How To Build Sales Funnels

How To Build Sales Funnels In 2024?

The most underrated yet essential part of your eCommerce marketing and customer acquisition process is the eCommerce funnel or sales funnel. It may surprise you that 97% of visitors to your eCommerce site leave without making a purchase.

Given the cost of acquiring a single customer, optimising the eCommerce sales funnel becomes essential. To increase your eCommerce conversion rate, engagement, traffic value, and other metrics, we have covered every component of How To Build Sales Funnel In 2024 in this blog. 

In 2024 and beyond, one of the most profitable abilities you may have is the ability to construct a sales funnel. Generating leads is the top priority for most firms, and let’s examine how to design effective sales funnels for your company. But before, let us understand the meaning of Sales Funnel.

What Is a Marketing/Sales Funnel?

A sales funnel a marketing concept that illustrates a customer’s steps when making any transaction. Because many potential clients may start at the top of the sales process, this idea uses a funnel as an example.

However, only a tiny percentage of these individuals buy something. A sales funnel contains many sales, often known as the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, depending on a company’s sales model.

Using a marketing funnel, you can visualise the client journey and comprehend how prospects become paying customers. The funnel has grown to incorporate more phases in addition to the awareness, interest, consideration, and conversion stages, such as the retention and advocacy stages.

Prospects represent a more profound commitment to the purchase goal as they move through each funnel stage. Most companies, whether online or offline, use this strategy to direct their B2C marketing initiatives at each point of the sales funnel.

Contact SEO Discovery sales reps to know which lead is in the funnel. It will assist you in comprehending the length of time it takes for the lead to convert into a customer and the aspects that affect their choice.

There are six primary stages of the Sales/Marketing Funnel. They are:

1. Awareness

Awareness comes first! It’s the initial interaction with your business, and it’s about making an excellent first impression and demonstrating your ability to assist them. Increase consumer awareness through your marketing initiatives, including social media, search engines, digital ads, offline campaigns, and more. 

2. Interest

The prospect is thinking about buying from you. Before deciding, they want to learn about your business, its background, core principles, etc. They may even want to try out your product or service (trial). Activities like sharing pre-sales materials, haggling over prices, etc., occur.

3. Consideration

When potential customers learn about your product or service, they compare it to other possibilities available on the market. At this point, they begin to inquire about the cost, the features, the advantages, etc. Your prospects should be nurtured until they are prepared to be contacted again if they have no inquiries/questions.

It indicates that they are still being prepared for further information. For example, leads will search for trials, demos, customer reviews, product comparisons, prices, case studies, and thoughts at this point. They may even book a demo.

4 Intent

You find out that someone is interested in your service or product when they find your website or social media profile. They can be looking into particular goods or services or conducting research. Google’s organic search engine or paid advertising might be used for this (Google Ads).

5. Evaluation

Once you’ve got their attention, you need to increase their understanding of your company’s identity and what it has to offer. You’ll want to have enough information on your website so that visitors can quickly and easily answer their queries about what you do or how your products or services can assist them in solving their problems when they visit your website to search for information. 

6. Decision

At this point, prospects are prepared to decide whether or not to buy from you based on their interest in what you offer and the value it will provide to their company or business overall (ROI).

Do not rush! Before mailing them, ensure they’re genuinely interested in purchasing your goods or service. Making a decision doesn’t imply that the customer only buys a product but adds effects to the cart or wishlist. You must still exert effort to obtain the conversion. Converting consumers who added things to their wish lists or carts into clients 

Discounts and Call To Action are two prominent examples of Decision making. Offer an attractive one-time discount and a “buy now” button to encourage immediate purchases from prospects. 

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Importance of Sales Funnel

Understanding the concept of a sales funnel is essential for effectively visualising the whole purchasing process, from brand awareness to conversion. These guidelines will show how your leads convert, assisting in your marketing technique improvement and the performance evaluation of your entire company.

