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How to Manage Team WFH

It is quite challenging to manage the entire team from such a long distance. There are a lot of companies out there whose work is suffering due to lack of communication and all the related issues in this lockdown situation when the entire team is working from remote locations. 

But, with a positive outlook, small changes, and a good mindset, we can solve this problem of How to Manage team WFH in the best possible way. 

SEO Discovery has faced this issue very closely and we’ve successfully created our path to success even in these tough times. We are more than happy to share that our company growth has increased 20 times more with the concept of work from home.

Challenges Solutions 
Communication IssueWe can sort out our communication issues by staying in touch on Slack and Skype or through whatsApp groups with each team and tell them to acknowledge every message within the working hours. 
Every one should be available for a quick video meeting over the phone and this way we can randomly check if everyone is actively working or not. 
Employee work tracking, are they working
or not?
There are a lot of screen tracker software that we install on their computer and some hidden software like active
trackers from which we can capture every moment of their working hours if required. 
Project Management from long distance, the problem of sharing the project details & progress.Use basecamp, Asana, and other such tools for project management. This way, you can keep all the project details in one dashboard so that everyone can easily check the current client update and progress. That helps a lot with
project management. 
Command problem on employeesGive the power to Project Manager/ TL to review their team’s progress and take action if there is a need. 
Give them the authority to make decisions for the team and give them the responsibility that their team delivers
the work on time.
Bonding between Team and Company.Schedule a meeting with your team on a daily basis for having a fun session together, talk with their family
members and kids, and share your positive thoughts with them.
It is the best time to meet their family over Zoom or other meeting software so that you can have a chit-chat session with them face to face and appreciate their work in front of them. That helps a lot. 
How to motivate Give incentives to those who are working dedicatedly and making good progress and appreciate their small
achievements also. 

As mentioned above, SEO Discovery takes good care of the above things and we’ve got huge progress in our work, we’ve grown as a company and as a team.  Every team member is giving 100% working selflessly at odd times as well.

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