Things to Keep in Mind Before Buying Domain From Web Developers

Digitalization is a part of the new business world. From organization to individual, the presence of digitalization is the magnet for survival. More than billion of users access to social media networking sites. The world is growing digital very fastly.

Even the remote area of the planet can access to the internet with the use of mobile phones. Thus with the help of telecom companies, the internet is the main reason for the boom of digital. With cell phones, every age group of people is becoming active users of the internet.

With the increased use of the internet, marketing on a digital channel has become more trustworthy. It becomes easy to reach a huge audience. The world is getting closer day by day every second. You just need a good internet connection and there you go and ready to create your business profile or website. Without your presence in the world of digitalization, you will be nowhere.

Websites are an interesting platform when it comes to engaging customers online. It will also build a good relationship with your clients. Websites are an integral part of your identity. When you are hosting a website, you need to look for a perfect domain name. A domain name is an integral part of the website. It replaces the Internet Protocol (IP). A domain name has two elements: – the website’s name and the extension.

We need to understand the importance of a domain name. They act as a shortcut to the server that is hosting your site. Without a domain name, visitors need to enter the full IP address. And remembering the IP address has never been an easy task. Entering such a big name on advertising material becomes a difficult task.

Just as a GPS requires the address of the street, similarly a web browser needs a domain name to reach the visitors to your site.

A domain not only helps your clients to locate you with the least effort. It is also your identity on the internet. You need to have a unique identity to be distinctive from the crowd of the competitors.

Advantage of Paid Domains

If you want to survive in the long run and create a brand, you must spend on buying the distinctive domain name for your website. There are many advantages to a paid domain. Well, outsourcing a web developer for your domain name can be an expensive task. They may charge you $500 to $5000. 

To be an expert in such names you must obtain some advanced, knowledge on WordPress. You need to understand how the different features of WordPress work.  If you can invest your time in obtaining advanced knowledge on WordPress, a web developer is always at your footstep to serve you.

 Here are few Benefits to get a Paid Domain


Once you own a domain, it will be your personal. All you need to do is renew your lease. You can claim for a period of a minimum of one year and up to three years.

Unique Identity

A paid domain will provide you with a creative identity. You can even change the way you want.


 In this competition, gaining trust is very much important for your survival. Having a paid domain will help you to gain trust. It indicates your efforts on your website. Such a name will also indicate your areas of specialization.

Everyone wants to be the best in the world. Without a domain name establishing your online presence is a difficult task. Choosing a domain name is an important decision to be taken. The right domain name is very much essential for your audience and search engine.

 Web developers make your task easy. You don’t need to spend hours. It makes no sense. Contact a web developer and get the most trendy domain name. Your journey to the website begins.

Here are a few tips you can scroll before you purchase a domain name from them.

Do Homework

 You must go for an investigation before buying a domain name. It will help you to survive in the long run.  Look into the sites which are alike. Examine your competitor’s domain names with the use of a site like Browse accessible domains by keyword. One can also find domain name using Media Temple’s domain name search tool.

Check out at when was domain last sold. Do research the price at which it was released and the other brokerage. The popular domain can be resale too. Searching a keyword will help you to understand the popularity of words in domain names.

Buy domains that are easy to type and remember

Even if you upgrade the site for search engines, we still want a domain name that is easy to remember by our clients at a stroke. You must try to be away from words with an odd spelling, having multiple hyphens or other specialized characters, numerical, and so on. You must choose a domain name that is easy to type without the assistance of yours.

You should try to miss words that have several words. This creates confusion in the mind of clients. They might mistype the name. You must purchase versions of the domain name.   Sometimes you might choose a short domain name for your website. Make sure that you don’t use something mysterious to the people. Avoid names that are hard to remember. The domain name is your identity. It is an integral marketing tool. Make it easy so that your audience likes it and share it with their friends about your websites.

Avoid Slang Terms

You must strictly avoid slang terms in your domain name. Pick a decent word which is something meaningful and conjure the mind of your clients. Your clients will understand you and your identity. This will help you even to capture the minds of non-native speakers around the globe. Whether you plan to expand your empire and your presence internationally, but such a domain name will capture the local audience as well for years.