As an illustration, you run an online store and have created a sales funnel to convert website visitors into paying customers.

If you have noticed the bounce rate for cart abandonment is high, then It will be simple for your company to find a solution to the issue if you have the resources and tools to detect that and perform A/B testing (What Works & What Doesn’t).

Only 4% of website visitors will purchase from your store, and these low statistics show how important it is to streamline your purchasing process. The challenge of developing a sales funnel that stands out from the competition and appeals to your target market is overcome by experienced sales marketers like SEO Discovery.

Now you’re probably thinking why Sales Funnels are so essential.

Can’t I just approach a prospect and pitch them?

We are sorry, but this lead creation approach won’t work, particularly if you want to meet your goals! Here are a few advantages of using a sales process funnel:

1. Improves Customer Experience

Personalise your sales strategy by drawing on the sales marketing funnel. You’ll enhance client lifetime values and outperform average conversion rates if you take your consumer into account  at every stage of their purchasing process.

2. Strategic Lead Generation

You can see how many leads were produced and how many were converted with a sales funnel. If you need more leads, you can do a reverse calculation to determine how many additional leads you’ll need to generate to reach your sales or revenue goals. However, if you have more leads than you can handle, consider adding extra salespeople.

3. Improved Conversion Rates

A comprehensive understanding of how a lead moves through the sales funnel and converts enables you to spot bottlenecks and provide workarounds.

4. More Understanding

Your sales team will better understand what your clients need and meet those needs by utilising a variety of content & strategies. An automated sales funnel can be used to accomplish this. Additionally, you can better communicate and relate to today’s buyers when you understand something.

5. More Accountability on Sales Funnel Approach

Once you have a sales funnel, you may monitor every sales activity, the top sources, the best-selling goods, teams, regions, etc. Because you are aware of each person’s performance, it also aids in preventing pandemonium when incentive calculations are being made.

The better your framework for the funnel is, the easier it gets to make a sale. The SEO Discovery sales funnel model comprises six steps because we believe in going above and beyond!

Types of Content at Every Stage of Sales Funnel That Converts

You must supply material based on the lead’s stage to develop the ideal content marketing strategy to boost your marketing efforts. We at SEO Discovery have divided your marketing funnel into three steps to make it easier to understand:

Top of The Funnel (ToFu)

The top of the Funnel contains your visitors and leads. You need content that will raise brand awareness and get prospects into your sales funnel if you want to engage them:

  • Webpages
  • Blog Posts
  • Whitepapers                                             
  • Social Media Posts
  • Influencer Content
  • Infographics

Middle of The Funnel (MoFu)

Prospective clients transform into MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) and SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads) as they move through your funnel. Create content that appeals to their emotions to engage them. You may achieve that by using the following:

  • Surveys,
  • Webinars,                                
  • Promotional Emails,
  • Lead Magnets

Bottom of The Funnel (BoFu)

The bottom-of-the-funnel leads have evolved into hot opportunities. You must develop personalised strategies and demonstrate the advantages of purchasing your good or service for them to convert them. You should implement the following before closing any deal:

  • Online/Offline Events
  • Tutorials
  • Free Demos & Trials
  • Case Studies                       
  • Sales Calls/Outreach.

You may successfully drive prospects through your marketing funnel and eventually turn them into devoted advocates using the appropriate content.

Create a Sales Funnel of Your Dreams!

To develop a marketing strategy that works, it is essential to understand what a Sales Funnel is and the many stages a consumer goes through. Make sure to define your target audience before you design your funnel and create content that will address their problems. Naturally, make it as valuable as possible because that’s how you’ll impress them immediately!

Additionally, pay attention to the tools! Choosing the correct partners like SEO Discovery will boost your efforts across all your platforms, from your social media accounts to your email marketing system! Contact our SEO Discovery team if you need an email solution to capture, nurture, and convert your audience.

Are you eager to construct your new funnel? Us too!

Get in touch with SEO Discovery and generate custom sales leads now!

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