On-SERP SEO and Why it Is The Future of SEO

Many people are not aware of what is ON-SERP. But before that, you should understand that what SERP is and how it is linked with SEO. For more clarification, many people may not be aware of SEO as well. So SEO is search engine optimization is a type of method which helps in improving the quality as well as quantity of traffic on websites or any web page. And SERP basically stands for Search Engine Result Pages, we can also say web pages which are served to the people whenever they search online by a search engine, For example, Google.

 So now we get an idea of what SEO and SERP are. Now coming to the main topic which is ON-SERP, is a multi-faceted SEO strategy. This basically always focuses on getting as much real estate within the target Google SERP as possible. It also helps in taking every query of search as a whole rather than optimizing and monitoring a single place. 

How can you use ON-SERP in a better manner for increasing Brand Awareness and CTR?

Whenever a user searches for something they get organic results for catching the user’s attention with the help of paid ads, any type of knowledge panels, featured snippets, and many more like these. If you have any type of integrated Page 1 marketing strategy, then it’s really good. But if not then this is the best time when you can take ownership of all the types of elements present on Page 1, but not like the organic stuff. How can you do that is the main question, with the help of ON-SERP you can achieve this. And follow the below-mentioned points:

The SERP is the most competitive and you have to see many different types of media elements ranking to get better in this. The new elements on Page 1 which is rooted in declining website traffic for top-performing keywords. The organic one is now bumped by many types of Ads, maps, media, elements, and many featured snippets. The most competitive version of SERFs is now zero-click searches, maybe you don’t know about this. So basically it is the answer which is displayed straight on the search results page. 

So how can you use ON-SERP SEO to stay competitive, this helps in the work of optimization of Page 1 entirely. The basic thing is to take up as much as real estate on the page as they help in increasing CTR and then generating organic website traffic. This all will require a paradigm shift for many SEO professionals as it is the best strategy for increasing search appearances. 

The main traffic potential is what you need nowadays, whenever your keyword researches. Always first define your target pages and then start selecting target terms. This is really very important to shift for making a future proof strategy.

Factors for new SERP reality: 

1. First is the search terms

2. Second the monthly search volumes

3. Third is keyword difficulty

4. You can also adapt some efforts to factor in the presence of featured snippets

5. The other media elements present

6. The decreased CTR for the organic results

For now, you can add CTR in your keyword research as well as decision making.

You can also go for some actionable tactics for optimizing the site in competitive SERPs. Now after the above points start boosting your search presence so that you can cover how to take over different types of elements. This involves an increased presence in Ads, knowledge panels, and many more. You can do these tactics for optimization which are mentioned below:

1. Optimization top 10 ranking keyword

2. Optimization for the Google Sitelinks

3. Adding of Schema markup when it is appropriate

4. Next is using and optimizing Google My Business

5. About the run branded PPC ads

6. Optimization of the social media channels for appearing in knowledge panels.

7. Optimization of images 

What are the parts of ON-SERP SEO?

There are various parts which you can find easily, that are:

  • The meta description and the title tags

Meta descriptions are really important to be written on your SERP SEO. There are many features that should be there as it needs to be no longer than the 160 words and it should give a clear value proposition which answers the people’s question. 

  • GMB which stands for Google My Business

You can make them stand out just by including all the relevant information by following these features mentioned below:

– By putting different types of photos, a perfect square-sized logo picture that clearly spells out the brand. So it is basically putting images and videos

– Try to grab knowledge about making a page on Wikipedia for your organization if you don’t have one. So including snapshots from Wikipedia is another point.

– Last is getting more positive business reviews, which helps you to increase your credibility. After this just always monitor and then respond accordingly. If you got negative reviews, then try to reach out to the users to get a better rating by asking where they feel any type of improvement.

  • Using more breadcrumbs 

These are the best tools for navigation which helps the customer to know what is on the site. And also help the user to understand the content of your site in a better way. This feature or say tools always help to enhance user experience. 

  • Use of featured snippets and PAA (people also ask)

If you don’t know what is featured, a snippet is basically the result that appears on the search engine’s organic search results. For the PAA you need to answer some direct questions which include FAQs, structuring your content by just using headers, and then formatting it in the form of lists. 

