Get Your Business to ‘Think Outside the Blog’ in 2021

Think Outside the Blog

Before 4 years it has been declared that the blogs are dead. Here it means that the blog page of the company is over. Here you will find the bold claim that the innovative companies are moving to the media organization approach, and they are modeling themselves as the news provider similar to the BBC.

Time has proved that many innovative companies are experimenting with the layout of the websites and pushing their content to the central position. But if you consider the scenario of B2B technology space then many organizations have not done so. They have still kept their homepage, resources, and services pages to be dynamic. This is an acceptable scenario. 

The main aim of this article is to discuss the traditional mindset of where the website’s blog page is located and can commonly filter into what sort of content a company would produce. I would like to tell the audience that the blog section is not at all dead. But if your business wants to do something big by using its content marketing strategy then you should learn to think outside of the blog. 

2021 is the year when you should focus on elevating your content:

B2B content marketing earlier used to focus only on blog writing. But the world of internet marketing has changed a lot and the mediums and formats that businesses now have at their disposal are a lot much richer and engaging for the audience in multiple ways. 

2021 is the year when you should set higher ambitions for your website and marketing content. It’s not that difficult to do so. It just requires a little bit of planning and implementation too. 

You can kick up your content using these techniques:

Monthly editorial meeting

The content which is present in the strategy of your content marketing should never be ad hoc. You need to set up the content calendar which can be considered as a good start. The next step would be setting up the monthly editorial meeting for discussing the content which you will be published in the next month.

Who should be there?

In the editorial meeting, you have to include the decision-makers who are the people from the marketing team, experts of products, representatives from sales, and other representatives from other area in the organization. This person would be having very good input about the content which needs to be produced.

It is very important to keep these points in your mind:

  • Who is it for?
  • What is the purpose of this content?
  • What reader is looking for in the content?
  • What is the form which the content will take?

All of the above questions should be considered as the main topic in your editorial meeting. This is where the thought outside the blog will happen. This does not mean that you will never write another blog again. It would be a matter of allowing yourself to think about the alternative ways of producing the content.

What form of content should you think of?


The consumption of video is continuously growing at a rapid speed. It is estimated that the average person is spending at least 100 minutes watching online videos every day in 2021. This has increased about 80 minutes from the year 2019.

So, what are you waiting for? Think about the blog content as they currently produce and how some of these ideas can transform the video content? How difficult it would be to produce the videos? It would be much easier than you think.

You will need to set up the Channel on the YouTube  and then have to begin experimenting by taking advantage of the blog post which has already been written. You have to use this video as inspiration.


In times of remote working, a webinar is a very good idea. It is a superb way for selling your expertise. It would be very interactive and will generate lots of leads. Various easy-to-use apps are available, and the fact is that a lot of people are working from home. So quickly you can produce valuable webinars which can create engagement, interest and most importantly generate leads.
Webinars similar to the video content are not difficult to set up as you might be expecting. It is very much easier to set up the webinar as compared to the video. It can be created by making use of the video conferencing tools, which can then combine with Microsoft PowerPoint which is a presentation app. Take out some ideas for the blog and then turn it into a presentation and this way, your webinar is ready for boom and driving traffic.


Podcasts are again a new innovative medium for content. Maybe your mother has already started one. You can take inspiration and learning from your mother and then you can also start your podcast. If you are a charismatic speaker and thinker in your organization then you need to get on the call using good video conferencing software. You need to hit the recording and your podcast will start. It is not that hard to start the podcast. It just needs proper planning. If you are good at little management also then also you would be able to start your podcast. If all of your things are properly organized, then there is a very high chance of the lead conversions from your podcasts.  

If you are thinking of starting the podcast, then you need to choose the host for introducing the episode. You should have to be consistent with the content. You have to outline your topic and have to make sure that whoever is on the podcast will know in advance what they need to talk about. They should be aware of the structure of the chat. This will help in saving a lot of time when it will come to edit the episode in the flawless conversation. You can use various free software like Audacity for editing the recording. There are also other platforms like Anchor which is also free and can be used for publishing podcasts. 

