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Organic Traffic Increased by 300% for Edinburgh Drone Company

Social Media Casestudy

Edinburgh Drone Company is a drone manufacturing business. It provides customized solutions depending upon an individual's or enterprise's specific requirements. They supply a wide range of unnamed aerial vehicles (UAVs). Here are some of the products they provide:

  • Consumer-grade drones
  • Enterprise-level drone
  • Heavy lift drones
  • Accessories and customization
  • Gimbals and Payloads

They work with leading software and hardware manufacturers to provide high-end technology and ensure consumer satisfaction.


The primary objective of the project was to increase clients' SERP rankings. The secondary goal was to increase the conversion rates and sales.

Challenges We Faced

The domain of the client's target audience was narrow. It was essential to understand their requirements and create content accordingly. Here are some of the primary challenges we faced during the execution process.

  • Researching target audience
  • Finding fresh content Ideas
  • Cutting through the heavy competition and establishing dominance.
  • Keeping up with the marketing trends.
  • Providing the best user experience for better results.

Our SEO Strategy

Edinburgh Drone Company EDC is a 2018 initiative. There was no shortage of expertise in product and service offerings. However, the company was still struggling to make its way into the competitive market. Here is the SEO strategy that we planned to obtain the desired results.

  • What are their ideal target audience attributes?
  • What are the objectives they aim to achieve?
  • What is their business model?
  • What is the format of their content inventory?

Requirement Analysis

Requirement analysis involves interviewing the client and the key stakeholders to understand vital project necessities. The client initially had a vague idea of the project requirements. We analyzed what they had to say about their project requirements and clarified what they wanted.

The itinerary for the project requirements is set based on the intel obtained from the requirement analysis. It is the primary and one of the most prominent stages for the creation of an effective marketing strategy.

Competitive Analysis

The competitive analysis aims at identifying clients' direct competition and researching their marketing strategy to determine the tactics they improvise to attract their target audience on social media platforms. It also gives an insight into the content gaps and the unique content ideas not been covered on the internet.

We made a seed list of clients' direct competitors. We then set out to analyze their marketing strategy to come up with effective marketing tactics. It helped us form a unique and dedicated marketing strategy.

Content Analysis:

The content analysis aims at analyzing competitors' published content. It is essential to analyze content gaps. Content gaps are the queries consumers are having in a specific niche but can’t find the answers to. Creating content that already exists on the internet won’t take you anywhere.

Gap analysis enabled us to come up with keywords with satisfactory traffic and low competition.

Analyzing the Content Inventory

It is essential to analyze the content inventory of the competitor. It enables SEO experts to understand their content theming and their brand voice. It provides an idea of the type of content their trusted audience wants them to read. It is essential to consider target-audience preferences. It increases the chances of your content going viral. We analyzed clients' existing content inventory to create content based on the target audience preferences and excel in our marketing campaign.

Create Unique Content

The competitive analysis enables us to identify the gaps in the marketing strategy and come up with unique content ideas. Creating unique content is essential to stand out among businesses and achieve marketing goals. It is the easiest way to lure potential business prospects into taking the actions essential for the achievement of business goals.

The primary goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness. The information content is the most important thing in increasing brand awareness and building brand recognition. Gap analysis enabled us to come up with unique content ideas. We came up with keywords that impact visitors’ minds and educate them. We improvised this intel to create informational content and attract key business prospects.

Optimizing Conversion Rates

The secondary goal of the campaign was to increase sales. Once the visitors land on the website, several factors may hinder user experience and hinder your sales efforts. We tracked live consumer activities and determined the issues hampering the user experience. It was followed by a series of website optimization tactics to eradicate these issues and increase conversion rates.

Our Results

Here are the depictions showing the increase in the website's organic traffic.

Social Media Casestudy

Social Media Casestudy

Here is the Google search console report depicting the total number of impressions and clicks.

Social Media Casestudy

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