors into clicking on your web pages appearing in the Google discover feeds.


  • Google prefers fresh and trendy content for its discover feeds. Avoid plagiarism and stick to the trends.

12. Long-form content:



The most shared content on the internet is long-form content. It is the best tactic that you can use for obtaining organic backlinking. Long-form content attracts a lot of content managers‘ attention. Everyone wants to provide their consumers with detailed answers to their search queries. They link your article with the related content on their website, interns send link juice to your website.

Long-form content is SEO-friendly as there is a lot of space to insert keywords. Google also prefers long-form content as they are more relevant and provide a detailed solution to user queries. However, long-form content is not comparatively a new trend but is one of the essential elements to outrank your competitors and establish your authority.

13. Local SEO:-

Due to the sudden raid of the convid19 pandemic, several businesses went out of business. One of the essentialities for governments around the world was to force a complete lockdown. Due to this several businesses struggled and went out of business. 

However, the businesses that used local SEO as a part of their SEO efforts survived the covid 19 pandemic. One of the industries that suffered most was the food industry. Google added several attributes to its Google my business (GMB) tool to allow businesses activities without violating the safety regulations forced by the convid19 pandemic. 

Businesses who improvised these attributes to strengthen their GMB profile survived the covid-19 pandemic and saw a significant rise in their sales. Every physical store owner must have a GMB profile to attract consumers to their store-physical locations and achieve their business goals.

14. Customer analytics, retention, and lifetime value:-

Retaining consumers is as important as building a customer base. Besides, retaining consumers is more difficult than bringing them to your website. The best way to do that is to track their activities through customer analytics.

There are several tools you can use to access customer analytics. Google provides its analytics tool called Google analytics. Some of the other renowned tools for customer analytics are Semrush, Ubbersugests, and 

Ask yourself this question, How long does a visitor remain on your website? It should be followed by, What can you do to increase their engagement time? Identify factors that are hindering customer engagement on your website. Improvise the learning from the analytics to your content marketing strategy to improve customer retention and increase lifetime value


SEO is becoming advanced and competitive with time. It is essential to keep up with top SEO trends and improvise them in your marketing strategy

Another important thing is not to get comfortable with your rankings, always keep learning and improving your website SEO to ensure chronic growth of your website on the Google SERP. The most essential thing is to focus on user experiences. 

If you understand the requirements of Google and create content to ensure a high-quality user experience, you will see a gradual increase in your website rankings.

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