Audio versions of blogs

If you are thinking about reducing the volume of the content of the blog, then it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to do a little more with the content. When you are adding the audio version of the blog then it is considered as an extra way for which the people will consume. It will be more accessible and will also enable the differently-abled person to consume your content easily.

When you are starting the podcast that it also means that you are investing in decent editing software and a microphone. Let’s put it to use in the further recording in your latest blog and put it out in the piece of audio.

eBooks/Guides/Long Form

This kind of written content is similar to the industry reports, eBook guides, and technical whitepapers and they are still relevant as several years ago. When these are done well then these will be excellent lead generators. When specific and researched information then the reader will not go anywhere else. This is a great way for showing expertise.

Now, this is the time when you can turn this long piece of content into an interactive webinar. By this, you would be able to send invites to your mailing lists. Then you can push all this on social media. This will generate a crowd from the people who would be interested in this. This will probably turn into new leads.

Create experience at a distance

The extraordinary business will always stand out because of the user experience which they are creating. That does not mean that they would have moved online. Organizations of all sizes and industries of all kinds have transitioned themselves into semi-virtual services where they are offering online services without losing what is making them special.

Whether you can serve your customers online or not, you have to consider the virtual experience for them. Just having a website for managing online transactions will not add any personal touch to the customers. If you want your customer to value your organization then you have to give the best user experience to your website.

If you offer them a small gift in-person then do that thing replace and replicate the online gifts? If you are offering a free coffee in the lobby then you should include a 5$ gift card with the purchase of a certain amount.

Various opportunities for personalizing the user experience

The more you can tailor the approach, by making use of the customer’s names in the prebuilt forms and recommending them the services and products based on their past purchases, the more your customer will be feeling cared for and comforted.

Similar to the videos, experience is also having the capability of making money from it. You would be able to present the live training session or the virtual webinar. You can also hold the mini-conference for which you will not be charged for admission.


It did not need to be directly related to the mainline of business. If you are confident about culinary skills, then you can offer the online cooking class. You can also pull the NPR and start tasting wine for your business. You can also donate some of your proceeds for a good cause so that goodwill and your participation could be maximized.

Few more Ideas:

  • Q&A session with virtual happy hours
  • Fundraisers online
  • Website accounts/profiles for the customers, with personalized landing pages
  • Spotify playlist for the public featuring the music in the rotation in the office
  • Freebies like teabags. Branded pins, candy, and stickers, etc. need to be added in orders
  • Handwritten thank-you notes and a 30-second video for thank you

Reward to most loyal customers

Your customers are always deserving recognition especially those who are local to your business. You have to reward them with a free product or service or a discount code. You can also ask them to join your premium list of mailing so that they will receive special updates and newsletters which are featuring bonus content, exclusive offers, sneak peeks, and so on. As they will become preferred customers now, they will enjoy receiving the latest services and products from the company. They would be notified before the general customers about the new offerings from the company.

Many people always love to earn these kinds of benefits. They are also willing to pay for them. That also means that the bottom line has been a booster that can allow the customers to pay for their rewards. It is the same business model which credit card companies, airlines, and many other recent patron accounts and Kickstarter campaigns are using for driving customer loyalty, interest, and retention.

Other ideas to consider:

  • Different reward program for tiers
  • Rewards or discounts for referrals
  • Secret page on the website which can be accessible only to the people who are having the right code or the people who know where to look

Live Chat Sessions

Live chat is the most effective and fastest way for connecting to online customers. It will help the visitors on the website to find the information which they required. They can also gather useful information for the business and then they will initiate the sales service and customer conversations.

Live chat sessions are the most essential part of doing business online. In this virtual world, it is no longer a nice but necessary component is the online experience. It is very equivalent to the capable friendly front desk receptionist who is greeting people when they walk to the physical location of the business.

