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How to Prepare for the Google Core Web Vitals Update?

The business owners and the webmasters are sharing the same goals for maximizing business and profits. You need to have the best site for delivering positive results and higher search rankings are so crucial. Get prepared for the Google Core Web Vitals 2021 ensuring the usability throughout the movements and site changes. Two factors determining the success of your website in the search engines and the number of visitors to your website. Google only allows potential customers to get entry to your business and buy products and services from it. As soon as your target audience finds your site, they would be interested in knowing the website and the brand value position to use it purposefully. With the Core Web Vitals, it is turning out to be win-win situations for both the players in the markets. Google secures its position with the Core Updates and puts all the higher searched websites in higher rankings. 

What are core web vitals?


The Google Core Web Vitals are three metrics indicating the user experience you usually provide on your site. They are the Largest Contentful Plate, First Input Delay, and also the Cumulative Layout Shift. These three are involved in loading the speed and making your website interactive relating to good user experience. Meaning of all the signals:

1. LCP

This metric is used for loading the performance and reporting for the largest rendering time for the picture on the website. It can often be an image or sometimes even a video. This means that the time for loading your home page should be fast and then the rest will work out on its own. The user should be indicated whenever the URL is loading. A good LCP can be 2.5 seconds or even less than that. 

2. First Input Delay

This measures the interaction of the site and how much time it takes in making it available to the users. It lets you know how long the browser tries responding to the user when interacting with the page. If a user is clicking on the homepage for learning more about it, then the site should be responsive to the action being taken in nanoseconds so that the customers don’t get bored. 

3. Cumulative Layout Shift

The CLS metric is a new concept in the Google Core Web Vitals and it measures the page layouts shifts when it is loading. In this scenario, as provided by Google, you will not want the users to accidentally confirm all the purchases that they were only intending to buy. And the layout shifts if the cancel button is not getting pressed. This metric happens in less than 0.1 or even closest to Zero. 

Importance of Web Core Vitals


Google is of the focus that it is going to use page experience signals as part of the tie-breaker system where there are several pages available for giving relevant and quality content to the users and customers. There is nothing wrong with optimizing the core vitals but they should not be prioritized in any way. This ranking will be used in the ranking of websites for measuring it according to its quality and how much people are liking it. 

When is this going to happen?

Google has said that it might happen in early 2021 as due to COVID, the work has been put to a halt. And they want to give their webmasters extra time for preparing for the huge deal. They have promised that they will give 6 months’ notice in advance before starting with the Updates. 

How big will the change be?

How much do you worry about Google SERPs and how much are you trying to use it in your websites for putting your company ahead? Google has so many ranking factors that finding one has become so difficult. If your site has poor metrics, then it will fail miserably and will not be able to stand again. If you are in a highly competitive environment, then this is going to make such a huge difference in that. Also, for the updates, some Google signals have worked outside their capacity like the page speed seems like a pretty obvious thing, but getting too high speed is also part of Google to show the change that is about to start.

Core Web Vitals is so essential because it helps in providing better experience. About 24% of the traffic has been gained without doing anything at all. 

Why are Core Web Vitals considered to be critical?

From using keywords to work experience, the website has come a long way and the main thing is that these are just main additions to the search engine network for making it better user experience and giving users what they have been waiting for. People always want their business to be at the top and if you are using Core Web Vitals, then you are doing something different in your business. This is going to set a benchmark not only in the form of quality but also in the quantitative aspect as well. 

This is what the users have been using at every stage of the user experience which now they are going to get through these updates. Now page experience will influence it to be number 1 on the Google ranking search results. 

Ways of Measuring Google’s Core Web Vitals


1. Chrome UX Report

It also refers to the CrUX report that is the public dataset for measuring the real-time metrics by the users. It works by gathering all the data from the users opting for the sync in browser history and has enabled the Statistics Option in the same. This process has been revamped and now they also show the UX reports as well. 

2. Page Speed Insights

The Page Speed insights have got an update recently showing the new Lighthouse 6.0 metrics. It is a wholly different concept where the blue ribbon used is for the Core Web Vital Metrics. They can be in Field Data as well as in Lab Data options as you like it. 

