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Why You Should Use Reactive Marketing to Drive Social Shopping

News is traveling fast and it is because of social media which are driving the lives of consumers and businesses. Businesses on social media are continuously engaging consumers via various initiatives. And yes there are several advantages in the connectivity beyond the usual social aspect. People can mark themselves as safe after violent attacks or natural disasters, and there are several good news stories that keep people inspired all around the world on a daily basis.

With this faster and greater connectivity between the businesses, news, and the end consumers, It is now very crucial that brands should start making use of agile and dynamic marketing strategies. They should adopt a timely and reactive approach. So let’s take a look at reactive advertising and its importance.

Reactive Marketing


There are many examples around us for reactive marketing and one out of it is when Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have announced their divorce so Norwegian Airlines have given an Ad in a UK newspaper and offered a low-cost flight to Los Angeles and given the headline as Brad is single. This and many others like this are falling under the category of reactive marketing.

Reactive marketing is mostly capitalizing on newsworthy events. This marketing is short-lived and quick turnaround ad campaigns. They are not always considered as the tongue-in-cheeks but by these reactive ads, the brands and businesses are taking a clear stance on culture, politics, and ethics. For example, you can see Patagonia’s response to the administration on the policy change for the protected lands.

Why should business be reactive?


Brands and businesses present in social media mean that consumers should treat these companies like people and less like the corporations. When you are investing in reactive marketing then it is a very easy and quick way for doing this. You can hire an expert team of social media managers to keep control over the digital content and tone of voice of your brand. If you reach out to your customers and audience with topical and relevant dialogue there will be a tremendous increase in your level of engagement with them to a great extent. 

Shifting your marketing and media expenditure on nimble and smaller-scale reactive advertising can save your marketing costs too. The time when huge annual payouts were required for marketing campaigns is now over. Now it is time to invest in momentary media that includes short term activities that have less planning time and lower overheads too. 

How can your business be reactive?


In order to achieve reactive marketing, you should be very clear about the values and ethos of your company. This will help you to react according to a news story correctly. This will prove advantageous to you commercially. If you take it in the wrong way, you will end up damaging your brand reputation in public. For reactive marketing, you should be updated about the latest news and trends online as well as locally. If you are on a platform wherein you can debate on a conversation in public, then you should not hesitate about it. 

By being reactive, you can influence your buyers. So if you are having a strong opinion about any news event, especially those related to your industry, and want to enlighten, inform or reeducate the audience about it then you can implement the reactive marketing campaign. But before you post any reactive message on social media, you should communicate well with the stakeholders and verify that the message makes sense. In the game of reactive marketing, it is most important to react on time. 

How can you master your reactive marketing skills on social media?


Online marketing is not so easy as it seems. Social media marketing is a tough challenge, with so many brands and social media platforms competing out in the market. Here are some handy tips that will help you to master reactive social marketing.

Reactive marketing on social media is the best online marketing alternative. This is because of the instant nature of social media. This makes these networking websites the perfect location for brands to market at the right moment and it is a superb way to reach out to a wide variety of audiences and drive engagement with them. Many top brands are showing us the success of reactive marketing on social media platforms. In most cases, if you implement well-executed and branded posts then there are meager chances that you will fail. 

To do reactive marketing you should be tactful and must have the necessary planning and preparation for it. Here are some simple tips for marketing in the moment without making any loss to your brand reputation or your business.

Create your social calendar

We understand that it is not feasible to plan or predict something that you don’t know that would happen. But it is possible that you can think and plan ahead about your reaction to major events that would be upcoming. These events are those that your customers would be discussed across the social media platform. 

It can be the Rugby or Cricket world cup, the festive season, Halloween, or the final Bake Off. You know that these are the major talking points every year for customers across the world. So you should be ready with some timely posts or keep rough drafts ready that you can detail out later when the time comes. 

Our Tip: you should keep out some content separately in your content bank for major yearly events that are topical but do not make it too specific. Then at the right time, you can whip it out and make it perfect to be posted on social media. 

