Content Strategies of Best SEO Companies

Content Strategies of Best SEO Companies

Just like yearly horoscopes, when a year is near its ends, experts get ready with the past data to predict the future trends.

And digital marketing is not an exception!

With the commencement of 2017, trends for the whole year were out and experts of the best search engine optimization companies were ready with new strategies.

But this year, the whole focus is on effective content marketing. It would be so cliché to say that Content is King; nevertheless, who can deny that?

Then what about SEO?

There are rumours in the industry that content marketing is shadowing SEO. How can this be true when both of them are incomplete without each other! Before going any further, we have to understand the fact that SEO gives the requirement (yes, Content) and Content Marketing.

There is no such thing as SEO strategies without content, the reason being at some point in time; you need articles, keywords, blogs, and whatnot.

Now when you provide content for a particular brand, there is a wide audience out there who are putting unquestionable faith in your words. This leaves no room for errors, vague or incomplete information as such data harms the reputation with Google (and you surely don’t want that!).

So what is Google looking for?

In simple terms, if your content is unique, related to the website and has well-researched keywords with proper placement, then voila…you are Google’s lover.

Mind it, Google is ruthless too. One single error and it would take no time for your website’s ranking showing a significant drop because nobody likes the content that is mere wastage of time.

And losing the confidence of your audience is the worst thing you can do to your business.

So, before creating any content keep these things in mind:

#1. Content for Audience

Before even starting with the content, having a crystal clear idea of the targeted audience should be there with you. You need the demo graphs including gender, age, geographical location, preferences etc.

Though little points, they help a lot while creating the content for targeting the audience. And this is what best search engine optimization companies do. Put yourself in the shoes of the audience and ask yourself if the content is appealing you enough to return to the website.

#2. Optimizing for Authority

Just like in the case of physical books, the audience is always interested to know about the authors. Though it seems pretty obsolete, the authority still makes a difference. Giving details about the author, their previous works not only builds the trust of the audience but also convinces them about the brand you are working for.

Don’t forget to provide contact details, especially a telephone number and links to social networking websites. Providing original links to the referred sources also enhances your credibility.

#3. Optimizing for Accuracy and Relevance

A crappy, irrelevant, copied content is instant death to the website ranking. Your audience is always looking fresh, informative and error-free content.

One single mistake and you are going to hear about it in comments, social media and on other websites (well, if you are having a bad day). But these are still good as at least you are getting some reactions.

The worst thing wrong information can do is hearing nothing. The traffic on website decrease and it dies a long, painful death. So before updating anything, get your facts checked.

These are the strategies which best SEO company like SEO Discovery adopts for content. This gives you the result that you are actually looking for your website. So why don’t you give a call to SEO Discovery’s experts at +91-89686-24144 or drop a message at

Keep on checking for further updates!

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