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Gauges Tools is a leading supplier and manufacturer of thread gauges. The ring gauges are solid, clients can use them directly without setting plug gauges. They can supply thread ring gauges for external threads and thread plug gauges for internal threads.

They have world-class testing equipment. Each gauge is strictly checked for quality. They also excel at supplying outstanding thread taps and dies, including Metric thread taps, UN thread taps, etc. They provide their products to some of the leading organizations worldwide.


The client had a vivid inventory and product listings with a clear-cut objective of increasing sales.

Challenges We Faced:

Here are some of the primary challenges we faced during the implementation of the SEO process.

  • 1. Choosing keywords with commercial intent
  • 2. Bring relevant traffic from various traffic sources
  • 3. Understanding the target audience preferences
  • 4. Determining their direct competitors
  • 5. Ensure top SERP rankings for category pages.
  • 6. Increase sales on the eCommerce website

Our SEO Work Strategy:

To begin with, we carried out a requirement analysis to have a detailed understanding of the project requirements. Here is the SEO strategy we formulated to bring thousands of business prospects to the website and increase sales.

Website Analysis:

The process of increasing the website traffic began with the website analysis. Here we analyzed certain website elements, including the theming, graphics, and content inventory of the website. Our goal was to identify and eradicate the issues hindering the user experience on the website.

User experience is among the essential for the achievement of marketing goals. Non-aligned website elements can mitigate user experience and limit your achievements. Website analysis provided insights into the components needed to be worked on to ensure a better user experience.

Keyword Research:

A keyword is the exact search term a user types in the search bar to ensure a better user experience. It is among the essential elements of a content marketing strategy. Content marketing is the process of framing content around specific search terms. Keywords form the basis of content marketing.

It is essential to find the right keywords to ensure your website's accessibility to the right audience. One of the things we emphasized mainly while researching keywords is the search intent behind them. Understanding search intent enables businesses to better understand their target audience and create content accordingly.

Analyzing the Content:

Content is among the most vital elements of digital marketing. Our primary goal was to analyze the content inventory on the website. It was to find the keyword gaps and set particulars for content creation.

We created a seed list to distinguish between the optimized and non-optimized keywords. We then improved the quality of the existing content and created new content to optimize essential keywords and ensure website accessibility to the right audience.

Competitive Analysis:

Competitive analysis is among the essentials of digital marketing. It enables businesses to identify their client strategy and frame one for their own. We worked to identify our client's direct competition and analyzed their websites. It allowed us to learn about their secret marketing techniques.

We analyzed user behavior throughout different sales funnels. It allowed us to understand their target audience preference and create content accordingly. We created dedicated content for each phase of the sales funnel to push the conversion rates and drive sales.

SEO Strategy Formation:

There are numerous tactics we learned throughout the prolonged processes, such as the competitive analysis and the requirement analysis. An SEO strategy is the compilation of marketing tools and tactics essential to achieving the desired marketing goals.

We compiled our learnings throughout the previous processes and created an itinerary of the implementation process. It provided our executive team with a step-by-step process to succeed in their marketing endeavors.

Implementation of the SEO Strategy:

In the nascent stage of the implementation process, we focused specifically on the long-tailed keywords. The long-tailed keywords were not targeted by a lot of competitors and were easy to rank. It also enabled us to experiment in the beginning phase of the implementation process.

During the first week of our implementation process, we researched more than 100 keywords and optimized them into the meta tags to enable the search engine crawlers analysis activities on the content of the website. Our next objective was to link our client website with authoritative and relevant websites. It provides positive signals to the search engine bots and enhances your website rankings on the search engine result pages.

We improvised various link-building techniques to create quality backlinks. It provided positive signals to the search engine bots and enhanced their rankings on the search engine result pages. Shortly after the implementation of these techniques, we saw a gradual increase in our website rankings.

Within the first 6-7 weeks of the implementation process, the website started ranking in the first position for various keywords on the search engine result pages. We also improved the blog titles and used them as an excerpt to increase consumer engagement and achieve our marketing goals.

Results Obtained:

Before we begin describing the results we obtained, let us analyze website statics at the beginning of the implementation process.

Seo Casestudy
Seo Casestudy

Our primary focus was to increase the website's organic and direct search traffic. The direct and organic traffic is highly specific and increases the odds of a successful marketing campaign. Here are the stats representing the final results of the implementation process.

Here is the depiction representing the growth of organic traffic on the client’s website.

Seo Casestudy
Seo Casestudy

Here is the data obtained from AHREFS. We were able to achieve a sudden increase in the number of backlinks, referring domains, and organic keywords. As a result, the website started receiving tons of organic traffic. Here are the final Ahrefs data and the graphs representing the increase in the number of referring domains and the referring pages.

Seo Casestudy
Seo Casestudy
Seo Casestudy

Let us look at some of the keywords we were able to rank for our client website on the first page of the search engine result pages.

Seo Casestudy
Seo Casestudy
Seo Casestudy

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