SEO For Doctors and Physicians


How successful the online visibility of your practice is depends to a large extent on how good your website is optimize for SEO. At SEO Discovery, We help Individual Doctors and physicians to boost their online visibility and help to improve sales.

More and more people are depended on the Internet, if you are looking for special services or products – doctors and physicians are no exceptions. To be found on the Internet right away is the great art of search engine optimization. In order to place your practice or your physicians optimally, we use the entire range of search engine optimization techniques.


Keywords – The Most Important Terms for the Search Engine

Which terms are used when users search for a practice or physicians like your? This is the crucial question we are going to discuss at this point. In the next step, we examine the individual keywords or phrases in terms of their relevance – after all, a potential patient is looking for things different from what you might as a doctor. Here, too, we have tools for research and analysis, which we use in your interest. We identified the relevant terms that can decisively drive the search for your practice or physicians, we integrate these into our entire concept. However, this not finish here


Content – Interesting Information in Attractive Packaging

The keywords are, of course, incorporated into the content to be created for your website: In addition to the expert information on your subject area, your special treatment offer or the therapies presented by you, we consider all criteria that are decisive for the search engine optimization. We can use graphics and images as well as statistics or interviews. What is decisive is that the user is offered interesting, which invites him to engage and read. We go with the sensitivity to the respective needs, in order to immediately give the visitor the feeling that he/she has found the right side here.


Structure – Accessible Information

The technical optimization includes the revision of existing website with a view to simple and uncomplicated handling: A structure has to be intuitively developed, and should not deter the visitors of your website. For new websites, we guarantee a barrier-free structure from the outset, which makes the required information directly accessible and thus optimally fulfills its purpose.

Process – The Website Needs to Grow

Published content will be overtaken by reality, claims and search behavior will change – we will remain in this relationship. The strategy for your online presence needs to be continually developed in order to open up new potential every time: every newly edited topic on your website means that you have new opportunities on visitors. We will therefore regularly rework and share the content, in order to remain interesting not only for the users, but especially for the search engines. The results from the analysis of the keywords as well as the developments in your practice or clinic flow in – you must always publish something that could be of interest to potential patients.

Additional Channels – We Pick Them Up

Of course, Google Places and Maps belong to the link building, which we use for optimal placement in the search engines: We present yourself in the strategically important places, we show you how this works. Another very interesting and especially effective channel is YouTube: Well-produced video material can effectively support your clinic or clinic in the search engine ranking. Not to be overlooked is the fact that YouTube is now ranked second in the world as a search engine – worldwide. We will therefore discuss with you further possibilities which can give you a decisive advantage. This includes advertising placements, which, however, because of the incurring costs make a prudent weighing necessary.

Search Engine Optimization – A Wide Field

It is complex, changes regularly and opens up new potential – the search engine optimization calls for specialists. Depending on the goals you pursue with your practice and your clinic, we analyze the prerequisites. Based on these results, we are building a strong strategy that allows your website to be placed in the most appropriate search engines. Of course, in all respects, we take due regard for the particular subject matter and the sensitivities of your potential patients. Just call us or fill the contact form – we will discuss with you in detail our possibilities in the field of SEO.


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