Live chat uses

  • Clear up queries regarding features and product
  • Clear explanation of the pricing and incentives
  • Connecting visitors to the right departments and specialists
  • Inviting visitors to take advantage of the exclusive deals
  • Answer FAQs
  • Offering real-time support to the various issues of the website
  • Seamless online transactions

How to Improve Your Blog Writing Skills in a Week

blog writing

There are millions of people who are writing every day, but only some of their writings are published or liked by readers. And the reason behind this is their writing skills, only writing skills make the difference between a good writer or just a writer. If you are also a writer and want to get published and liked by people then you must have to improve your blog writing skills. It is not an easy thing to improve your writing skills as it takes a lot of time and effort along with the right procedure. 

If you don’t take care of a few things while improving your writing skills then you may take a longer time to improve yourself. So you need to follow the right procedure as it takes less time to improve your blog writing skills. In this article, you will get to know about a procedure to improve your blog skills. The best part is that it is a one-week procedure so that you will improve your writing skills in a short period. 

If you truly want to improve your blog writing skills then you must have to follow the given steps as they are easy. And by using them you can improve your blog writing skills in a very short period. 


On the first day of the week, you have understood and learned a few major things which are most important while writing a blog. If you want to write a high-quality blog then you must have to keep a few things in mind which make your blog unique. You can also surf the internet and find out the major things which are important while writing a blog. 

This is a few points that you have to take care of while writing a blog:

1. An interesting idea 

The very first thing is that you have to write with an interesting idea which is different from others and useful for your readers. You have to understand your readers for it, know about their expectations from you, and then write according to it. You must have to give priority to the quality over the quantity. Because when your readers find it useful then they do more likes, shares, and comments. 

2. A catchy headline 

The next thing is that you have to make your headline catchy. Because people will love to read interesting things or informative things. Like if you add some suspense into your headline then people will want to know more about your article. And then they read your whole article to know the meaning of your headline. So you need to make your headline interesting and catchy. 

3. An introduction with a hook 

The readers will judge the whole article just by the introduction provided by you. If your introduction is interesting and attractive only then the readers will read your whole article. Make sure that your blog will contain statistical data, index revealing key points of your blog. So that your readers will get to know what they get in the whole blog. 

4. Media content 

We all are human beings and we find visuals more interesting than text or audio. You must have to use images, infographics, videos, charts, etc in your blog. Because your readers find it more interesting as it creates their interest in your blog. When you use media content in your blog then people find it more relevant and exciting. And the fact is that when readers like your blog then they do more shares, likes, and comments. 

5. Enhance readability 

When you are writing a blog then you have to write it according to your readers. Like us plain and simple words, short sentences, creating bullet points, etc. When you take care of these things in your blog then it enhances the readability. Of your blog. Keep one thing in mind that your words should be friendly and make readers connected to you. 

These are the few things that you should have to keep in mind while writing a blog. And next time you should follow all the things mentioned above. Make sure that you have added a conclusion, call to action, social media buttons into your blog. 


The next thing that you do on Tuesday is that you should have to know how to make your content more interesting and exciting. You have to dedicate your Tuesday to learn more about making the content interesting. Many writers use professional language with scientific words and definitions which makes your content boring as your readers are not scientists. So you have to be aware that you are using easy and simple words in your content. 

These are the five common mistakes that every writer make:

1. No audience analysis 

The most important thing for any writer is their readers. As you are a writer you have to know about your reader, you have to know about their needs and expectations from you. When you give them what they want then they will attract more and more readers to your blog. Like if your niche is writing then you have to understand what your audience will need from you. 

2. Complex sentences 

There are a lot of writers who use complex sentences with technical language. And the readers will find it tougher to understand as they have to read it twice or thrice. If you are also using complex words or sentences then people will skip those lines or paragraphs and not understand what you want to express. So the easy way is to break your sentences into small and easy sentences so that your readers will understand. 

3. Product advertisement 

We all know that there are numerous advertisements available on the internet whether you are surfing on google or any other platform. And if you also use sales tone or advertisement lines in your blog then people find it irritating and leave your blog. So make sure that you are providing them informative and useful content. 

