How Effective is Detailed Reporting to SEO Client Retention?

SEO reporting is as important in the digital marketing industry as it is to give your 100% to rank higher on Google. Every client deserves a report that explains every single task that the digital marketing agency has completed. Detailed reporting definitely is one of the best ways to SEO client retention.

Let’s just say, reporting is the mirror of the effort and achievements of the digital marketing agency which translates into clients’ success.

It also is one of the best ways that can help your client understand your efforts and what it takes to rank higher on Google. 

Most of the clients we have at SEO Discovery do not understand SEO as a professional does. It’s only fair as that’s why there are digital marketing agencies like ours to help clients get more business through Google. 

However, even if clients do not understand SEO as a professional does, it doesn’t mean that companies can turn their back to providing detailed SEO reporting to their clients. In fact, it’s all the more reason to make them understand the efforts that we make. 

Fellow digital marketing agencies or SEO companies often express how their clients have left them. You know why? Because the companies provided general reporting that included merely the keywords ranking, the Google analytics report, and then, that’s just it. How is a client supposed to understand what you are doing from just that information?

Good reporting strengthens the bond between your agency and your client. It ensures long-term association with them.

Here’s how we, at SEO Discovery, simplify and provide detailed reporting for maximum SEO client retention:

Tips to detailed reporting for 100% SEO client retention

1. Make reporting clear and detailed

Reports must be not only detailed but clear too.

You have to have the answers to the questions:

‘how many visitors have come to the website?’, ‘how many URLs have been indexed?’, ‘how many keywords and which ones are ranking high on Google?’, and a lot more answers to important questions. 

All of this information can be gathered from different tools available for SEO data. All you have to do is gather the information and make it simple for the client to understand it so that they don’t have to go through the technical parts of analyzing data through complex tools.

Making detailed and clear reports can be compared to plating your food nicely. The more beautiful your food is plated, the tastier it becomes.

2. Explain what you are going to include in reporting through videos

Instead of just another document of reporting, make it easier for them to understand information through videos. Explain what you are going to include in a small video. Here’s an example:


 3. Schedule bi-weekly or monthly client calls to explain each thing

Not many clients bother to go through generalized reports. One – reports are not simplified. Two – clients get frustrated looking at them (that’s why they came to you in the first place). Three – your generalized report might be forever resigned to a dusty corner of your client’s inbox. 

So, why not schedule a bi-weekly or a monthly client call to explain each thing? 

When people invest their money and time to get business from Google they definitely are interested in listening about the performance of their site.

Moz said it right,

No reporting = No value communicated = No more SEO client retention

Over to you

Are you looking for a digital marketing agency that can make reporting easier for you? 
Let’s start with your choice of communication mode here.


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