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In case you’ve wished to put your SEO business on an autopilot mode and still increase endless profits,SEO Discovery is the answer. Being one of the leading SEO resellers in India, we have over 10 years of experience in SEO services with clients from India, the USA, the UK, the UAE, Australia and other parts of the world.

It’s simple: you just outsource your SEO projects to us and we as your offshore SEO team offer you our White Label SEO Reseller Packages also known as Private Label SEO Reseller Packages and lessen your burden. It’s clearly, our work, under your brand name and under your logo.

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We are totally invisible

Our White Label SEO Reseller Program offers one of the stringent Non Disclosure Agreements in the industry. We never reveal our name and never come forward to your client. Also, we never add that project in our portfolio. Right from the beginning of the website’s SEO audit report to the SEO proposal and the weekly and monthly reports, everything is accomplished under your brand name and logo.

White label SEO reseller program by SEO Discovery

Why should we choose you?

We are one of the leading white label SEO reseller program providers. We have completed over thousands of projects for clients from India, the UK, the USA, the UAE, Australia and other parts of the world. Ours is one of the stringent Non Disclosure Agreements. It’s our work, under your brand name and your logo and we do not reveal our name.

What benefits can you bring to our company?

One of the biggest benefits we bring to your company is that you can put your business on auto-pilot mode and still earn big profits. You can sit back, build your portfolio, and get maximum client retention with an offshore SEO team for you. We offer free website audit reports and free proposals designed specifically for your client and also 10-15% discount on SEO packages.

When will I be getting the progress status reports?

Our white label SEO reseller packages are completely transparent. Our work is based on both monthly and weekly SEO reports. We send you frequent progress reports which help you to keep control on your project and its progress throughout. As per the white label SEO reseller package policy, we keep your brand name and your logo on these reports.

Which SEO strategies do you follow?

We strictly follow the Google Webmaster guidelines. All are strategies are completely based on White Hat SEO and we never recommend cheating on Google. For Google Page #1 results, we keep a close eye on the latest Google updates including Penguin, Panda, Hummingbird and Fred. Google loves what we do and we do not try any shortcut to achieve the desired results.

What do you mean by White Label SEO Reseller Program?

Simply put, it means that we work under your brand name and logo. We keep our identity hidden and let yours outshine with the quality results that we achieve. You can simply outsource your SEO projects to us and we’ll work as your offshore SEO team, strictly following the NDA and never coming forward to your client. We help you increase profits while we put the efforts.

Do You Offer Discounts on Your SEO Packages?

Yes, certainly! We offer 10-15% discount on our SEO packages. We believe in offering affordable white label SEO reseller packages that can fit all budgets and all business sizes. We also propose customized SEO packages that are completely based upon yours and your client’s needs and requirements. With customized packages, we also maintain your privacy throughout.

How does the white label SEO reseller program work?

Our model is very simple and the process is streamlined so that there is no gap in communication between us and you and also between you and your client. You outsource your project and then we sign an NDA which says that we do not reveal our identity to your clients and work under your brand name & logo. We start with a Free Audit Report and a Free SEO Proposal then continue the SEO work with utter transparency through Weekly and Monthly Status Reports.

How much time do you require to achieve the desired rankings?

We set a timeframe to achieve the desired rankings based upon the keywords research and the current status and ranking of the website. We also consider the competition for the keywords with most of the searches and what your client’s competitive websites are doing to stay in the market. Our SEO strategies take into account the maximum aspects to not only rank higher but also cut the competition.