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8 Valuable Tips for Successful Facebook Event Marketing

Whether open-air cinema, Halloween party or business event Рwithout the right marketing, even the best events remain empty. With its 2 billion active members worldwide Facebook is one of the most popular networks to connect with customers online. The channel has the most active users per month, making it an attractive tool to draw attention to events.

Nevertheless, there are many companies that do not know exactly what they should consider, so that the targeted target group will participate in your event. I would like to tell you today what you should take into account when it comes to Facebook Event Marketing.

1. Content and Continuity

Basically: regularly post something. Especially if you want to generate attention! Get together with your team and brainstorm about the content. Keep these posts in an Excel spreadsheet and plan the best when you should be posted. Especially at events, there are many stories to tell the background of the stars, films, music or the occasion.

In addition, preparations and insights can be shown behind the scenes.¬†The closer the event gets, the more content you should share, as the interaction curve of the user’s increases as experience increases!

2. Interaction

Social networks are characterized above all by the constant exchange of information and knowledge and fast communication. This is an advantage for us as organizers because we want our event to be as soon as possible! This also means that we have to stay on the ball as soon as an event is created on Facebook and the first content has been posted.

Try to get your fans to interact with you by asking you for your opinion, let them vote, or reminding you of old times. Once comments and questions appear, like and answer them!

Nothing is worse than ignoring your fans or potential new fans.¬†After all, you’ve chosen a social communication tool for your advertising, so you’ll finish what you’ve begun.

3. Inspiration

Please make sure that your posts are content-rich and not just for promotion purposes! This is on the one hand very boring and the people will be quickly annoyed. Design your content as colorful as possible, show creativity and create added value.

4. Monitor your Facebook Event

Watch the participants’ discussions and interact with the people.¬†Answer open questions and write down your wishes.¬†You can also invite people to the event who are interested in the event.

The users feel connected when personally invited by you and make them feel that you want to have them at all times.¬†Important: According to the rules, each created event requires its own imprint.¬†A link to the organizer’s imprint is sufficient.

5. Sweepstakes

A very popular way to get network users to participate in your event is a contest. Make sure that the reward is something special, which is not to buy. So no tickets. This makes the contest even more interesting and coveted.

For example, give away a Meet & Greet with the star of the event. It is also important to always provide a link to the profit sharing conditions.

6. Groups and Group Surveys

Create a community through your company page and turn it into something exclusive. This is a great opportunity to reward the longtime and loyal fans with group-internal winners or specials for an event and to thank them.

Through this community, you can build a very special customer relationship, ask for honest feedback, and make surveys. Let people who want to join this group explain why you are a very special fan and should be admitted to this community.

7. Work with Artists or Influencers

If you already have a contract with the artists of your event, make sure that they also advertise the event on your own Facebook page with at least one post.

8. Switch Advertising

Another advantage of social media marketing is the targeted switching of advertising to the relevant target group. The relevant target group means the people for whom your event might be of interest. When advertising campaigns are placed, you can, among other things, precisely select the geographic situation as well as the gender, age and interests of the target group.

Before you start an advertising campaign, you should first carry out an extensive target group analysis.


At Facebook, there are usually many small things, which are ignored by organizers and companies, which are particularly important for the interaction rate and popularity.

Consider the steps listed below in your next marketing strategy and use the network character for yourself. At SEO Discovery we utilize effective marketing strategy to make sure  We would be pleased to advise you on Event Experience in the next event.

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