E-A-T: Google Ranking Factor or False SEO Trend?

E-A-T has turned out to be one of the biggest SEO trends over the past 2 years. But the funny thing is that describing E-A-T is still yet not possible by so many people. Many say that it is a ranking factor. Based on this, let’s discuss more about this in detail.  

What is the meaning of E-A-T?


Expert, Authority, and Trustworthiness are the main criteria that Google uses for indicating the quality of the pages. These are the basic qualities that are listed on Quality Rater’s Guidelines which are given to all the human raters for evaluating all the qualities present in the search results. This concept is important for all the contents that have the potential for impacting the future’s happiness, safety, or financial stability. 

Evaluating of E-A-T


For establishing the same, all the raters are required to explore all the information that is present on the web page itself as well as all the information present on other websites also. You can find so many qualities leaving the rest to the judgment of E-A-T.

1. Expertise evaluation

All the content produced by the organization has to be evaluated with experience and other qualifications required for the rising relevance of the topics used. Many types of content require formal expertise and for all non YMYL pages, only life experience is sufficient. The expertise is managed through the author of the content. Some of the things to look for are author page, credentials, bio, number of articles given, etc. 

Expertise can also be easily established using the website of the organization and sometimes the expertise can also be known by the self-evident quality of all the pages used. If you are taking a detailed piece of information, having plenty of references and examples, then the raters will also conclude the same using the content with sufficient expertise. 

2. Authority evaluation

For content to have authority, the expertise should be such that it is recognized by others in the field to be done by the audience at large. For evaluating authority, raters have to be looking beyond the website than the one where the content is located. The best way is using Google for getting authority excluding all the sources that are maintained by the author. There are so many signals like awards, expert opinions, reviews, and ratings, etc. that have been mentioned for other organizations also. 

3. Trustworthiness evaluation

Trustworthiness comes from the accuracy and transparent information that are present in the organization behind the policies and the website. This also checks the reputation of the content creators. You have to check whether the content can be trusted or not by seeing whether the facts are recent or not. The content should also be in alignment with all the scientific consensus. 

Why is E-A-T in SEO essential?


All the content guidelines of SEO are here for a reason and it is not only the job of the site owners for checking the SEO but also of other people working in the organizations. The Google EAT algorithm was first started in 2014 and it affects so many traffic rankings like that of health, medical, wellbeing, and those of other websites as well as checking of the SEO updates. EAT SEO is one of those important Google Factor rankings as it helps in deploying thousands of human quality raters for analyzing the quality search results. The changes are made to the algorithm keeping this in mind. When thinking, put yourself in the shoes of others and what you would like to see online if you are present. 

When you are asking these questions, then you come to know exactly what you need and you can create your content accordingly. 

Ways of improving EAT 


EAT SEO is so much important for protecting users from all the harmful or dangerous sites that don’t give what it is meant to provide. There is no such shortcut for increasing any method of EAT. Improving EAT is so essential and it should be encouraged properly. 

1. The building of quality links

Quality backlinks are considered to be the direct hyperlinks present in a website leading to all other relevant websites. These are considered to be very crucial to EAT SEO by giving in the vote for confidence increasing between the websites. With more backlinks increase EAT because they are more into linking of similar contents which goes on to increasing web traffic. This also increases the visibility of the sites. 

2. Getting more reviews

When websites are getting positive reviews from the clients, then it increases the trustworthiness, Google’s algorithm works towards consideration of reviews compulsion for all the assignments of EAT scores. And you will be getting first-hand proof increasing both credibility and importance of websites. Third-party indulgence helps in increasing the EAT scores greatly. 

3. Showing all the contact details

All the guidelines from Google must make it mandatory by providing the contact details of the owner or even the owner of any particular events. All the contact details of the service providers are a must with the linking of CVs being very helpful. They should be able to provide ample information or give a detailed website about the imprinting of the brands or the organizations for giving transparency. 

4. The building of a positive reputation

Google has been promoting the users for building their brand images simply by focusing on the users. The chasing of the algorithms promoting the links and contexts will be reduced significantly EAT. Writing about the “About Us” page, providing Google with great content are some of the ways of building a positive reputation. This also helps in reviewing all the customer reviews separately. 

How does EAT affect the industry?


