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10 Proven Tips to Optimize Your Conversion Rates

The bigger the budget for advertising is, the larger the revenue should be. Many shop operators, however, make the mistake of relying on it alone. The pure switching of elaborate online campaigns brings new users to your site, the conversion to buyers or consumers, however, too often. I  have listed 10 typical problems here, which often turn out… Read More »

What is Pay Per Click Marketing?

The term pay-per-click abbreviated PPC, originally came from the English language usage, however worldwide it has been widely accepted and means “pay per click”. The Pay-per-Click payment method is used mainly in online marketing. Here, you will be charged per click on an advertisement such as a banner or a text ad. The advertising company,… Read More »

Why Only the First Anchor Text Counts?

The placement of links is a very crucial part of the SEO strategy – both for internal linking as well as external link building. Search engine evaluates websites and its link in search engine marketing and places them further in the results in relation to certain keywords in the results. The more relevant and stronger the website is the higher the impact on the ranking. In… Read More »

5 SEO Mistakes You Might Be Committing and What to Do About Them.

There is no denying that generating traffic from search engines is like burning the candle at both hands. It is way too easier to buy traffic. But, let’s face it – organic traffic converts better and thus secures its position as the primary goal for online marketers. Add to that, even if we get an… Read More »

9 Steps to a Successful Website Relaunch

Rebuilding and relaunching the website need a proper plan. One wrong step could ruin your years of SEO work. Three requirements to execute a successful relaunch are Responsive design, no losses of search engine traffic and a keeping current version of CMS. In this post, I’ll summarize the most important steps and most common mistakes to prevent the… Read More »

8 Proven Ways to Boost Ranking in Local Results

If you want to see your website on as a local company in the local search on Google, you should optimize your website for local search results. The local search engine optimization is based on classical organic SEO. It is the foundation for good local rankings. In the following, only specific local measures are dealt… Read More »

10 Killer Tips to Choose the Best SEO Agency for Your Business

Choosing the best SEO agency is a decision that requires analyzing a number of aspects that are often disguised and do not reflect the true reality. Many companies that engage in this business, work on outdated SEO techniques that no longer work, in fact, do more harm than good and can lead to penalties. If you want to make… Read More »

Top SEO Agency – Be the #1 on Google

top SEO agency
In this digital and smart era, people think more practical and smart in business. In digital marketing word, SEO describes a series of techniques which improve the visibility of a website in search engine result pages. The goal of such optimization is to rank as highly as possible for a certain search query. Whether you are… Read More »

Tips for a Successful Paid Search Campaign from an Expert

Paid Search Campaign
With the rise in cut-throat competition in the market almost in every niche, simple marketing campaign involving print media and running advertisements on idiot box is not going to make you last longer in the race. You need to think out of the box and start your journey towards digital marketing. With strategies including Search… Read More »

Social Media Marketing Strategy 2017: 6 Tips to Achieve the Desired Success

social media marketing strategy 2017
While the content is the king, ‘conversation’ is the queen. Crafting an effective social media marketing strategy that can help you to communicate with your users, customers, and consumers is a big deal. It’s that time of the year when if you’re a marketer or a business owner, you might have already gotten busy to fine-tune… Read More »

Google Search Tips & Tricks that’ll Change the Way You Search

Google Search Tips
When it comes to comparison, Google is no less than a little fussy kid who only does what he wants to. There are times when even after putting the related keyword, you don’t get the desired results. And the results, what to say about them! They range from hilarious to What Exactly Are You Thinking… Read More »

Content Strategies of the Best Search Engine Optimization Companies

Search Engine Optimization Companies
Just like yearly horoscopes, when a year is near its ends, experts get ready with the past data to predict the future trends. And digital marketing is not an exception! With the commencement of 2017, trends for the whole year were out and experts of the best search engine optimization companies were ready with new… Read More »

SEO for Architects: 10 SEO Tips for Architecture Websites

SEO for architects
It comes as no surprise when the majority of homeowners who are looking to build a new home use the Internet to find an architect to work with. To make those homeowners hire you, you have to be visible to them. SEO for architects is meant to make any architecture website visible to those who… Read More »

Local Shop SEO : Time to Optimize your Local Shop Website and get Online

local shop seo
For people belonging to the 90’s era, the Internet was not common back then but now local shop SEO in must. We used to rely on the local shops near us for our needs. We not only enjoyed a great quality of services and products but also it helped in maintaining good community relationships.  … Read More »

Team Up with us to Get Quality Photography SEO Services for your Website!

Photography SEO 2
Your photography business can get an exponential growth with the use of right SEO strategies. In fact, optimisation is crucial for the visibility of any website. However, an important point to remember here is that search engine optimisation for a photography website or photography SEO is slightly different from the normal weblogs. By choosing us,… Read More »

Best Real Estate SEO Services in India: Making a Smart Choice

best real estate SEO services
It is no secret that now the real estate business is not just confined to the four walls of an office building. As an entrepreneur, everyone wants to reach mass audiences. That said real estate businesses tend to choose the best real estate SEO services to grow their business. Do you know why? Well, a… Read More »

Why is SEO Important for Small Businesses?

Are you finding yourself caught between a rock and a hard place, asking the question ‘why is SEO important for small businesses’? It’s no secret that Google continues to have those incurable ‘SEO hiccups’. More and more websites are experiencing see-saw results in their website search rankings, and it’s all because of the doubts about… Read More »

SEO Success Story: Page 1 Google Search Ranking for SEO Discovery

Google search ranking
Amidst taking the pledge to achieve the finest of the Google search rankings for its clients, SEO Discovery is focusing on the SEO of their website too. We are making sure you find us exactly where you’re seeing your business at – the top. Our SEO success story has reached to page 1 Google search… Read More »