Buy a domain name which shorter rather than longer

The longer names are very much harder to keep in mind. There are chances that we misspell them or forget the word. Thus, we must pick up something which is short and is single. Be a little innovative, choose an amazing short name for your website.

Once you pick up a short word, try to make it interesting by adding an adjective or a verb in front of it. Play with the words. Watch the variations which come when you add a word of your creation. We must be choosy. We must not forget that our domain name is our identity of the brand we are into. We must pick a name that matches our thoughts which we wanted to convey to our audience from the past years.

Stick with .com if you can

You must understand the minds of the audience. They often think that the domain name ends in .com. You must try to purchase a domain name that bears any of the following extensions (.net, .info, .org ). You must put some extra effort to make your audience understand that your website has a distinctive extension.  Few sites in the world are also doing a great job bearing other extensions too.

Don’t Buy Trademarked Domains

You must not ever think of purchasing a trademarked term as your domain name. This will confuse the audience. There are chances of lawsuits or complaints to be filed against you for bearing such names. You will be asked to leave such a name.

Even if you genuine to use such domain name, with no intention of creating confusion, you will still face some legal actions by purchasing trademarked terms in your domain name. Before making such decision research U.S. trademarks. Make sure that you don’t use such a trademark on the name you are planning to choose for your website.

Don’t purchase a domain name that is similar to any of the existing site

It is not that every term is trademarked. You must not choose a domain name which is just the contrast of another name.

This means that you omit the singular form in place of plurals which is already being used.  You shouldn’t hyphen a phrase already used to give a little variation. Avoiding adding words like my or some other preposition.

Adding such variation will lose your audience. They will be redirected to the existing site, not yours.

Hyphens are a mixed bag

We know how hyphens work with a domain name. They help us to separate words in a domain name. This makes the text more readable. And also helps to identify the words in search engines.

However, we must not forget how hyphens appear with the domain name. We should avoid more than three hyphens in a domain name. The use of more hyphens creates a scene of mess. So we must purchase a domain name with fewer hyphens.

Avoid Numbers

We must avoid using a numerical character in the domain name. Such numerical characters create confusion in the mind of people. They fail to understand whether the number represents a digit or word.

However, if your company name should bear numerical character, you should get both the versions ( digit and word ). There is a fact to worry about using the number “0” as a domain name. People might take it as the letter “O”.

Check Availability on Social Media Sites

Once you pick up and finalize with a word or phrase, it is now time to research. We must check such words on social media sites like YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr.

Even if you have no access to social media, you will still want to check your presence. It is now easy to check the availability of such words on each site.

Backup is Key

A few web developer assist their clients to access the website and also authorize to hosting rights. But, these can be sometimes highly a factor of risk for the safety of the site. Hackers can easily locate your files and host account. Thus being an owner of the kingdom, you will always want that your interest is protected. Thus make sure that you keep a backup of your files. You must make sure that the web developer agrees to your terms and conditions before you sign the agreement.

You are the owner of your domain name

 We need to understand that the domain name belongs to us. It is the identity of our organizations. While purchasing a domain name from a web developer, we must make sure that we don’t hand over the power of attorney.

The web developer should register the domain as your name. It is very much important to keep someone from your organization to collaborate with all the transactions and other business-related activities.

The real challenge comes in picking up a good name and choosing the right extension. And once you are done, register your domain name.

Everything in this world has pros and cons. We cannot eliminate the advantages a web developer will assist in choosing the right name for our organization. But when it comes to their expertise depth of knowledge, it never upsets the client to provide to their best need. They protect your data and understand your hard work in building a business profile. They also assist you to find a perfect domain name. They make sure that there is no liability of appearing before a courtroom.

Purchasing a domain name from a web developer does come with some of the disadvantages. A small growing organization may find it difficult to hire a web developer. As they may hire fees which can be a huge expense to carry out. We also know that the world is never free from hackers. They must provide us with security and keep a full backup of our files.

Get the best domain name. Create your business website and envision your business prospect

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