EAT SEO has been affecting the industry with its expertise field and some of the algorithms do provide an influence on the people’s societies and safety along with financial stability, health, and happiness. Financial information is those sites that provide investments, college payouts, legal matters like divorce, taxes, retirement plans, home purchases, etc. Providing medical information like advice on drugs, diseases, mental health, etc. There are some ways of doing this as well. EAT do affect the industry in many different ways and some of the means of doing it are:

1. Giving refreshment to your contact page

Google is mostly giving importance to local businesses rather than international corporations and so you have to make searches beforehand and then decide. If your customers are planning to buy from near you only, then you have to optimize the contact details page properly. One of the best ways of ensuring E-A-T compliance is by updating the contact page. 

If you are allowing people to connect to you through multiple channels, then you can do so on the contact page itself. If you want to leave your customers, make sure the page is secure and you have few filling spots that can be done within seconds. A message and email address are usually enough. If you are having a physical business location, then giving the same to your customers can do the work for you. 

2. Adding a FAQ page

The FAQ page will help visitors in getting all the relevant answers and all the common questions necessary in business. This way they will be able to make decisions regarding products and services. There will be no more uncertainties in hindering them from buying. There is a center to the fact that you will be answering queries and answers that are from your niche. 

3. Switching to HTTPS

Security has such a great role to play when you are using your website. If you are using Chrome then you don’t have to be tech-savvy but it doesn’t protect the sites as much as it should. A page that doesn’t have any security gets a low ranking on Google. If your website is not directly related to HTTPS, then it will hurt the ranking. Having a logo, badges, and certifications work like an added advantage. 

There can be kinds of stuff like return policy and also a money-back guarantee if you want your visitors to trust you. If you have a great business, then the work of employees is only enough for securing the connection. 

Benefits of Having SEO for business


Have you heard of SEO properly? This is so much important and learning how it works is equally precious. But is SEO considered for the benefits of business also? Let’s check out:

1. SEO deals with bringing closer leads

About 14.6% of the leads are achieved only by dealing with SEO in content. SEO makes Google recognize your content easily and with low conversion rates, you can reach out to your customers. SEO leads are needed in places where customers require actual research of the products or services that you are using. 

These individuals have done online research regarding specific requirements and the only thing is to keep that purpose in mind. 

2. Promoting cost management

Inbound leads can lead to lower-cost management by giving 61% of the bonus leads. SEO saves advertising costs. When you are using the top-ranking method, there is no need to pay for per click method and you will continue with the rest of the search results as long as the Internet uses the clicks appropriately. Using the right tracking tool is so crucial in this part as it helps in improving the rankings and also organic traffic to the point. 

3. The building of brand credibility

When you are ranking first, second, or third, then you should consider yourself lucky as Google recognizes you properly. Customers don’t prefer the websites that are not known to Google and many customers are left thinking that there is no budget for boosting the website for all the better search results. 

4. Improving digital marketing ROI

When you are investing in digital marketing, then you try to earn a higher return on investment. When it comes to search engines, it offers 15% of the new leads. Earning revenue is the biggest benefit of SEO. If your website goes to 2-3 pages long, then people will not be sticking to the end web results. 

5. Driving high-quality traffic to the website

SEO helps in earning high-quality traffic to your website and instead of paying money to the billboards and planning that the target audience would see it, you will be able to see the website in the search results. You are targeting the audience at prime time and they are looking for you directly. 

6. Measuring success with real numbers

The best part of digital marketing is accessing analytics using real numbers. Using Google Analytics and well analytics tools, it becomes easy in accessing the performance of all SEO strategies. There are so many marketing software making monitoring of SEO easier. It can also measure the ROI providing valuable insights.

7. Promoting company all-day

Your business might offer services 24/7 hours. It reinforces the digital marketing ability to connect with the users on all their terms. With billboards, you are just trying to reach consumers the moment they are leaving the spot. This helps in enhancing the websites to the users, by providing answers to the problems. The benefit of SEO services is promoting the company but doing it in a non-promotional way. 

If you are interested in the optimization of the website, then you will hear about EAT SEO. This turns out to be Google’s ranking factors propounding impact on the website. You must understand how you can capitalize on it. Google asks for evaluation and the website has a beneficial purpose to it. If a website is existing only to make money, then it is banished as Low quality by Google. 



There are a lot of ideas for relevance yet there are essential ingredients that they are now. You always write contents that are relevant to the subject or otherwise it is false or even misguided.

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