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Creating and launching a website for Optimum Technologies

Web Design casestudy

About Optimum Technologies:

Optimum Technologies was incorporated in 2016 in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is one of the leading Indian companies having expertise in cold chain monitoring and data acquisition. Its vision is to provide complete data logging solutions to food, transport, and storage companies.


The client initially had a vague idea of the product requirements. We conducted a requirement analysis to set clarity over the project objectives. Thankfully the client provided a reference to their competitor's website. It helped us understand industry-specific trends and target audience preferences. The primary project objectives were as follows:

  • 1. Create a comprehensive and engaging product listing.
  • 2. Theming the website as per the industry standards and ensuring the quality of user experience.
  • 3. Monitoring consumer journey and optimizing the sales funnel.
  • 4. Incorporating effective graphic techniques to make the website informative and engaging.


Creating a website for Optimum Technologies was a complicated project. It is essential to have a strategy for this kind of project. Here is how we set particulars for the development process and created a work-down structure.

  • 1. Carrying a requirements analysis to understand client requirements.
  • 2. Compiling the data obtained from the requirement analysis to set objectives for the development process.
  • 3. Carrying a competitive analysis to determine leading marketing trends and target audience preferences.
  • 4. Creating a color branding strategy to set particulars for the website theme.
  • 5. Being specific on the project particulars and creating a work-down structure.

Challenges We Faced

  • Website Analysis

    The development process began with the website analysis. It is to estimate the present overview of the website and determine the budget it would require to fulfill all project requirements. It also provided insights into the shortcomings of the website. We get to know where it is failing to achieve the desired results. Acknowledging the problem is the first step to solving it. We created a detailed report showcasing the outcomes of the website analysis process and incorporated learnings to ensure a comprehensive website.

  • Determining the Right Website Theme

    As the new website was under development, it was essential to have a theming strategy for an enhanced user experience. A website theme must ensure consistency throughout the website elements. It increases brand recognition and helps with consumer retention. A quick competitive analysis enabled us to come up with various options. We improvised a color theme that best-defined user preferences.

  • Set up the Product Listing

    The client was specific about their product listing. Our goal was to ensure an engaging presentation and maintain consistency throughout the product listing. We had to adhere to the industry-specific trends to appeal to the target audience.

    Our client referred us to one of their competing websites. It helped us better understand client requirements. We leveraged high-definition images and effective copywriting to provide an engaging interface to the product list.

  • Cart Sidebar

    One of the primary project requirements included an unwavering cart icon throughout the website. It was among the essentials of the website sales funnel. A sidebar must open whenever the user clicks on the unnerving icon containing further information for order tracking and payment gateways. It was among the essential elements of the client's sales strategy. It required us to work with a jQuery set up with custom source code and improvise plugging to fulfill this requirement.

  • Order Management

    Once the user clicks on the unwavering cart icon and the sidebar opens. The sidebar contains essential options for payment getaways and order tracking. These features enhance the quality of an eCommerce website and increase consumer engagement. It enables consumers to track the dispatching and shipping information of their order. One of the daunting tasks with that was to make it Pincode compatible, where consumers can check the delivery status via a specific Pincode.

  • User Dashboard

    A user-defined dashboard is an interface aligned with specific user needs. Here a user can access data regarding the delayed payment process, payment returns, previous orders, etc. A user dashboard is vital for an eCommerce website. It provides a better user experience and is highly effective for increasing consumer engagement. It decreases bounce rates and helps enhance the conversion rates.

  • Determining the Right Hosting Services

    Hosting is where all of the website data is stored. Think of it as a table and all other website elements as the things scattered on it. Stuffing the table with too many things may result in things falling. Similarly, weak hosting services may result in website failure. We estimated the space it would require to hold our client's website. We suggested and integrated the best hosting services to maintain a 99% website uptime and increase website speed.

  • Incorporating product sub-categories

    Another client requirement was to facilitate product categorization under sub-categories. The client had a wide range of product types. It was inconvenient for the users to scroll down the complete product listing to access the product of their choice. Sub categorization enabled us to shortlist products based on their functionality and ensure consumer convenience. The four sub-categories, in this case, included Data logger, HVAC tools, sensors, and thermometers.

Our Results

Following the strategic approach and combined efforts of our R&D and web development experts, we fulfilled all client requirements. We analyzed the raw data as obtained from the requirement analysis. It helped us assess the attributes of a quality website design. Let us look at the landing page of Optimum Technologies.

Web Design casestudy

One of the most specific clients' requirements was an unwavering cart icon. When a user clicks this sidebar, he can see the products added to the cart, their subtotals, and a CTA to divert to the CCAvenue Payment Gateway. Here are the results:

Web Design casestudy

Web Design casestudy

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