React with Speed

Everything cannot be scheduled in the calendar, for success in the moment marketing. It should exactly have to be in the moment. No one is expecting to be all dancing, all singing types of multimedia experience, speedy and simplistic graphic designers are needed. Trending topics always come with a short lifespan, so if the moment has passed so it is better not to get involved in it.

Our tip: There is no need of having a branded answer for all the trending topics. Instead, think about what would interest your audience as well as what they will expect from you.

Monitoring Social Channels

If you want to react quickly to potential marketing moments then you need to keep an eye on the news around you. You have to monitor social media to manage customer complaints and feedback. But when you are monitoring the social channels in real-time then it will help you in keeping an eye on trending conversations and topics.

Our tip: You have to always make sure that your social team should always be on standby for the big interesting events on your social calendar. In this way, you would be able to react and experience things along with the audience. This is similar to Oreo when they have famously done for the Super Bowl blackout.

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Some things are celebrating the brands and there are also some topics about the brand which should be left alone. Create proper careful social guidelines and then try to stick and react to what is relevant to the service and product. Don’t think about hashtag hijacking unless you are sure about the trending topic very well.

Our tip: Do the research well. There should be no excuse for failing into the hashtag before you are using it. At best, you will look a bit silly and worst. This will alienate and offend your audience similar to the example given above.

Many brands know how to do reactive marketing very well. But it will take practice to do it in the right way. Do proper planning and research before you dive in and also make sure that your brand will have proper guidelines that are set up in place. Smart reactive marketing can quickly become a successful part of your social marketing strategy, it will bring engagement and exposure with it.

Strategies for winning Consumers wallets and hearts

The vast majority of retail purchases are still happening in-store, online sales are still on the rise, and it would account for around a 22% rise by 2023. ECommerce has already overtaken the sales of the physical store in various cases. According to the commerce department report of the US, the total market share of US retail sales is higher than the merchandise sales for the first time in history.

It is also very easy to see the brands prioritizing their online sales investment. A recent survey by stackla and eTail is showing that over 200 retailers are currently working on aligning their social media advertising in overall eCommerce strategy. Other retailers are mentioning that they will increase and maintain their investment in social media marketing until the next 12 months.

All the trends are pointing towards 2020 and are considered as the decade of eCommerce. The brands are working very hard for capitalizing on social media. Now you would hear the word which is known as social commerce.

In this post, you will see the post regarding strategies that will help the retailers in building consumer trust and boost their online sales in 2020.

Know and Grow with Customers

In a time where there is more competition for the shoppers than ever before, the success of the marketer will hinge on their ability for understanding the behavior of customers. In this way, they would be able to adjust their strategies and would be able to create an optimized shopping experience with their customers.

Investing in Right Channels

There is a wide range of digital and social platforms that are used by people every day around the world. Brands are also having finite resources and budgets for putting ads on digital platforms. The better you know the consumers, the better way you would be able to focus on the right channels for your marketing efforts.

Which channel are they using for sharing and browsing the content? When they are typically using the channels? What are the types of content they are engaging the most? When you will get all the answers above then it will help you in winning the social commerce strategy for your brand.

Always be Optimize

When any new platforms are emerging then the behaviors of customers are also evolving so you must have to see the social commerce strategy. If the particular strategy and channel are not working in the past that doesn’t mean that it would not be fruitful in the future too.

Marketers now are having troves of data at their fingers, but the most challenging part of it is to make sense out of them. When you are investing in the analytics tools and platforms then it will help you efficiently in synthesizing the large datasets into actionable insights.

Create Seamless paths to purchase

When it is coming to modern shopping then convenience is very crucial. Brands that are crafting the end to end purchase will have a few frictionless steps across all the key channels. These are the ones who are most effectively connecting and converting the browsers into customers.

When you are ensuring that you are capturing the right people at the right place and the right time. You will need the seamless and omnichannel commerce approach which can be informed by the insights and the data. 

This will include but not be limited to leveraging the social checkout features like social feeds, creating eCommerce, and integrating all these into the online experience.

Social Checkout

When someone is scrolling to their favorite social feed and if they will discover the product then they would instantly buy that product. The brand wants to create the moment of inspiration and the person buying the product. This is the time when the brand needs to direct the customer to their bio.

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