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Generating leads of potential business prospects for PlatinumK9

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About PlatinumK9

PlatinumK9 is a UK-based dog training service provider. They provide a wide range of services in different locations across the UK for all manner of challenges. They excel at training a dog from its nascent stage to nurture a fully grown family protection dog.


The client required us to generate leads for the potential business prospects. PlatinumK9 is an established enterprise with experienced individuals. However, they lacked a digital presence. The goal of the campaign they hired us for was to generate leads for the potential business prospects and help them with their business endeavors. Our PPC team began with a quick requirement analysis and framed a PPC marketing plan to generate leads for them. Here are the objectives we set for the campaign:

  • 1. Carrying a requirement analysis to understand the client’s requirements in detail
  • 2. Generating leads through pay-per-click marketing (PPC).
  • 3. Tracking and optimizing campaigns to increase the click-through rates
  • 4. Managing the campaign budget and the bid amount

Our Planning

Depending upon the client requirements and consumer preferences, we planned the PPC campaign to ensure maximum click-through rates possible:

  • 1. Researching niche-focused keywords across different keyword research platforms.
  • 2. Utilizing tools to define the target audience.
  • 3. Tracking and increasing the click-through rates on the display ads.
  • 4. Monitoring the real-time positioning of the search ads.
  • 5. Essentializing communication among team members working on the project.
  • 6. Working on attractive lead-generation form templates to ensure successful lead generation.
  • 7. Provided on-page suggestions to improve user experience.
  • 8. Measuring the performance of the campaign through essential KPIs
  • 9. Carrying competitive analysis to analyze competitors marketing strategies.

Challenges we faced

It was a challenging task to frame a PPC marketing strategy. Here are the challenges we faced in framing a PPC marketing strategy for their business.

  • 1. Researching Keywords

    Researching keywords is one of the essentials for the success of the PPC marketing campaign. It was a daunting task to find the right keywords to maintain the budget and access the right audience at the same time. We emphasized tools to find the right keywords to ensure the ad exposure to the potential audience. It includes tools like SE rankings, Ahrefs, and Google keyword planner.

  • 2. Creating Comprehensive Ads

    Creating comprehensive ads is essential to cut through the competition and grab consumer attention. Consumer trust in promoted ads has decreased over time. It requires extra effort to analyze trends and provide visitors with the best AD experience. We emphasized user preferences to create high-quality display ads to attract visitors. We focused on display and search ads over Google to pitch potential consumers. Here is an example of the search ads we created for PlatinumK9.

  • Ppc Casestudy
  • 3. CTA Implementation

    CTA (call to action) is one of the essentials for increasing the click-through rates on the ads. An ordinary call to action does not lure consumers anymore. Depending upon the preference traits we observed, we created attractive CTAs to increase the click-through rates on the display ads.

  • 4. Spying on Competitors

    For the PPC marketing campaign to be successful, it is essential to focus on the marketing strategy of the established competitors. It enables businesses to analyze the marketing strategy of their competitors and focus on the trends that work best for their target audience. We incorporated learnings from their marketing strategy to strengthen ours.

  • 5. Campaign Creation

    Creating a campaign requires the utilization of the keywords we searched specifically for the paid marketing campaign and the attributes related to the target audience. We decided to use display and search campaigns to attract PlatinumK9’s target audience.

  • 6. Regular Ads Optimization

    Once the campaign is live, it is essential to monitor the ad performance. Tracking and optimizing keywords is one of the essentials of a successful PPC marketing strategy. We kept track of the campaign to measure its progress and eradicate any errors that may hinder it.

  • 7. Controlling Cost Per Click

    During the live tracking, we noticed CPC going overboard. We kept tracking the campaign to avail any compensation on the bid amount. We focused on optimizing the search term to eradicate negative keywords consuming the budget. We also optimized relevant keywords to increase the quality of the campaign as it progressed.

Our Results

The PPC campaign for the lead generation we carried out for PlatinumK9 was a tremendous success. We achieved exceptional results, with an overall conversion rate of over 4.51%. Our experienced PPC experts utilized their expertise to understand the client requirements and frame a PPC marketing strategy to help them in their business endeavors.

The results obtained through the search and display campaign we carried out for PlatinumK9 were as follows:

Ppc Casestudy

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