  • The schema mark-up code

As the name suggests it is a code that helps you to search engines to understand the content on websites. The code gives you a chance to increase your ranking and there are many types of mark-up codes that you can see. And use them in any type of content, articles which consist of images, videos, or products. With the help of this code, you will get more information for your page and this helps to explain it in a better manner. 

  • The use of map pack

If you are looking for local results then the map pack is the best platform to get on Google’s SERPs. To increase SEO you can also embed in many places like in the content of the press releases. 

Why is ON-SERP SEO the future of SEO?

Well to get to know how ON-SERP is the future you may have got the idea from the above information, but to understand in a better way than what is going on you have to go back. Back old days of the search engine like Google used to get some serious threats. And that point of time Yahoo and others were the masters. This makes Google work in a hand in hand position with the help of content creators and play well in the field of digital marketers. In back time people used to put their content on Google and show them as a favour which was really humiliating. They were really trying hard to get creators and businesses and in return, it provides clicks to them. 

So Google was trying to be nice as the creators and others can stop using it for putting content and just apply robots.txt files. But the turning point came when they got around 90% share in the market. This time they become the master, and they experiment to see how powerful they were. They have done many things like putting their logo on their competitor’s search results and many more things. 

So what are the changes?

Changes can be seen more on mobile phones and using featured snippets, structured data, and mark-up which is mentioned in the above paragraphs. Snippets usually show the list of restaurants without clicking on their site and you can easily see the comparison. And through this, you will get an idea of which one is better. Use of videos on the platform like YouTube which has a heavy bias. 

What things can you see easily without clicking?

If you search for a weather forecast at your place and have a query, then you can get help from Google SERP. If you check for flights then Google will show you the cheapest flights it can find at any time you want to get and wherever you want to go. Another topic is sports, on Google this will show you results, tables, and many details according to your preferences. You don’t have to click on them to see as they will show nearly everything that you may want to see. So now if you want to see hotels, it will be quite difficult. you can find many beautiful or notable places or people you want to see or get more knowledge about them. So just scroll down and you will get to know many things through the SERPs by pressing little arrow buttons present there. If you want to know about some famous brands, then you will get plenty of information about nearly every company you want to see. But if you are just doing a simple search then at that point SERPs will help. For searching for different definitions, you can easily check it by just typing it into Google. 

You will get the direct answer without clicking anywhere, which is easy to understand by anyone. About celebrities, many people want to know about their age, famous films, religion, and many more things related. You can also search for many differentiations between anything like what is gain and what is profit. You can also easily translate any language without clicking on any link, and easily understand. With the help of this, you can also take help in currency conversions, and get direct answers for sure. 

Does traditional SEO still make sense?

You may not know about many things as Google has become a monopoly as it collects information or data from various sources and then displays it to the interested user’s preferences. Below mentioned are the factors that how SEO makes sense.

• Firstly, on your devices there are almost 60% questions or queries which lead to a click on organic search results, this happens on your desktop mainly. On your mobile phones, the percentage will come down. 

• Second is the best top 10 pages will appear when you search a particular topic. These top 10 will give you the accurate information that you are looking for. And this information will be on the first page so that the user can be satisfied with the queries. 

• Third factor is that, for example, if a person searches for the types of birds in Google then the person will be more valuable than the person who is just searching for beautiful bird’s photos. He/she will be a valued customer of a pet shop. This helps to come up with the right selection of key phrases. 

• The Last factor is that when you are in the top 10 searches which is an important factor then it is also important as the way in which you do it. This is the time when ON-SERP helps you in the optimization of how the pages should be displayed and especially on the first one in the search results. 

These are some of the factors, but there is one important question too. that it is worth to be displayed in the search results in the position of zero? As the user will get information without clicking. So to solve this problem you need to increase the profitability of gaining organic website traffic with straight answers. There is a requirement to think about this, to select the keywords properly. Apart from this, you have to think about the CTR given words as well, as it gives a simple impression of the words which are used at the end with just a click. 

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