4. Lack of examples 

When you are writing your blog post make sure that you have added a good amount of examples so that people will relate it with themselves. Because when readers get live examples of imaginative examples they find it relatable and easy to understand as well. If you notice the blog post of any successful writer with a struggling writer then you get the difference of examples in it. 

5. No proofreading

There are only a few writers who do proofreading after writing the blog. It is found that successful writers always do proofreading before posting any blog and this thing creates all the difference. We all are human beings and humans make mistakes so we have to recheck our blog after writing it so that we can observe them and correct them on time. Because if you skip proofreading then your readers will find your mistakes which down your image in front of your readers. 


We are living in a digital world as we have numerous tools and gadgets for everything. And these gadgets will help you to take your writing skills to the next level. Many successful writers are using these tools but few writers don’t know about them. If you are also a person who doesn’t know about writing tools then read the following points:

  • Headline analyzer 

We all know that the headline of the article should be catchy and interesting so that people will read the whole blog. You can use a headline analyzer to analyze the headline so that you can improve it. It also tells you the type, length, word balance, and a lot more things. 

  • Evernote 

It is a kind of tool which saves all your texts, notes, drafts so that you can discuss it with your colleagues later. 

  • Grammarly 

This is the best tool that you can use to enhance your writing skills as it tells you all your grammar mistakes, wrong sentences, clear short sentences, and a lot more. This is paid or free, if you want to get high results then the paid version is best for you but if you want basic errors then the free version is also a good choice. 

  • Copyscape 

If you want to write the best blog which will pay you in the future then you have to make sure it should be plagiarism-free. Copyscape is a tool which helps you to recognize whether your article is plagiarism free or not. Once you do it then no one can beat you in writing skills. 


There are numerous successful writers available on the internet. You can read their articles and learn from them. The best way of learning is that you have to make relations with the best bloggers and once you do it you will get a lot of ways to improve your blog writing skills. You can simply write guest posts for them and ask for feedback so that you can improve yourself easily. There are few expert bloggers like Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Kristi Hines, Leo Babauta, James Chartrand, and a lot more. You can search them on the internet and read their blogs to improve yourself. 


We all are using social media platforms to connect with our loved ones and relatives as it is the best way to express our thoughts and feelings. You can use social media for business purposes as well. Because you will get a lot of traffic from there to your blog post. 

These are the best 5 ways which you can use for social media marketing:

  • You can create visual posts or videos which attract people to your blog post. But make sure that you are posting daily fresh content there so that your readers will feel connected with you. 
  • You can announce the post dates of your articles there so that people will get to know about it and go to read them. 
  • You can also offer special gifts for your readers so that they will read more and more. Because everyone likes to get rewards and offers so when they get offers they feel motivated to read your blogs more. 
  • The next thing that you have to keep in mind is that you have to ask questions or give answers to your reader’s questions. It creates a bonding with your readers and you which is good for your business. 


The thing which makes a person successful is their habits. Like if you have good habits it helps you in your business but if you have bad habits then it will ruin you. So these are the habits that you should have to develop to become a good writer:

  1. Read 100 pages  
  2. Write 1000 characters 
  3. Keep your desk clean 
  4. Enhance inspiration 
  5. Build relationships with writing experts 

If you follow all the above things then you must improve your writing skills within a short period. 


This is the last day of improving your writing skills as you have to write a masterpiece of your writing. But make sure that you have learned all the above points and then follow them while writing. 

This is the process you have to follow while writing a blog

  • Make sure that you have organized your workplace 
  • Take a cup of tea to boost yourself 
  • Do a little research on the internet regarding your blog post
  • Make a plan for your blog 
  • Start writing your blog according to the plan
  • Take pauses between writing it
  • Reread your text and proofread it and correct as well
  • Send or post your text 
  • Add visual content into it 
  • Then post it on your website 
  • The last and final step is to promote it on the web

These are the few steps that you have to follow while writing blogs for your articles. But let us tell you that your content and picture should be plagiarism-free. Because if you will not take care of it then you will not be liked by your readers as your content is copied or like others. If you follow all the above steps then you will become the best writer.