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A Half-day off at SEO Discovery to Chant Bella Ciao!

SEO Discovery is a reputed Digital Marketing Company in Mohali, Punjab that is not only known for its services but also for its work environment. The management has granted a half-day off to its employees to celebrate the release of season 5 of the Netflix series Money Heist. It makes  SEO Discovery the second company in India to commemorate the release of the series with their employees by giving them the day off. 

The company’s management strongly believes in the work-life balance, and this day-off is not the only attempt. A few weeks earlier, the Content Department was granted a half-day leave to go and watch The Conjuring. Not just this, on 1st September, the SEO Department went to watch the Punjabi movie Chal Mera Put- Part 2.

Apart from the movie leaves and sneak peek at season 5 of Money Heist, the management regularly makes plans to keep the employees happy. The employees are given a 15 minutes break every second half of the day. Either with energetic music, motivational videos, or comedy clips, the company reminds its employees to cheer up and keep themselves full of energy. The vibrant environment has led to the growth of the firm from a start-up to a firm with 300+ employees.

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