Why is App Store Optimization Important?

There is a huge number of apps waiting to be downloaded by target visitors on various mobile app stores including Google Play, Amazon App Store, Apple App Store, Microsoft Store, or BlackBerry App Store. App stores are a major source of app marketing thus it is important to places, your app to get most out of app stores in the terms of branding, downloads and revenue.

The biggest challenge for companies is that their app gets downloaded by the users and is visible to them in the first place. SEO Discovery helps you with App Store Optimization (ASO) to increase app visibility. To achieve this, we use different methods to increase the visibility of the app in the search results of the app stores.

Our Process of App Store Optimization

Our team of ASO Specialists use different and unique methods to increase your app ranking, visibility, downloads and revenue.

There are major six elements that we optimize in the App Store to encourage people to download your app.

Title of the app


The title of an app has a strong
influenceon the search in the app store.
The most important keyword should also be
in the title.

The activity of the app


A frequently underestimated factor in the rank
algorithm is the activity of an app. Regular
updates and the up-to-date descriptions
lead to better rankings.

Reviews and Comments


Reviews and comments from the users are also
major factors that have a strong impact on the
ranking of an app. Many users are fond of
downloading the app when many and mostly
positive comments made to the app.



It is more important to choose the
keywords correctly in text-apps fields, in order
to be able to be found easily through
the search queries.

Number of downloads


Another important factor for the visibility of
the app is the number of downloads. We
help you develop the best time and
strategy for your campaigns.

App icon and screenshot


The app icons and screenshots are the first
impressions of an app. Especially in areas
with high competitive compactness, the icon
is crucial for the download.

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How Users Discover Apps?

App users discover apps when browsing through the app stores and through recommendations.

According to a study by Nielson and own surveys, we can say that the app stores are the central point for most users to get informed about the new apps. This and the fact that users need to go to the app stores to download an app will cause the app stores become your first marketing goal.

No question, blogs and review pages, TV ads and mobile ads have all their real-world rights, but in the end, the customer lands in the app stores and makes a decision.

Is app store optimization an ongoing process?

We at SEO Discovery understand app store optimization as a continuous process. This includes an ongoing review of the visibility of your own app and apps in the search results of the app stores. Also, ongoing optimization measures such as keyword adjustments are included. In the long term, our ASO companies can help to achieve the following goals:

  • i. to increase the number of users on their app
  • ii. to increase the revenue of your app
  • iii. to increase their own brand awareness