3. Chrome DevTools

The DevTools have also been updated for the purpose of Core Web Vitals as these tools offer a comprehensive way of viewing the Cumulative Layout Shift and if you are wanting to read the same in a detailed manner, then you can click on the particular layout and then view it in the Summary Tab. 

4. Search Console

The Google Search Console has also been updated for the purpose and it is working much better than what is expected of it. This metrics is under the enhancement Section and it helps in re-evaluating the pages on your websites and segregating the same into Poor, Need Improvement, and Good. The Core Web Vitals depend on real-time users and it is working amazingly. 

5. LightHouse Report

This tool is used for analyzing the SEO performance and also the Page Speed of your website. If your page is not working in speedy motion, then most people are discouraged from going to your website to taking your products and services. With the new V6 update, you can check the speed of your webpage and also measure the same using Google’s Analytics. 

The two of the metrics help in LCP and CLS which is awesome. Total Blocking Time is another of the metrics present in the Light House Report helping in improving the First Input Delay. 

6. Web Vitals Extension

This is yet another Google plugin which is new and working for the betterment of the users and customers. Open the metrics page that you want to see and you are done. Click on the Web Core Vitals Extension and it will lead into three main metrics in the Vitals Updates. This way, you can also study the metrics of all your competitors. 

Related to user experience and SEO

The Web Vitals will be used for another famous search engine’s experience for ranking the factors used in representing the total range of search engines that are designed for user experience. There is no clear mention regarding how important it will be, but with the introduction of the Web Core Vitals, you will come to know of it. In the case of poor search engine experience, you can rank your website well if you are using the Core Vitals. 

Just focus on the traditional ways of SEO and optimizing and you are ready for taking over the business. Websites need to maintain their search presence and focus on the improvement of the UX and SEO together as these are concepts that will remain forever whenever you are doing business online. 

Many businesses don’t understand that UX And SEO can correlate with each other and they keep on making the same mistakes again and again. This is the main reason for bringing the vitals because it will show the key ranking signals that are used on websites and how you can arrange it for effecting the user experience on the website. 

Current page experience signals

The old Google experience is now going to combine with the new Web Vitals and here are some of the things that you can expect:

  1. HTTP
  2. Browsing Safely
  3. Mobile-Friendly, etc. 


User experience is the only crucial element that should be seen first because if the users are not able to see your website properly, then there is no use of making one either. And user experience comes when you make things easy for all the users and customers. Google is still trying to rank the search results in an appropriate order so that the business that demands inspiration can get it. And if you want to stand out in the competition, then you have to give good user experience as will be helped by Google. 

Core Web Vitals is becoming Google’s New thing

Google always has tried bringing out new stuff for the betterment of people and now they are coming up with the idea of Core Web Vitals. People are looking forward to it anxiously as this is going to be a ranking signal. With this, you can put your website on the higher ranks for making it visible to all your promising customers. According to Google, The Vitals are set in the real-time world and so you have to be practical to use these Vitals. One wrong and your business will be doomed forever.

It helps in measuring the website usability like the productivity, load time, stability of the contents when it is loading, etc. It will also be combined with some other essential factors as well for increasing the evaluation of user-based experiences. 

Where will the Core Web Vitals affect the rankings?

This is the new ranking and has not been used yet. People don’t generally have an idea about where it is going to affect the ranking but certainly, it is going to do on all grounds like desktops, mobiles, results, etc. And it is soon to appear as Google Stories as well just like Instagram stories. Before Accelerated Mobile Pages were used but that concept has been changed now. It is now no top priority for Google Anymore. 

This search ranking will work in a completely different way than you have not seen before. And users are going to be mesmerized by the moment of seeing it. 



People are waiting for it eagerly. If all things are sorted, then Google is going to launch it in the next 6 months. This search ranking has been started so that customers and users don’t face the problem of not having usability of the websites. All the websites will be available whenever customers want it and they can use it for buying goods and services. Once, it goes live, you are seriously going to enjoy it. So, hold your hearts as Core Web Vitals are all set to be used from 2021! 

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